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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Vision Hidden Menorah - Validated Found

Being a bit slow to write articles - Just wanted to share here about a vision of a Menorah that was shown to me. What I was seeing was 'as if on a wall' in other words it was upright.

The 7 branch menorah was on what looked like a gold sandstone colour. The legs at the bottom were curved. Around the menorah were like energy lines, to show that the menorah was giving off spiritual energy. Also appeared was a big X - in Greek means Chi sounding like Hi.

Christos is the name of Christ in Greek meaning anointed one.

Photo: Ouria Tadmor)

The following day, reading the news, an article was written that a large gold menorah had been found in Israel. I was so happy because this is validated - knowing that the 7 branch menorah is connected to 7 tribes and the 7 ancient churches. This had been found in a Byzantine ruin along with a number of gold coins. There were other treasures found in this haul too.

Photo: Ouria Tadmor)

The discovery of this took place just after the Jewish New year and the feast of the trumpets. So for the menorah to feature a shofar and torah scroll is important. However trumpets sound from heaven and people have been hearing around the world strange sounds around the world.

'Given the date of the items and the manner in which they were found, Dr. Mazar estimates they were abandoned in the context of the Persian conquest of Jerusalem in 614 CE.' Photo: Ouria Tadmor)

Just discovering now a video published on 7 Sep 2013, A menorah was burned in 'Kensington' Brooklyn. This took place on the eve of Rosh Hashanah - deeply upsetting for the Jewish people.

Kensington is also in London, England. With British royal family members living in Kensington Palace. The connection to Brooklyn with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, with Chelsea being named in New York too. Just the other day I was thinking of Bill and Hilary naming their daughter Chelsea and whether deliberately in relation to the lands or not, this is meant to be.

Second menorah found vandalized in less than a week in Nassau County. Published on 4 Dec 2012 (my mothers birthday) The incident happened the day Kate Middleton went to hospital with reportedly chronic sickness on. (12/03/12) The incident happened in Salisbury.

In England, Salisbury Cathedral holds one of the copies of the Magna Carta. As county, towns and cities are named elsewhere too, Salisbury is in Maryland, United States.

So to be given a vision of a menorah and then for a gold menorah to be found in Jerusalem, to me, means this is a way that God is showing the Jewish people and all the Israelites that He brings His truth in His way and in His time. He is not manipulated by man and deceptive plans.

The way shown with the menorah in my vision, with curved legs, reminded me of the Holy Scripture of beating swords into ploughshares. The shape was of a downturned trident and this in itself, can be seen to show that on this land 'Israel' and in this place is where God's Promise is to be established as it has been in history for the people. Here found is the Holy Light of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem, like Paris is set in Quarters. The Jewish, Christian, Muslims and Armenian Quarter. As the colour is gold, we are shown also the four crosses are depicted in the Jerusalem Cross which is gold too. Throughout history people have been divinely guided to bring the truth to people, however this is to show in this find, again, that the connection is with the Jewish people.

In the beginning God said, let there be light....

Notice the menorah is shaped like a tree. Tree of Life.

Unless we have our focus on God, it is easy to be distracted by man. It is unknown if people know what this is really symbolic of - the medalion or how old it is. While the coins were dated at a certain time, it could be the medalion was an heirloom that was passed on.

What is certain we know it is connected with the Torah and also the Shofar - the sounding of this is in a time. Just remembering the High Priestess Tarot card.

The location where the medalion and treasure was found.

'Found with the coins were a pair of large gold earrings, a gold-plated silver hexagonal prism and a silver ingot. Remnants of fabric indicated that these items were once packaged in a cloth purse similar to the bundle that contained the menorah medallion.' - the hexagonal prism is not known if has writing on when at one time these have documented important information.

Jewish people are used to miracles from the ancient times, however this is Providence. Divine timing of everything is not always appreciated by everyone. I believe this discovery was made in Jerusalem where there are likely to be found ethical officials who will do right by the people. Also this discovery might have been discovered there to prevent people ruling by deception.

With King David's tomb being at Mount Zion and here also is the place of the Last Supper of Jesus Christ - the two are connected. The two are blood relations. And as King David's throne has been promised to be an eternal throne this is with Christ ruling over the Kingdom.

What also came to mind after I had the vision was Iran and in some way this being connected with the menorah too. The validation was give in discovering a menorah on an Iranian coin.

While humanity is one family - since the time of Moses people from different tribes have also intermarried. History has known Moses and the prophets being given the law. When there are divisions in understanding and conflict this does hinder progress. When we are lacking spiritual understanding this is because we have forgotten as the human race to recognise the signs.

Where there i,7340,L-4427521,00.htmls truth there is always validation.

The light for the nations comes from the heavens. The light within our being can never be completely extinquished. The video in relation to the broken menorah, also shows a Christmas tree side by side. The name might be different - Christ is who he is and never changes.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Vision - One of Many Crown Visions Validated

A few weeks ago I was given a vision of a crown that was hidden somewhere. It was a gold ornate band inside what appeared to be a darkened room. This could have been symbolic to show that it had been deliberately hidden or that it is somewhere in storage to be found.

Looking all over on the internet to find the crown - no success. Then a couple of weeks ago looking at BBCiplayer being distracted - I discovered Atlantis series is being shown.

One name, Hercules was a gambler. Hercules is a name in my Greek grandfather's family. The King of Atlantis was wearing 'this crown' that had me wondering if the crown in my vision is connected to Atlantis. People are talking more of Stargate now and also the Lost City of Atlantis.

One time my grandmother spoke of a 'large diamond' that went missing (and gold coins too). She said my grandfather and his uncle 'Heracles' owned a diamond mine together. This was 'sold?' to pay his uncle's gambling debt. My grandparents had integrity and were honorable; my mother too.

Greek people who have descended from these bloodlines are not commoners. In England being told by lawyers that I am 'a nothing and nobody' who will never get justice, was said in the name of who is sitting on the throne. The Queen is obliged to serve Justice and not withhold it.

Hercules is a name of Byzantine Emperors. Demetrius, my grandfather's name is of Kings. This is an example to show the finest of detail that we who are born in families that have been leaders and wisdom teachers in history, are meant to be born in these families. The wisdom teachers in history were writers. The holy prophets were delivering the truth as they were called to do.

Athena my mother, had the name of the Goddess of Wisdom Athena, whom Athens (Greek Athena) is named after. Eleftheria (meaning Freedom and Liberty) is her sister's name. Statues of Liberty - Lady Liberty, in France and America show the lands are joined in friendship and peace. Lady Liberty is holding as a stone tablet - a reminder of The Law given to the people of America.

In learning a replica Parthenon (Acropolis) in Nashville is built, the large Athena Statue holding Nike inside 'got to me'. Suddenly, being put in a position to connect the dots was not a choice - this does not pay me either. It became a necessity to write, with a focus for peace in our world - to end the wars, then I hope this can happen to allow healing of people in the nations too.

The word acropolis means in Greek "upper city,"

Quoting what the author of the website has written 'The famous statue of Prometheus outside the Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Both Prometheus and his divine helper Minerva are revered by the Order of the Illuminati. The Rockefellers could not be making their secret society allegiance more obvious. Like their masters they too are adept at symbolic communication. The fountain over which the figure of Prometheus stands is significant because Minerva was associated with the healing power of water. The word "mineral" may derive from her name.'

The ring pictured here is like the crown shown in my vision in proportion of height. Also the crown in my vision had an ornate design that could be seen, although not clear.

On the photograph, the crown appears to have a protruding flower (it might not be) yet 'a rose' came to mind. When Jesus Christ appeared to a four year old child in September, he said 'two women were with him - Both named Mary'. The child had no idea who Jesus Christ was who introduced him and Jesus said he Knew me. He also said 'Jesus showed him a baby girl in his hands'.

He said Mary was wearing a crown and drew this 'with spikes on' and a 'silver' rose on her forehead. The following day another child asked if she could share her dream of Jesus the week before. He was carrying his cross being led by two roman soldiers in front and four behind. She said Mary Magdalene wearing a wedding dress and church bells were ringing. Was the wedding prevented?

History has known the cruelest of injustice and many wrongs.

The Pope is the bestower of gold roses. Emiritus Pope Benedict XVI has bestowed a number of gold roses to different churches. From heaven Christ is knowing what is going on and it is his desire for people to know him. People around our world have been waiting for his return.

Trying to understand more about the crown shown to me.

'In Greek mythology, Prometheus was a member of the earliest race of gods called Titans. The god Zeus plotted to destroy humanity by depriving the earth of fire.Prometheus, who had fashioned man out of clay, saved humanity by teaching man how to use fire. Thus, Prometheus became a champion of humanity and the first "sculptor" of man.'

Three hundred similar small sculptures have now been made (see link below). 'Manship's Prometheus is seen as he descends from Mount Olympus, encircled by the ring of the zodiac.'

This 'ring' is 'evidently connected with the heavens.

Wikipedia writes 'The immortal Prometheus was bound to a rock, where each day an eagle, the emblem of Zeus, was sent to feed on his liver, which would then grow back to be eaten again the next day. (In ancient Greece, the liver was thought to be the seat of human emotions.) In some stories, Prometheus is freed at last by the hero Heracles'

Here the Prometheus statue is being guilded outside the Rockefeller Center. Notice the yellow - this is a colour children are painting as the sun. And yet, if you look to the sun, it appears whitest of white. Yellow is connected with Christ - having 'seen' this personally now

Sharing this not only out of interest, the sculpture has zodiac symbols and ornate detail. This is for a reason and this is to remember - what exists is for a reason. Look beyond what you can see. As human beings we have layers of our being. This sculpture has hidden meaning too.

Someone has brought together Prometheus, the Statue of Liberty with her crown 'of thorns' holding the flame of light, also the statue of Prometheus to show that they are all connected.

So the four year old child showed me that the crown of 'spikes' (his word), was on Mary's head. He said Mary has brown eyes. Notice the crown with spikes on the Statue of Liberty.

On Tuesday 4 June 2013, a sunny day in Bolton and I decided to go for a walk in Queen's Park. This day was the 60th Anniversary coronation ceremony of Queen Elizabeth II. Archbishop of Canterbury spoke of her being anointed by oil and Chosen by God. Prayers follow after hymns.

Anyone Chosen by God as Queen is to bring people to God; not pitch and divine people. Jesus Christ is not for one people and not for another. He knows who are his sincere servants and who are not. Since this ceremony, Justin Welby spoke of baby George one day being King with international media now sharing this message. Care must be taken to Let Jesus Christ make His Choices.

It we consider that Prometheus is shown to be connected with Minerva, the ring has been shown that could well be a crown that was shown in my vision. The people who are divinely guided by God Almighty are also cautious of what they say is going to happen in the future, because only God knows his plans and people divinely guided by God are to follow the instruction they are being given.

This crown is in the same shape as a halo and shown near water. Spiritual waters - Wisdom flows from the heavens. The water on the ground is showing wisdom from the earth. A gold crown would indicate being divinely guided by angels of God, whereas a silver or white gold crown, is not lesser value. The Crown of the Holy Spirit is in union and communication with God.

'Minerva is displayed on the Medal of Honor. The Medal of Honor is the highest military decoration awarded by the United States government.' - Living in UK, did not know this.

In the Lost Symbol, the book writes of several landmarks including the Library of Congress, In this building there are apparently a few statues of Minerva. What has been shown as evidence, on the stairway a mosaic of the Minerva of Peace holding a scroll 'instruction from heaven'.

As God works, in America, people who know Hebrew have corrected the errors from the 'Old King James Bible' - Notice how in America, it was where the Angel appeared to Joseph Smith too. Now, America has united with Israel with a microchip implanted in an ancient 2000 year old rock from Jerusalem with the Declarations of Independence. (The article appeared the day after having a dream of a microchip in my shoulder - to show that it was important to write about this happening)

'Minerva and the Law - As the patron of justice, judges, and lawmakers, Minerva closely resembles the Egyptian goddess Ma'at.' 'An image showing Minerva dictating the American Constitution' - The most valuable document in America and yet how many Americans actually read it?

Sometime Minerva is known as and connected with Athena. The owl that is seen is the owl of wisdom also the owl is with the ability to look in different directions, and with night vision. In a practical aspect, dreams when sleeping also bring understanding - 24/7 serving God.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Update - Mermaids New Evidence HDTV

Very recently I was guided to write about Mermaids, thinking that perhaps there is an element of truth to this. As a young girl, I had the impression this could be possible, not sure how. We did not have television in our home until the 1970's. It did not seem to be important then.

A few years ago, I met someone with webbed toes from 'Brazil'. Not knowing if other people in the family had this, however this opened my eyes and mind to realise other people have webbed fingers and toes too. This could be an indication of a genetic trait - the fish people.

The expression something 'fishy is going on' comes with realisation and awakening. Suspecting and discovering comes with willingness to explore and not to dismiss intuitive guide either.

The story of 'My Little Mermaid', is of a young mermaid girl being transformed so she could live on planet earth and marry her Prince. This explains Royal Princess and Queen of the Seas.

Yesterday I found this video...and as with everything that is truth there will be evidence. Watching the video there is evidence of mermaids, one having a skull with what appears to be a band over, much like seen in the Imperial Crown of Russia. Right at the very top people know the truth.

Also, in the video is categorical denial of mermaids - perhaps out of ignorance. Perhaps because there is a truth that people would rather stay hidden. This would explain the My Little Mermaid story being retold over and over and one of the most widely known children's stories to millions of people today. The fairytales we are told, perhaps and most likely, had some truth to them.

The fire seen in the video to burn down the evidence of the museum - unknown if this is an act of arson or people playing with elements. The fire was meant to be or it would not have happened. And the fire, captures our attention - what was in there that people were not meant to know.

In the documentary Dr. Paul Robertson states 'This is unbelievably similar to the remains that we found."

The time to show this to the world was in July 1865 "when the civil war had ended the entire country was ready to move on and P.T. Barnham was ready to move on with the grand unveiling of his real mermaid" (this was 20 years after the Fiji mermaid so in a way you could say this was the first blockbuster sequel in American history, right?) Oh absolutely!

P.T. Barnham was planing a 19th century equivilent of Woodstock. He was planning to bring back CHANG AND ENG these are the World Famous Siamese Twins, They had not been seen for over 25 years - he brought them out of retirement.'

Trying to find who is Eng (England) Now found it. (In Jewish Gematria Eng equates to Mahdi - meaning guided one) The Monarchy of Thailand is referred to as King of Thailand or historically as 'King of Siam'. Movies 'Anna and the King of Siam' also 'The King and I' - have a reason.

"This is General Tom Thumb he measured 23 inches." (There is a fable about Tom Thumb and so here in the proof. The man/men who preserved the truth want it to be known globally)

The event never got off the ground - "two days before the show was about to start on Saturday, July 15th 1865, two days before on July 13th 1965 a terrible fire broke out at the museum - burned it to the ground. It was one of the worse fires in New York history"

'A collection of Real photographs' is been brought to the global attention of Barnham's Real Mermaid - detail shown clearly on the video. To focus on the face and head is also seen here.

Dr. Paul Robertson expresses his truth "Wow, wow wow...It is The Crest." - (The bridge 'Crest' is recognised, recreated in a new Replica Great Imperial Crown of Russia)

The photograph reflection reminds people 'as above so below'.

This is a snippet of the main video 3:38 long that shows again the webbed hands. Notice also the 'writing on the wall' - it looks to be really old. It also gives a sign, with evidence that the truth about this has been known and written down since the ancient times too.

There are people who are silenced - who will not be. There are also people who want to be 100% sure and ethical experts will, whether public figures or not, known or not - keep examining the evidence and continue with fact finding....much like my own process - keeping an open mind. If I am reject the possibility of a truth, the danger, is that I might believe a lie - creating illusion.

Greenland Sea is identified on March 6th 2013.

Dr. Paul Robertson is asking on camera to keep looking at the detail, with having also done his own prior research and discovery with evidence. Detail takes finest tuned eyes and mind. Evidence speaks volumes and truth comes with the evidence that supports truth - especially in these matters.

Dr. Paul Roberson was asked if this was the same creature as found in 'South Africa' - "the body recovered was incomplete, but based on the remains that were taken from us it looks like the same species"

South Africa is where Elizabeth Port is named - With Queen Elizabeth carrying the Star of Africa diamond in her sceptre, this is certainly interesting to connect with validation. There are also Queen ships named - so this is also not by accident. Names give validation.

Dr. Torsten Schmidt was asked about what he saw "Well I looked at is and I just knew I was looking at the face of another intelligence, another species, like us."

This footage was not shown to the Icelandic authorities. A threat was given if pursuing this with legal action - evidently authorities wanted to keep this hidden and silenced too. Because Dr. Schmidt is Danish and Greenland is a part of Denmark - this was taken to the Danish authorities.

In response to this evident, the New Danish government announced a complete ban on oil drilling and exploration - perhaps to preserve the life that is evidently under the seas.

Greenland is named King Christian Land and King Frederik VIII Land. As names are passed on through the family, the internet allows also easy search for issue and who is who.

With the truth not being silenced; in some way it is getting louder. So, this time, Israel is not silencing the truth and unlikely to be silenced either. This is means to be.

In the first video, there an offer of $1 million for evidence of mermaids - that should get people talking and looking for evidence. There is also evidence shown now (although I am making no claim for the $ 1 million), My sharing this time is being guided to find this and realise there is a connection; also to promote the opening of minds of people so that they also seek the truth.

"Greenland Nature Reserve is the largest natural park in the world and also a coastal preserve is for marine mammals and I think because our footage was taken near that area, then er, was a lot of concern about the disturbances to this habitat and what that may affect animals there." Dr. Schmidt.

There is a reason for everything and nothing is by accident. As there are people working hard to bury truths and change the laws, against God's divine plan, there are people who are working deliberately and knowingly, also people who are instruments unknowingly bringing the truth to people.

There is as with the Danish Royal family the continuation of names being passed down from generation to generation. The same is happening with the British Royal family, who also have land makes named after them. Prince Phillip is Danish and so therefore his family are Danish descent too.

The Mermaid is being made known to the world now.

Minerva is connected to water and healing....

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Monday, 28 October 2013

Diana- Photo Alma Tunnel, Paris & Evidence

This video contains some information that has been reported, indicating cover ups. Before anyone blames France and what happened in Paris, with the relationship between Dodi and Diana denied in UK, you can be sure also that cover ups have taken place here too.

What happened was tragic. The reason it happened has far bigger implications than just what happened when this crash took place. Where it happened, the land map is very revealing too.

The story will not go away because people are not meant to forget and allow the people who want to bury the truth, to do so. Compare stories with the two videos about the driver of the Fiat Uno. Above - The photographer had been on missions before where the person died shortly afterwards.

Reports in headlines might not be true. Speak to celebrities and even listen to their speaking out to say, this as being confirmed. Newspapers sell and propaganda spin is rife.

"Is it possible that the driver of the white Fiat Uno was a white British agent?" There are detective minds who are still to this day searching for the truth. Today people are now speaking out. Today people are being forced to look at the truth - not the illusion .

"Princess Diana expressed fear of British Secret Service Operatives working for MI5 and MI6. Was this fear finally and irrevocably proven correct?"

"Is there something the British and French authorities are not telling us?" These are reasonable questions to ask?

If is not normal to ignore the truth - when something is not right. The numbness I felt when my mother became paralysed from the neck downwards was shock. Then to come to terms with this the deep pain that I felt, my focus was on helping her and helping other people. There comes a time, when we have to ask 'why did this happen?'. The Royals know Nothing is Just an Accident.

It is absolutely forbidden to take a life of another human being. All the people in armies - those soldiers are following orders. They have taken an oath of obedience. To who. Who is the person right at the top pulling the strings. Who is turning people against each other?

There are people who believe that they are above the law who have not been granted this by God. Not everyone serves God. When Charles was crowned Prince, in the Kingdom of Wales, he did not take an oath to God and his time then until now, has allowed him to consider this carefully.

If you examine this video carefully, notice the ease of the four officers carrying out the coffin from the building, yet it took eight officers who were carrying an evidently weighted coffin from the car and loading this into the aeroplane. (There are people who think she is still alive and if this was miraculously so, that would be complicated. Diana still retained all her titles)

If I recall, Charles traveled to Paris with officials who were authorised to do the embalming. Her sisters are also seen there. The confusion I have with this, is Diana appearing in my dream 'as if alive and talking together, and her says she is FREE NOW' God knows everything.

The only person/s who are above the law courts on earth are people who serve the Divine Court 'in heaven' who serve God knowingly. This is directly and not through an intercessor. This comes with far greater penalty in punishment for erring in life - few people could stand.

'The Real Reason Why Princess Diana Was Assassinated'. Ex MI Agent Testifies. Annie Machon might sound jolly as she is speaking out - she is bold in speaking the truth. And she is an example to all who want to speak out - keeping the silence is allowing the lies to continue.

Diana was making it very clear her life was in danger.

And in the highest court in the land, to the civil court, everyone who sits in a position of Justice, should be as keen as I am and all the people who have done extensive research to gather THE FACTS of a case and bring this forward - not silence the truth. The gathering of evidence if not heard and the guilty tried in the law courts on earth will surely be judged from the heavens.

One day Justices will be asked Why did you not serve Justice? And all the reasons they do not is why you are going to see the return to the Holy Law again 'in context' eventually.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

James Hewitt - His Side of the Story of Diana

Never hearing James Hewitt speak about his side of the story of his relationship with Princess Diana, listening, thought I would share here too. With the cover ups that take place, the footage shows a time also when Prince Charles and Diana kept a brave front in the public eye.

This is an example to show that all we see is not truth. It is also likely that accuracy of dates might be different, however, under the 'pressure' James was facing, at best he is to speak as openly here and validate, as Diana did that they were both in love with each other.

People have said outright that Prince Harry is James son. Because official DNA has not been released to show this, unless anyone knows the facts it is purely speculation. To my recollection a DNA test was done and Diana said it was as it should be, whatever this means.

Recently hearing a news report while Harry was in Afghanistan, people said he is regarded as as commoner like everyone else. Whatever the truth, he is Diana's Son and this must not be lost. He did say on camera words to the effect of 'I am like everyone else' - he is a human being!

Charles and Diana - a doomed marriage from the start. When people are hurting, lost and confused they can easily run into someone elses arms. This is two people who were friends. The complexity here is many people are having to learn many hard lessons, even today. Men have feelings too.

Diana wanted the truth to be told. She is now FREE!

Eventually people are going to have to look at the people behind the titles of being Royal. Eventually the royal family have to be free to be who they really are. Only Queen Elizabeth was crowned in he role. The laws provided for her heir, including a vast income from estate. British establishment face a very difficult task - they must now be sincere with people.

This sharing is to encourage people to listen to other people's side of the story in such circumstances. JF Kennedy spoke about burying mistakes, secret oaths and secret societies. He was not talking about what is happening in America. He was speaking about the UK!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Comet ISON - Remote Viewing Future Warnings!

A solar flare that was to be a major wake up call for people that this could be a problem in the future.

"Two weeks after Major Dames prediction, on November 4th, 2003 it happened. An unprecedented solar flare was recorded by Soho Satellites. NASA estimates that it was an estimated X 45 flare, the largest in recorded modern history. It had made even international news. The event was so unprecidented it had even took astral physicists by surprise."

"The flare indeed shot right across the virtual (bowel of earth), just as Major Dames had described. The flare passed directly across the orbital path that we take around the sun. According to some researchers, if this particular incident occurred just three months later, during February during 2014, it would have ended a great portion of life - changing the world as we know it."

"Solar physicists were were chewing their nails because they were very very concerned that the sun had been quiet for so long, and this was Not Predictable. And so because it was not predicted, it did not follow the solar cycle. They were afraid that the sun might be doing something, um, erratic. And that is when we started to see what major solar flares would do to the planet, to communication, to power grids etc. And then we see that the sun has been relatively quiet......."
"Folks, it is the calm before the storm. It is the calm before the storm."

Speaking about a cyber 9/11 and other events.

The dates identified, 4th November 2003, was a month after I lost my court case due to corruption of the court, perjury and fraudlent misrepresention by the lawyer - blatant lies. Plus the judge was complicit in perverting the course of justice - all very serious crimes indeed.

From this date, to the three months later identified, this was also the time when might indicate the 'plans' were being made to take over the world by wars based on lies. The people who are sitting in positions of power on this earth might disregard the highest authority - I do not know. However, what is happening on earth, causes a reaction from the heavens. Laws of the Universe.

In a time, early 2014, when persistent refusal for justice, this showed me that who ever is over the court and people who are working in the courts is not working in the people's best interest. And this world was actually given with trust, that we take care of it and each other. There are people who have kicked God out of the picture an deciding to live by their own laws.

The One World Government - there is two ways this can go. All the wars based on lies are to seat who as King of the World? Of course we can expect to see reactions from the heavens.

And what is more, in the Book of Revelation, catastrophes, earthquakes, famine, floods, plagues and more have all been foretold and written as being signs of the end times.

Not having the understanding - technical understanding, instead, something else. If we are to see something that will happen - does it not make sense to look to a far higher authority and ask for intercession to stop it. Man is arrogant - he wants powers and yet disregards the Highest Power. Retaliation in war, is not the way to peace. Every nation of people are vulnerable.

When man has forgotten, or does not believe that Christ really has resurrected and sits on His Throne in Heaven, perhaps this explains why, when given visions, dreams and warnings - he does not see that these are things that will happen 'if' repentance does not take place.

The attack on America is a threat that people also vocalise and so, does it not invite America, officials in America to examine their personal process as individuals and a group. No one in their right mind wants to see an attack on any nation or people. However there is concern of what people are doing to gain 'powers' - there is a mindset who thrive with death and destruction.

Our eyes see and perceive - it has also been discovered that we can cause change internally. Once we change internally, what we see and perceive externally changes too.

If we are to see just 1% of something, we will not get the full understanding of why this happened. It is only in these recent years, I am fully appreciation that ALL Power is in heaven. And thoughts come in closing of Atlas holding the world...Is this to prevent a planetary collision?

We attract what we put out - if we destroy, destroy, kill and destroy - we are sending this out to the universe and attracting our own destruction - by the Laws that Govern the Universe.

While it is a positive that technology advances - not at the price of human life and man's hunger for power to rule the entire world and the universe. People are spiritually starving!

We have so many examples of evidence, of there being higher intelligences and life beyond this planet. The rejection of guidance and instruction in history is why people stray.

A comet is now fortold to be month.

"A comet is coming, a big and brilliant comet, arriving in November 2013. It could potentially be 15 times brighter than the moon and visible in broad daylight over the US."

"Regarding how long the event is between the shuttle event and the KILL SHOT sequence, we know as viewers and I, er, personally view this particular event a number of times, because, its, its so powerful, that all of these warring parties, that we see, on the planet, all these many wars, that on the ground, all of the, these, these soldiers (captures the upward look in the screenshot here) look up in the sky (he points with both hands gesturing @ 16:39)they all look up to something that happens in the sky, in fact it probably unprecedented atmospheric effects, that in recorded history, perhaps in unrecorded history, there's been events like this. Something happens in the atmosphere that has not been seen before because all the soldiers are looking up - and then they go home. Their priorities change. They go home. So, that's when it starts."

These soldiers are all taking orders from an overlord, who is taking orders from someone else. All the soliders are obedient to an oath - to obey their masters. However, the Oath includes 'God' and there is attempt to remove God from the Oath. It is quite possible that people are going to hear the 'commandment of God' and see something too - to remember who is the MASTER OF ALL MASTERS.

Prophesies are forefold in Christianity and Islam for Muslims, who of the Anti-Christ. Muslims refer to as the Dajjal. Is the return of Jesus Christ imminent? How many millions more people must suffer and die because of overlords who have been making the rules - ignoring God? And as strange as it is, while many Americans are military minded, they also wait for Jesus Christ to return too.

The silencing of the truth has been a careful plan....and yet, in the above video there are warnings and also what is foretold is seen to happen. The in-between cause and events is not highlighted and yet the term KILL SHOT is mentioned more than once. The orator being 'sometimes' fragmented in his message is giving clues to perhaps what he knows, seen or has learned is to happen.

Muslims say that the Anti-Christ will kill someone and then bring them back to life again as a way to win people....The also say that Jesus Christ will return in Kill the Antichrist.

We cannot ignore the messages given in the above or connections. Because Queen Elizabeth has been repeatedly said to be anointed by God - with the Archbishop of Canterbury saying Prince George WILL BE KING - and masses of people are experiencing Monarch Programming again.

Jesus Christ returning to His WORLD KINGDOM to rule from Jerusalem has been foretold too. New Jerusalem is identified accordingly. Jerusalem has been created as a landmark name in England, a couple of miles from Lincoln (one of the locations of the Da Vinci Code Movie) and there are people in our world who are creatively inspired and those who know what is happening, who are bringing the truth of what is happening. The gentleman above is also bringing a warning.

Who exactly is planning to kill who is not known....

The gentleman speaking is reminding everyone with repeatedly pointing upwards towards the heavens of a power and authority that commands people to put down their weapons and go home.

The truth is not going to be silenced any more.

The date identified in the video is November 4th in 2003. The start of escalating the most horrendous ordeal in my life. Hope no Kill-Shot is going to take place November 4th 2013.

Patterns and themes recur - for whatever reason. We are all creatures of habit until we break the habit. History is repeated until we learn the lessons. Strange as this is.

ISON - I-SON - Son of God and also SION is found in the name. Sion is in Switzerland - Mount Sion and Mount Zion - Holy Mount Zion, should not be in conflict with each other. If anything both are connected. On Holy Mount Zion is the Tomb of King David. This means that the successor to the Crown of King David, will be a descendant of King David and Related to Jesus Christ.

We all wait in anticipation for His Return- Believers and knowing has a fine line between trust and proof. There is a reason why I have been given proof beyond my spiritual journey. The precise timing of 'being taken to the throne to heaven and Christ is sitting there, is for His Purpose.'

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Medicine Hat in Canada, Face on Mountain

Just came across this video. With appreciation to the person who made the discovery - being guided to discover this. Medicine Hat is named - a hat is symbolic of a crown.

The video identifies and names the face as 'Indian Head'

So here is shown the head of healers 'on the mountain'.

Description: Alien Royal Prince Face 400+ meters across.

This is what the 'discoverer has written' on their page:

"When looking at Canada using Google Earth (free program) I found an area of land that resembles the shape of a face. Now this is not hills and mountains that formed a face, this is a face that formed the hills and mountains. Look, I SCW made the video so I apologize for its crudeness or lack of intro or music, but I like it plain and simple. The face shows a proud face of a male who looks to be in his late 20s or early 30s. There is a crown like object upon his head or even may be a headdress for a chief, but that would mean the Canadian indians in the area re direct descendants of an alien species. Is this all just coincidence? I think not. Look for these places to confirm is made on purpose by an intelligent species, not necessarily humans."

The photograph shows a face very clearly with a narrow forehead and prominent nose. Even though looking at the profile, the face shows strong eyebrows and eyes that are focused 'piercing' came to mind - looking in the direction that would be towards Medicine Hat.

The 'discoverer' identifies a crown or head dress being worn by a Royal Prince - assuming to be male. Continuing with interpretations, with some interesting information.

As has been shown man has been naming this earth 'and marking out his territory'. Keeping the family name; passing this down the family, is done in the Holy Orthodox Tradition and also Jewish people do too, so I am told. It is in the way we are staying connected to our ancestors and heritage.

This particular face is a phenomenon that cannot be said to be created by man. This is an example of the creator who is enabling peoples eyes to be open and discover the truth. Over time land does erode and so, the gradual appearance of this, with the help of Google Earth has been for the discovery with divine timing. Google allows us to explore, travel and experience a greater perspective.

India is in Asia. Asia is connected with the Spiritual Crown and The Tree of Life. The Crown of Life that is connected to the heavens, is bringing people's focus, by the mountains towards the heavens. Allow me to include, inclosing, we are as humanity most in need of Spiritual Healing.

As Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada, this video might be showing that her successor is divinely guided, and with being so, a spiritual healer for the nations, as Jesus Christ IS!

Is the mountain above associated with healing or divine revelation? Actually the Chief people from Indian origins have been divinely inspired and sharing wisdom throughout the times.

Just finding 'Chief Mountain (also called Old Chief Mountain) is located in the U.S. state of Montana on the eastern border of Glacier National Park and the Blackfeet Indian Reservation. The mountain is one of the most prominent peaks and rock formations along the Rocky Mountain Front, a 200 mi (320 km) long overthrust fault, known as the Lewis Overthrust, which extends from central Montana into southern Alberta, Canada.' This Chief mountain is in America connecting Canada. The reminder as with Moses and Mount Sinai, when God gave him the 10 Commandments - God is for all people.

Descendants of the ancient Wisdom tribes live on today.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended

Muslim Prophesy Dajjal Arrival - Anti-Christ

Yesterday writing a long article in reply to the following, the computer was playing up and got stuck - being impatient, a click of the button and accidently deleted the lot. Trying again.

To make things easier I will write in italic the article and comment in-between.

'One of the prominent events preceding the Day of Judgement is the appearance of Dajjal. We have been apprised of many aspects of Dajjal both in the Qur’an and the Ahadis.

In fact, the Muslims have been more informed about the Dajjal by the Holy Prophet (Muhammad) than previous nations by their respective prophets.

Dajjal will appear somewhere between Iraq and Syria, after the Battle of Istanbul takes place. The name in the Ahadis is Constantinople, which is the former name of Istanbul. This is a land that has known war and conflict - also there was reported by the Turkish media and police in Turkey confirmed an assassination plot against the Ecumenical Patriarch. By who is unclear. Hit men are hired by hidden men. The Ecumenical meaning 'Universal' has been discussed before.

Dajjal will be a Jew. His distinguishing feature is that he will be one-eyed and the word “Kafir” or “unbeliever” will be written on his forehead. That he is a Jew is confirmed from another hadis, which says that his followers will be mainly of Jewish religion. He could be spiritually blind. Being an un-believer is with someone who does not care about God's Law or His Wrath.

Dajjal will be a powerful personality in this world. He will attract loads of people; his voice will be heard in the East and the West. The latter, given the present day communication technology in the form of satellite television and Internet, doesn’t seem surprising. This is probably happening now. There are several people speaking with big audiences.

The main aim of Dajjal will be to try and convince people that he is God Almighty. He will try and deviate people from the Right Path and join his ranks. To achieve that end and to convince people with true faith, he will kill and then re-create the same person. This will prove to be sufficient to gain him more followers, especially the ones who have weak faith. But we must remember at all times, that he will definitely not be anywhere near God.

Dajjal will travel the whole world. The only place where he will not be able to enter is Makkah and Madinah. The understanding to preserve these places just for Muslims is now understood. And as Muslims expect Jesus Christ to return - they know he is from their family. It is important to remember that the ancient Hebrews are Jewish people and so therefore so is Christ.

“It will at this very time that Allah will send Christ, son of Mary. He will descend at the white minaret on the eastern side of Damascus, wearing two garments lightly dyed with saffron and placing his hands on the wings of two Angels. When he lowers his head, there will fall beads of perspiration from his head, and when he raises it up, beads like pearls will scatter from it.

Every non-believer who smells the odour of his body will die and his breath will reach as far as he is able to see. He will then search for him (Dajjal) until he catches hold of him at the gate of Ludd and kills him.

What will be will unfold. It would be diabolical acts with the cause of Killing someone that God will take a life. In relation to make someone else appear after killing that person, I am acutely aware now of human clones being around for decades 'in UK'. There is also 'Project Bluebeam' that has extraordinary capability to make anything seem like it is really happening. People have been in one room and projected, if that is the right word in another place.

So yes we are living in a time of great deception and asking that you keep an open mind with all that I am writing - in all articles. Sometimes sharing inforamtion by observation. Only when writing quoting Holy Scripture in relation to events and what is happening in our world, also when I am given divine guidance which is specific and validated, this is for a reason to share and to know.

It is in the divine plan that everyone knows God. There are people who are also active on the internet who say that they are God Almighty reincarnated. A few people say they are Jesus Christ. None of these people are. If anything, they prove to be the false Christs that He said would come in his name. Christ actually means anointed in Greek. Being anointed by God. So anyone who is anointed by God, would not only See Jesus Christ crowned, they would be in communication with him.

Stay in truth and keep seeking the truth - not from man.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

English Woman Close Encounter Oct. 21st 1954

Trying to find a short video, might be a commercial about 21st or 22nd October. It is because of having a series of spiritual visionary experiences. Anyway I cannot find it and if I do will share it because it came to my attention and connects with something else.

Instead I found this video to share. What we have in England is a system that has kept people down in many ways, however, people are not blocked or preventing from learning. For a number of years UFO sightings and people having experiences are known about. This has been shared too.

This lady describes her experience that is quite extraordinary. The reminder of evolved souls living beyond this earth and higher intelligences is being presented with this.

Last year I was talking with a friend, while on television something came up about UFO's. So I said to him causally then, "Have you ever seen a UFO because I have not?" Many people have. He did not answer and yet what he did next was get a piece of paper and draw a picture.

He spoke as a technically minded man afterwards. He said what he saw went 'straight up' faster than could be imaginable. He was in the company of someone else and they never spoke about it again. This happened in the early 1970's. If I recall, this would have happened soon after my mother becoming paralysed from the neck downwards. People right at the top knowing what this means.

When people are divinely guided for the whole of humanity, they have suffered and even been killed. Look what happened to Moses and Jesus Christ. With Joan of Ark - does Ark mean Ark of the Covenant? The Changing of names ie from Maria to Mary, people can be confused. Recently I found a page that wrote of Juan of Ark. Juan is John in Spanish, Juan is also a family name.

The mystery is how the truth is brought to our attention and what is relevant to know. The video above speaks of two people inside this UFO 'who looked like the Kings' they had golden fish bowl shape around their head.....the detail you can listen to for yourself.

A lady who is not appearing to be of any wealth or title, with sons who go out to work had this experience. Our focus is being taken to realise higher consciousness, to know there is a universe with planets and galaxies. There is an expression '7th heaven' for a reason.

These days I have listened to orations that is with concern. That is when people are not being lifted to a higher consciousness, instead they are praying in song - a powerful prayer, to lift individuals who are in positions, who should be lifting the people up theirselves.

If this does not make sense - all will become clear.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Caprice Baby Boys, One by Surrogate, One Not.

Model Caprice Bourret share with the world Jett and Jax - the miracle babies she thought were beyond her. Meet the family she believed she might never have.

Two babies who are genetically her own, have been born.

The two babies have been born almost a month apart.

According to Mail Online 'Following a miscarriage and three failed IVF attempts, she was told by fertility doctors last year that it was unlikely she would ever have a baby of her own.'

In Britain, commercial surrogacy is illegal, but it is permitted in some American states.

'Yet, incredibly, not only did their surrogate get pregnant, so did Caprice exactly a month later, conceiving her second son entirely naturally.

How did it happen? ‘Just good, old-fashioned sex,’ she says, giving her tanned thigh a playful slap.'

The pressure to have a baby for many women is strong. And also if the biological clock is ticking. When women are in a position with a loving husband, a partner and can provide emotional stability and love to raise babies, to raise in esteeem and nourish their growth, it is perfectly natural to want to conceive. The rush to conceive is seeing a great number of women choose IVF.

'When you fall in love, you fall in love': Caprice's 47-year-old partner is the son of the noted buccaneering venture capitalist William Comfort II, who came over to London in the Seventies'

And as Caprice has told the world, she got pregnant naturally.

Seriously folks, take a look at these babies above. They are cute. Can you tell if one was born from a surrogate and one is not? We do not know the truth about anyone's experience.

Caprice is a happy mummy proud to show her babies. She is unlikely to see one child as being more important as the other either. She has found love and lasting happiness - Family life.

There have been a number or articles on surrogacy in recent weeks and this is evidently to bring what is happening to peoples attention. A very contraversial subject and yet this is life. This is science and technology. Science has been defying human nature and creating miracles too.

Many people 'write' Kate Middleton used a surrogate - Do they know? One commenter says talk is sweeping the hospitals' and a book is going to be released. It is not usual for disclosure of people's medical details. However the House of Lords can address this if it is true.

There are very strict Laws for succession to the throne 'of the anointed Queen'. Anointed by God. A BBC documentary on Queen Elizabeth, shows an illegitimate bloodline, therefore her children and her grandchildren are not eligible 'according to God's Laws written in the Holy Bible'.

Human clones and babies born from surrogates are excluded too.

People are asking 'what are the media trying to tell us with all these odd stories'? This story is saying two babies are born, one by a surrogate, one is born from mummy's womb.

Caprice is happy with her bundles of joy and loving family life.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Saturday, 26 October 2013

The Tree of Life - Dr Richard Chartres

Dr. Richard Chartres, Bishop of London - His words are more than words. His understanding is more than learning. His learning experience is with a focus. A gentleman with seemingly a theatrical voice and yet, if you listen carefully, this is a Man with strength, passion and determination.

There is skill to command - without domination. To guide without force, to deliver without overwhelming. Opening people's minds up to share what is happening, what could happen and remind people that there is consequence for spiritually blind people leading the blind, or people who are part of a system that keeps people down and spiritually malnourished.

Richard was 'tempted', while in Athens, home of the Acropolis, once a seat of God's government on earth. He said he was the Priest of Athena. Love it. My mother was born in Athens, Athena would have loved this gentleman so much. Intelligence, eloquence; with spiritual understanding.

There is a spiritual battle taking place and concern is people being taken away from the truth. Our spiritual entitlement can be lost when 'state religions' decide their own rules. And when preachers and minsters are not guided by the Holy Spirit of Truth, people lose out.

Recently over this last year I have felt the urge to promote tree planting, particularly trees that plant to grow fruits. We might not see the fruits in abundance for years, however future generations will. In we plant the trees with intention today, future generations will have free food. So to discover this video named Tree of Life - it was meant to be and timely.

Athena gave the gift of the olive tree. This is a tree that can take years to grow fruit and yet, the Olive Tree has been growing for thousands of years. It was on the Mount of Olives that Jesus Christ would go for solitude and prayer to show that he had a connection with Athena.

Quoting some of the text here that is relevant for now.

"In the book of the Wisdom of Solomon, it says 'Wisdom the fruit of the tree of life renews all things in every generation. She passes into Holy souls and makes them friends of God and Prophets. "

"We struggle to relate our partial knowledge, to what is needed to shape and ensure the flourishing of whole persons. There is also tension with the common good and longer term perspectives."

"The tree that unites only levels of experience, stands as an encouragement and a symbol which can lead us along this way. In particular because we need a community of insight as we face environmental and health challenges. Our generation is characterised by behavior, which seems to suggest a certain lack of awareness, a lack of recognition, which causes us to waste the beauty of the world.

The modern project of growth without limits with no end in view beyond the process itself arises from a particular way of seeing and thinking which had its origins in western Christian Europe."

"In the Book of Revelation we encounter the Tree in the midst of the City, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. Revelation Chapter 22. There was the tree of life which bear 12 manner of fruits and yielded her fruit every month and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations."

Wisdom the fruit of the tree of life becons us beyond dogmatism and delusive clarity, whether in religion or science, and involves the cultivation of the beginners mind, which is not naivety, which lies on the other side of mastery in any particular field of study. Silence, stillness and expectant attention to the unexpected - broadens our perspective and deepens our awareness. They take us beyond the surface self, the mental ego level; through the dark continent within, with its cravings and fears to the spiritual heart located, by the Hebrews in the vitals.

And if more and more we act and speak and think from this center, we grow in sanity and poise and can learn to love without distortions. The spirit draws us to a breath of heart and mind, a sense of the beyond, that is restorative and creative.

In his celebrated essay on 'The Puppet Theatre' The German poet reflects on the possibility that we might be able to transcend the crippling effects of excessive self consciousness, through a form of heightened consciousness. Grace it says in his essay, appears purest in that human form, which either has no consciousness - some primordial innocence, or an infinate one, that is in a puppet or in a God. Therefore I said somewhat bewildered, we would have to eat again from the tree of knowledge in order to return to the state of innocence. 'Quite right he answered'. And that's the last chapter in the history of the world.

We've moved from an industrial, to a knowledge based economy. The next chapter if there is to be a chapter will be a shift to a wisdom economy, in which we should be able to judge wisely how to use the great powers that the knowledge of the 20th century has entrusted to us.

Wisdom the fruit of the tree of life, is a way of being in the world, aware of the deep structure of life, Respectful of other beings, taking life not for granted, but with thanksgiving to its author. And with such awareness , it is possible to put knowledge in its proper context and apply it to benificent ends. This transforming awareness is symbolised in the Bible by anointing.

Christ of course is the anointed one - Christos in Greek means anointed, one who possess the fullness and Wisdom of God and is in the world to open up the way to paradise regained.

But, and this is where we come to another variation of the tree theme, in the Judeo- Christian narrative. As St. Paul says "This strange wisdom, which involves entering into the second innocence by self giving and the embrace of suffering and death - this is the way to life and all its fullness......

When the truth is silenced the truth will get louder.

This gentleman has a greater purpose and sometimes the paths that are taken in life, are stepping stones to something else. The spiritual path is not an easy road because in our journey, is full of challenges, obstacles and opposition. As we become sensitive and open our heart, we must attune our mind to thee points of clarity, to give - to share and deliver, receive - inspiration and guidance, and be precise in our questions, to gain the right answers and/or to be guided in life.

We live in a time when people fill their mind with rubbish and spill out words without any thought, care or responsibility for the impact on other people. There is a saying 'sticks and stones will break our bones and yet words will never hurt' - this is a lie. The time that words stop hurting is when we can look at a person and see 'they know not what they do' - said by Jesus

Richard Chartres has learned and gained a perception of life and people, that comes with having done the deep work of soul searching within. Integrity has been lost in it's true meaning and yet, to deliver a message with meaning and with integrity from the heart, is reaching other peoples hearts too. This lecture is one that I was guided to find, from a few months ago.

People who have been raised in a class structure, either believing they are more superior, or they are inferior have been conditioned to a false belief foundation that prevents 'their' progress. The problem comes when both contribute to bring the world to a standstill with their limited thinking. People are divinely guided to serve to enable humanity to progress.

It takes courage to let go of the mask. Unless we can be true to our own self we can never be true with other people. Unless we are true to ourself, we can never know God.

Some time ago, I wrote of people who are family are connected genetically. Sincere servants of God are spiritually connected and so there is a growing wave of people who are inspiring and being inspired, being bold and speaking out. Make sure you listen to the right teachers. Richard is far more knowledgeable than I am and will ever be. He also brings from diverse teachings the relevant understanding to the discussion, as he has shown above so eloquently.

A conscious and conscientious heart and mind, that is focused on learning, growing, doing right by other people 'whoever they are' and serving in the right way is rarely found today. Sometimes it is necessary to confront wrongs and errors of ways, the ways that if people err will be catastrophic further down the line. War is of course a great concern with people who are planning and commanding war - perhaps peace is not possible for people who do not seek peace within.

Richard Chartres, Bishop of London attended the Christening of Baby George, with the Queen and her family. Wearing his breastplate with Christ and this was validating. The secret holders William and Kate Trust, including the couple, are reminded that Christ Sees and Knows Everything.

Thank you Richard....You are NOW Really Serving Christ in the most important work. Richard was not elected to be Archbishop of Canterbury because God had a GREATER PLAN FOR HIM!

If you listen to the speech that Richard Chartres delivered on William and Kate's wedding, I had the impression that much of what he said went over their head. Of course, I might be wrong.

"Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire - so said St. Catherine of Sienna whose festival it is today"....(This applies to everyone). Catherine on that day was wearing a halo tiara .....Richard continues to deliver a powerful message. He warns against coercion.

In a sense every wedding is a royal wedding, with the bride and groom being king and queen making a new life together. Two souls brought together by God, this is so. Richard delivers with smiles, and there is no one who would not wish any couple love and happiness in their future together. Would Kate have been interested in William if he had no wealth and title.

Looking at William's face - he is a man...his innocence is gone. These children have now got the learning as we all have, to show our sincerity to Christ so they might enter the Kingdom heaven. It is not automatic through baptism as some people are teaching and believe.

Richard is who he is...He shines. His voice is his wealth.

Whenever there is something important to write, my computer is causing delays are with being slowed down. Still, in some way the truth will be revealed. Truth cannot be silenced forever.

Peace love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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Egyptian Book of the Dead - The Second Life

Many people are speaking about what they have not read and so here is the opportunity to do so. There are many people speaking about the second death, not knowing what they are talking about. There are people verbally bashing Jews, Muslims Christians - yet who gave them that right? How many people Hear God and have a personal relationship with Him? Many preachers misleading people.

Throughout the ages people have been divinely guided. Throughout the ages people have been Given the Word and Law to Live by - People are told to be obedient to God. There is reason why.

Quoting in entirety what is written English translation:

The Egyptian Book of the Dead

Papyrus of Ani; Egyptian Book of the Dead [Budge]
240 BC
Translated by E.A. Wallis Budge

THE CHAPTER OF NOT DYING A SECOND TIME. The Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, saith:-

Hail, Thoth! What is it that hath happened to the children of Nut? They have waged war, they have upheld strife, they have done evil, they have created the fiends, they have made slaughter, they have caused trouble; in truth, in all their doings the strong have worked against the weak. Grant, O might of Thoth, that that which the god Tem hath decreed [may be done!] And thou regardest not evil, nor art thou provoked to anger when they bring their years to confusion, and throng in and push in to disturb their months. For in all that they have done unto thee they have worked iniquity in secret. I am they writing- palette, O Thoth, and I have brought unto thee thine ink-jar. I am not of those who work iniquity in their secret places; let not evil happen unto me.

The Osiris, the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith:-

Hail, Temu! What manner of land is this unto which I have come? It hath not water, it hath not air; it is depth unfathomable, it is black as the blackest night, and men wander helplessly therein. In it a man cannot live in quietness of heart; nor may the longings of love be satisfied therein. But let the state of the Spirit-souls be given unto me instead of water and air, and the satisfying of the longings of love, and let quietness of heart be given unto me instead of cakes and ale. The god Tem hath decreed that I shall see thy face, and that I shall not suffer from the things which pain thee. May every god transmit unto thee his throne for millions of years. Thy throne hath descended unto thy son Horus, and the god Tem hath decreed that thy course shall be among the holy princes. In truth he shall rule from thy throne, and he shall be heir to the throne of the Dweller in the fiery Lake [Neserser]. In truth it hath been decreed that in me he shall see his likeness, and that my face shall look upon the face of the Lord Tem. How long then have I to live? It is decreed that thou shalt live for millions of years, a life of millions of years. Let it be granted to me to pass on to the holy princes, for indeed, I have done away all the evil which I committed, from the time when this earth came into being from Nu, when it sprang from the watery abyss even as it was in the days of old. I am Fate and Osiris, I have made my transformations into the likeness of divers serpents. Man knoweth not, and the gods cannot behold the two-fold beauty which I have made for Osiris, the greatest of the gods. I have given unto him the region of the dead. And, verily, his son Horus is seated upon the throne of the Dweller in the fiery Lake [of Neserser], as his heir. I have made him to have his throne in the Boat of Millions of Years. Horus is stablished upon his throne [among his] kinsmen, and he hath all that is with him. Verily, the Soul of Set, which is greater than all the gods, hath departed. Let it be granted to me to bind his soul in fetter in the Boat of the God, when I please, and let him hold the Body of the God in fear. O my father Osiris, thou hast done for me that which thy father Ra did for thee. Let me abide upon the earth permanently. Let me keep possession of my throne. Let my heir be strong. Let my tomb, and my friends who are upon the earth, flourish. Let my enemies be given over to destruction, and to the shackles of the goddess Serq. I am thy son. Ra is my father. On me likewise thou hast conferred life, strength, and health. Horus is established upon his tomb. Grant thou that the days of my life may come unto worship and honour.

APPENDIX (From the Leyden Papyrus of Ra)

RUBRIC: This Chapter shall be recited over a figure of Horus, made of lapis-lazuli, which shall be placed on the neck of the deceased. It is a protection upon earth, and it will secure for the deceased the affection of men, gods, and the Spirit-souls which are perfect. Moreover it acteth as a spell in Khert-Neter, but it must be recited by thee on behalf of the Osiris Ra, regularly and continually millions of times.

[THE CHAPTER OF] ENTERING INTO THE HALL OF MAATI TO PRAISE OSIRIS KHENTI-AMENTI. The Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, saith:-

I have come unto thee. I have drawn nigh to behold thy beauties (thy beneficient goodness). My hands are [extended] in adoration of thy name of "Maat." I have come. I have drawn nigh unto [the place where] the cedar-tree existeth not, where the acacia tree doth not put forth shoots, and where the ground produceth neither grass nor herbs. Now I have entered into the habitation which is hidden, and I hold converse with Set. My protector advanced to me, covered was his face.... on the hidden things. He entered into the house of Osiris, he saw the hidden things which were therein. The Tchatchau Chiefs of the Pylons were in the form of Spirits. The god Anpu spake unto those about him with the words of a man who cometh from Ta-mera, saying, "He knoweth our roads and our towns. I am reconciled unto him. When I smell his odour it is even as the odour of one of you." And I say unto him: I the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth, in peace, whose word is truth, have come. I have drawn nigh to behold the Great Gods. I would live upon the propitiatory offerings [made] to their Doubles. I would live on the borders [of the territory of] the Soul, the Lord of Tetu. He shall make me to come forth in the form of a Benu bird, and to hold converse [with him.] I have been in the stream [to purify myself]. I have made offerings of incense. I betook myself to the Acacia Tree of the [divine] Children. I lived in Abu in the House of the goddess Satet. I made to sink in the water the boat of the enemies. I sailed over the lake [in the temple] in the Neshmet Boat. I have looked upon the Sahu of Kamur. I have been in Tetu. I have held my peace. I have made the god to be master of his legs. I have been in the House of Teptuf. I have seen him, that is the Governor of the Hall of the God. I have entered into the House of Osiris and I have removed the head-coverings of him that is therein. I have entered into Rasta, and I have seen the Hidden One who is therein. I was hidden, but I found the boundary. I journeyed to Nerutef, and he who was therein covered me with a garment. I have myrrh of women, together with the shenu powder of living folk. Verily he (Osiris) told me the things which concerned himself. I said: Let thy weighing of me be even as we desire.

And the Majesty of Anpu shall say unto me, "Knowest thou the name of this door, and canst thou tell it?" And the Osiris the scribe Ani, whose word is truth, in peace, whose word is truth, shall say, "Khersek-Shu" is the name of this door. And the Majesty of the god Anpu shall say unto me, "Knowest thou the name of the upper leaf, and the name of the lower leaf?" [And the Osiris the scribe Ani] shall say: "Neb-Maat-heri-retiu- f" is the name of the upper leaf and "Neb-pehti-thesu-menment" [is the name of the lower leaf. And the Majesty of the god Anpu shall say], "Pass on, for thou hast knowledge, O Osiris the scribe, the assessor of the holy offerings of all the gods of Thebes Ani, whose word is truth, the lord of loyal service [to Osiris]."

APPENDIX (From the Papyrus of Nu, Brit. Mus. No. 10477, Sheet 22)


Homage to thee, O great God, Lord of Maati! I have come unto thee, O my Lord, and I have brought myself hither that I may behold thy beauties. I know thee, I know thy name, I know the names of the Forty-two Gods who live with thee in this Hall of Maati, who live by keeping ward over sinners, and who feed upon their blood on the day when the consciences of men are reckoned up in the presence of the god Un- Nefer. In truth thy name is "Rehti-Merti-Nebti-Maati." In truth I have come unto thee, I have brought Maati (Truth) to thee. I have done away sin for thee. I have not committed sins against men. I have not opposed my family and kinsfolk. I have not acted fraudulently in the Seat of Truth. I have not known men who were of no account. I have not wrought evil. I have not made it to be the first [consideration daily that unnecessary] work should be done for me. I have not brought forward my name for dignities. I have not [attempted] to direct servants [I have not belittled God]. I have not defrauded the humble man of his property. I have not done what the gods abominate. I have not vilified a slave to his master. I have not inflicted pain. I have not caused anyone to go hungry. I have not made any man to weep. I have not committed murder. I have not given the order for murder to be committed. I have not caused calamities to befall men and women. I have not plundered the offerings in the temples. I have not defrauded the gods of their cake-offerings. I have not carried off the fenkhu cakes [offered to] the Spirits. I have not committed fornication. I have not masturbated [in the sanctuaries of the god of my city]. I have not diminished from the bushel. I have not filched [land from my neighbour's estate and] added it to my own acre. I have not encroached upon the fields [of others]. I have not added to the weights of the scales. I have not depressed the pointer of the balance. I have not carried away the milk from the mouths of children. I have not driven the cattle away from their pastures. I have not snared the geese in the goose-pens of the gods. I have not caught fish with bait made of the bodies of the same kind of fish. I have not stopped water when it should flow. I have not made a cutting in a canal of running water. I have not extinguished a fire when it should burn. I have not violated the times [of offering] the chosen meat offerings. I have not driven away the cattle on the estates of the gods. I have not turned back the god at his appearances. I am pure. I am pure. I am pure. My pure offerings are the pure offerings of that great Benu which dwelleth in Hensu. For behold, I am the nose of Neb-nefu (the lord of the air), who giveth sustenance unto all mankind, on the day of the filling of the Utchat in Anu, in the second month of the season Pert, on the last of the month, [in the presence of the Lord of this earth]. I have seen the filling of the Utchat in Anu, therefore let not calamity befall me in this land, or in this Hall of Maati, because I know the names of the gods who are therein, [and who are the followers of the Great God].


Hail, Usekh-nemmt, who comest forth from Anu, I have not committed sin. Hail, Hept-khet, who comest forth from Kher-aha, I have not committed robbery with violence. Hail, Fenti, who comest forth from Khemenu, I have not stolen. Hail, Am-khaibit, who comest forth from Qernet, I have not slain men and women. Hail, Neha-her, who comest forth from Rasta, I have not stolen grain. Hail, Ruruti, who comest forth from heaven, I have not purloined offerings. Hail, Arfi-em-khet, who comest forth from Suat, I have not stolen the property of God. Hail, Neba, who comest and goest, I have not uttered lies. Hail, Set-qesu, who comest forth from Hensu, I have not carried away food. Hail, Utu-nesert, who comest forth from Het-ka-Ptah, I have not uttered curses. Hail, Qerrti, who comest forth from Amentet, I have not committed adultery, I have not lain with men. Hail, Her-f-ha-f, who comest forth from thy cavern, I have made none to weep. Hail, Basti, who comest forth from Bast, I have not eaten the heart. Hail, Ta-retiu, who comest forth from the night, I have not attacked any man. Hail, Unem-snef, who comest forth from the execution chamber, I am not a man of deceit. Hail, Unem-besek, who comest forth from Mabit, I have not stolen cultivated land. Hail, Neb-Maat, who comest forth from Maati, I have not been an eavesdropper. Hail, Tenemiu, who comest forth from Bast, I have not slandered [no man]. Hail, Sertiu, who comest forth from Anu, I have not been angry without just cause. Hail, Tutu, who comest forth from Ati (the Busirite Nome), I have not debauched the wife of any man. Hail, Uamenti, who comest forth from the Khebt chamber, I have not debauched the wife of [any] man. Hail, Maa-antuf, who comest forth from Per-Menu, I have not polluted myself. Hail, Her-uru, who comest forth from Nehatu, I have terrorized none. Hail, Khemiu, who comest forth from Kaui, I have not transgressed [the law]. Hail, Shet-kheru, who comest forth from Urit, I have not been wroth. Hail, Nekhenu, who comest forth from Heqat, I have not shut my ears to the words of truth. Hail, Kenemti, who comest forth from Kenmet, I have not blasphemed. Hail, An-hetep-f, who comest forth from Sau, I am not a man of violence. Hail, Sera-kheru, who comest forth from Unaset, I have not been a stirrer up of strife. Hail, Neb-heru, who comest forth from Netchfet, I have not acted with undue haste. Hail, Sekhriu, who comest forth from Uten, I have not pried into matters. Hail, Neb-abui, who comest forth from Sauti, I have not multiplied my words in speaking. Hail, Nefer-Tem, who comest forth from Het-ka-Ptah, I have wronged none, I have done no evil. Hail, Tem-Sepu, who comest forth from Tetu, I have not worked witchcraft against the king. Hail, Ari-em-ab-f, who comest forth from Tebu, I have never stopped [the flow of] water. Hail, Ahi, who comest forth from Nu, I have never raised my voice. Hail, Uatch-rekhit, who comest forth from Sau, I have not cursed God. Hail, Neheb-ka, who comest forth from thy cavern, I have not acted with arrogance. Hail, Neheb-nefert, who comest forth from thy cavern, I have not stolen the bread of the gods. Hail, Tcheser-tep, who comest forth from the shrine, I have not carried away the khenfu cakes from the Spirits of the dead. Hail, An-af, who comest forth from Maati, I have not snatched away the bread of the child, nor treated with contempt the god of my city. Hail, Hetch-abhu, who comest forth from Ta-she (the Fayyum), I have not slain the cattle belonging to the god.

APPENDIX (From the Papyrus of Nebseni)

Hail, Usekh-nemmt, who comest forth from Anu, I have not committed sin. Hail, Hept-Shet, who comest forth from Kher-aha, I have not robbed with violence. Hail, Fenti, who comest forth from Khemenu, I have done no violence. Hail, Am-khaibitu, who comest forth from Qerrt, I have not stolen. Hail, Neha-hau, who comest forth from Rasta, I have not slain men. Hail, Ruruti, who comest forth from heaven, I have not made light the bushel. Hail, Arti-f-em-tes, who comest forth from Sekhem, I have not acted deceitfully. Hail, Neba, who comest and goest, I have not stolen the property of the god. Hail, Set-qesu, who comest forth from Hensu, I have not told lies. Hail, Uatch-nesert, who comest forth from Het-ka-Ptah, I have not carried away food. Hail, Qerti, who comest forth from Amenti, I have not uttered evil words. Hail, Hetch-abhu, who comest from Ta-she, I have attacked no man. Hail, Unem-snef, who comest forth from the execution chamber, I have not salin a bull which was the property of the god. Hail, Unem-besku, who comest [forth from the Mabet chamber], I have not acted deceitfully. Hail, Neb-maat, who comest forth from Maati, I have not pillaged the lands which have been ploughed. Hail, Thenemi, who comest forth from Bast, I have never pried into matters [to make mischief]. Hail, Aati, who comest forth from Anu, I have not set my mouth in motion. Hail, Tutuf, who comest from from A, I have not been wroth except with reason. Hail, Uamemti, who comest forth from the execution chamber, I have not debauched the wife of a man. Hail, Maa-anuf, who comest forth from Per-Menu, I have not polluted myself. Hail, Heri-uru, who comest forth from [Nehatu], I have terrorized no man. Hail, Khemi, who comest forth from Ahaui, I have not made attacks. Hail, Shet-kheru, who comest forth from Uri, I have not been a man of anger. Hail, Nekhem, who comest forth from Heq-at, I have not turned a deaf ear to the words of truth. Hail, Ser-Kheru, who comest forth from Unes, I have not stirred up strife. Hail, Basti, who comest forth from Shetait, I have made none to weep. Hail, Her-f-ha-f, who comest forth from thy cavern, I have not committed acts of sexual impurity, or lain with men. Hail, Ta-ret, who comest forth from Akhkhu, I have not eaten my heart. Hail, Kenmti, who comest forth from Kenmet, I have cursed no man. Hail, An-hetep-f, who comest forth from Sau, I have not acted in a violent or oppressive manner. Hail, Neb-heru, who comest forth from Tchefet, I have not acted [or judged] hastily. Hail, Serekhi, who comest forth from Unth, I have not.... my hair, I have not harmed the god. Hail, Neb-abui, who comest forth from Sauti, I have not multiplied my speech overmuch. Hail, Nefer-Tem, who comest forth from Het-ka-Ptah, I have not acted with deciet, I have not worked wickedness. Hail, Tem-Sep, who comest forth from Tetu, I have not done things to effect the cursing of [the king]. Hail, Ari-em-ab-f, who comest forth from Tebti, I have not stopped the flow of water. Hail, Ahi-mu, who comest forth from Nu, I have not raised my voice. Hail, Utu-rekhit, who comest forth from thy house, I have not curse God. Hail, Neheb-Nefert, who comest forth from the Lake of Nefer, I have not acted with insufferable insolence. Hail, Neheb-kau, who comest forth from [thy] city, I have not sought to make myself unduly distinguished. Hail, Tcheser-tep, who comest forth from thy cavern, I have not increased my wealth except through such things are [justly] my own possessions. Hail, An-a-f, who comest forth from Auker, I have not scorned [or treated with contempt] the god of my town.

ADDRESS TO THE GODS OF THE TUAT (From the Papyrus of Nu, Brit. Mus. No. 10477, Sheet 24)


Nu, the steward of the keeper of the seal, whose word is truth, saith:- Homage to you, O ye gods who dwell in your Hall of Maati! I know you, I know your names. Let me not fall under your knives of slaughter, and bring ye not forward my wickedness to this god in whose following ye are. Let not evil hap come upon me through you. Speak ye the truth concerning me in the presence of Neb-er-tcher, for I have done what is right and just in Ta-Mera. I have not cursed the god, and my evil hap did not come upon him that was King in his day.

Homage to you, O ye who dwell in your Hall of Maati, who have nothing false in your bodies, who live upon Truth, who feed yourselves upon Truth in the presence of Horus who dwelleth in his Disk, deliver ye me from Beba, who feedeth upon the livers of the great ones on the day of the Great Judgment. Grant ye that I may come before you, for I have not committed sin, I have done no act of deceit, I have done no evil thing, and I have not borne [false] witness; therefore let nothing [evil] be done to me. I have lived upon truth, I have fed upon truth, I have performed the ordinances of men, and the things which gratify the gods. I have propitiated the god by doing his will, I have given bread to the hungry man, and water to him that was athirst, and apparel to the naked man, and a ferry-boat to him that had no boat. I have made propitiatory offerings and given cakes to the gods, and the "things which appear at the word" to the Spirits. Deliver then ye me, protect then ye me, and make ye no report against me in the presence [of the Great God]. I am pure in respect of my mouth, and I am clean in respect of my hands, therefore let it be said unto me by those who shall behold me: "Come in peace, Come in peace." For I have heard that great word which the Sahu spake to the CAT, in the House of Hapt-ra. I have borne witness to Her-f-ha-f, and he hath given a decision [concerning me]. I have seen the things over which the Persea tree which is in Rasta, spreadeth its branches. I have made petitions to the gods, [and I] know the things [which appertain to] their bodies. I have come, travelling a long road, to bear righteous testimony, and to set the Balance upon its supports within Aukert.

Hail, thou who art exalted high upon thy standard, thou Lord of the Atef Crown, who dost make thy name to be "Lord of the Winds," deliver thou me from thy divine Envoys who punish and afflict according to [thy] decrees, and who make calamities to arise, and whose faces are without coverings, for I have done what is right and true for the Lord of Truth. I am pure. My breast is purified by libations, and my hinder parts are made clean with the things which make clean, and my inner parts have been dipped in the Lake of Truth. There is no single member of mine which lacketh truth. I have washed myself clean in the Lake of the South. I have rested myself in the City of the North, which is in Sekhet Sanhemu (the Field of the Grasshoppers), where the mariners of Ra wash themselves clean at the second hour of the night, and at the third hour of the day. The hearts of the gods are gratified when they have passed over it, whether it be by night or whether it be by day, and they say unto me, "Let thyself advance." They say unto me, "Who art thou?" And they say unto me, "What is thy name?" [And I reply], "Sept-kheri-nehait- ammi-beq-f" is my name. Then they say unto me, "Advance straightway on the city which is to the North of the Olive Tree. What dost thou see there?" The Leg and the Thigh. What dost thou say unto them? Let me see rejoicings in these lands of the Fenkhu. What do they give unto thee? A flame of fire and a sceptre-amulet [made] of crystal. What dost thou do with them? I bury them on the furrow of M'naat, as things for the night. What dost thou find on the furrow of Maat? A sceptre of flint, the name of which is "Giver of winds." What now didst thou do with the flame of fire and the sceptre-amulet [made] of crystal, after thou didst bury them? I said a spell over them, and I dug them up. I quenched the flame of fire and I broke the sceptre-amulet, and I made a lake of water. [Then shall the Two and forty gods say unto me]: "Come now, pass in over the threshold of this door of the Hall of Maati, for thou hast knowledge of us." "We will not allow thee to enter in over us," say the bars of this door, "unless thou tellest us our names." [And I reply], "Tekh-bu- maa" is your name. The right lintel of this door saith: "I will not allow thee to pass over me unless thou tellest me my name." [And I reply], "Henku-en-fat-maat" is thy name. The left lintel of this door saith: "I will not allow thee to pass over me unless thou tellest me my name." [And I reply], "Henku-en-arp" is thy name. The ground of this door saith: "I will not allow thee to pass over me unless thou tellest me my name." [And I reply], "Aua-en-Keb" is thy name. And the bolt of this door saith: "I will not open the door to thee unless thou tellest me my name." [And I reply], "Saah-en-mut-f" is thy name. The socket of the fastening of this door saith: "I will not open unto thee unless thou tellest my name." [And I reply], "The Living Eye of Sebek, the Lord of Bakhau," is thy name. The Doorkeeper of this door saith: "I will not open to thee, and I will not let thee enter by me unless thou tellest my name." [And I reply], "Elbow of the god Shu who placeth himself to protect Osiris" is thy name. The posts of this door say: "We will not let thee pass in by us unless thou tellest our name." [And I reply], "Children of the uraei-goddesses" is your name.

The Doorkeeper of this door saith: "I will not open to thee, and I will not let thee enter in by me unless thou tellest my name. [And I reply], "Ox of Keb" is thy name. [And they reply], "Thou knowest us, pass in therefore by us." The ground of this Hall of Maati saith: "I will not let thee tread upon me [unless thou tellest me my name], for I am silent. I am holy because I know the names of two feet wherewith thou wouldst walk upon me. Declare, then, them to me." [And I reply], "Besu-Ahu" is the name of my right foot, and "Unpet-ent-Het-Heru" is the name of my left foot. [The ground replieth]: "Thou knowest us, enter in therefore over us." The Doorkeeper of this Hall of Maati saith: "I will not announce thee unless thou tellest my name." [And I reply], "Discerner of hearts, searcher of bellies" is thy name. [The Doorkeeper saith]: "Thou shalt be announced." [He saith]: "Who is the god who dwelleth in his hour? Speak it" [And I reply], "Au-taui." [He saith]: "Explain who he is." [And I reply], "Au- taui" is Thoth. "Come now," saith Thoth, "for what purpose hast thou come?" [And I reply]: "I have come, and have journeyed hither that my name may be announced [to the god]." [Thoth saith]: "In what condition art thou?" [And I reply], "I, even I, am purified from evil defects, and I am wholly free from the curses of those who live in their days, and I am not one of their number." [Thoth saith]: "Therefore shall [thy name] be announced to the god." [Thoth saith]: "Tell me, who is he whose heaven is of fire, whose walls are living serpents, and whose ground is a stream of water? Who is he?" [And I reply], "He is Osiris." [Thoth saith]: "Advance now, [thy name] shall be announced to him. Thy cakes shall come from the Utchat (Eye of Horus or Ra), thy ale shall come from the Utchat, and the offerings which shall appear to thee at the word upon earth [shall proceed] from the Utchat." This is what Osiris hath decreed for the steward of the overseer of the seal, Nu, whose word is truth.


This Chapter shall be said by the deceased when he is cleansed and purified, and is arrayed in linen apparel, and is shod with sandals of white leather, and his eyes are painted with antimony, and his body is anointed with unguent made of myrrh. And he shall present as offerings oxen, and feathered fowl, and incense, and cakes and ale, and garden herbs. And behold, thou shalt draw a representation of this in colour upon a new tile moulded from earth upon which neither a pig nor any other animal hath trodden. And if this book be done [in writing, the deceased] shall flourish, and his children shall flourish, and [his name] shall never fall into oblivion, and he shall be as one who filleth the heart of the king and of his princes. And bread, and cakes, and sweetmeats, and wine, and pieces of flesh shall be given unto him [from among those which are] upon the altar of the Great God. And he shall not be driven back from any door in Amentet, and he shall be led along with the kings of the South and the kings of the North, and he shall be among the bodyguard of Osiris, continually and regularly for ever. [And he shall come forth in every form he pleaseth as a living soul for ever, and ever, and ever.]

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria