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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 28 April 2013

Katie Price - Miss England Judge 2013

Katie Price recently married again, expecting another baby and business is booming. The timing of this article from yesterday is after looking at Buddha's and their influence in the Middle East. More on that another time.

Katie Price was a guest judge at the Miss Essex contest at Sugar Hut nightclub in Essex.

Pictured with Miss Essex, Katie Price poses by her side. The sponsors are shown on black and white boards in the background. On the white board the Miss England Crown is featured at the top with the website The other sponsor is BWP that features a globe with a golden landscape. The Motto is Beauty with a Purpose - Helping Children Worldwide.

More than anything there is a profound need to help the children worldwide in different ways, from education, nurturing, nourishing, health and healing also empowering young people in a world where masses of children are also traumatised from war.

The Sugar Hut logo is on a black background. The first impression given of this is a pyramid with the moon to the side - taking this black background to depict night-time. Also what comes to mind, looking at this is an Indian Teepee again with the moon. In this particular lineage have been born wisdom teachers, philosophers and natural healers.

The moon has been associated with the moon goodess and also the partner of Christ. Orange has many connections, Orange in France, the Royal House of Orange, Orange County in California and also Orange mobile network.

Sugar Hut is promoting women communicating together more is being revealed.

Other than the men who are recording the event, the women who are making the decisions in this scenario. Katie Price, a mother with a lot of support from people in her life and family, is a businesswoman and a decision maker in her household. Not every woman is given the opportunity to even express her truth. Many woman live in fear and oppressed; even imprisoned in their homes.

Pictured are the judges with a contestant dressed in orange with long black hair. Behind the judges three Buddhas are seen - the larger being a Bronze Buddha directly behind Katie is looking on too. In the background corner raised up is another Buddha wearing a crown and yellow dress. Also there is a third male Buddha sitting in the lotus position.

In the photograph a television cameraman is seen in the photograph. This is a reminder of cameras recording our movements too. In a celebrity culture, people have been marketed, or they have developed a reputation to earn their fame and respect. Katie Price has many years in the public eye and used to media attention. She also has the cameras in her home for a reality show.

The date seen 1753 AD will have a significant meaning in connection with the Buddha that I am unable to identify at this actual date in relation to the Buddha. Afghanistan comes to mind. There is a huge hole in the rock where the great Buddha stood.

Also in relation to the numbers is H.R.1735 -- Afghanistan Exit and Accountability Act. Afghanistan was once a Royal Kingdom where Buddhism, meditation and peace prevailed. The Taliban ordered the destruction of the Buddhas that were a big part of the cultural heritage. Afghanistan was also a very high tourist attraction because of these monuments.

The Battle Of Baghavard is also recorded Jun, 8, 1735 AD, On July 7 – Royal assent to the Jewish Naturalization Act: The British Parliament extends citizenship to Jews, also the Marriage Act 1753 was formed. More below.

The colour orange is worn on Buddhist monks - we are shown clearly women wear this too.

In history there have been women who are wisdom teachers too. The Buddha is born in a Royal Lineage and divinely inspired also a spiritual alchemist who an assist and influence change. For humanity to evolve in consciousness, it becomes necessary that as indviduals we are self aware and our focus to seek divine guidance from higher centres. If people are still going to argue in 2000 years that there is no other messenger of God but Muhammad - they are denying God's ever presence in our world today.

The song Princess of China became hugely popular with Rihanna and Chris Martin from Coldplay. This shows two people who were destined to cross paths and yet hurt each other. It is also showing a Royal Princess connected to China.

China in Asia is where the Himalayas are located and the highest mountain in the world is Mount Everest, is situated on the international border between China and Nepal. The name Mount Everest is from Qomolangmais meaning 'Holy Mother'.

In this photograph we get a closer look to see the male Buddha sitting facing towards the large bronze Buddha. Taking into consideration above, we are reminded of mother and child. Christ is today still actively divinely guiding people.

The Buddha has their spiritual eye opened and can assist transformation. The crowned Buddha is also a vessel of being God's instrument on this earth. This Buddha is not crowned, but is recognised. The Buddha features prominently behind Katie in the background with the palm raised to guide the right choice for the situation. Miss England has a role to make a positive difference. More to the point, with seeing the golden landscape including all nations in the world and all the children in our world.

For several years now there has been a rising of Buddha ornaments as a focus point and reminder of calm and peace within. Also crystal bowls and the singing bowls for meditation. During the last decade especially, there has been a rising of meditation music and relation, Holistic Health therapies - this understanding I have studied for much of my life. The multi-layered healing need is also calling for compassionate hearts to care about fellow human beings. People who know hate, might know pain.

All the suffering in our world needs to be dealt with and healed right at the root cause.

Notice also there is a man with dark hair and beard holding a camera. We cannot see his eyes, or the face of the raised crowned Buddha in this picture. However, the two Buddha's and four judges are a reminder that people are seeing what is going on. With this being a Miss England competition, it is particularly revealing the timing has followed my previous article.

As with everything, whether we are aware of it or not, in a competition or circumstance we are all instrumental and under the umbrella of God. Of all the people who appear to be engaging in the moment and focused on the judges panel is Katie Price. In her personal life, Katie has been learning many lessons as we all are and her life also has a spiritual purpose to unfold too.

One of the reasons years ago that I turned down my own chat show, was being very self conscious and aware that everything I say will have far reaching effect. A suggestion made by someone in the public eye influences people. To say the wrong thing cannot be retracted because words are energy. It is the intention behind the words that carry the clout. Not knowing Katie Price I would say she values honest feedback rather than fake flattery. She is living a life being a high earner now in diverse areas, trying to stay true to herself while in the entertainment industry. Katie knows who is sincere and who is fake instinctively.

Nothing is ever just black and white. From the room setting being shown the walls are vivid pink. The floor appears to be wooden and the tables are either highly polished or mirrored - showing the reflections. Mirrors reflect everything.

When someone has made their success, it becomes the fulfillment of success, to enable other people to be successful too. This is how society evolves. When people are put down, society falls too. This is why some people are living in countries with oppressive regimes. When people reject the wisdom teacher and choose a celebrity, that is not the fault of the teacher.

The wisdom teachers are not being rejected by everyone as we see here in this photograph.

Katie has lived out her life, with the dramas and challenges she has faced 'in front of the cameras and she shows who she is. Katie is very open and very vocal too. She is not a scripted celebrity. In Britain, people probably know more about Katie than they know about their own family members - myself included because they live their own lives overseas.

People have been the opportunity to get to know Katie as a person and see her growing as a person. Compare Katie with Kate Middleton who has been very heavily promoted for years and people know nothing about the real person. The media have taken photographs of Katie Price falling and even being drunk. The photographs of Kate Middleton are not allowed to be printed in the media. While no one is perfect, the issue is about being true to the self - it is expected that a Queen is sincere as a way of being.

With Peter Andre, Kate has had two children. Their son Junior Savva Andrea (Savvas is Peter's fathers name) Their daughter is Princess Tiaamii. His mother is named Thea. Peter's parents are Greek Cypriot. Even though Peter was born in London, his origins are in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia. Notice the Royal connection being revealed here again.

Thea is the Greek name to say 'aunt' and also 'goddess'.

The name Savvas is a Greek name. Sevastianos, my mother's family name is a Saint name.

Sevastianos has the origins in the name Sebastian. Pronounciation between Greek Cypriot and Athenean is different dialect and so this is why I am including. Sebaste (Augustus) is a title used by the Emperor. Sebaste is a city in the Phillipines also ancient Israel in the Holy Land. The ancient royal city of Sebaste Samaria overlooks the present village of Sebastia.

If Peter is from the lineage identified, his daughter is Princess by Right and son Prince. The Byzantine Imperial lineage did not give up court titles. What God gives, man cannot take away. This is why we are addressed as Kyrios and Kyria.

The Miss England Crown features a Red Cross in the centre and two smaller crosses on the side.

Red Cross is a humanitarian organization that provides emergency assistance, disaster relief giving. It is expected that the Queen is addressing the most important need and helping the most vulnerable.

The Red Cross is also connected with St. George's Cross.

As it happens, the Byzantine Eagle is over the door of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople (New Rome) and this is located a St. George's Church in Istambul, Turkey. St George's Chapel is also at Windsor Castle in England.

Queen Elizabeth II surely knows the ancient Royal Lineage are divinely guided...

We are all in some way influencing people. Children learn from their parents and even mirror their parents behaviour. This is a lesson that not everyone is realising. We do not always see or know how we are impacting other people.

Katie Price has been called to be a judge and photographed with the evidence to show, no matter how hard the silencing of the divinely guided Royals takes place, whether by blowing up statues or distrating and promoting false idols, it was and is in the divine plan, even in the most unexpected way - the truth will come to light so that everyone knows.

Wearing the spiritual crown is as a way of being 24/7. The physical crown is a Symbol.

This year another beauty Queen will be crowned. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The other day someone wrote 'The Queen is still beautiful' at 87 year old. It is not easy to see the beauty within, unless we look beyond the mask.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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