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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Crop Circle Cross with Heart, FG and Keys

The other day I came across this crop circle to share. Evidently a cross with a huge heart in the centre is connected with Christ. At the foot of the cross a circle that could well symbolise a halo or someone with Christ consciousness.

When Christ was crucified, we are told that at the foot of the cross was Mary Magdalene, his mother - the Virgin Mary and also Mary the wife of Clopas. The Virgin Mary was born and consecreated to be a servant of God on earth.

In Greek form, Clopas became Cleophas, this could well be the shortened form of Cleopatros (masculine) The feminine of this name being Cleopatra is certainly not to be ignored. Neither is the forming of Neo Patra, the name given to New Greece.

The initials seen clearly are F and G. What came to mind was France and Germany. Staying with my first thought is going to be what will lead me to understand the rest of the keys that are being revealed to share here accordingly.

We are shown the letter F being over the letter g for a reason. Upon waking up from a dream last year I got the impression that the scepter is to come from France. The Da Vinci Code movie is also about a Crown Royal Princess

While I am given the impression of 6 keys, keys are to open and lock doors. France and Germany are being shown to be connected. Christ most certainly does not want a divided world with war and hatred between people. If anything it is for people to realise a higher consciousness - and unless you have the influences right at the very top to assist this, it will not happen.

Christ holds the keys and he gives the keys of undertanding to who he wants to.

The Crop circles are a mystery that are being shared openly here in UK and in different parts of the world. They are a topic and even seen as a novelty to many people, however they are a reminder of a far higher intelligence governing over this earth. They are a reminder of a cosmos; our universe has many planets beyond earth and we are surely not the most evolved species.

The keys that are being shown might be literal keys or symbolic. Because there are three on either side of the cross, would indicate that this is important. This might relate to sharing spiritual information, or be physical keys.

In some way, what is important and relevant to know, will come to light because it has to. Most importantly, for people to understand the messages, they must be clear for people to understand accordingly. From the above, I have placed and shared what came to mind personally. From this is looking for the connection with evidence for validation to share accordingly.

Bolton, in the heart of England where I live, has a distinct French and German connection. Two Twin Towns are Le Mans in France and Padeborn in Germany. My personal connection is with my father's French mother who lived in Chateau de Loir. His father and aunt's have lived in Paris and South of France. My parents, deceased connected with business people in Germany.

Here is a 2011 picture of a manhole cover with the coat of arms of Le Mans.

The fleur-de-lis was the symbol of Île-de-France, the core of the French kingdom and the French Monarchy. A yellow cross with one visible key. There are also four emblems that made me think of Knights, with a cross on top or each one perhaps symbolic of guardians of the Church. A crown shape castle is seen. underneath are two laurel branches that cross over at the bottom.

The Flag of Pays-de la Loire shows two interlinked hearts, the red cross and crown on top.

The coat of arms of Pays-de-la-Loire shows the interlinked hearts and crown, with the cross on top. On the Royal Crown there is a cross on top that would show that the connection with Christ is in the heart and Spiritually Crowned.

This is the Padeborn coat of arms. Paderborn is a city in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

'Paderborn was founded as a bishopric by Charlemagne in 795. In 799 Pope Leo III fled his enemies in Rome and reached Paderborn, where he met Charlemagne. Charlemagne reinstated Leo in Rome in 800 and was crowned as Holy Roman Emperor by Leo in return. The bishop of Paderborn became a Prince of the Empire in 1100. The city was taken by Prussia in 1802, then by the French vassal state Kingdom of Westphalia from 1807 to 1813 and then returned to Prussia.'

'Paderborn was the seat of the Bishopric of Paderborn; today it is seat of a Roman Catholic archbishop.'

The coat of arms of North Rhine Wesfalia with the White Horse and Green background with white ribbon. The Red Rose is connected also with the Tudor Dyanasty. This connects with Bolton, Lancashire in England being known as Red Rose County.

The symbol of Westphalia is a white horse on a red field representing the Saxons. This image is used in the coats of arms of Prussian Westphalia and modern state of North Rhine-Westphalia. The white horse is also the symbol of neighbour Lower Saxony.

Here is a 1926 map of the Kingdom of Westphaia, with Hanover, associating with the House of Hanover. The Kingdom of Westphalia was a vassal state of the First French Empire and was ruled by Napoleon's brother Jérôme Bonaparte.

On Victoria Square in Bolton, England, the old fountains have been removed and pyramid step fountains built on either side of the steps of Bolton Town Hall. In front of the steps a Red Rose has been inlaid. The Union Rose represented the union of England, Scotand, Wales and Ireland after the battle of the roses. Today England is a multiculutural country and so this rose would be, after the the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games 5 gold rings, relate to the unity of humanity 'with Christ'.

For this reason, we are seeing now more openness with pepole being embraced with different spiritual understanding with the reminder that Divine Wisdom comes from God. Throughout the ages, Wisdom has been given to people. All that is from God connects with everyone. While there are people who reject Budism and meditation, Christ was expected and prophesised by the Buddha to be the great teacher, the Spiritual Master of all Masters and an adept of meditation to be guided by God.

Padeborn above the portal of which Dietrich von Fürstenberg founded Akademia Theodoriana. Dietrich IV was Prince-Bishop of Paderborn.

Phalia is a small town in Mandi Bahauddin District, Punjab, Pakistan. The government is a 'union council'.

The partition of India was the partition of British India on the basis of religious demographics. This led to the creation of the sovereign states of the Dominion of Pakistan (that later split into the Islamic Republic of Pakistan and the People's Republic of Bangladesh) and the Union of India (later Republic of India). The two self-governing countries legally came into existence at the stroke of midnight on 14–15 August 1947. The ceremonies for the transfer of power were held a day earlier in Karachi, at the time the capital of the new state of Pakistan, so that the last British Viceroy, Lord Mountbatten of Burma, could attend both the ceremony in Karachi and the ceremony in Delhi. Thus, Pakistan's Independence Day is celebrated on 14 August and India's on 15 August.

15th August is the name day commemorating Mary and Maria

The Radcliffe Line was announced on 17 August 1947 as a boundary demarcation line between India and Pakistan upon the Partition of India. In England, about 5 miles from the centre of Bolton is Radcliffe. This marks the change over from BL postcodes to Manchester Postcodes. So again, whether this is planned very carefully or not, there are corresponding similarities and these places existed long before I was born and later came to be guided to be living here and in specific locations for a reason.

One of Le Mans sister towns is Volos, Greece. Volos connects with me personally and where there is an ongoing unresolved legal situation, esclated because the Manchester law court has accepted corrupt evidence and refuses to retract it. With the British legal system refusing to work for justice for a decade and no lawyer or police will prosecute lawyers - this is all being done in the name of Queen Elizabeth - who might have initiated a New Law corporation, but the corrpt evidence was transferred to the new court.

When Angiers requested the Crown Jewells instead of compensation, my experience validates justification!

This is the coat of arms of Greece again seen with two branches of laurel leaf.

Greece is important for the Crown, specifically the Holy Bible identifies the Crown of Smyrna and Crown of Thyatira, of which the Crown of all nations is identified. In the Greek Orthodox Church Jesus Christ is the King of Kings - the World Emperor. While my mother took me to Greece to be baptised in St. Fotini Cathedral in New Smyrna - the ancient city was burned to the ground where my grandmother came from in 1922 - as people have started their life, they have built on what was before. This explains why there is Smyrna in Delaware and also Georgia. Smyrna is in Delaware, the map of the area also reveals British landmarks of the UK.

Smyrna is in Kent, Delaware. In Izmir Turkey, the travel card is called the KentKard. The Archbishop of Canterbury who is involved in the crowning of the Monarch, is connected with Kent with Canterbury being in Kent. He likely also has connections. As for myself, I have lived in Kent as a child after moving from Thornton Heath to Biggin Hill. The airport at Biggin Hill was one of the locations featured in the Da Vinci Code and well known for the airshow that takes place there.

To learn that Saint Fotini is the Holy Orthodox Church built over Jacob's well in Samaria, also that the Stone of Jacob sits underneath the coronation throne, there is surely a connection that cannot be ignored. It is at this well that Christ spoke to Saint Fotini (meaning the enlightened one) and told her about the spiritual waters (the flow of Holy Wisdom)

Samaria pictured in 2011 is a mountainous region in northern Palestine, roughly corresponding to the northern West Bank. In the ancient city Samaria, this was the capital of the Kingdom of Israel. In Biblical times, Samaria "reached from the [Mediterranean] sea to the Jordan Valley", including the Carmel Ridge and Plain of Sharon.

In the map notice Caesararea near the ocean and this being a reminder of Cesear. Antipatris was a city built by Herod the Great, and named in honour of his father, Antipater II of Judea. It lay between Caesarea Maritima and Lydda. Sebaste was the Greek equivalent of the Latin Augusta. Ancient towns by the name sought to honor Augustus or a later Roman emperor.

The name Sebastianus has the meaning 'from Sebaste'. Sevastianos my Greek Grandfathers name. Sebastos was the Greek translation of the title Augustus, which was used for Roman emperors. Sebastokratōr was a senior court title in the late Byzantine Empire. It was also used by other rulers whose states bordered the Empire or were within its sphere of influence.

Anna Komnene compares the rank of sebastokratōr to "a second Emperor", and also records that along with the Caesar a sebastokratōr was granted the right to wear a crown (but not the imperial diadem).

In early December 2011, Father Sevastianos became the elected Bishop of Zela by the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Again more connections come to light. The family name and my church connection could not be ignored. It is surely known by the people who are making the laws and changing the Laws of God, right at the top, people's birth records, marriage records and where people live is known too. There is within the British establishment people working in the light and those who are not.

Master (and novice) manipulators underestimate that Christ is the ever ruler, all seeing and all knowing too. People who are sincere in their heart and in their faith to serve the people, can do so whether they are wealthy or poor. When we consider all the wars that have taken place, cities destroyed, people relocated and new papers given, the British royals trace both their maternal and paternal lineage both sides of the family for thousands of years. In other ways, we can discover our roots.

With the Plain of Sharon, the Rose of Sharon also relates. There is a red rose of sharon, a rare ornamental plant that bears DOUBLE blossoms. With two hearts above, this is a timely find and connects with the what is being revealed.

While the Greek Orthodox Church of Jerusalem is Patriarche of Israel and Palestinian territories, the old city of Jerusalem is divided into four Quarters 1) Jewish Quarter 2) Muslim Quarter 3) Armenian Quarter 4) Christian Quarter

With the Louvre Museum featuring in the Da Vinci Code movie and the large transparent glass pyramid, this is a reminder of the Ancient Spiritually Crowned Royal family. Because Cleopatra was the last Pharaoh of Egypt and Queen Elizabeth was crowned on pyramid steps in Westminster Abbey, perhaps she is sitting in place of the ancient lineage of the Pharaoh Queen.

The Latin Quarter in Paris is where my family lived. Set behind the Palais du Luxembourg are the grand and lovely Luxembourg Gardens. Also here are Boulevard St. Germain and the Boulevard St. Michel. The two streets intersect near the Cluny Museum on Boulevard St. Michel, Inside is where we are to find the famous "Lady and the Unicorn" tapestries

The lady and the Unicorn Tapestry connects with the Lion and Unicorn on the British Crown Crest.

From my father I am also part Luxumbuorg heritage - cosmopolitain, literally.

No coincidence to discover the Statue of Liberty in the Jardin of Luxumbuorg in Paris.

Taking into consideration all of the above, and the crop circle, research shows there has been conflict between France and Germany in history - Today with both F and G letters united, with France being on top, might be with the Scepter connects with the crown. On the other side of the cross are three keys and perhaps, this is identifying a healing need to address.

The four sections of the cross in the Le mans coat of arms, brings focus right back to Jerusalem - the heart of the Holy Land for it is here in the Land where Christ and his mother were born and where he was crucified and ressurected. Where I am living now, with the name Moses given to the country park, is a reminder to officials in England who are obliged to abide by the Laws of God.

Queen Elizabeth promised on oath to uphold the Laws of God. There should be no resistance to put wrongs right when there has been miscarriages of justice, especially when brought to the attention of all officials several times.. There should never be refusal for remedy and with incurring losses, compensation is expected. Theft of inheritance with three homeless threats, just shows a diabolical mindset working in the British legal system now. Who is the antichrist in biblical prophesy?

As in ancient times there are peo0ple involved in scocery, even to cause harm to people. The people who are sincere in their faith and oath to God strive to do right by everyone.

Sharing the photograph of the schoolbus given to my neice and Sara Landas before decorated. They then travelled 10,000 miles across America to film the Goddess Project Movie - filming empowered women to empower women. Compare the colour.

To get to the truth, we must return to the begining. What is known, the connection between France and the Holy Land is Mary Magdalane who travelled on a boat with a company of people and arrived there in the South of France. Mary Magdalene is recognised as a Saint - there is likely a lot to know about this lady that we have not known in context. We might never know.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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