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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

One Car Crash - 3 Generations Killed

In an earlier article, I wrote with some insights that came to light following a head on car crash on one of Britains most dangerous roads. This article identifies family members who have since been revealed in the Daily Mail News.

'David Cockburn, 48, his daughters Carley Ann Cockburn, 21, and Bethany Cockburn, 18, and Bethany's 23-month-old daughter Lacie Jade Stephenson died in the accident near Grimsby, North East Lincolnshire yesterday afternoon. A fifth family member is yet to be formally identified, Humberside Police said.'

'It emerged today the family were on their way to Butlin's in Skegness to take part in a dance competition.'

For anyone to be seriously injured or killed as a result of a car crash, is hard enough to comprehend. For three generations of one family to be killed is held in the knowlege of a far higher power than beyond this earth.

Innocent people are being killed every day and we do not know why.

Many years ago I was told nothing is by accident. This terrible tradedy was not planned by either of the drivers that day. Having experienced a freak car crash, before this my mother's paralysis with my father driving, thinking also of Princess Diana too, except she was aware her life was in danger and the Daily Mail reported this with her letters.

While there are people who drive recklesly and lose contol of a vehicle, this is not always the case. One time as a passenger, watching other drivers on the motorway, not everyone was concentrating. People were chatting on their mobile phone, coming their hair, putting on makeup. One man drving at high speed reading a book are all reasons to be concerned. Then there are people chatting to other passengers and even having arguments, children crying in the back of the car - all are distractions.

We really do not know what happened in this situation and are unlikely to know the truth.

What we see with the car above, something that is so obvious to our eyes. There is a cover over the car. Could this mean that there is a cover up involved in this situation that will never be discovered? Do not ignore this. It could be to cover up the bodies inside while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. I have no idea if this is usual procedure.

My condolences go out to all the loved ones of this family.

In the bigger picture, these people lost their lives not to be forgotten. Losing so many lives in one go and in one family is another reminder to treausre our loved ones and to respect 'life has been given to all of us for a reason'.

On this road there have been 20 crashes in three years. Number 20 relates to Judgement.

With the family name given, we can learn a little more insight that might be telling us why this story has come to the news headlines. Through images, names and numbers we can learn more of what is happening that is relevant to know.

Cockburn is a surname of Scottish origin. There is a Cockburn's Castle, Henderland in Scotland. Also, The Cockburn Association, also known as The Edinburgh Civic Trust is said to be working to protect and improve Edinburgh since 1875.

'The Cockburns were originally vassal Lairds to the powerful Dunbar family,who held vast tracks of lands and castles throughout the Lothian and borders, including Ormiston, Luffness, Byres, Hailes and Dunbar castle the family's principal seat, right down to Billie castle near Chirnside. The forefather of the Dunbars was Gospatrick who's descendants changed their name to Dunbar after their castle 'Dun' tower on the 'bar' hence Dunbar.'

Were these people descendants from this family bloodline - just a thought!

Evidently the name is important and connnects with Edinburgh Castle. A link below identifies DNA connections and the Cockburn family. The government, have the capability to trace our lineage maternally and paternally - as the royal family do, perhaps to preserve their position. Over history, people who have access to this information have eliminated rivals.

We are all descended from Adam and Eve. After the world was flooded in the time of Noah, we have descended fom this too. We have descended from the survivors of history and we are all equal. When people are place theirselves in positions to manipulate laws and their agenda from behind the scenes, be be in positions of power over people, we know something is wrong.

The family were on their way to take part in a dance competition. Look at all the competitions out in the open, with 'Dancing on Ice', 'The Voice', Britain's Got Talent' and everywhere else has talent too. Then there is XFactor, American Idol and surely many more shows - the other day watching 'Food Glorious Food' a cooking competition. Every participant is a winner.

With Cockburn nme and Edinburgh connection, Edinburgh Castle comes to mind. Queen Elizabeth II husband's Prince Phillip is the Duke of Edinburgh. My previous article about William taking over from his grandfather as Shephard of the Monarchy - Shepherd assuming a role of a leader guiding sheep, as the Archbisop of Canterbury was elected to be Shepherd of the Christians here.

Names are family ties. Titles often relate to lands and and title deeds relate to property. In America a number of people are claiming descendancy to British royals and even a right to be King or Queen. Unless motivated to bring an end to all the wars and corruption taking place, to end all the injustice, what is the point?

This young family who were killed, invite us to consider what happens when we die. The only comfort that I can give to anyone who has lost loved ones, 'their soul is free; no longer subject to pressures and trickery in this world'.

If anyone causes harm or the death of anyone, this will backfire - eventually!

Praying for the souls of the living and the dead.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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