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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 7 December 2012

Master Number 22, 11:11, 777 Apocalypse 2012

The Spiritual Master builder in numberology is 22

Number 22 is the last Book of Revelation in the Holy Bible.

Number 22 connects with me personally.

My birth year is number 5.

The year 2012 adds up to number 5.

There are five continents. Five Olympic Rings with talk that one ring rules all. The only person who has the right to rule over people is Jesus Christ and he pointed people to show God was the Ruler of all humanity. So no man has a right to rule.

When my father died, again my mother's wedding ring was returned to me and I wear it on my finger. The second being a diamond trumpet ring. Nothing like a trumpet to make a noise that is for sure. As the truth gets silenced, the truth gets louder.

There are five Books of the Torah.

There is 'Torah that is written', and Oral Torah, with traditional interpretations and amplifications handed down by word of mouth from generation to generation.'

There is the five petaled rose - the mystical rose. Every rose is unique in it's own glory, except the roses come from specific families. As people we are like this too, with our own unique DNA.

Christ had 5 wounds, that can be also related to the rose.

We see the 40 year path of Venus around the Sun. It seems 40 is the signifant year for starting a new life cycle. For me this was in the year 2000, however, as I was about to start my business to empower people, when I was injured. There is great effort to keep people in the dark in UK - The dark lord is real and hardfaced too!

The red rose has been associated with Mary Magdalane. The White Rose because of its purity has been associated with the Virgin Mary and Athena, Goddess of Wisdom. One legend holds that when the Virgin touched a red rose it changed color to white. Mary Magdalene was also a spiritual alchemist. When she announced Christ has rised to the Emperor, he did not beleive her and said 'if Christ is risen the egg is red'. The egg immediately turned red.

This is the Cap Badge of the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment

Being a spiritual alchemist is being able to bring change according to our will. With prayer everything is possible. Faith of a mustard seed can move mountains. Can faith bring global peace?

The Roses are symbolised on Rosslyn Chapel. Everything to do with God, points back to Christ also to Hagia Sophia in Istambul, Constantinople. Hagia Sophia means Saint Sophia - the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Holy Wisdom brings God's Wisdom.

Divinely inspired Wisdom has been given in a specific bloodline. You will see that the people who have been given this, in history, have been crowned from the heavenly realms. All the attempts for man and woman to manipulate this, will not work.

Lancashire, where I live is known as Red Rose County.

Bolton where I live is situated right in the heart of England between Stone Henge and Rosslyn Chapel. This area is in the Royal Duchy of Lancaster. This Land the Queen collects her personal income (spending money) of £13 million a year. Nice!

Henry VII introduced the Tudor rose, combining a red rose, representing the House of Lancaster, and a white rose, representing the House of York, as a symbol of unity after the English civil wars of the 15th century which, long after, came to be called the Wars of the Roses.

Just looking at my neice's page who has a spiritual connection with me, even being in a different country. She is divinely inspired in her artwork too. Royal Princesses by blood are divinely inspired - We are the Rhesus O Negative royal blood family.

Holli Rae (meaning Holy Light) shows the truth with the fake mask. My neice is inspired to evoke consciousness and valuable in helping humanity evolve. Visual creative expression is a powerful way to assist this process. Empowering people is the global vision.

The White Rose of York, pictured below, is said to represent the Blessed Virgin Mary, or Mystical Rose of Heaven: Here is the Jabobite banner. Notice there are 7 white roses to show that there are 7 spiritual lights - 7 churches, 7 families.

Great effort is happening to unite humanity in peace and the oppressors are the athiests that hide behind a church front - like corrupt lawyers sitting in law courts, it is one sham system that is a mess. The foundations have been exposed.

There were 7 young athletes chosen to light the Olympic Flame this year and people have expressed sadness that the flame has gone. People said for a moment humanity were united - while England is a cosmopolitain country, people have been told what to think, wear, eat, buy and do for so long, this spell over people needs breaking now.

The 7 candles on the menorah represent the 7 spheres, or the Sabbath and the 6 weekdays around it. There are also 7 chakrass - the top being the Crown Chakra.

A Jewish lady is expressing her sadness that people have the menorah in their home and yet she said they do not light them any more. Light up this light now!

A couple of weeks ago I had a dream where we were together in a room with another lady. She was looking at a crystal ball - although she is very clear seeing and does not need this. I was looking at the television seeing beyond what was being revealed. The following day the Skyfall 007 movie premier was published and Istambul features in that too!

Humanity has been cloaked in sadness, lost the connection with their long lost family and their true identity. People have been caught up with division and religion. The light of all lights unites the whole of humanity together.

People have been seeing 11:11 for a while now and closing their mind to this being a date. How many people went searching to see what the Holy Scriptures say?

Numbers 11:11 also connect with me personally too. My name has 11 constenents and 11 vowels. In the divine plan, every fine detail has been covered.

Apocalypse means lifting the veil and revealing the truth.

Christ has said clearly he is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the begining and the end. There is no one who can get past him using trickery and deception.

I was born in Beaulah Cresent, Thornton Heath - that relates to Christ and His Kingdom. You will read of Beulahland in the Holy Bible - The Holy Land. If all the world was Holy - Sacred Ground and then there would be no excuses for war.

Moses Gate Country Park - The Wilderness is recreated here and named too. In the divine plan, all the devious ways of men will never work.

The divine plan is to free people from slavery and oppression. And unite humanity in peace. There is a clear out of corrupt officials that is long overdue.

Someone said earlier if Jesus was born a king he would be born in a Palace. How little do people know and just take a look at the places here. The reason Christ was born in Bethlehem was specific for the divine plan then as it is to this day. The reason why the Virgin Mary went to live in Smyrna/Izmir fulfills the Holy Scripture.

The Reason why my mother came from New Smyrna to London was to complete some unfinsihed business in relation to Greece. God guided her for His divine purpose. The reason my father went to live in Greece because he always felt at home there and he died there in Larissa, the ancient Kingdom of Macedonia. Did the British royals or others conquest that too? If so, in my dream God has shown me Arizona, The Courthouse Rock, The Bell Rock and Government Rock. God does not obey any of the man made laws.

The Holy Virgin Mary is Patron Queen of America.

People ask for God to Bless America, the church holding USA in the palm of their hands is the Greek Orthodox of Jerusalem meaning that no other King can rule over you, other than Jesus Christ. My connection with America is physical and spiritual.

As long as people stay in ignorance, they can be manipulated. Be very careful of worshiping false idols - even the Queen! Many people worship wealth in UK.

The Spiritual Mother of Humanity loves and cares for humanity.

The Royal Court I belong to is of Jesus Christ.

In an earlier article on Heath Hall, were two throne seats, one with a bunch of Pink roses. Pink relates to motherly love and healing. Is the Queen going to buy this as my home to live with an apology for all my suffering? Actually the address is important to establish the New Covenant - although not necessary. At £100 million. Ouch!

As a multibillionaire, £100 million price tag is loose change!

The entire British Establishment are showing their true colours. They have no where to run and no where to hide. A few are involved in satanic rituals and the most diabolical goings on. Who is going to save their souls? Many sold their soul long ago!

The Spiritual way is assisting healing and empowering people.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria