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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Comet ISON - Remote Viewing Future Warnings!

A solar flare that was to be a major wake up call for people that this could be a problem in the future.

"Two weeks after Major Dames prediction, on November 4th, 2003 it happened. An unprecedented solar flare was recorded by Soho Satellites. NASA estimates that it was an estimated X 45 flare, the largest in recorded modern history. It had made even international news. The event was so unprecidented it had even took astral physicists by surprise."

"The flare indeed shot right across the virtual (bowel of earth), just as Major Dames had described. The flare passed directly across the orbital path that we take around the sun. According to some researchers, if this particular incident occurred just three months later, during February during 2014, it would have ended a great portion of life - changing the world as we know it."

"Solar physicists were were chewing their nails because they were very very concerned that the sun had been quiet for so long, and this was Not Predictable. And so because it was not predicted, it did not follow the solar cycle. They were afraid that the sun might be doing something, um, erratic. And that is when we started to see what major solar flares would do to the planet, to communication, to power grids etc. And then we see that the sun has been relatively quiet......."
"Folks, it is the calm before the storm. It is the calm before the storm."

Speaking about a cyber 9/11 and other events.

The dates identified, 4th November 2003, was a month after I lost my court case due to corruption of the court, perjury and fraudlent misrepresention by the lawyer - blatant lies. Plus the judge was complicit in perverting the course of justice - all very serious crimes indeed.

From this date, to the three months later identified, this was also the time when might indicate the 'plans' were being made to take over the world by wars based on lies. The people who are sitting in positions of power on this earth might disregard the highest authority - I do not know. However, what is happening on earth, causes a reaction from the heavens. Laws of the Universe.

In a time, early 2014, when persistent refusal for justice, this showed me that who ever is over the court and people who are working in the courts is not working in the people's best interest. And this world was actually given with trust, that we take care of it and each other. There are people who have kicked God out of the picture an deciding to live by their own laws.

The One World Government - there is two ways this can go. All the wars based on lies are to seat who as King of the World? Of course we can expect to see reactions from the heavens.

And what is more, in the Book of Revelation, catastrophes, earthquakes, famine, floods, plagues and more have all been foretold and written as being signs of the end times.

Not having the understanding - technical understanding, instead, something else. If we are to see something that will happen - does it not make sense to look to a far higher authority and ask for intercession to stop it. Man is arrogant - he wants powers and yet disregards the Highest Power. Retaliation in war, is not the way to peace. Every nation of people are vulnerable.

When man has forgotten, or does not believe that Christ really has resurrected and sits on His Throne in Heaven, perhaps this explains why, when given visions, dreams and warnings - he does not see that these are things that will happen 'if' repentance does not take place.

The attack on America is a threat that people also vocalise and so, does it not invite America, officials in America to examine their personal process as individuals and a group. No one in their right mind wants to see an attack on any nation or people. However there is concern of what people are doing to gain 'powers' - there is a mindset who thrive with death and destruction.

Our eyes see and perceive - it has also been discovered that we can cause change internally. Once we change internally, what we see and perceive externally changes too.

If we are to see just 1% of something, we will not get the full understanding of why this happened. It is only in these recent years, I am fully appreciation that ALL Power is in heaven. And thoughts come in closing of Atlas holding the world...Is this to prevent a planetary collision?

We attract what we put out - if we destroy, destroy, kill and destroy - we are sending this out to the universe and attracting our own destruction - by the Laws that Govern the Universe.

While it is a positive that technology advances - not at the price of human life and man's hunger for power to rule the entire world and the universe. People are spiritually starving!

We have so many examples of evidence, of there being higher intelligences and life beyond this planet. The rejection of guidance and instruction in history is why people stray.

A comet is now fortold to be month.

"A comet is coming, a big and brilliant comet, arriving in November 2013. It could potentially be 15 times brighter than the moon and visible in broad daylight over the US."

"Regarding how long the event is between the shuttle event and the KILL SHOT sequence, we know as viewers and I, er, personally view this particular event a number of times, because, its, its so powerful, that all of these warring parties, that we see, on the planet, all these many wars, that on the ground, all of the, these, these soldiers (captures the upward look in the screenshot here) look up in the sky (he points with both hands gesturing @ 16:39)they all look up to something that happens in the sky, in fact it probably unprecedented atmospheric effects, that in recorded history, perhaps in unrecorded history, there's been events like this. Something happens in the atmosphere that has not been seen before because all the soldiers are looking up - and then they go home. Their priorities change. They go home. So, that's when it starts."

These soldiers are all taking orders from an overlord, who is taking orders from someone else. All the soliders are obedient to an oath - to obey their masters. However, the Oath includes 'God' and there is attempt to remove God from the Oath. It is quite possible that people are going to hear the 'commandment of God' and see something too - to remember who is the MASTER OF ALL MASTERS.

Prophesies are forefold in Christianity and Islam for Muslims, who of the Anti-Christ. Muslims refer to as the Dajjal. Is the return of Jesus Christ imminent? How many millions more people must suffer and die because of overlords who have been making the rules - ignoring God? And as strange as it is, while many Americans are military minded, they also wait for Jesus Christ to return too.

The silencing of the truth has been a careful plan....and yet, in the above video there are warnings and also what is foretold is seen to happen. The in-between cause and events is not highlighted and yet the term KILL SHOT is mentioned more than once. The orator being 'sometimes' fragmented in his message is giving clues to perhaps what he knows, seen or has learned is to happen.

Muslims say that the Anti-Christ will kill someone and then bring them back to life again as a way to win people....The also say that Jesus Christ will return in Kill the Antichrist.

We cannot ignore the messages given in the above or connections. Because Queen Elizabeth has been repeatedly said to be anointed by God - with the Archbishop of Canterbury saying Prince George WILL BE KING - and masses of people are experiencing Monarch Programming again.

Jesus Christ returning to His WORLD KINGDOM to rule from Jerusalem has been foretold too. New Jerusalem is identified accordingly. Jerusalem has been created as a landmark name in England, a couple of miles from Lincoln (one of the locations of the Da Vinci Code Movie) and there are people in our world who are creatively inspired and those who know what is happening, who are bringing the truth of what is happening. The gentleman above is also bringing a warning.

Who exactly is planning to kill who is not known....

The gentleman speaking is reminding everyone with repeatedly pointing upwards towards the heavens of a power and authority that commands people to put down their weapons and go home.

The truth is not going to be silenced any more.

The date identified in the video is November 4th in 2003. The start of escalating the most horrendous ordeal in my life. Hope no Kill-Shot is going to take place November 4th 2013.

Patterns and themes recur - for whatever reason. We are all creatures of habit until we break the habit. History is repeated until we learn the lessons. Strange as this is.

ISON - I-SON - Son of God and also SION is found in the name. Sion is in Switzerland - Mount Sion and Mount Zion - Holy Mount Zion, should not be in conflict with each other. If anything both are connected. On Holy Mount Zion is the Tomb of King David. This means that the successor to the Crown of King David, will be a descendant of King David and Related to Jesus Christ.

We all wait in anticipation for His Return- Believers and knowing has a fine line between trust and proof. There is a reason why I have been given proof beyond my spiritual journey. The precise timing of 'being taken to the throne to heaven and Christ is sitting there, is for His Purpose.'

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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