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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 1 April 2013

Queen Elizabeth II Leading up to Easter

Queen Elizabeth wearing one of my favourite colours, with an 8 pointed star broach. She is holding two hand ties of springtime flowers, one with Royal imperial green ribbon. This colour is also chosen for chinaware and associated with the laurel leaf.

The 8 pointed star is associated with new beginings and God's grace.

Queen Elizabeth arriving at the Easter service at St George's Chapel in the grounds of Windsor Castle. She was meeting with other family members for the Easter service - the full article can be found below with other photographs.

With Saint George Chapel, I am reminded of Ecumenical Patriarche of Constantinople, His Holiness Bartholomew who is based at Saint George's Church in Istambul, Turkey. The Greek Orthodox Church is very important for the Royal Crown.

Going back in recent weeks I want to share the following with observations.

This photograph was taken around the time 86 year old Elizabeth was admitted into hospital. The lilac colour is a spiritual colour. The Queen us usually pictured wearing a hat, that could be replicating a crown covering. The detail is in the design, of which she has her clothes made for her personally, these are inspired creative works, that she teams with broaches.

In the above photograph, the broach looks like an owl with one feather on top. In this picture she has a slight resemblence of my Greek grandmother when she was elderly. It is unknown how closely related we would be.

Elizabth leaving hospital wearing a bright red coat, thinking this could be symbolic of being washed in the blood of Christ. The red broach while a bow, reminded me of an owl's head with horns - notice she is not wearing a hat here.

In this photograph, published around the same time caught my attention because of the silver coloured rose broach. Again Elizabeth is wearing red, this time a lighter shade and again her hat, symbolising a crown, with smiles.

Pope Benedict XVI during his time in office had reportedly given around 10 churches connected with Santa Maria gold roses. There is actual meaning behind these roses are inviting people to consider their spiritual significance.

'The custom of giving the rose supplanted the ancient practice of sending Catholic rulers the Golden Keys from St. Peter's Confessional, a custom introduced either by Pope Gregory II (716) or Pope Gregory III (740). A certain analogy exists between the rose and the keys: both are of pure gold blessed and bestowed by the pope upon illustrious Catholics, and also, both are somewhat reminiscent of a reliquary—the rose contains musk and balsam, the keys are filings from the Chair of St. Peter.

Visit my previous article for a photograph of the statue of Saint Peter holding the keys.

Queen Elizabeth is wearing the very light pink colour at the top of the page and with Queen's connected with roses, there is a rose called Silver Queen of the same colour. Rose gold also applies. These details are connected.

Queen Elizabeth knows if she is God's sincere servant on this earth that her successor is chosen by God too. There are people trying to get her to abdicate and she has declined to do so. There is a reason she is still wearing the crown and I have made it perfectly clear by writing on the internet that while she has broken her coronation oath, via her officials, she has not been asked to leave her position. As long as the Queen still holds the crown, her family members cannot take her place.

Just after the Queen came out of hospital, the exact time of this is unsure. Elizabeth is wearing the George IV State Diademn made in 1820, This diadem is reported to be part of the personal Jewel Collection of Elizabeth II.

The Diadem is designed to encircle the King's velvet Cap of Estate that he wore in the procession to Westminster Abbey. It includes 1333 diamonds weighing 325.75 carats (65.15 g), and 169 pearls along its base. Its design features roses, thistles and shamrocks, the symbols of England, Scotland and Ireland respectively. It is on display at the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace.

In the Lord's Prayer 'thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven' is said for a reason

The other day the Queen featured in another dream. She had come to see me and we were sitting together on a sofa. She said 'she almost gave up two weeks ago' and gave me a hug. As she got up to leave, she said she did not know when we will speak again - could be a week, two weeks or a month.' The exact wording at the end I do not recall. There was no formality together.

After my dream I remembered she had been in King Edward VII hospital - the same hospital Kate Middleton had reportedly suffered with acute morning sickness. The Queen then cancelled appointments including a trip to Rome after reportedly suffering with gastroenteritis. There was another engagement that she did not attend - instead Prince Phillip reportedly was to go.

The Queen was crowned before I was born...She has obligations to uphold. She breaks her solemn oath - she is accoutable to God. Officials may not realise Elizabeth broke her solemn oath before their decision to change succession law.

There are countless born royals in Europe alone. Queen Elizabeth was crowned as a descendant of David and King Solomon. Like Pope Francis, King David was chosen. Neither had presumed to be succeeding to the throne

The British establishment officials must face that they broke their contract. Months ago, maintstream media reported of the French demanding the crown jewels as compensation. Officials know more.

The Passover is also significant to this timeline with Biblical Law.

Here pictured you see the throne of the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople, located in Istambul. The Patriarch sits on the lower throne in the front. Notice the 8 pointed star on the wall being connected to Christ - Pantokrater, meaning ever ruler.

Something to think about...Time will tell what will be.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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