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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Satellite Image: Octagon in Almere Holland

Last night I had a dream that related to Paris and the Octagon Theatre on Le Mans Crescent in Bolton came to mind to be connected. With the French Crown and the Louvre Museum being located in the Royal Palace, this connects too.

Le Mans is one of the sister cities of Bolton where I live. The other is Padeborn in Germany. Padeborn is the seat of the Roman Catholic Bishop. All these little connections are relevant and show another way truth can come to light.

In the context of spaceflight, a satellite is an object which has been placed into orbit by human endeavor. For all the negatives of spying and monitoring people - google maps allows us to travel the world in seconds. The way our world is one and everything connects is given as an opportunity to understand. Billions of people are divinely inspired unknowingly to create this.

Today the Daily Mail have published an image with the headlines:

'Caught on Google Earth: Has satellite image captured a crime taking place in Holland?'

'Satellite picture from Almere, Holland has been posted on Reddit
The image has sparked speculation as to what was going on by the lake'

The article writes:

"It could be the scene of a particularly gruesome murder."

Or it could just be a trail of water left by a dog that's been paddling in the lake.

The satellite shot from Google maps has sparked online speculation that a nasty crime may have taken place and gone undetected in the city of Almere, across the water from Amsterdam in Holland.

With what looks like a trail of blood apparently leading from a waterside jetty into a park, it's easy to see why eagle eyed Googlers might have feared a murder had taken place.'

This picture posted on Reddit has sparked speculation that something sinister happened and went undetected in the Dutch city of Almere.

The city of Almere where the latest bizarre Google Earth image was captured is Holland's newest city and home to more than 193,000 people. The picture was posted on Reddit with the caption 'A murder near my house on Google Maps'.

The first homes in the city were only completed in 1976.

The "Zuider Zee" once was an inland sea, offering passage to the North Sea and the Baltic in the north from Amsterdam and a lot off smaller cities around it.Almere, was built on a drained part of this Zuider Zee neighbouring Amsterdam.

The name New Zealand is actually new Sea Land. Last year with Prince Charles holding his 64th birthday with 64 guests was a 'planned event' held at Goverment House, could be indicating that he was establishing a New Government.

On the internet there are people setting theirselves up as Kings and forming goverments in exile. This is mirroring what is actually happening and when people are governed over by people who are self elected, as in not appointed by God, this is actually abuse of power and also being done by decieving people. As long as people do not know, they will never know.

The Octagon is the city centre of Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand. The Octagon is bisected by the city's main street, George Street to the northeast and Princes Street. In 1963, the council was given £5,000 by the Evening Star newspaper to build a fountain in the Octagon. This Octagon then became known as the Star Fountain since this time.

The Ecumenical Patriarche of Constantinople (Istambul) is found at St. George church.

The Morning and Evening Star relates to Planet Venus - feminine.

In the winter snowtime not long ago, one image showed a partition of land with a snow plough clearing the area. Remembering the vehicle was written New Holland. Not too far away near Bury, Manchester is upholland.

Above, the octagon shape is surrounded by water. With flash floods taking place in UK - notice the British royals are still being heavily promoted and yet there is no mention of t his being the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. Actually I did not see any parking fines and i njustice being even allowed written in the Holy Bible. Actually the Bible condemns injustice!

Man made laws for profit and fines earn the landowners billions of pounds anually.

Number 8 is related to infinity and also a reminder of as above so below.

Spiritual mastery is connected with number 8 too. Master of one's own self!

The Main Building at University College London, includes the Octagon with a dome. The dome could symbolise a crown as seen on different buildings and Christian Orthodox Churches. St. Pauls Cathedral is being brought to the light this week again with Margaret Thatcher's funeral being held there. Again this has a Dome seen accoss the London Skyline.

Kings College Motto in English 'With Holiness and Wisdom' has a Byzantine Gothic College Chapel. Hagia Sophia in Istambul is known as Holy Wisdom except people are not told of the divinely guided ones and intercessors of prayer.

Queen Elizabeth II was crowned King, from the House of David and Solomon.

On 29 February 2012, Queen Elizabeth II officially opened Somerset House East Wing.

With East, Eastern Star come to mind and could well be connected.

The College Prayer

ALMIGHTY God, the Fountain of Wisdom and the Giver of every perfect gift; without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy; Send down, we beseech you, your blessing upon this College, and prosper the designs of its founders and benefactors. Enable us, by your grace, faithfully to discharge the duties of our several stations, remembering the strict and solemn account which we must one day give before the judgement-seat of Christ. More particularly we pray, that the seeds of Learning, Virtue and Religion, here sown, may bring forth fruit abundantly to your glory and the benefit of our fellow creatures. These and all other blessings, for them and for us, we humbly ask in the name and through the mediation of Jesus Christ your Son our Lord. Amen.

My thoughts and heart is connected with Dutch people for a reason. As we are in a time of the Apocalypse, this also means to reveal and lift the veil to show what has been hidden from everyone.

In Amsterdam, there is a chapel with named 'Lady of All Nations'.

For anyone to be today the Lady of All Nations, by Right, they would have to be divinely appointed - not becoming a Queen by conquest and war. Not by given titles either and PR media heavily promoting to sell a face.

Last night I was thinking, if Queen Elizabeth was known as Our Elizabeth, her role would not be dminished and more people would have warmed to her. Also she would have responded accordingly and become more approachable, perhaps!

There are many locations with Octagon being named and this is for a reason.

Going back to my dream last night and the Octagon being in Paris, France, Above is a screenshot of Luxumbuorg Gardens with an octagonal shape fountain seen before your eyes. Below is a Statue of Liberty and Eiffel Tower in Paris.

There are two Statue of Liberty in Paris, France. One stands in the Jardin du Luxembourg. The other is near the Grenelle Bridge on the Île des Cygnes, an island in the river Seine. Dedicated on November 15, 1889, it looks towards the Atlantic Ocean towards its "larger sister" in New York Harbor, which had been erected three years earlier.

My uncle told me that I am part Luxumbuorg, to add to the other nations of family origin. Also family came from and have lived in France and so the French connection is not easy to ignore or to dismiss.

With my dear niece in USA who is also inspired and working to empower women in America, she is an example of a Royal Princess. It has never been in the divine plan to keep people down and oppressed. This is the work of the anti-christ who becomes important because he has taken the attention and focus away from Christ and leads people to slavery. Christ does not!

In a time when people are being enslaved, this in when people declare their independance. Notice that both America and Israel have done so. The people manipulating by deception to be overlords over people are known by those who know.

There is nothing hidden that will not be exposed - Written in the Holy Bible.

National holiday celebrated annually in Greece on March 25, commemorating the start of the War of Greek Independence in 1821. March 25th feast day commemorating the annunciation of the Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ revealed himself on the cross in 2011 during a prayer and meditation for healing. Also I was shown Mary teaching people - she had an equally important role.

Strange how people who actually have something to teach of give to people, are often overlooked or ignored. Many self styled spiritual teachers who have taken understanding from somewhere else and the original source is not promoted. People are being taken away from Christ instead of towards him and there are dangers with this and lessons to be learned.

Is the media warning of danger to someone who connects with the Octagon? Could be. The years of promoting Kate Middleton heavily is to be a front face of a corporation that has conquested lands, profits from resources, taxes people, makes laws for comformity while people live in littlehouses - the overlords live in vast mansions and landed estates.

People do need to be careful who they give their power away to - even by deception!

In the complicated tapestry of life and in our world, the decievers and manipulators are unable to gain control - the overlords rule by people's permission. There are people working in the light and those who are not.

The British legal system is in Breach of Contract and has no authority to rule over anyone. Democracy means Power is given to the People. This is Athenean Law! Britain stole the Acropolis Marbles to create a system of hypocrisy.

Jesus Christ must be placed as King of Our World and the United Kindom now! This is especially so as he has revealed himself wearing His Crown. With continous obstruction to justice in UK (a crime) Lawyers are being held accountable.

There are many highly ethical people who realise being in a position of responsibility comes with being conscious and consicentious. Masses of people live as homeless on the street, while homeless charity bosses are paid vast wages and bonuses. The Charity industry is a business that attracts easy money and people give on trust. It is lining pockets, often not those who are doing the work. I have been approached to work unpaid in a profesisonal capacity so a charity can collect funds 'to pay their wages'.

England the country where people do not look at the labels of the goods they are buying. Many are manufactured by people who are earning £1 a day wages. David Cameron cracking his whip for people to get jobs. Masses of people work unpaid.

A conforming society are easily accepting Kate and William to be overlords. Sheeple. Has this happened in History? To be in a position of 'billionaires' and make decisions that can benefit people is a privelege few people will know. Take the billionaire out the picture - To be in a position to make decisions to benefit people is a Priviledge with responsibility.

The Statue of Liberty holds a book. The Word of God.

The Age of Aquarious is the time of the spiritual waters flowing. Evidently there have been blocks to this understanding. When back in the early 1970's I had the realisation of our mind body and emotions being connected, also that we have to heal the cause of illness and not treat symptoms with toxins. The effort to silence this since the 1990's is why now this is being known internationally. Actually this knowlege has it's origins from many thousands of years ago - that is still applied.

If people are not evolved spiritually to be guided by God, how can they be Crowned? Jesus Christ was born to remind people that God Almighty is the Authority over everyone. Queen Elizabeth is supposed to be pointing people to God.

As the Custodian of the Crown of David, David was the youngest Son. It is actually deceptive for the royal family to manipulate to be an authority over a Law Court of Which God Presides over. There are obligations by ALL OATHTAKERS to Uphold!

In England, hearing with my own ears, lawyers boast 'the system is corrupt' and lying to be paid. They say they will never be prosecuted. The Laws of God is not about Profit. Primitive minds have not understood fairness and giving back to people. The Supreme Head of a Church of England is Queen Elizabeth. The Diamond Jubilee came with yet another issue of The Holy Bible.

On the cover is a Star of David - The Queen's successor must be from the House of David, for the simple reason that the Throne belongs to Christ and this is an eternal throne. Illigimate bloodline are not eligible for this place.

“No one born of a forbidden union may enter the assembly of the Lord. Even to the tenth generation, none of his descendants may enter the assembly of the Lord." Deuteronomy 23:2

This is to protect people from half blood princes who get into positions to take ownership of the world when they have no right to whatsoever. For the Queen is protector of the land for Christ - evidently the law makers ignore that. David Cameron - he is descended from William IV and has his own 'ministry' - might be a tax exempt structure, as a church is.

People are justified to ask if the Church is a Church of God or for Profit. Just remember in history, great minds in history were inspired minds who built big buildings. Going into some of the churches reveals the architecture.

Today people want simple lines and to live in boxes. Many homeless do so literally. I am not in a position to house the homeless, to build schools in India and Africa, to build hospitals and educate people to take care of their health. The land resources and illness injury is far too profitable and the charity industry too. A cure for cancer was found long long ago.

In the ancient times the Church meant assembly and gathering of people. Christ taught in the synagogue and also outside in the open air. God does not limit himself to one place, one people - this needs to be understood in context.

Holland is a land of people who respect the importance for religious freedom, The Dutch people I have spoken with and known have family values. The great explorers and ship builders have been Dutch. The Dutch people have been inspired and also Holland has been shown to be chosen in the divine plan for reasons that are still unfolding.

New York was once New Amsterdam - New Netherlands. The Statue of Liberty still stands!

Everything happens for a reason. To be empowered we must relinquish control. The people who appear to be at their lowest and most rejected in life, might actually be the people who are closer to God. Something to think about!

In so many different ways the truth will come to people - warnings are not ignored. If anyone beleives or has reason to know their life is in danger - Pray to God and ask for His Orotection. Many years ago after learning of evil goings on I prayed to know that God is really looking after us. People are involved in rituals for power and wealth, there are also people causing harm. Whatever is sent out to the people who are servants of God will return. Warnings are given not to harm the anointed.

In an earlier article, remembering the caption 'treacherous drivers' driving to a castle, looking at my previous article, the picture of the car, I recall was the same colour as the cover over the car. These are important connections.

The previous article a Nissan Primera Crashed. The Octagon photograph at the top is found in Almera. There is also a car named Nissan Almera. Nissan is also a month 'the month of spring' and new beginings.

'Nisan is the first of the six summer months, which correspond to six levels of direct light (in Divine service--"arousal from above"). Nisan is also referred to as "the month of the redemption." According to the accepted opinion of our sages: "In Nisan our forefathers were redeemed from Egypt and in Nisan we will be redeemed" (Rosh Hashanah 11a).'

Almera means "aristocratic lady, princess". The Nissan Almera car is described as Nissan's little princess. The Nissan car sales address listed is on Princess Street, Victoria Grove Bedminster, Bristol. Again everything is connected.

My mother had descending from the ancient Imperial bloodline, became paralysed by the neck downwards. The laws have been changed for Kate Middleton's child to be monarch - THAT Child is NOT divinely appointed! If people use deception to be in positons, while so many people struggle and are suffering - this explains why officials say the system is corrupt.

When Santa Maria fire in Brazil killed 233 innocent people, this shook me. Maria is my Saint name. I was concerned if this was a sign of someone is trying to harm me. The following day someone brought me an angel gift unexpectedly.

A Saint IS Recognised by High Ecclesiatical authority to be an intercessor of prayer to God and also miracles having taken place. People who are Sanctified are Holy to The Lord. Saints have lived as human beings, often imperfect lives.

While prayers have been answered, we can ALL pray for peace, healing and for the good of mankind. The people who need our prayers the most are those who have lost their way and especially those who have sold their soul.

No one on earth has been given permision to kill anyone 'in God's name or Jesus Christ'.

People taken from the protection of Christ, is how people are enslaved by man.

Go to Googlemaps - Type your address and if a red arrow shows up, click on that. Can see your house? Remember the media exposure of Kate Middleton - William and Kate sued the magasine for damages. Williams over reaction was before the law to secure sucession to the thone. William must accept God RULES this world. GOD IS THE LAW. Prince Alwaleed a self made billionaire and a highly intelligent man with a razor sharp mind, is motivated to empower people. There are many man made laws to address.

The media announced today of drones in Britain...even more human rights abuses. The people who work the system are stupid. Our food and water is deliberately poisoned and lawyers are still preoccupied with making profit. They have not worked out that they cannot take the cash to the grave to them. How many millions of people will die of Cancer? Blame the lawyers!

Since writing this artitle, the original Daily Mail headline has changed:

Caught on Google Earth: Does this shocking satellite image show a brutal murder being carried out at a lakeside in the Netherlands? Not knowing the Dutch Royal family, however Queen Beatrix is highly respected for her intelligence. She is a professionally trained lawyer who earned her degree - not handed on the plate and certainly not to ignore injustice.

The Dutch Royal family are in succession to the thrones of the commonwealth realms. The family have their private heartache, with Queen Beatrix's son, Johan Friso in a coma after an avalanche. Before this tradegy, knowing the family he was born into, Johan prepared for the possibility of succession to the throne. He thoughtfully took courses in Dutch law and parliamentary history. He is still in the line of succession to the thrones of the Commonwealth realms.

My father was adament I study law and I refused because my calling was to study psychology and physiology to ethically advise on healing. Even considering to take the degree more recently - it is for ethical lawyers to administer justice. It would be a wise decision to teach law in the classroom and educate everyone to know their rights - God Given Rights!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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