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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 15 July 2013

The New Age of Enlightenment

Came across Penny's videos a few days ago. Penny is sharing her dreams, visions and the Word of God, plus she is reading from Holy Scripture what is relevant for understanding. In this particular message she is sharing the message she has been given directly with everyone. If you go directly to the video you can access the scriptures she has identified to expand on the message.

Living in England, we are a multi faith society. Not everyone has a personal relationship with God and not everyone is divinely guided. There are people talking of the new church, and yet they are ignoring the old church that has been given the original truth. There are people saying they are witnesses and yet they have not seen the Holy Light; they have not seen Christ and they are not hearing the Word of God either. Faith is not about a religion or preaching. Living with an experience of faith is a way of life.

There are people saying all they need to do is believe in Jesus and they will be saved. It is not OK to go sinning - take for example, causing loss, suffering and even contributing to the downfall of innocent people. If your heart is not sincere in a marriage, a love union will not be experienced. If your heart and soul are not sincere in faith - your faith might be lip service.

The reason why people are experiencing a personal relationship with God now, is because their hearts are pure and their minds are in alignment to receive the truth. The truth can be harsh, better to learn from the truth than to endure with the lie.

In this time of great deception, there is also a great deal of human suffering taking place. If people do not understand The Authority over this earth and not able to discern people claiming to be messengers God, it is easy to be deceived. There are people being sold to be Crowned King with authority given by God, when they have not been. This explains the rising amount of people returning to the Faith and to Jesus Christ. This is not a time for arguing about different religions or trying to convert anyone.

God is not a religion. You can focus your mind and heart towards Him!

The people who have been sanctified by The Lord, are so they can be His Chosen instruments, whether this be for prayer, assist healing, to hear and transmit His Word and messages to people. All servants of God should be on the same page.

There are many lights on this world and the unity of lights are pointing people back to the source - not shining for self glorification. There are many people hearing the Word of God given by the Holy Spirit. Where there is truth, there will always be validation. The information being given to me is for various purposes - sometimes to share, sometimes for my own learning and awakening. Because there has been validation, this is being shared openly. Visions and dreams provide information to know.

The effort to silence the truth is to keep people in the dark.

Penny is not going to be silenced and she has the support of her husband David. With the name Penny, I thought of the Penny coin - the currency. And with David, King David. Promises were made to the people and these will not be prevented by man.

There are people who know the truth of what should be. This is not the time to keep silencing the truth. The Laws of God have been corrupted and as long as people remain spiritually blind, they can be spoon fed poison to their heart and mind. Look at what is being presented on television and influencing people. Do you listen to the lyrics of songs beyond tapping your feet and dancing to the melody. Poisoning our food and water is likely going to contribute to make people ill and also could shorten our life.

If you are not self aware, not interested to care that what you say or do that impacts other people; not even interested to be aware what you are consuming' not being selective to who and what you are listening to; what your eyes are seeing and even reading - how can you become spiritually enlightened? If you do not take care of your mind, body and soul....who will?

We live in a divided world of believers and people who are not.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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