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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 29 July 2013

UK Ligtning Floods on Royal Prince Birth Day

Some stunning images have been published by the Daily Mail on 22nd July 2013, the day Prince George was reported to be born. On this same day a meteor shower was also expected by the sky watchers. So a lot of heavenly activity.

Thunder and lightening was said to have started soon after Kate went into hospital.

As in other articles, when incidents happen that impact, roads and locations, they have meaning beyond for understanding. As this could be seen as a heavenly reaction, being from the sky, looking to the images presented will reveal insight.

Clicking on Googlemaps to identify the building illuminated with light in Swiss Cotttage, the road view has a warning message. 'Modified Service for Jubilee Line. Part Suspended - No service between Finchley Road and Waterloo while we fix a signal failure at St. John's Wood. Tickets will be accepted on London Buses via any reasonable route. Severe delays on the rest of the line."

Jubilee Line reminds of Jubilee Laws. These cannot be ignored.

With the signal failure at St. John's Wood, this is in the City of Westminster. Westminster brings to mind National Westminster Bank, The Royal Courts of Justice; the Houses of Parliament and House of Lords situated in Westminster Palace.

Switzerland is home of the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, at the Palace of the Nations. Having spoken at length on the telephone to officials in New York Head Office, I did not follow through to communicate with Geneva, or the European Court President as instructed. With British officials 'still' refusing to work for Justice, the system is in Breach of Human Rights Law.

Also in Lausanne in Switzerland is the Headquarters of the Olympic Committee. Through effort and dedication, the Olympic games has allowed people of all nations together together in peace and friendship. The Olympic Flame from Ancient Olympia in Greece travels the nations to arrive at the Olympic venue. This mysterious flame energy is known as the Flame of Harmony.

In Lausanne vicinity, someone with an almost perfect 'Star of David' in his natal chart, is also a Lawyer with an exceptional degree. Prince William has a given law degree and this does not carry any credibility. Evidently the Queen's family are not appointed by God to be crowned King's and the lightening strikes are a reminder to the God mockers in oath taking office too.

With St. John's Wood - Saint John, is identified in the Holy Scriptures the messages to the 7 churches in the Book of revelation. These Churches have their origins in Asia Minor - now Turkey. These ancient Churches still exist and yet the people are scattered. Saint John speaks to the Elect Lady and her children (the people) Kyria in Greek means most noble lady.

St. Johns Wood is in London England too. With lightening bolts in London, the Scriptural messages from Saint John are significant. The danger is in missing the truth to be enslaved, With the Patriarch of the Church of Thyatira now based in London, it is written from this Church a man is given the 'Crown of All Nations'. The Crown of this World Kingdom belongs to Jesus Christ.

With the bright light shining in Swiss cottage - this identifies a House connected with Switzerland is shining the golden light. Now this is the brightness that Christ revealed to be radiating from his body - Has He Set up His House in Switzerland?

Lightening strikes over Poole harbour in Dorset. This is a clear sign.

In Bolton, Greater Manchester, next to the A666, named St. Peter's Way is Dorset Street. Off this is 'Court Street' and from this 'Castle Street'. The road planners mapped out the estates - towns, cities and ports everywhere are named. With Dorset having the lightning bolt in England, this is also showing to be related to the Court (Law Court) and Royal Castle in Dorset.

Highcliffe Castle is located in Dorset built by Charles Stuart, 1st Baron Stuart de Rothesay. So no coincidence that Prince Charles also has the title and name Duke of Rothesay. Charles, he was crowned in an official Ceremony in a Castle in the ancient Kingdom of Wales back in 1969. He was given power and authority by his mother. This was not hidden - it was also televised.

In the wedding vow it is said "What therefore God has joined together, let no man asunder'" - In English society divorce is rife and families are divided by the courts with the help of lawyers and 'experts'. While the Royals know how important it is to have children in lawful marriage, they must seek the permission of the Queen. If not, as other royal houses have shown, succession is relinquished. Sorcery to bind two people to marriage would make this an unlawful union too. Sorcery might be used to prevent two people getting together, as there have been people who have placed curses on families too. The reason will be revealed.

Heanor in Derbyshire was reported with the 'second' house being struck by lightening and the roof destroyed. Could this relate to the crown that is placed on a head? The internal structure of the house is exposed. Looking to find out more,

Heanor used to be a major industrial town for textiles and mining. Today most textile manufacturing is taking place in developing countries with corporate owners preferring to pay someone £1 an hour. Unfortunately such greed is revealed in this sytem the savings made is not passed on to the people. Marks &n Spencers is a multibillion corporation.

As for mining, from a health perspective, closing pits created mass unemployment, when healthy alternatives could have been created and the opportunity for men to use their skills in healthy ways. Today people use smokeless fuel, gas and electicity, this government made decision, then the government controlled corporations are able to manipulate the cost and tie people to contracts. There are several layers of profit in these resources. The lightning highlights that there is 'electric energy from above'.

The other day I was told at one time Queen Victoria had in her possession 3/4 of the world. How did this happen? People speak about the falling of the British Empire. George VI was the last Emperor of India, and first Head of the Commonwealth. The title Emperor implies being the Head over an Empire. Queen Elizabeth II wore the Imperial State Crown at the end of her coronation. If we are to examine the laws in relation to Treason succession to the Imperial Crown is identified. With people saying the Crown is stolen and a few people claiming the Crown as theirs - Not one person has mentioned that the Crown wearer is chosen by God.

A large number of wind turbines have been placed on crown land - profiting also the corporation owner/shareholders. Also now people are being offered solar panels sold as free electricity and yet they are being asked to 'enter into a contract' to pay the government for 20 years. If you research Nikola Tesla, another Orthodox Christian - His intention was for Free Energy.

Taking this into consideration this might be showing the 'crown' over these lands has been removed. Reading the description of the incident 'firefighers said lightning appeared to bounce off a house on the other side of the street and hit the roof space of the affected property' - so we are shown, that more than one family (house) is connected on this landed estate. We are being shown with the elements and places what might well be happening behind closed doors. Keep an open mind.

Cavendish Press have published a distinctively identified Copyright image - this is not the first time they publish a significant image that has captured my attention. Matrixphotos is another revealing insightful pictures too.

This photograph is from the Church facebook page to show the broken tower.

'The spire of St Andrew's Church in Ramsbottom, near Bury, Greater Manchester, was struck during thunderstorms today, causing pieces to come crashing through the roof' - Not too far away from where I am living. As it happens Kate Middleton was Christened in Saint Andrews Church, Went to Saint Andrews School, then Saint Andrew's University, then was pictured, after her and Williams crowning ceremony in a church in the Solomon Islands, wearing McQueen Scottish Tartan on St. Andrews day at her school 'playing a game' of hockey the day before being taken to hospital with morning sickness, when nurse reportedly committed suicide. Many people doubt this!

On facebook there are other photographs - Above a hole has been made inviting us to look what is inside this church. Why has this church been hit by lightning. Remembering insight in an earlier article about the Tabernacle Temple in Provo, Utah that was completely destroyed inside by fire, with the survival of a painting of Jesus Christ, even though the frame and outside was burnt, the image of him was clearly seen in tact. That night Jesus during prayer revealed himself with his arms outstretched to me.

Perhaps this image is what we are meant to discover. Make of this what you will. Evidently, while good intentions are taking place within Church establishments in England, many people have lost the focus and people believe they need to convert religion, when if anything everyone is given the opportunity to convert their heart and return to Christ.

St. Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland was Bishop of Constantinople. Naturally Hagia Sophia in Istambul (Constantinople) is of interest to Kate, however Imperial ceremonies are blocked 'by law', so she cannot be crowned Empress there! This was a Geek Orthodox Cathedral and there are justified concerns of deception being used in relation to obtaining the Crown.

In anther picture, a house in Wakefield in Yorkshire has been left gutted. The House of York, includes the Duke and Duchess of York even though divorced. Their girls Beatrice and Eugiene are styled HRH Princess. Laws have been made to ensure that the first born child of a sovereign is born Prince and the Yorks girls are styled Princess too. Blunders have been made the Duke and Duchess of York (and no one is perfect) yet the Queen stripped Diana of her HRH status. If the Monarch is removed, or when the throne is overturned, as the bible states will happen, this family will lose their superior HRH status titles too. Andrew would certainly be gutted by this!

So are we being shown what is happening behind the scenes through this?

This photograph shows the ground and first floor are black inside. On the rooftop, an addition of a room has been expanded, as seen in dorma bungalows. White is symbolic of purity and on the roof, we are shown in this image, this might indicate the Crown for the House of York. Remembering the Queen's birthday when Kate Middleton attended a scouts presentation in Windsor, the band in the background were playing 'New York, New York' - leading people to become aware of the Birth of a Queen of New York.

The Archbishop of York crowned Emperor Constantine from Constantinople. A Bishop who looked remarkably similar was leading a service that William and Kate were both seen pictured wearing floral crowns. These floral crowns are connected with Saints and the Spiritual Crown - not done by deception. Evidently, with the Baby being named Alexander (as Alexander the Great) being Pharaoh of Egypt and King/Lord of Asia this information has been shown based on the details and visual evidence given and brought to my attention.

Art can be inspired work. A woman is sitting at the table of 13 wearing Royal blue, while in the background, a woman is standing pointing a finger. Is an uncrowned bishop next to her? It might also be that this church needs to address the way they are sharing God's love - Using 'puppets' to promote God's Love. Do puppets run the church? History has already presented that Jesus Christ was betrayed and he already knew who by. The one person who was not given the spiritual crown made his choice.

Katy Perry, given Elizabeth as a middle name, like Kate Middleton, wore a Byzantine inspired Dolce & Gabbana dress with a cathedral crown on her head for the Metropolitan Ball in New York. In Greek, Metropolitain means Mother City. The big gold cross earings are seen as symbolic to show that the Words of Christ can be physically heard by the wearer. There is more than one crown and more than one person being divinely guided 'In truth' by Christ. Katy Perry also might be Royal Princess by Right. When the Monarch approved a law that if Kate Middleton, born 'a commoner' (urgh) has a baby it will be Princess, She set the standard for the Matrilineal DNA to be applied Globally. Pope Benedict XVI officially recognised Byzantine Greek lineage before he resigned.

The apocalypse, means lifting the veil and seeing clearly. It is time to wake up.

The Holy Scriptures clearly say in writing " For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open." Luke 8:17

This lightning bolt is over the land area and not the water. So what is going on in Bournemouth. Well as we have known in England floods, perhaps the system that is operated by officials who claim to be above the law, did not understand natural law. This time, the message is being more revealing. So taking a look at Bournemouth we will discover a relevant truth to know.

The Bournemouth international Centre is located here. A primary venue for conferences, exhibitions, events and entertainment - planning and being named is deliberate for the Monarch. With the Queen being Duke of Normandy and England, connecting France with the Channel Tunnel - England is connected physically to other lands. The Water (as Queen of the Seas) connects the lands globally. Again Bournemouth is in Dorset and the Castle, Courts and Law have been shown to be connected by actual physical landmarks In Bolton.

The arrow points on Dorset Street. Notice the connecting Court Street to Castle Street. Also the Yellow roads, on one side St, Peters way has been named with the reputation after so many people have been killed on the A666. On the other side of the bridge a little down the road is St. Peter's Parish Church. Bradford street can also be seen in Yellow. Bradford is in Yorkshire too.

Also Bury New Road can be seen - there is also Bury Old Road. In Bolton a school has been named Saint Catherine's and with Kate Middleton signing her name Catherine, being depicted in a painting with a halo, is she truly a Saint? With Kate being photographed with clasped hands as if in prayer for people to win games, how sincere is her prayer? Where is her heart truly focused?

Charles when he married Camilla, both had to face the world say they have sinned and they both know that God is their Judge on their actions, choices and what is happening now behind the scenes too. Sinners have the opportunity to mend the error of their ways.However there are some things that are not forgivable. The Judgement of this is held by the authority of God alone.

Another image over Dorset, shows us that this is concerning the land especially. With the International Centre based in Dorset, then the International Court is being identified too. The ETHICAL International court must clean up the system.

There are two photographs with this dramatic scene showing lightning bolts over Leicester and the Trees being visible, is a reminder of the family trees. Locally and around the country, masses trees have been cut down, coinciding with the Diamond Jubilee. New pathways have also been laid. So what is in Leicester? Looking - The National Space Center is situated here!

While the National Space Center is 'devoted' to Space Science and Astronomy, masses of athiest's reject the laws that govern this universe. There are athiests who opt out of being accountable, responsible and conscientious. This still does not change that all people will have to learn their lessons. No one is exempt from Accountability, especially oath taking 'officials'.

Still on the day of the birth of Prince George, this scene captured an intense light and could be easily seen as heavenly light. Looking at Googlemaps, this seems above St. John Church compounding his messages to the 7 churches in the Holy Scriptures.

Notice in the London Eye the colour Spiritual purple is seen (spiritual eye) also 'hearing Protractor' - a tool for measuring degrees and angles. The true spiritual path is very narrow and while we make mistakes, these provide learning. Degrees also are connected with Freemasons. The Mystery of number 33 is 'also' connected with the Holy Light of Jerusalem. The Church of John has columns that were typical in the early Greek Roman Church and so we are shown this is connected by visual evidence.

The London eye shining the colours Red, White and Blue was said to mark the Crowned Royal Birth Day. The government prepared if Kate had a girl she would be born a Princess. St. John spoke about about a Lady/Eyria too. Elect indicates she is chosen. During the Queen's 60th Diamond Jubilee Party the Union flag was shining on Buckingham Palace when fireworks (sounding like a war and guns) then changed what looked like the reverse of a French Flag. Did the organizers acknowledge the Law of Return in this Jubilee?

Next to the London Eye is Jubilee Gardens. Along the embankment Bertie Spain Gardens are situated. Bertie was the name used by the family for Queen Victoria's eldest son. With Juan Carlos being King of Spain and Jerusalem, and Prince Phillip being given an important building after both he and Charles was after this for some years. Is there peace in Holy Land?

Bridges have been built that unite lands and people. They are open and visible. The golden light is shining and this could be named the Golden Bridge. The bottom line is, not everything that is taking place in relation to lands and people is negotiated or out in the open. Everyone has the right to know the truth of what the government and crowned head/s monarch are up to.

The Queen holds the title Lord of Man as given to the Monarch of the Isle of Man. Salford means Sea Lord. Here Greek Orthodox Church and Jewish community - the Old and New Testament holders in the original language worshiping God are side by side. This replicates the Holy Scriptures, that are placed side by side. Moses Prepared the way for the people to be ready for Christ.

In Salford, Bristol Street leads onto Leicester Road, near 'The Sash Project' - Royals from international houses wear sashes. Yesterday I was guided to look at Old Hall Road in Salford 7 for a reason. At the end of this road is a vast residential accommodation for ex servicemen. How many people must die before their is peace in our world. War is not the way to peace.

The Old Laws were Spiritual Laws given to people to live by. A Hall was the residence of the Magistrate. Halls of Residence for student accommodation might mask the meaning, the truth still comes to light for nothing is hidden completely.

'Castle Irwell' is named student accommodation. Irwell Valley stretches from north Rossendale, to Salford and Manchester. In the heart of this area is Bolton, where Castle Hill school was named - now Castle Hill UCAN Centre. Lord Leverhulme, built a castle in Bolton and bought an Island in the Highlands with a Castle too. He bought the House of Lancaster that is next to St. James Palace and close to Buckingham Palace. This is used by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office now. The House of Lancaster and Commonwealth are connected and this is why the Queen holds the title Duke of Lancaster. The lineage of the Plantagenets in France.

More floods took place in England too - Worcestershire above. Royal Worcester are a porcelain company who have also issued the memorabilia of William and Kate - Floods have been seen to be washing the ruling influences of the land.

Also in Solihull- 9 miles outside Birmingham. In typing castle to the search engine, I discovered Castle Children's centre, with other contact details in Kingswood and Yorkhurst. King and York is revealed here in this castle land, with flooded roads in North Yorkshire too. A white Audi Quatro is pictured traveling along this road with the water being sprayed. Audi is a German car.

The House of Lancaster and House of York are cadet branches of the House of Windsor.

The management office is Jensen House on Auckland drive. Auckland is in Australia. The name Jensen is a popular name for Dutch people and while told it is a 'common name' evidently a significant name. It is in Holland that a man was inspired (guided) to build the Replica Noah's Ark according to the Holy Scriptures. This is connecting the dots with Biblical and physical evidence. At the time of discovering this, I was given the impression that God was showing the law makers that He establishes HIS Law in His Way.

Selling to Turkey the Ark Royal - is it really to be dismantled and made into razor blades? The gesture to return the Ark Royal to Izmir was a sign that relates to the ARK of the Covenant that holds the Ten Commandments with the Mercy Seat on top. Before Baby George was born, God gave me a vision a grown sheep (not a baby lamb) was sitting on the mercy seat. On the right hand Jesus Christ and on the other another man, where cherubins are usually depicted. There was no blood sacrifice. Another vision that relates too.

So the floods being again in England really are to be understood now.

What about this, a Mini submerged in a ford in the Midlands?

Same scene where a man in another photograph is seen approaching the vehicle, where the report say a woman was rescued from the car. She is not depicted in these images. However, the white van, reminded me of back with April Jones went missing in Wales and a white van was stopped, initially when the police said she had been seen getting in to a light coloured vehicle. A man with a dark 4 X4 was arrested and convicted or murder. The media then did not say that Mark Butcher's father was a personal bodyguard of the Queen.

What was really strange someone, an oath taker insisted the man was named Mark Thatcher (and I took this as his error) however the Prime Minister of the Queen, Margaret Thatcher had a son named Mark. His moving to South Africa - why was he really there? Then reading the Independent report that he earned £12 million in arms dealing that was 'signed' by his mother. Article below.

Here Cambridge is flooded again and perhaps, when we start to examine what has been happening, in a time when after lands have been conquested in history, and wars happening today. People have been taken away from the true Christianity, monarchs having Christians take up arms to go for fight in their bloody wars when if they were divinely appointed there would not be wars.

The report has said that throughout UK the railway services were disrupted.

A while back I had a dream with Michelle Obama and we were standing on a road together with dried compressed horse manure with manholes. The road was in Croydon, Surrey and I could see in the distance the house where the midwife who brought me into this world lived. On Latimer Road Croydon, in this house my mother also died. Woke up thinking of railway lines.

Days later walking along a Bridal pathway, manholes were seen of new gas pipes laid down. Once a railway track the Queen traveled along seen by her waving subjects, decisions were made for change of use. Was the laying or a new railway line, a new corporate opportunity - taking into consideration improvements too. A tremendous amount of revenue ia generated by roads and trains, also flying - however, it is the man made laws, layers of taxes, fines and penalties the poor people are made to pay.

There are two Royal Duchy's in England - Lancaster and Cornwall.

The Queen is the Custodian of the Crown of David. Jesus Christ is born from a Mother who is from the House of David - she was born from the lineage of Nathan a prophet. This is how the Priest King line has been identified. Do not harm God's anointed ones!

Discovering that the people are revolting against the Queen because the Duchy has claimed the common land in North Yorkshire. It is on this land that people are being charged with the transportation of water (clever) and remembering the Queen mentioning the Water Industry in her last opening of parliament speech. Our tap water tastes vile we have to buy bottled water and that is the intention after all an unknown amount of profit is being made from this too. Deliberately poisoning people is diabolical.

In the Queen's 60th Jubilee, William used the media to invite people to give their land to be protected by the monarch, with a contract. Contract law stands, however the British law court are in Breach of Contract with me personally and refuse to work for justice. As William has a given law degree, the establishment of a New Private Corporation and Prisons does not change the truth. Since this, the media have announced that William will be Shepharding the Monarchy and will succeed his father in being the President of Field's held in trust. There are vast landed estates with palaces that are held in trust. Does this apply?

The majority of British people love the Queen - Only She was Crowned. Whatever she does, even if she makes mistakes, still there is a far higher influence and power that rules over all of us. She knows. Members of her family might not KNOW!

Promises were made by God that he will never flood the world as he did in the time of Noah. Today it is not the fault entirely of the people as to why people have lost their way and lack faith. The heads of religions particularly Monarchs in England have prevented anyone affixing new understanding on the Scriptures. An unknown amount of divinely guided prophets have been murdered. Successors to Muhammad said he is the last messenger of God - Really? God did not stop communicating with people 1600 years ago?

In closing, earlier in the year I learned of someone who was placing his understanding of the already written teachings of Christ to share this as truth. This man was struck down by lightning. He was killed. I do not know how many people were killed in the above, however there has been a reminder to everyone or a power over this earth that people are entitled to know!

The Queen and her family DO NOT rule over Christ and God Almighty!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended.

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