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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Prince William Shepherd to The Monarchy

'Prince William's New Duty: Royal Succeeds Prince Philip as President of Fields in Trust'

Prince Philip as president of Fields in Trust after the elder royal announced Tuesday that he will be retiring as the charity's patron.

The 91-year-old Duke of Edinburgh held the post for 64 years. His tenure at Fields in Trust is dedicated to protecting and preserving outdoor spaces in the U.K. including children's playgrounds and parks.

"Fields in Trust owes an enormous debt to His Royal Highness, and it is very difficult to express properly the sense of gratitude and appreciation for all that His Royal Highness has done for the charity," the foundation said in a statement, per the Daily Mail.

"Without his help and contribution, the organization could not have achieved what it has done if, indeed, it still existed as an independent charity."

Prince William's office issued a statement saying that the royal is "delighted to take on the presidency of Fields in Trust" and noted that "The Duke of Cambridge shares The Duke of Edinburgh's passion to safeguard outdoor spaces for future generations."

A shephard to the Monarchy implies that he is the guiding leader of the Monarchy.

William was given an honorary Law degree for his role as Head of the Law Corporation. The system requires lawyers to have a law degree to own a law firm. One day lawyers might consider what is happening is not good for the people.

This is said particulary so with Legal Aid being removed from where needed most. Again the problem is with greedy lawyers who have abused this fund instead of considering the long term in an ethical establishment.

William is not seen as a leader - he is born into a family with a lot of control. He is born into a family from a lineage of an illigimate bloodline and this has come to light in a BBC documentary. This compromises his position.

Furthermore he became a godfather to a child in the Greek Orthodox Church. To be a godfather in the Greek Orthodox Church he would have to be Greek Orthodox - this is my Church where everyone is actually equal. He should know this very well.

Titles relate to land - ie Cambridge is a land mass.

The Houses William and his wife have been given include Nottingham House in Kensington Palace. Nottingham was an ancient Kingdom. Reports say a home is being built in Scotland - with a title associated with the ancient ruler of Scotland.

Amner Hall in Sandringham Estate, where his grandmother maintains ownership of the land as personal property, has a royal crest on the gate. Also Hall is a magistrate residence where laws are made for the people.

With Williams geography degree, who knows how he will use this. What is certain there are people reacting and William does not have the God given authoirty to be an overlord over anyone. If he has not realised a higher consciousness, he will continue with the oppression of people. They smile - people love William and Kate even though they do not even know them.

The media would never admit to deceiving people. Sometimes we must look beyond what is written to see what is going on. With laws changed and being made to peoples detriment - plus people being spied on, it is ironic that William sued a French Magasine for exposing his wife with the Headline 'The Queen is Naked' - The corporatation sold a fake smile to everyone.

Time will tell what will be....

Remember, Shepherd guides sheep. The British royal family are an extensive family.

Moses Gate Country Park being situated here - this connects directly with the Holy Land. My article about a 2000 year old stone being planted with a microchip, with the Declaration of Independance of Israel and America connects with this.

Just remember God Almighty is not a deciever and neither is Jesus Christ.

Peace love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria