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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 28 October 2013

Diana- Photo Alma Tunnel, Paris & Evidence

This video contains some information that has been reported, indicating cover ups. Before anyone blames France and what happened in Paris, with the relationship between Dodi and Diana denied in UK, you can be sure also that cover ups have taken place here too.

What happened was tragic. The reason it happened has far bigger implications than just what happened when this crash took place. Where it happened, the land map is very revealing too.

The story will not go away because people are not meant to forget and allow the people who want to bury the truth, to do so. Compare stories with the two videos about the driver of the Fiat Uno. Above - The photographer had been on missions before where the person died shortly afterwards.

Reports in headlines might not be true. Speak to celebrities and even listen to their speaking out to say, this as being confirmed. Newspapers sell and propaganda spin is rife.

"Is it possible that the driver of the white Fiat Uno was a white British agent?" There are detective minds who are still to this day searching for the truth. Today people are now speaking out. Today people are being forced to look at the truth - not the illusion .

"Princess Diana expressed fear of British Secret Service Operatives working for MI5 and MI6. Was this fear finally and irrevocably proven correct?"

"Is there something the British and French authorities are not telling us?" These are reasonable questions to ask?

If is not normal to ignore the truth - when something is not right. The numbness I felt when my mother became paralysed from the neck downwards was shock. Then to come to terms with this the deep pain that I felt, my focus was on helping her and helping other people. There comes a time, when we have to ask 'why did this happen?'. The Royals know Nothing is Just an Accident.

It is absolutely forbidden to take a life of another human being. All the people in armies - those soldiers are following orders. They have taken an oath of obedience. To who. Who is the person right at the top pulling the strings. Who is turning people against each other?

There are people who believe that they are above the law who have not been granted this by God. Not everyone serves God. When Charles was crowned Prince, in the Kingdom of Wales, he did not take an oath to God and his time then until now, has allowed him to consider this carefully.

If you examine this video carefully, notice the ease of the four officers carrying out the coffin from the building, yet it took eight officers who were carrying an evidently weighted coffin from the car and loading this into the aeroplane. (There are people who think she is still alive and if this was miraculously so, that would be complicated. Diana still retained all her titles)

If I recall, Charles traveled to Paris with officials who were authorised to do the embalming. Her sisters are also seen there. The confusion I have with this, is Diana appearing in my dream 'as if alive and talking together, and her says she is FREE NOW' God knows everything.

The only person/s who are above the law courts on earth are people who serve the Divine Court 'in heaven' who serve God knowingly. This is directly and not through an intercessor. This comes with far greater penalty in punishment for erring in life - few people could stand.

'The Real Reason Why Princess Diana Was Assassinated'. Ex MI Agent Testifies. Annie Machon might sound jolly as she is speaking out - she is bold in speaking the truth. And she is an example to all who want to speak out - keeping the silence is allowing the lies to continue.

Diana was making it very clear her life was in danger.

And in the highest court in the land, to the civil court, everyone who sits in a position of Justice, should be as keen as I am and all the people who have done extensive research to gather THE FACTS of a case and bring this forward - not silence the truth. The gathering of evidence if not heard and the guilty tried in the law courts on earth will surely be judged from the heavens.

One day Justices will be asked Why did you not serve Justice? And all the reasons they do not is why you are going to see the return to the Holy Law again 'in context' eventually.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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