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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Do We Really Know About Banking in England

Banks logos - taking a look at a few banks here in England

Visibile are two and a half crowns also a dragons tail. The Barclays logo features an Eagle. Barclays universal bank Headquarters is located at One Churchill Place, Canary Wharf, London. Barclays has 150,000 employees.

Lloyds TSB logo features a black horse, with blue and green background. Banking applies for aviation as well as corporate and private banking. Lloyds of London also underwrites insurances. Headquarters is found at 71 Lombard St. London

In locating this particular logo, it led me to a webiste of a magician. Other sponsors include Equity, 4, Chelsea Football Club, Jaguar and Vodaphone - with the reminder that we are living in times of great deception, so blatantly given.

Lloyds Bank Plc was a British retail bank which operated in England and Wales from 1765 until its merger into Lloyds TSB in 1995; it remains a registered company but is currently dormant. Lloyds Bank expanded during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries and took over a number of smaller banking companies. In 2009, following the acquisition of HBOS, Lloyds TSB Group was renamed Lloyds Banking Group and in 2010 it was announced that the Group's principal subsidiary, Lloyds TSB Bank, will transition back to the Lloyds Bank name in 2013.

Royal Bank of Scotland Logo features four arrows pointing towards a centre. The colour used is Royal Blue. RBS became the first British bank to seek financial backing from shareholders through a rights issue in 2008. Its sale of shares worth 12 billion pounds was met with overwhelming support from shareholders.

HBOS plc is a banking and insurance company in the UK, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Lloyds Banking Group taken over in January 2009. It is the holding company for Bank of Scotland plc, which operates the Bank of Scotland and Halifax brands in the UK, as well as HBOS Australia and HBOS Insurance & Investment Group Limited, the group's insurance division.

HBOS Headquarters is in Edinburgh, Scotland UK. The company has 72,000 employees.

January 2013. Two ex-HBOS bank managers charged in 35 million pound loan fraud.

With banks being fined and a lot of activity taking place behind the scenes, this included technical failure where people were unable to access their account to pay for shopping and essentials. Apparently a banking negotiation fell through at this time, so a member of staff told me. Santander, a location in Spain was mentioned in in relation to Royal Banks of Scotland.

NatWest stands for National Westminster. Again there is the Royal blue background, with 3 red arrowheads pointing inwards. The Headquarters are located at 135 Bishopsgate, London. NatWest has reported 33.300 employees.

There are surely many more banks to look into. The concern is that when people know they can get away with crimes, real crimes, they become blatant with it. One elderly lady at 75 years old wanted to invest some savings. Speaking with an assistant he instructed her to witndraw £10,000 cash he will put it into a bond. She followed his instruction. She told me he recommended a five year investment, when she might not live that long. Months later no evidence of the bond arrived. He took her cash.

This took place in an office, the withdrawal was documented. There is no evidence to show that the bank employee asked for or recieved the cash and so therefore no investigation can take place, because there is no evidence to proove her story.

The Bank of England sits an uncrowned Queen dressed in Greek Roman style dress, holding a Scepter in one hand and Laurel branch in the other. Her Shield is by her side. On the other side are coins. The Headquarters are located at Threadneedle Street, London, England. We are by the address reminded of Cleopatra's needle - Cleopatra being the last Greek Pharoah of Egypt.

Bank notes are a promise to pay the bearer of the sum and it is written to be seen. Notice also there is visible a female figure sitting down with the impression she is wearing green. By her side is a pile of gold. She is holding the sceptre and a red cross is seen on her shield. In her other hand she is holding something. Flowing from this are downward pointing gold and purple

Also notice by the side of Elizabeth is a silver colored flower, of which looks like a rose.

The Daily Mirror published this specimen £10 note on 21st January 2013. In other notes that are found, the blue colour is much lighter. Here it appears to be deep with number 10. The Hope Diamond came to mind - although do not rely on me for this. The best I can do is pray for global peace and healing - there are men deciding war and war is highly profitable.

In the Hebrew Alphabet, the 10th letter is YUD signifying Oneness of God. Number 10 reduces to number 1 and so is a sign of completion and new beginings.

A few weeks ago I had a dream that was showing me the Crown is connected to Greece. After waking up I realised the scepter was to come from France. There is much more invovled and not something that just anyone can claim. Some time back I wrote about the Hope Diamond and this is now apparently housed at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in USA.

Being guided to buy the Lost Symbol book for a £1 in a charity shop, it is by far a story that allows the reader who has never visited Washington DC to sense locations and scenarios. One of the locations was the Smithsonian Museum.

Queen Elizabeth is not going to live forever. Who will succeed her time will tell. She must surely remember that she took her coronation oath to God Almighty and there are obligations with this to uphold. Time will tell what will be.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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