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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 2 December 2012

New Jersey train derails, toxic spill in Paulsboro

A freight train derailment in southern New Jersey US has caused a spill of vinyl chloride. Four tank cars were dumped into Mantua Creek, Paulsboro, at least one was leaking hazardous material.

With the incident happening in 'New' Jersey and Paulsboro, this is identifying important landmarks. Mantua Creek is a stream in Mantua Township, Gloucester County. Corresponding to this, Gloucester County in UK has had floods, land over which Prince Richard, a cousin of the Queen precides. Corruption has been exposed in here in England. This is exposed by the media now.

What happened in the incident above provides more insight to know. The railway line is a structure built - that is profitable for the land and railway corporation owners.

Paulsboro was formed as a borough by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature on March 2, 1904, from portions of Greenwich Township. It was named for Samuel Phillip Paul, son of a settler. Greenwich Township was first formed on March 1, 1695.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is located in London, England.

Jersey, officially known as the Bailiwick of Jersey, is a British Crown Dependency just off the coast of Normandy, France. The Queen is Duke of Normany.

Paulsboro, is a reminder of Saint Paul's letters, Saint Paul's Cathedral also Pauline Christianity. A French Lady, Pauline Marie Jaricot was a light of Christianity. My baptism name is Saint Pauline - Maria was my grandmother. The Virgin Mary is known as Maria, Holy Queen of Humanity. Queen Elisabeth has her Crown.

The British Crown is supposed to belong to the Christ family. Not only is this from the House of King David, but also includes the Prieshood line. The Queen claims her lineage from King David and it is highly likely the family made sure Kate Middleton traces her lineage too. What the British Royals do not tell people, is that everyone who has descended from the House of David is Royal by birthright - born Prince and Princess. There is a deafening silence.

The sudden change of succession law is not seen to do right by the people. It is seen to manipulate the law to make sure the family protect their interests. The wars for profit are based on lies by Tony Blair for the British establishment.

In history, there has been denial of the divinity of Christ - Who denies this is unknown. There are God mockers in the Royal Court. There have been Royals who believe they are God. While people beleive they are free, people are being enslaved.

So we see now New Jersey waters is suffering highly toxic and hazardous material, just to show you toxins re being transported somewhere for a reason. Four cars were dumped toxins on Paul's land. On land or water, this detrmentally impacts the area.

Already the waters here are poisoned - we can smell the Chlorine here. A sign is given that confirms water has been contaminated with toxins here where I am.

If we look we will see something is happening with the British Crown. Railway lines apply and moving transport. We are seeing the crown is being moved too.

It is a decision right at the very top to poison people - Charles and his sons present an image of caring about people and our environment. Promoting real issues is how the family stay popular with people. Actions speak louder than words.

We see here that the British Crown and USA are connected.

The Anti-Christ goes against Christ. People are not meant to be in positions of power 'over people'. Our world has been conquested by corporations.

Corporations have no rule over people. The Queen's Oath applies. Where she neglected hers, I take mine very seriously. Her Royal court and Her Judge are witnesses!

Innocent people are suffering with very wicked and evil goings on!

The number four connects with four directions and four elements. The cross has four arms. There is the Holy Cross. Some people wear a cross, yet mock God. Some people are against Christ.

The Holy Cross brings everythng and everyone together.

Peace, love and best wishes
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