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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Dreams & Visions - 6 Crowns and Christ IS King

The other day I was doing a calculation of the crowns that have been revealed to me - all are different. In total there are six crowns plus Jesus Christ was wearing a crowned. So if we consider this, there are 7 crowns revealed to me so far...

There are 7 branches on the Menorah too.

The other day I came across a website of a lady who is creative, with her own website, who is also inspired by crowns. Love what she has written too, I will share the link.

'Crowned Dream - My plans for the bedroom is to create a "Royal" theme. After all, we are a Prince and Princess of Christ, right?'

Indeed we are. The wedding that takes place between a bride and groom is a royal wedding. And if you are to look to God and understand your soul journey, you will also understand that God is the creator of all souls and we all have a spiritual purpose in this world.

As long as your focus is on God he can guide you. What happened to save humanity, Christ was born - the God man was already expected long before he was born. A Jewish lady spoke of Moses role in preparing the Israelites for God's Kingdom on Earth with Christ.

The lady who had the crowned dream did not elaborate on the detail, however there are today many people who are having dreams and visions of Christ too. She wrote on her website that she had seen this last fall (being then in Autumn 2011) for sale.

Notice there are two crowns and one key. The key is pointing with the hand part upwards meaning this is the key from heaven. This shows the key holder is in heaven. In creative works look at the detail. This is deliberately framed as if with three windows displaying what is relevant to know. Our eyes are the Windows to our soul.

Then the lady titled this image 'Crowns Found'.

The lady had gone looking for crowns so that she could create her own vision. What we see is an ornate cross is on the ground, with two crowns placed on the ground too.

The lady is evidently spiritual and loves Jesus Christ. She is an instrument to show two crowns are being shown in open boxes on the ground. Connected to Him is by the Holy Cross.

Notice the detail of the cross with the ornate design and four gold fleur de lis, not only pointing in four directions, this shows that the person this represents, Christ is connected to all directions and four golden branches - He is Related to Everyone.

The two crowns above are very similar design to what were shown to me in visions. Both crowns were gold, except the one with fabric inside was dark crimson.

In the crown with the points and round ends on top, if you do a count with what we can see there are 7 points - again the same as number as the 7 branch menorah. Shortly after my vision of this crown I went to lay down and sleep on the sofa and said 'God please guide me with what you want me to know' Immediately I heard 'Queen of Jerusalem'.

The other crown with an orb and cross on top was seen in a vision as a crown that was shown to be put away somewhere - not worn. In discovering the Crown of Portugal is the same colour material and not worn by the Monarch, it is an Imperial crown.

Is it possible that I was being shown the Queen of Jerusalem and the Crown of Portugal are connected together - we are shown this is a possibility. As it happens, Juan Carlos of Spain is King of Jerusalem (Juan is also the family surname) It is in some cultures to place the surname before the Christian name. It gets confusing when people change names.

What is certain, unless everyone understands that we are all under the authority of the heavens, it is easy to lose our way and even be misguided by self appointed overlords. There are people predicting another war - how many wars have there been in 2000 years?

Time will tell everything. What will be will be.

And while those with designs to rule over lands and people with deception - there are people in our world who are divinely guided and with the understanding of Providence too. It is just interesting to discover this and see there are other people who are being guided too. And it is easy to see who is being guided in truth - there is always validation.

Jesus Christ is not a deceiver or misleads any people. But you can be sure of one thing, he really does know all the devious plans made by man 'who go against him'

"They are Both Defiant" he said about Kate and William.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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