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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Kate Middleton Windsor Castle Parade

Kate Middleton attending the Queen's Scouts Parade at Windsor. Another message might be sent out to the world to celebrate the Queen's Elizabeth's birthday.

The article identifies Kate as a volunteer in the Scout Association. 'Kate was at Windsor Castle attending the National Review of the Queen's Scouts for the first time in place of the Queen, who is celebrating her 87th birthday privately.'

On the Queen's 87th Birthday, Kate Middleton with baby in her womb has taken her place. A birthday means a new begining. This staged ceremony is at Windsor Castle.

Kate is wearing mint green coloured coat, seen are four six petal flowered buttons. The Royal Mint is related to the currency we use. The Queen's head is usually depicted on the currency as 'the Sovereign' as this coin is also currency too.

Six petals can depict the Star of David. Four can mean the four directions and four stars in the shape of a cross. The Universal Church covers the world, The Orb held by Queen Elizabeth II is to govern the World 'in God's name' It is from the lineage of King Solomon that the successor for the Crown is being identified.

Queen Elizabeth is reported to be a descendant of David and Solomon - so are masses of other people. In another article there are claims that Queen Victoria paid £1 million for her genealogy records. It is unknown if these records are accurate.

Queen Elizabeth pictured in the Scouts ceremony in 2012

With William and Kate having some sort of crowning ceremony in the Solomon Islands, I do not know who actually performed the ceremony. Those pictures were certainly not printed in the media - so people only get to know a snippet of what is going on.

Commercial chosen to promote Kate Middleton for the occassion.

The man with a frothy head in the commercial is the same colour choice of hat worn by Kate Middleton. The purple dressing gown at the end is imperial purple with the title frothy beast 'says froth out'. Cadbury's is a chocolate company.

An article last year described Kate as Canival Queen, duuring Queen Elizabeth's 60th Diamond Jubilee tour, there is a shipping company named Carnival Cruises. This year Kate has been invited to be the Godmother and 'Bless' a Princess Ship.

The company are connnected. And nothing is a coincidence.

Kate Middleton's popularity has grown with people giving their energy to her. This is how people become powerful. Who is the power behind the throne?

Power is given to the People - not to give away!

Staged events connected with ceremonies are acting out rituals. People are warned not to worship false idols. There is a reason for this - a heavenly order!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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