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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Kate and William's Baby - Beyond Media Hype

Well she's done it - Kate produced a baby that the media have been promoting as a future King. Kate was even captured with teary eyes - looking emotional for the first time on camera. Showing depth of feeling for what reason precisely is unknown.

At 4.24pm on 22nd July the arrival of a 8 pound 6 oz baby boy was announced to the world. Both parents, William and Kate like every other ordinary couple have chosen the role of being parents; as the baby has been chosen to be raised with them.

The announcement placed outside Buckingham Palace states 'Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge was safely delivered of a son at 4.24pm today. Her Royal Highness and her child are both doing well.' This follows by signatures.

The name chosen for the son is George Alexander Louis. With six kings named George, Alexander being the name of Alexander the Great - the ancient King of Macedonia; Louis - Kings of France, indeed these names are very carefully chosen.

Alexander the Great was born in Pella, Greece in 356 BC. He died in Babylon Iraq in 323 BC. Known as Alexander III of Macedon, his parents were Phillip II and Olympias. His titles included Basilieus of Macedon, Lord (King) of Asia, Shahansha of Persia (now Iran) Pharaoh of Egypt and Hegemon of the Hellenic League.

The Last Pharaoh of Egypt, Cleopatra was Greek from Macedonia and this Kingdom is connected with my family. My father chose to live out his life and die in Greece too. Mount Olympus is situated within the Kingdom of Macedonia. Athena, my Greek mother's name is connected with Mount Olympus. While illegal wars based on lies to invade and military occupation in Iraq - In Afghanistan a ring belonging to Athena has been found in one of the royal tombs - The Kingdom of Afghanistan. This discovery is timely.

Queen Elizabeth was crowned on a fake pyramind, showing her connection with Egypt. Being crowned Head of State of several countries - At Mount Sinai, the Greek Orthodox Monastary, Saint Katerina, is situated in South of Egypt. The Holy Bible identifies the Queen of the South rising up and condemning the people (Luke 11:31, Matthew 12:42)

Naturally people are overjoyed at the birth of a baby, particularly family. Globally, the magnified focus with an abundance of media reports on Kate is for deliberate international focus from people so they giving their power and energy to empower her and her unborn child. Jesus Christ was given his power from God. Kate, William and their baby gain their power from YOU!

Shortly after Kate Middleton went into St. Mary's hospital with her husband to give birth, reading the media comments, people spoke of thunder and lightening in London. This sign is sometimes seen as God being angry. On the birth day, the media have reported buildings struck and floods too. Previous flood locations gave the impression of the royal influence being washed away.

The media is a propaganda machine that influences the masses. The media campers were outside several days before the 'due' date 13th July was given. It is not unusual for mothers to give birth to their first born a week later. The steel railings *ring of steel' with the decorating ladders were set up in advance (to paint the picture) Are the organisers on the payroll?

Police have been reminded of their duty to protect the people. They have taken an oath to the Queen and more recently, officers to her heirs and successors. Few police and lawyers remember their oath. Neglect to informed that their oath can be used to their detriment is apparent. Removal of God from the oath, places officials who work for the system under the authority of man.

Masks of William have been depicted by the media. Harry was photographed holding one - giving the impression of one eye. When Kate was taken to hospital with reported aggressive morning sickness, in the time when nurse Jacintha had reportedly committed suicide - someone was photographed with one these masks. Jacintha's husband is a accountant for NHS (National Health Service).

Here a group of women re all wearing fake masks of Kate outside St. Marys hospital.

Last year laws were changed to include the first born daughter to succeed to the throne. This was timely in the event Kate Middleton had a baby girl - once what seemed as a crowning ceremony of William and Kate had taking place overseas.

In Spain, absolute primogeniture too, has been made law; so with Don Juan Carlos being King of Jerusalem, this is impacting the Holy Land too. Trusting God's Providence because He is The Ruling Authority and The ALL Seeing and Knowing of what is really happening, especially behind closed doors. Traditionally, a Queen gives birth to a future King and Queen Elizabeth knows this!

Pictured outside Buckingham Palace the changing of the guard is recorded. The band played 'congratulations and other celebratory songs for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with the arrival of this baby being shown to the world.

The people gathered outside Buckingham Palace to wait news. A red rope holds them back and keeps people in line - red tape came to mind and evidently a lot of red tape has been used for this situation, as can be seen here.

Passionate people dressed up and even camped for weeks, waiting for news. Notice the sign in the background 'Acute Imagine Centre' - this could be read as 'a cute' however acute is often connected with being intense. The images on the articles are many that can be examined and perhaps, this is a sign that is encouraging people to look beyond what they are told and sold.

Remembering back to the time of the Boston Marathon. Wikipedia report of two pressure cooker bombs exploded killing 3 people and injuring 264 others. These planned events took place in very specific locations. Innocent people were injured and killed.

Just north of Boston is the City of Cambridge in 'New England' in US. Close to the explosions is 'Commonwealth Avenue' - certainly no coincidence at all. As it happens, Boston is also known as 'New England's Gateway City'.

Also in Boston, a short distance away on the map, the World Trade Centre and Gateway to Heaven Catholic Church are seen. In the far end is Castle Island. These landmarks are already laid down by the planners at the time. New England was founded by Pilgrim settlers from Boston in Lincolnshire UK. In 1776 the Declaration of Independence was created to be from the British authorities.

With Cambridge on one side of Boston and Castle Island on the other, with two explosions taking place, perhaps this was symbolic to open the gateways on both sides. Carefully planned explosions were for a purpose and exposed these truths. On the map, St. Joseph's garden is a landmark and here in England is known as the Land of Joseph too. Not a coincidence at all.

The 'Prince of Cambridge' title was planned when William and Kate married.

Monarchs have various titles including king, queen, prince and princess. 'Prince is sometimes used as a generic title to describe any monarch regardless of their title (read full Wikipedia article)

Recently I learned of someone in a royal house who used sorcery to bring a marriage between two people. Such a marriage is an unlawful union. This would mean that any baby would be illegitimate too. Saying this out of expressed concern, especially with Kate's ease at wizard wand waving 'with her husband' for the global audience. In this test, she should of declined.

The Royal Scepter is not a wizards wand to wave about dear Kate.

From earlier articles, the Spencer Court apartment block building in Newcastle (New Castle) had seen 4 floods since June 2012; and the building demolished. The ground gave way and exposed the foundations established - as a sign to show the problem relates to the ground and the foundations that the establishment is built on. Spencer was Diana's maiden name.

Speculation if Diana was daughter of Sir James Goldsmith, with her mother's friendship is with James and Diana with resembling facial features like Zac Goldsmith. They could well be blood relations. The timing of the Building being eventually torn down, indicated that the reason was with what is happening in the royal house in 2012. After William was given an honorary law degree (to be made head of a law corporation for profit) the prisons are private corporations too. Wars based on lies too. What else?

Before this baby was born I asked out loud, "Jesus do you really want William and Kate Middleton be crowned King and Queen" - The reply I heard clearly was 'They are both defiant' - the message was specific. Time will reveal why this was given.

Defiant: provocative, boldly resistant, opposing authority.

The system of officials refuse to do right by the people too.

With baby George, carrying the Y-DNA lineage of William, Charles, Phillip, Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark, George 1 of Greece and Constantine of Greece. With George and Alexander being King of Greece - Greece is vitally important for the Crown. Today there are laws and blocks in place to prevent anyone claiming the title Emperor or Empress of Turkey 'Ancient Greece'.

Ruling lands and people by deception and all these wars - not good at all.

Every marriage is faced with tests and challenges. Every parent is challenged too. In that focus, I wish every marriage and parent all the best with their relationship and the fruits of their marriage being healthy children. The relationship between mother and child is the most important bond. The role of a mother raising children is the most important job she will ever hold.

Charles at 63 years old warmly referred to the Queen as 'Mummy' at the 60th Jubilee celebration party. If Kate lives to the age of the Queen, I hope she is blessed with a son who will always treat her with respect and love, even in elderly years. He will be influenced by his father so time will tell. I hope also that she drops her wizard wand waving and try sincere prayer instead.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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