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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 6 April 2013

News Blitz Benefit Cheats - Kate Middleton Doll

Not having the best of eyesight, from a short distance while waiting to pay for my shopping, the newspaper stand had various headlines - only one caught my eye. Again I am sharing for the simple reason, the media know a lot more than we do of what is going on. The media are aware of what is happening behind the scenes. Also It is a big day today with the Grand National horsracing.

Depending what people are attracted to the most, a lady in red, wearing a Scottish Tartan scarf, or the headline 'NEW BLITZ ON BENEFIT CHEATS. fraudsters who work will have their wages siezed'

Then in the middle is a picture of Kate Middleton with a plastic doll, with the words written in yellow 'OH NO IS THAT ME' in white 'SHOCKED KATES VERDICT ON DOLL'. The headline reminded me of the recent plastic princess story.

At the top of the page DAILY EXPRESS - EXPRESS can mean fast and also to communicate.


In the centre the jockey is wearing yellow top and cap, riding a white horse.

on the far side, FREE £25 GRAND NATONAL BET

Underneath BET VICTOR.


The bright yellow reminds me of the radiating golden yellow from the body of Christ when he appeared to me during prayer wearing his crown. The Jockey is wearing yellow cap associated with a yellow gold crown. In another vision during prayer last year, Christ was seen to be returning to earth on a white horse radiating the brightest of light.

My little 7 year old friend came to see me today who has witnessed about 13 appearances of Christ and he speaks to her, since June. This being the Queen's Jubilee. She also had a dream of Christ in Cornwall at a house there, when she went for her holidays. Prince Charles is Duke of Cornwall. Notice Christ has chosen his innocent trusted helpers to deliver the truth to people.

A few people have said the crown has been stolen from where it rightfully belongs.

And then if this is the case, when was it stolen? If so, who is Kate Middleton being over sold. Oh silly me, that is how people are marketed and sold to people - another celebrity. Was Princess Elizabeth sold in the same tacky way?

Last year two articles caught my attention about Royal 'Queen' Crowns being stolen.

If the Crown is stolen, perhaps the Soveriegn's income belongs to someone else?

Duchess Dolittle, Lazy Katie, Waity Katie are names people refer to Kate who lived with William several years before they married. What does she actually stand for? A menequin? There are illegal wars taking place all these years - she knows about this. Why silent? Why are Britain involved in wars other than to conquest territory like in history and for which King?

A while ago there was talk of making Kate Middleton President of Wimbledon Court. Immediately what came to my mind was Law Court and Wimbledon Common. So with talk of placing Kate as Head of the court - is this 'common law people?

Many people who work for the British establishment say it is corrupt. Their confession was out in the open - the reason why Spencer Court building was demolished was not just because of the obvious, there is evidently more involved. The land owners and builders of the buildings might reveal more information that would piece together a bigger picture.

The article above is bringing discussion of a newpaper front page and what we see is relevant to know. The headlines are clear to see and chosen by the editor of the newspaper. With a FREE £25 bet - people are invited to Bet Victor.

Victor Chandler is a businessman who owns BetVictor.

Chandler brings up many connections of places in Australia, USA and Canada. USS Chandler, multiple ships of the United States Navy. There is Chandler Island, Antarctica and Chandler (crater) on the Moon.

'Queen Elizabeth Land is a portion of mainland Antarctica named by the government of the United Kingdom in 2012. The British Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said that the naming was "a fitting tribute at the end of Her Majesty's Diamond Jubilee year". Read more on the article below -

The UK ambassador to Argentina was summoned to explain to officials in Buenos Aires why part of Antarctica has been renamed in honour of the Queen. (Perhaps it is to make a claim to land by family descendants, without bloodshedd)

'John Freeman was handed a formal protest note "strongly rejecting" the UK's claim to a piece of land known as the British Antarctic Territory. East Antarctica is home to Princess Elizabeth Land, named after the Queen before she took the throne, and in 2006 an unnamed mountain range in the Antarctic peninsula was named the Princess Royal Range in tribute to the Queen's daughter.'

In case people have forgotten this world was given to everyone to live. There is an unholy set up with unholy laws. Queen Elizabeths family have accounted for £200 milliion a year expenses - there might be multiple investments on top, with the system in place that decides the laws and operates the structures that profit whoever is connected.

The royal family personal investments are out of the public eye. Kate Middleton was reported throwing diamonds as confessit in a wedding in switzerland recently. Perhaps the cheap blue fabric on the plastic doll offended her more than the hairstyle.

'Oh no, does my hair REALLY look like that?' Kate horrified by plastic 'lookalike' doll on day two of her tartan tour'

Personally I am horrified as wars continue and people are living in the most horrendous of conditions, with great suffering. There is an increase of homeless people on the street and so many other issues that impact people today.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria