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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Taking an oath and the consequences

This particular post is also a reminder to all officials in UK who have taken an oath. People are laughing and mocking God every day in their office. The government is making new laws and these people are not working in the people's best interest.

One police lady spoke to me of concerns of the rising gang crimes or to use her words, crimes that involve many people. I told her that officials have said the system she works for is corrupt and there cannot be a bigger group of people than that.

People think they are safe and officials have boasted they will never be prosecuted. This seems to be the case. There is refusal for justice - a very serious time. Perverting the course of justice too - burying corruption does not take away the truth of what is happening. Officials who mock the Queen show 'their disrespect'.

Perhaps the Queen does not care what officials do. The family justify £200 million a year income 'in expenses' The Duchy's provide Charles around £17 million a year, and the Queen collects £13 million a year in the territory where I am living and made to stay these years. This is personal income. The multilayered corporations is multibillion pound corporation. Plenty of money making opportunities that is being fully exploited.

Then there is the weapons manufacturing business - that must be booming now with illegal wars going on overseas - I seem to recall some report with selling weapons. It would surely make sense that no weapons are manufactured or sold. And now their are police complaining about the rising crime rate and wars that Britain should not be involved in. I do tell them to their face - You refuse to prosecute crime and crime escalates.

So now we have again more man made laws created. People are struggling and deception is happening. Earlier I had a call, someone offering me solar panals - saying they were free, well not exactly the government were going to give people a grant. More precisely they were going to pay out a grant for 20 years. If the governent and bank that are in eachothers pocket - same people want to give solar panels just do it.

With a contract involved - keeping the same government in officie for 20 years. Like I do not vote for the policians, especially when they do not address the real issues they are told to as a matter or urgency. One priority is injustice. I am overdue a very big paycheck in compensation and want to see the removal of corrupt lawyers. In Switzerland corrupt lawyers are prosecuted and jailed. This needs to happen in UK too.

When the Queen took her coronation oath, she did so on a Holy Bible. In the Holy Bible there are prophesies. She has obligation to uphold the laws. She has no right to go against what God ordains. She also knows there are consquences for mocking God.

Both Manchester and London Courts have been involved in crimes that involve corruption. Both have refused to do right by Justice. London Court has had three letters to request official information, as instructed to request, to take to the high court. Every top official including the former Prime Minister and Head of the department of constitutional affiars has
had evidence with request for justice - still the court has not complied. Layers h ave told me I will never get justice and they said I am not allowed to go to EU court of Human rights either. And Queen Elisabeth has been allowing all these abuses!

If the system refuses to work for justice, It is time for the courts to close down if they cannot operate eithcally and clean out the corrupt lawyers and judges. If a court and judge will not work for justice, they should not be working at all.

For the Queen should surely know the responsibility of her oath.

"But I say to you, Do not take an oath at all, either by heaven, for it is the throne of God," Matthew 5:34

Every oathtaker - police and lawyers who has lied, or obstructed evidence that would have enabled justice, has been the cause of a very serious crime.

Every lawyer or police who has refused justice, is responsible for a very serious crime.

Every court that is holding or processing corrupt evidence, is consolidating the crime of operating a corporation wth corruption.

Every court that refuses to retract corrupt evidence is not only operating a corporation with corruption, officials are complicit in crimes of corruption too.

When I was forced into a court 200 miles away after being injured in a car accident, the doctor wrote to say I was unfit to travel. I was threatened with big legal bill if I did not turn up in court, even if I was taken to hospital. This is the pressure that I was put under. The court was transferred from locally to London.

Locally it was known witnesses would appear with me. Locally there are judges that have been known to work for justice and do not like lawyers or police lying. Such abusers need to be thrown ot of court and escorted permanetly from the building.

While officials boast that they will never be court and I must accept how things are. This is not possible because like the Queen, I am on oath to God. If she does wrong to me, she has to face the consequences. There are very strict warnings in the Holy Bible not to harm God's anointed ones, this includes all the Holy priests. You may have heard in history about Bishops being burned at the stake and tortured. The Christian Saints have suffered horrendous tortures and been murdered - martryed.

Two separate cases - in two Royal Duchys have been seen from the inside what happens and also every affect to obstruct justice. The throne is overturned. Not only has the Queen violated her coronation oath, no successor can take her place in her family. The system might have done some work with Kate to trace her bloodline and even initiating her to be a High Priestess, is she born into the Royal Priesthood? Is she descended from the ancient Greek Byzantium lineage? She has a interest in Hagia Sophia.

If the Crown has been taken away from the lineage appointed by Christ, this is the biggest crime going and explains why the throne is being overturned.

There are many signs to say that something is wrong within the royal house. We have seen on The Bishop's Avenue, unexplained fire that was in the upper floor and roof of the house. The Bishops Avene is the same road that Heath Hall is situated and the signs for Canon Law is to be addressed. The Greek Cypriot property developer may not even understand to the finest detail, even the Olive tree being planted is purposeful and gave a sign to me.

Not long ago in America, Queens was burned and houses were destroyed. Houses can be rebuild although peoples lives cannot be brought back who have died. With the plural we are seeing the end of the line of Queen now. In the news, in Queensland fires are expected because of the temperature being 40 degrees. If this happens, this is clearing the influence of Queen Elisabeth and any other Queen from this house hold now too. There are people in Australia who are not happy with what is happening there either.

A system or government falls because of what is happening inside the government. The government is influenced by what is happening in the royal house. As above so below. People are told they must swear allegiance to the Queen, her heirs and successors now. As the man made lawss take away peoples human rights - this explains why the kings and queens in the past and present time can decide war and innocent people are being killed. Already thousands of years wars have taken place. Christ would never instruct anyoen to go kill any one - so here in your example of the rightous KING.

It is a human right violation to put anyone in a positon to swear a loyalty to anyone - not even Christ or his mother has done this. God does not do this. If anything people are told not even to take an oath to God as there are consquences for doing so. The only oath that is given freely is in marriage and how many people kept that one. While it is expected if we take an oath of office, if we abuse this position we will be removed.

When I was asked in court to take my oath to God - I looked at the Judge and court saying to them that I am Greek Orthodox and take my oath very seriously. This is recorded. I promised to tell the truth so help me God. On that day and since God witnessed everything. I did so knowing that my oath to God before this was compounded. People were saying why 3 barristers and a judge - they were determined not to give me justice. In my position I had three barristers, a district judge, recorder and witnesses to my oath that they have been the cause of the downfall of the Queen by allowing justice.

This was in the divine plan. And I have no idea what goes on behind closed doors to be used as an instrument to bring an end to the abuses taking place. What you can be sure of, If the system is going to collapse because of this - know that what will be built up is going to be highly ethical. There is no room for corrupt officials in God's Court.

It is only a matter of time before the current set up must change. The Queen should know that God rules this earth and her family have shown their true colours. Who will take over is not someone who is going to be by deception to the people.

And I HAVE lived my life of Snow White with a different script.

There are people talking about the royals to their detriment and speak of diabolical activities taking place. I am not witness to this. However, there have been attempts on my life - freak car crashes seem to be the chosen way, much like I beleive Princess Diana's car crash was as a result of a ritual. It does not matter what car she as in - evidently this was planned. I begged my mother not to go out the night she was injured, scared I wound never see her again. Then I had vivid dreams and witnessed a car crash moments before being woken up by the company chairman's wife.

On the day Diana was killed, my brother who was born in London, same day and year as Diana, was living in USA - he was in a crash and wrote off a truck. My brother and aunt are both spiritually blind and selfish - they make their choices, as I have made my mistakes. All these years, I wonder why Athina Onassis did not get Justice. If the global system is corrupt and society declining, what is going to happen?

How many millions of people must be killed in wars and lose their homes from injustice before someone says they want ethical leadership - bear in mind that the President is a temperory figure in a corporation, whereas a Monarch is fixed until removed. Remove a monarch for violating their coronation oath, not for personality.

The Queen violated her coronation oath. Man made laws might try another stunt to maintain the establishment - the establishment have not put wrongs right.

You cannot be on oath, making decisions to any people's detriment and expect a ticket to heaven - this being an expression. Could the Queen and her family live the life of some of these elderly people in one bed flats and if not why not? There are people involved in rituals with human sacrifice in UK - are these people respectable?

The Crown of Torah has not been claimed. The establishment of God's Government and Court has been shown to be beyond the reach of Kate Middleton. And if she could find it, she would have to come up with the Word of God with very precise instructions.

Queen Elisabeth II did not and she is a far wiser woman!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria