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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Who is Prince Harry - Documentary

The life of Harry growing up, challenges and rebellion.

In the documentary, Harry is seen with a close relationship with his mother. Any child losing the stable guidance and affection, as happened when Diana was killed, will feel it internally. Both William and Harry have had to process their feelings on their loss. On top of that, both children have lived with the public knowlege that their father was not a faithful man.

If someone can be insincere in their marriage, they are at ease with being duplicitous as the norm.

It might be, whether the boys know it or not, that they are conforming with easily accepting Camilla as a stepmother. However, their internal process would have to rationilise this with the painful loss of their mother and so perhaps it is easier to accept Camilla, than to explore and heal the painful memories and associations with their mother before she died.

Grown men still put on a front to unresolved issues. How they deal with this might be with escapism. What is certain, unless they address these, and positively channel their anger, reactions are likely. Harry could have used his abundance of energy in sport or some other physical activity - especially with being tall, instead of the military. He would have then found the balance with following his mother and channeling the affectionate need, into showing affection to the most needy people in our world.

The documetary identifies discussion of who is Harry's father. The facts are found in reliable DNA testing. This is now a personal matter for Harry who is an adult. This matter only becomes a public issue because of succession to the throne. With the Queen being born in an illigimate bloodline, her family are too. So are a great number of the population.

Evidently the British establishment is promoted by the establishment, however with illegal wars taking place, injustice being rife here with refusal for justice, the Queen broke her coronation oath with this. The influence of any Prince who ignores injustice is a justified concern - This is a family who have been placed as influencing over many lands and people.

The video focusses on Harry's behaviour yet does not address personal responsibility. There is an element of blame for what Harry is doing, as are many more people who have experienced emotional disruption in their home. While he might be spoilt and while he can rebel, perhaps when the reins should have been pulled in was when he was younger. No doubt the Queen and his father have given him a lot of one to one time. Showing favourism to any child also is going to be felt by the other child.

Britain is a nation of people who are trained to accept overlords of the future generations, without considering these people even though it is said their role is ceremonial, this is not the case. The Crown is over the court and if God has not appointed that person, God is not ruling over the court and protecting the people. Evidently the Crown is a vast corporate set up.

Earl Spencer, reportedly Princess Diana's father has a far stronger aristocratic pedigree than the Windsors. Evidently, something about the Spencer bloodline invited 'the law of nature' to destroy the Spencer Court building in Newcastle.

If Harry is really a people's person, perhaps he should immerse himself in being a humanitarian and find someone who shares this way of life as their interest. This is a generation where men are encouraged to be nurturing and show their feelings. The trained killer, as soldiers are, is in conflict with the man who can show strength by being gentle and nurturing people.

People are saying after the Queen dies, Britian needs to become a republic. How many British people ask, what is actually the duty and responsibility of a Queen to the people? As long as people do not question anything....In an earlier article, the declaration of the Independance of America and Israel is now set in a 2000 year old stone, probably due to what is happening.

Harry is a person who has to address many issues and this is part of growing up.

Meanwhile when masses of people pour out their love and energy to this family, who know they are being empowered by this energy, just as celebrities are adored when famous. They know they do not have to give back, just turn up and people want more.

While rebellious Harry evidently loves to party and dance, with the cameras not rolling, or even present, he might be far more empathic and form an emotional connection with people, than the rest of his family. A best friend who is honest with him, can be the stable force in his life - or indeed the one who can lead Harry astray. He is still influenced by other people.

A creative side to Harry is touched on in this documentary - and this is a form of self expression. While the media exposed that he had help to pass his exams, it is unknown if he maintained his art and if not, he is certainly encouraged to.

It is suprising that many people have paid to have their papers written by someone else. Cheating exams, short changes the sitter in the end. It is ironic that Kate Middleton is a patron of charity for addictions when she is encouraging addiction in her celebrity status. When people become dependant on false idols, they will discover that they can offer nothing of substance.

To be a conformist and portray a leadership position, is why there are so many lost sheep. It is not unusual for people who are born in 'elite' families to be given positions of rank that reflect an officer status.

With being born 15 September 1984, Harry is a Wood/Rat in Chinese Zodiac. With his natal chart sun sign in Virgo, he can give the air of innocence and being a perfectionist, however this evidently is not who he really is. His moon sign is taurus - perhaps bull in a china shop might be more fitting at times. His life in the documentary shows he is human and made many mistakes. The reality is, we must be willing to learn from our mistakes. One big mistake is to have flawed humans as overlords.

1984 is also the title of George Orwells depressing film. If the mindset of the goverment are functioning with profiting by war and conquest, there is going to be no end to war. If officials desire to profit before justice, there will be many more miscarriages of justice take place. Big Brother government is spying on people and Big Father God Almighty knows everything that is going on. Officials who are locked into the system by their oath are entangled in this system that is not working in the light.

There are countless thousands born royals in this world, sadly, the British royals are the example of why people are not able to evolve spiritually because the class structure is set up by those who created it. It is quite possible that internally Harry knows he is just like everyone else, learning his lessons. The polarity of his character is not easily ignored. He is a man who acts out his process and perhaps trying to break away from the mould. He must be an individual if he is to know himself.

Princess Elizabeth was crowned 'by right' Queen from the House of David and Solomon. Her children and grandchildren do not need to use deception to have a place in the world. In finding theirselves, they discover their place and purpose.

Lost sheep as leaders are like the blind leading the blind. No thank you!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria