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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Foam Queensland Australia Revealed UK 2013

While writing about this back at the time, around the world there have been signs that are catching people's attention. In England after listening repeatedly to lawyers refusing to work for justice, boating of lying to be paid and innocent people in prison, that was more than enough. On the internet people have contacted me from Australia who have experienced corruption in the court and lost access to visitation with their child - with perjury taking place by parties including expert witnesses.

As it happens Queen Elizabeth II was also crowned Queen of Australia and all the other related lands. She is actually the authority that hs been over the court. With being crowned Queen by Right then she is assuming to be God's representative on this earth. If she is Head over the Court, she becomes accountable accordingly. Officials speak of the Law of Nature taking it's course.

As with Scotland and England, Australia experienced this foam phenomenon January 27th 2013.

If we are to interpret the Law of nature, the foam reminded me of fairy liquid and with being used for washing up dishes we are witnessing washing of the land. Actually salt water is also a cleanser, unless it contains toxins.

This happened at the date of the Fire at Santa Maria Kiss nightclub in Brazil that resulted in 233 people being killed. There are hidden forces at work and perhaps people manipulating these forces. There are people involved with rituals for power and those who are involved to maitnain their positions of power. We do not know who these people are. Everyone knows their intention.

On the 25th January around 10pm I had a telephone call. A friend wanted to urgently bring my birthday present. When I told her my birthday was in June she insisted of bringing it around there and then. She is a spiritual lady and pure hearted.

Not wanting to stop, she handed me the bag and disappeared as quickly as she arrived. There had been an abundance of snow falling in England and neighbours were outside building a snowman with the children. Looking inside the bag 'out of curiosity for the urgency' I had another 'Wow' moment because, perhaps half an hour before the telephone call, I thought of needing a cover for my legs.

This is a photograph from the internet. The cream colour at the time reminded me of the foam. At the time I thought of Royal cream and Royal green colours to learn Royal Cream is associated with Marmara in Turkey, The Royal Green colour is described to be associated with Imperial Green was found to be connected with Chinaware and the Laurel leaf.

Jade also comes to mind; stone found in China. Looking on the internet, discovering there is a piece of jade displayed in Jade City, British Columbia, Canada. The British connection is seen again here. Queen Elizabeth II is also Queen of Canada.

Since this time I discovered a heartwarming photograph of Pope Benedict XVI and the Ecumencial Patriarch Barthlomew greet eachother. All who are sincere servants of Christ are connected together for there is a spiritual bond that unites us all.

People divided by religion can be used as an excuse to turn people against eachother.

The morning after recieving my gift, I was given the guidance to look again at everything because there was a message in what had been given - so it is time that I can share more openly now, with what I was being shown.

On the carrier bag was written as above 'Beleive in Children' - The little children said I am the Queen! Bless their innocent hearts!

Inside the bag were the reversable Slanket in the colours shown above also:

A large pineapple
1 orange
2 large Mars bars
3 bananas
4 spouts - one was small
6 Cox apples from Kent
14 of the largest red grapes I have ever seen.

The Pineapple brought to light Dunmore House in Scotland with a Pineapple structure. The very first pineapple to be grown in England was grown at Dorney Court, Windsor in Berkshire. Dorney is the ancient word for “island of bees” and Dorney is famous for its honey still produced today. Windsor connects both the Queen's Castle and Queen Bee!

Earl of Dunmore is a hereditory peerage of Scotland and the successor lives in Australia. Dunmore are also named landmark locations in Ireland, Virginia, Pennyslvania, Bahamas and Canada. They could be in some way connected.

The Orange brought to mind the House of Orange also Orange in France. With my father's parents living France, and a mixed heritage from his parents include Spanish nobility and Luxumbuorg, I can relate to the French connection too.

Two Mars Bars reminded me of 2 men from mars, than I thought of Lord Jesus Christ and God Almighty. This was certainly not the first time that prayers have been answered or my needs being met in such a direct way.

Three Bananas brought opposite perspectives. Initially thinking of three people smiling. Then the day after these gifts, the snowman that had been built had its head knocked off and the smile, a banana was on the floor. One way or another, these reprsented smiles and were given to me symbolically though this.

4 sprouts did not get eaten - one was smaller. They reminded me of eyes being placed on the snowman and green eyed monster is an expression. The smaller sprout made me wonder if someone has an eye issue. I sensed that these were indicating that two snow-men have had their eyesight taken, or are spiritually blind they cannot see what is happening.

6 Cox apples from Kent - The Archbishop of Canterbury came to mind at first with being in Kent. Also Cox Orange Pippins are an apple brand with the orange included in this collection. Cox's Orange Pippin was first grown in 1825, at Colnbrook in Buckinghamshire, England. The name of the Royal House is Buckingham Palace. - Coincidence? Actually nothing is.

14 large red grapes - reminded me of 14 bloodlines being connected together as one family.

Back in June Queen Elizabeth celebrated her 60th Diamond Jubilee. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Leader of the Australian Opposition Tony Abbott lit a ceremonial beacon to mark Britain's Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee at Parliament House in Canberra, Below Queen Elizabeth dressed in gold lights the the last flame with the diamond. Jubilee Laws are in the Bible.

Julia Gillard is Welsh and gave up her nationality to serve in Parliament. Considering my mother was Greek, as with Jewish mothers, we can never lose the heritage of our mother 'nor can anyone else' for we are born from our mother's womb. While born in England, by Law, a dual Greek citizenship is by birthright; with a European Father - the European Passport breaks that barrier.

With the monarchy abolished in Greece, people have been shown the deception by Constantine II and his wife still calling theirselves King and Queen of Greece and King of the Greeks. He is certainly not an authority over anyone. Even if Queen Elizabeth recognises him, she must examine her own process as to exactly where her loyalty applies and if she is a sincere servant of God.

Julia is a woman with a strong voice from a land where voices are meant to be heard. The Welsh male choir comes to mind and this land has been the birth place of people with voices 'even in song' Any land in this world with officials who are sincere about serving the people, is surely going to use their voice for the people when they take up their roles.

Deliberate plots by man to decieve and destroy evidence of genealogy 'as the burning of the city of Smyrna' in 1922, the truth is still going to come to light in some way or another. The truth is ever unfolding. Keep an open mind.

So while the British establishment colonised Smyrna, motherland of my Grandmother where the ancient Temple of Athena stood, the name of my mother and family, this connects to the Spiritual Crown. Christ did without to bring the truth to people. He was crucified for telling the truth to people. He was betrayed and suffred injustice. Today injustice promoted by British lawyers.

Back in 25 September 2012 BBC news reported of Floods in Edinburgh and Foam in Aberdeen. The floods in UK were seen at the time to be washing away the royal influences of these lands at the time in UK - which would be fitting with the Jubilee and where at one time the United Kingdom has had wars and bloodshed in history, this does not have to be the case again.

There are people in the British establishment who know the signs of the times. Since this time, Prince Charles held his 64th Birthday at Government House with 64 guests - seen as the birth and forming a New Government. Now click on the images below.

A ceremony took place in Asia with William and Kate wearing flower crowns, if this was a crowning cermemony by deception, as in history something might hae been overlooked.

And since this trip, succession laws have been rushed to be changed to ensure that Kate's baby will be monarch and the only way this could be collaboted to be passed is if Kate was crowned Queen. Kate a commoner married a Prince of an illigimate bloodine and carrying a child from an illigitiamte lineage cannot be a Royal Law Ruling monarch over anyone - Not by the Laws of God.

Kate Middleton playing a game of hockey wearing St. Andrews McQueen tartan, on St. Andrews Day, at St. Andrews School - both William and Kate went to St. Andrews university in Scotland. With William being given the title Earl of Strathearn being a title connected with being a ruler of Scotland in ancient times, Kate is his counterpart. See with your own eyes.

Then the following day, she was reportedly taken to hospital with acute sickness. Following a prank telephone call from Australia, a nurse reportedly committed suicide. Nurse Jacintha Saldanha was married to th NHS accountant. Of course there are people who suspect that she was killed especially with being a spiritual lady with children. The media do spin lies.

Kate Middleton walked on stage as the entire audience were standing for sports personality of the year being Sebastian Coe. Attention and applause were taken to her entrance wearing the long green dress with a split. Walking onto stage as evidently 'timed' with the song in the background, 'shine your light set the world on fire' This is another 'staged event'.

Pope Benedict XVI resigning was not a surprise. Perhaps he was not willing to be manipulated. Pope Benedict also understands Providence so do intelligent people in America, so to Jewish people who have been taught to see the signs.

Hagia Sophia has been closed by Law for Imperial ceremonies, so no one can manipulate to be crowned Emperor and Empress there. Emperor Constantine was crowned in York Cathedral. Saint Peters Basillica in Rome also had it's doors locked on the day an Emperor would be Crowned. So with the World being conquested by War and a crowning ceremony taking place in Asia, is Kate being 'over sold' to be Empress Queen over the 7 churches of Asia identified in the Holy Bible and William Emperor?

Saying this with Prince Guarios declaring himself to be Emperor by Right - He is NOT!

By the laws of nature has shown Spencer Court building beig demolished in NewCastle after floods four times since June (Diamond Jubilee) The earth gave way underneath in the end. Spencer is the surname of William and Harry's mother Dian. It is not known if she was also from an illigitimate bloodline. When people are being deliberately manipulated this is inexcusable.

Sharing the information above, showing how gifts reveal 'a message' and what we are meant to know will come to light in some way. On 12th October, 2012 I recieved a crowned Buddha gift moments after writing about the Spiritual Crown Chakra.

The Queen publishing another edition of the Holy Bible for her Diamond Jubilee, with the Star of David on the cover - Kate Middleton might be a descendant of King David, however so are countless other people. The British establightment might have changed the law of succession based on Kate's MtDNA, to preserve their gains, if so this Law applies to everyone.

The Law of Treason relates to the Imperial Crown and this can be challenged for the simple reason, God rules over this earth and Jesus Christ is the World Emperor - The Imperial Crown Holder. UK is not a God Fearing establishment.

The foam in Alexandra Australia is more revealing. One of the names of Greek goddess Hera was Alexandra meaning "to ward off, keep off, turn away, defend, protect" "man". Thus it may be roughly translated as "defender of man" or "protector of man".

In England there is Alexandra Park in Manchester, and 200 miles away Alexandra Palace. Princess Alexandra, is the youngest granddaughter of King George V and Mary of Teck. Wonder what she would think about Harry romping naked with a girl playing a game of strip pool and Kate Middleton supporting this behavior. People are saying once the Queen dies Britain should become a republic, 'IF' Kate and William have taken people as fools and manipulating their positon by deception, they merit contempt.

John Aynsley Imperial Laurel Green dinner plate. Laurel is associated from ancient Greece and later in Roman era with the Crown of Victory. The laurel wreath connects with the Panhellenic games at Delphi, called the Pythian Games. The games were said to have been started by Apollo after he killed Python and set up the oracle at Delphi. Winners received a wreath of bay laurels from the city of Tempe in Thessaly. In Arizona, USA Tempe city in Maricopa County named after the Vale of Tempe in Greece.

No apology will be given. Endless legal corruption in UK and a system with many innocent people in prison, evidently is showing that the structure of officials in place is far from being ethical and honorable. If the Australian Prime Minister was a Judge in a Law court here that thrives on police telling lies and lawyers crimes, would she prosecute? I think she would! I definately would!

Long overdue is global peace. The wars are to conquest land! There are people who are saying the crown has been stolen. A crown is a physical symbol - for thousands of years people have been warned not to worship false idols - who enslave mankind.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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