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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Diana NOT Stripped of Royal Titles on Divorce

There are people who say Diana was stripped off her royal titles when she divorced. This is written in a declaration from Buckingham Palace at the time.

'The following announcement has been issued by the press secretary to the Queen:


The Princess of Wales, as the mother of Prince William, will be regarded by The Queen and The Prince of Wales as being a member of the Royal Family.

It has been agreed that her style and title will be Diana,
Princess of Wales. She may retain any orders, insignia and other
titles, consistent with her being known as Diana, Princess of Wales.

As she will be regarded as a member of the Royal Family, The
Princess will from time to time receive invitations to State and
national public occasions, as for any other member of the Royal
Family, at the invitation of The Sovereign or the Government. On
these occasions The Princess will be accorded the precedence she
enjoys at present.

Being regarded as a member of the Royal Family, The Princess
will continue to live at Kensington Palace with The Queen's
agreement. Kensington Palace will in this way continue to provide a
central and secure home for The Princess and the children.

The Princess's public role will essentially be for her to
decide. However, as for any other member of the Royal Family, any
representational duty, whether Royal or national, at home or abroad,
will only be undertaken at the request of The Sovereign, acting where
necessary on the advice of Ministers. As for any other member of the
Royal Family, any visits by The Princess overseas (other than private
holidays) will be undertaken in consultation with the Foreign and
Commonwealth Office and with the permission of The Sovereign.

The Princess has asked The Queen if she may relinquish all her service appointments and The Queen has agreed.

The Princess will continue to have access to 32 (The Royal) Squadron and to the State Apartments at St. James's Palace for entertaining on the same basis as all other members of the Royal Family, namely with the permission of The Sovereign.

The Princess will maintain a private office in Kensington Palace, the size of which will depend on the nature and extent of the public role she undertakes.

As for any other member of the Royal Family, any activity of The Princess which involves the use of public funds will be undertaken only with the permission of The Sovereign acting where necessary on the advice of Ministers.

SOURCE Buckingham Palace'

Titles held by Diana include, Princess of Wales, Countess of Chester, Duchess of Rothesay in Scotland and Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Charles as Duke of Rothesay, is a title identified as the Heir of the Scottish Throne. Prince of Wales is a title given to the Heir to the British Throne.

Since Prince Charles married Camilla, she has not used the title Princess of Wales. There was no bill or official order to deny her using this title either. In media reports she is referred to as Duchess of Cornwall, seen to be for diplomatic reasons.

According to what is written in Wikipedia, the wife of the King, would automatically become Queen Consort. Camilla has apparently stated that she intends to use an alternative title, Princess Consort. Not sure if this still applies.

Up until Diana being declared dead, she was officially known as Princess of Wales, Countess of Chester, Duchess of Rothesay and Duchess of Cornwall, Princess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The only thing that changed is that she did not have the title Her Royal Highness in front of her name.

Diana was free to gt on with her life and her choice after her divorce. However, with still holding titles bestowed on her marriage, for Charles to remarry, this would prove to be a problem. While there are people involved in sorcery and death magic to get rid of people - if this was the cause of the car crash, it was unlikely the cause of her death.

So the truth of how Diana actually died, which was after the crash is unknown. The media has reported about SAS hitmen now. The shocking reality is there are people who kill for payment. Let's face it, soldiers sign up to go fight in bloody wars for some king and you can be assured Jesus Christ wold not send anyone to go kill anyone.

Diana loved people enough to warn people in her own way of what was happening - she knew the plan. She brought to light landmines blowing up and people losing their limbs. How many soldiers have been overseas and returned without their limbs since?

Before Diana was killed she was about to campaign for the people in Palestine. The media described her as a loose cannon. The government control the media. As for Charles he was crowned with his own powers given by his mother back in 1969. He is not sitting back as someone who is waiting - he also leads a full and very privileged life.

Upon Diana's death, her titles would be inherited by the next Princess of Wales. Masses of people in the United Kingdom believe Diana was murdered, yet do not consider how this is possible. In history royals have been involved with sorcery and witchcraft. The scenario with Diana was complex - a lot of people were involved in UK and in Paris France.

Something that I cannot ignore, just after the car crash, Diana appeared in a dream and we were talking together 'as if' she was alive. She spoke of being free. There was no mention of death or dying. She said "Promise me Pauline never to give up because there are many people like me who need your help' -. Since, I was asked to speak to certain people (nobles and public figures) and did not - including people who are no longer alive today. Michael Jackson and Witney Houston. This was not meant to be.

My sharing openly is because there are some things that are not considered acceptable and there are people who will do anything for money and power. Charles was born into his family. William and Harry were born into the family even if speculation that Harry is a child from another man and Human Clone talk. They are seen as Diana's boys.

Charles cheated on Diana when he married and has to live with this. Camilla was not the only woman in his life at the time. When they married, they both have to face in front of the world that they did a wrong but God has not rejected their marriage. It is up to both of them to prove their sincerity in faith and to each other - to God, not to us.

'If Diana' was still alive' she would still be Princess of Wales. This would mean that no other woman could take this title to be crowned Queen of God's Kingdom on earth. After all, this really is what the Spiritual Crown and New World Order is about.

If I was to discover that Diana was alive somewhere - this would make sense to what is happening today and while there are people who wanted Diana out of the way, there are also people who would do anything to protect her. God Knows absolutely everything.

Recently I wrote an article about the carriage that was turned over. One photograph showed a woman with a look of Diana sitting down watching on....The media reported this scene with several images. What I know is what can be seen, discovered from factual research, in divine guidance this is usually validated too. Sometimes in prayer, or in dreams, sometimes hearing something or being guided to specific information - always for a reason.

It was in coming across the article above, that I thought it important to share. It is also important to be open that I function with looking at many different perspectives and as a global visionary - seeing humanity as one extended family. While there are people who lie, cheat, steal and betray their spouses and family - it is not OK to Kill anyone.

December 2005 - The Prince of Wales was questioned by Lord Stevens and asked if he ever plotted to assassinate the Princess (No admission or denial was published in the article)
Assassinate means to kill someone...Diana's letter said he planned an accident in her car, it did not state that he was planning to kill her. There is a difference. Charles knows the price for that will be with his own life!

On 17th August 2013, the Daily Mail wrote 'Scotland Yard last night said they were assessing the credibility of new information relating to the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed including an allegation that they were murdered by a member of the British military.

It said it was 'scoping' the information, which surfaced in the second court martial of Sergeant Danny Nightingale, the SAS sniper convicted of illegally stashing a pistol and 338 bullets in his bedroom.

The allegation was contained in a letter from the parents-in-law of Soldier N, Sgt Nightingale's former housemate, which was sent to the SAS's commanding officer in September 2011.'

'It is understood the information was passed to the Metropolitan Police through the Royal Military Police. The letter says Soldier N claimed the SAS 'was behind Princess Diana's death' and it had been 'covered up', the Sunday People has reported.

The letter said: 'He (soldier N) also told her (his wife) that it was XXX who arranged Princess Diana's death and that has been covered up.'

Who is XXX?

You can be sure 'if Diana is alive' and contacted me while awake, I would be the first to declare this to the world. She is Free Now - Her words in my dream and she was dressed in white floral skirt and top (not black) We were sitting together as if she is alive. It would be the greatest deception to the world 'to pretend she has died'

Time is going to tell the truth of everything.

PLUS - Freedom has been declared around our world.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright Infringement Intended

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