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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Sandstorm Scotland, London Queen Gunfire

The Daily Mail has published more photographs that provide evidence of what is happening - at least with this we can have some chance to see with our own eyes the message that is being reported and even the hidden reason why.

Scotland has had a second round of sandstorm that is devastating crops.

The freak sandstorms are reportedly causing an estimated £50,000 damage to crops.

'Farmers in Elgin, Moray, had just spent a week clearing up after freak winds created 4ft high sand drifts last Tuesday when more gales swept in yesterday, whipping up further sandstorms and devastating crops.'

'Barley farmer Cameron MacIver said: 'There's parts around my farm where the only thing showing above the sand is the top bit of the fence.'

In the photographs, sand is distinctively high on one land territory and not another.

Barley is commonly associated with Beer making and Barley Water. Our water is also being poisoned with toxins - the people who are the landowners here in the United Kingdom must be making a fortune selling bottled water.

In relation to Barley, genetically modified crops are being brought to my attention. When the elements is instrumental in destroying crops this is certainly for a reason not to ignore and perhaps we are given this understanding today. The long term implications of consumption of GMO foods is not known. Overseas scientists were initially scared to speak out. This is paramount now.

'Although not illegal, to date no GM crops have been grown commercially in the British countryside. However, the coalition has allowed small-scale cultivation trials to take place.' is this one of the locations? We do not know.

It is a huge concern that our food and water have been deliberately poisoned and lawyers are not prepared to legislate to protect humanity from these abuses. How many millions of people must suffer and even die from cancer and other preventable conditions, before lawyers actually decide to do something to protect people?

The answer is not providing toxin pharmaceutical drugs and treatment for conditions.

Cameron is the Surname of the British Prime Minister. David Cameron's father owned an estate in Scotland that was sold and his fortune was reportedly put into some offshore trust while David was studying at Eton. David Cameron's connection to Scotland cannot be ignored and especially in his role of influence and decision maker within the British Government.

Clan MacIver (Clan Iver) is a Scottish clan recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms. 'Recently, a new crown has been made for the Lord Lyon, modelled on the Scottish Royal crown among the Honours of Scotland. This crown has removable arches (like one of the late Queen Mother's crowns) which will be removed at coronations to avoid any hint of lèse majesté.'

'The Lyon Court is a public body, and the fees for grants of arms are paid to HM Treasury. It is headed by the Lord Lyon King of Arms, who must be legally qualified, as he has criminal jurisdiction in heraldic matters, and the court is fully integrated into the Scottish legal system, including having a dedicated prosecutor, known in Scotland as a Procurator Fiscal.'

Solicitor, herald and genealogist William David Hamilton Sellar is the Lord Lyon King of Arms.

Lyon also comes to mind in France. Legend says that the Virgin Mary saved the city from the plague and to thank her, a statue was built. Lyon is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and European Commission Intercultural cities programme.

Scotland constitutes a single constituency of the European Parliament.

Lord Leverhulme also came to mind and the Isle of Lewis. Stornaway Trust Chairpersons include Iain Maclennan MacIver 1993. This trust is also connected with Windfarms - no coincidence Wind has been carrying the sand and covering up the land. However, through this discovery, alternative 'FREE' energy is being transformed. Lews Castle is situated on the land.

In 1923 Lord Leverhulme gifted Lews Castle and 64,000 acres to the people of Stornoway parish. The Stornoway Trust was established to manage this substantial estate on behalf of the community. Lord Leverhulme a very successful businessman gifted Lancaster House near Buckingham Palace too. Queen Elizabeth is Duke of Lancaster. These are relevant connections.

Lewisham in London is one of the cities in The Intercultural City programme with the Council of Europe and the European Commission. New Cross is a district and ward of the London Borough of Lewisham, England.

Cross's are connected with Christ and His Church. New Cross relates to New Church.

These are just some insights that come to light when looking at names and location. In the same article the Daily Mail published were included photographs in London's Green Park 'to set the scene for the Queen's birthday salute'

Birthdays are also a day that mark a New Birth - People do not question why they have overlords ruling over them who are unelected and yet they are unable also to see that actually God rules over this earth and every man. Someone who is ruled by God cannot be serving two masters. If you are a sincere Servant of Christ - you cannot serve Satan too.

There is a lot of speculation about who is involved with rituals for wealth, fame and power. The Spiritual Head of a Church of God is expected to be a sincere servant to God. To be Queen of the Kingdom of Christ, the same applies.

Queen Elizabeth's official birthday being the 21st April falling on a Sunday, with being regarded as a Holy Day for many faithful people, might explain why the delay for the gunfire. Photographed 'The King's Troop Royal Artillery arrive in Green Park for the 41 gun salute in honour of the Queen's 87th birthday' The King is acknowledged - who is the King?.

'Blossoming: Gun salutes in honour of the Queen's birthday have been postponed by one day this year as her actual birthday, which is on April 21st, fell on a Sunday.' Attention to the detail in the message will be revealing.

In bloom: A sea of daffodils set the scene for the Queen's birthday celebrations.

With Green Park, being reminded of the Green Party! Also what comes to mind, the media publishing an article last year with William requesting people to have their land protected by the Queen for her Diamond Jubillee secured with a contract. Contract law being enforced in English Law courts. However for some years the English Law Courts are in Breach of Contract. Any New Law Corporation set up is still in breach of contract. The Crown of Jesus Christ Presides over the Land and Royal Law Court.

Above Elgin connects with Lord Elgin and the stolen Acropolis Marbles in the British Museum (no receipt) The Holy Bible identifies the Crown of Life. A bloodline directly connects to the Acropolis from Ancient Greece and Smyrna. The British establishment and Prince Phillip's family know what happened to result in the city being burned to the ground in 1922.

The Acropolis was once the seat of The Government - God's footstool on this earth.

'British Prime Minister David Cameron has reiterated that England will keep the stolen Parthenon Marbles plundered from the Acropolis nearly 200 years ago by a British diplomat because he doesn’t believe in “returnism.”

We have seen specific elemental influence to the sandstorms that has literally shown to destroy new growth and what has been planted by a man named Cameron. This could be reflecting what is happening with the British Establishment too.

In relation to Moray. Numerous individuals ruled the kingdom of Moray or Mormaer of Moray until 1130 when the kingdom was destroyed by David I of Scotland. Other Scottish titles are Lord Abernethy and Strathearn (created 1562), Lord Doune (1581) Lord St Colme (1611). Lord Moray holds the title Baron Stuart (1796) of Castle Stuart in the County of Inverness.

The Earl of Strathearn was the provincial ruler of Strathearn in medieval Scotland. 'On 29 April 2011, the title was recreated when Queen Elizabeth II conferred the title on Prince William of Wales'

The House of Stewart is a European royal house. Founded by Robert II of Scotland. Kingdom of Scotland, Kingdom of England, Kingdom of Ireland, Kingdom of France, Kingdom of Great Britain. Titles include Marquess of Bute, King of Scots, King of England, King of Ireland, Queen of Great Britain.

The All Seeing and All Knowing God knows what is going on even behind the scenes.

When the French Media printed pictures of Kate Middleton naked with the headline translated in English 'the queen is exposed' William was seen to react because declaration to secure the throne had not been made by David Cameron at that point. In the ancient times, The Sovereign was a representative of God on earth. Why would the same not apply today?

With the floods around the UK and destruction of Spencer Court in Newcastle, the message was clear to understand. Kate Middleton is carrying the Spencer lineage gene in her womb. Do the royal household consume GM food and poisoned water?

In the photographs, sand is distinctively high on one land territory and not another. Through this article, the underlying issues come to light and whether GMO Barley etc is in anyway related to Cameron MacIver, is unknown. Most people have lost loved ones to cancer. Brain tumors is a symptom found with rats during testing of Aspartame now in 6000 products. The flooding of aspartame to the food chain might be because of vast sugar consumption and an alternative. Better to address the addiction.

Better to identify the root cause of any future problems, before they cannot be stopped. When man changes God's laws, God changes them back again. The blind cannot see and the deaf are unable to hear. The compliant society is a conforming people. Consider why innocent people have gone to war in history and for what King? Do not kill anyone or spill blood for Jesus Christ.

The Queen has Royal Prerogatives she can use at will. These Royal Prerogatives entail:

1) Closing Parliament
2) Appointing the Prime Minister
3) Dismissing the Prime Minister
4) Vetoing a Law
5) Declaring War/Peace
6) Issuing a Pardon
7) Issuing Honors

A list of government bills have required the consent of the Queen or the Prince of Wales. 'It is not exhaustive and in only one case does it show whether any changes were made. It is drawn from data gleaned from two Freedom of Information requests.' When the Queen included Justice in her Parliamentary speech - this is actually God's Royal Law. Oath taking God mockers are many!

Justice for all, Universal Peace and Brotherhood of Man. Do we have this?

To conclude "This Government is committed to funding the fight against cancer and preventing people from dying prematurely is one of the five key focal points in our new NHS Outcomes Framework." David Cameron. Is he really sincere? UK has sounded out addressing the root cause of illness for 40 years - UK Law Courts too. The illness industry is highly profitable. Oncologist Dr. Simoncini has successfully treated cancer with Sodium Bicarbonate. 100 years ago a Scottish doctor identified enzyme therapy.

Quote from lawyer "If people would have been honest towards each other, no need for lawyers" - a statement said in anger and yet so true are these words. Today many lawyers work for profit and in UK refuse to work for justice. There is a price to be paid by greedy lawyers who are going to have to face for theirselves. Consider the afterlife - accountability!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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