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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 26 October 2013

Mysterious Pond Circles Appear In Eden 2013

Sharing another video because it is timely 'from Eden'

The video upload was published on 25 Mar 2013

'Peggy Gervase was looking out from the deck of her home at a nearby pond. She spotted what appeared to be a series of concentric circles that had opened in the snow covering the pond. It almost resembled the unusual phenomena known as crop circles. But again this occurred on the surface of a pond.'

There are three aspects that come from this.

The first is Eden, while not sure exactly where because there are several landmarks named as Eden. Still the message is the same. This is connected to Eden and the Garden of Eden.

In the Beginning God Created Adam and Eve....Genesis.

The pond is like a small lake - with Peggy being a woman, being reminded that this is about a Lady by the Lake. There is a mystery about this. There is also a connection to ancient Egypt in relation to a lake that comes to mind. In looking every Egyptian Temple had a sacred lake.

People might not know or forgotten that Princess Diana was buried by a lake. The death of Diana has been seen by masses of people as murder. By who - God Knows. By whose Command - God Knows. Apparently her family have raised many millions of pounds with books etc and by using Diana's name. Now there is going to be a temple built where her body was laid. With this being on a private estate, perhaps this is also contributing to a family who believe they have a right to rule lands forever!

This is said with former pubic toilets in Manchester, created as the underground Temple Bar. Horrible thought and people say 'the smell is still here'. The landmark has a purpose.

So with these mysterious pond circles appearing in Eden 'Outside of England, UK' - and created in the New World of America, there is reason and it is to understand there is a reason and precision in what is happening. At the very least, we are given a reminder to return to the beginning again - where right at the very beginning was the Creator who is the author of all things.

In the beginning God was and is The Authority of all Mankind.

The crop circles and these pond circles are a reminder of the heavenly authority. There are many ways divine intervention is happening by our creator. There are people on earth who are being given divine revelation from God. Beings from other worlds are too. There are seen many UFO's over the years and also people have been given the awareness of higher intelligences. This is necessary.

Where I was born on Beulah Crescent, in front of the house, was a garden centre - a nursery. Today a building has been created and named Lakeman House. In Thornton Heath, England, Westminster Road is named and Westiminster Court. In the City of Westminster in London is The Royal Court of Justice and The Church - Westminster Abbey where the Queen was crowned and Westminster Cathedral. In Thornton Heath also, Zion Road is named (I ONLY Relate to the Holy Mount Zion that My church is connected to - and Zion 'National Park' is named in America is why God Rules, Through Jesus Christ.

Perhaps this is a reminder to America, that the circles being connected with the pond, and lady have far deeper meaning and bringing this video to people's attention is timely.

Eden is nothing about individuals. The Garden of Eden is the foundation garden of all humanity on earth. The water has some mystery because, if we are to look at the story of 'My Little Mermaid' - with just writing about this a few days ago, perhaps, this is in some way connected.

In ancient times, the earth has tilted and there is geological evidence to show that this world was created and has gone through many cycles. Just in the more recorded and known flood, the entire earth was flooded by God and Noah warned the people to repent but they would not.

So with this, Noah was inspired to build a ship and, with a new Noah's Ark being built in Holland - this is a reminder of repentance as in ancient history. The Dutch were navigators and ship builders - evidently we are shown that with the Noah's Arks being built, the Dutch have been divinely inspired. And the dimensions of this vessel is found precisely in the Holy Bible.

So if we consider this story that has been given to mankind, We are descendants of Noah as well as being descendants of Adam and Eve, the first man and woman. We are being asked to return to the right way and stop worshiping false idols 'as if they are God's' when they are not.

Atlantis - the lost city is retold for a reason. People are shown a Queen involved in sorcery and laws with people fighting for their lives and freedom. 'The Hunger Games' has been filmed and for people see this is already happening. People keeping positions of power by keeping the population down and conforming. Weak willed people accepting self appointed overlords.

The signs around are being given for everyone to see and to understand in context. Keep an open mind - DO NOT RELY ON WHAT I AM WRITING HERE. It is for you to see and seek the truth with your own mind and eyes. Use your mind to expand your awareness to what is happening in our world.

Water comes from the heavens - WATER is A FREE AND GOD GIVEN RESOURCE. There are people who are not only cashing in on this, people are poisoning our drinking water too. It is known by people right at the top that people have lived for hundreds of years. The mentality that wants to 'own the world' also is the same greedy mentality that thinks materialistically for gains.

Charles River is named in Boston and Cambridge USA too.

We could live in a world where much of what we eat is Free. The problem is we live in a materialistic world that has endless financial demands. The increasing demands is deliberate.

For thousands of years people thrived by sharing and exchanging skills. People have been building communities together - without monetary exchange. This is happening now; with groups of people and cultures maintaining this value. The system in place is a materialistic system.

While God forgives people who SEEK HIS FORGIVENESS, HE DOES NOT FORGET. The Daily Mail - Mail Online published a letter from Princess Diana to say her husband was planning an accident in her car. More recently exposure of deception to people is taking place. Secret crowning ceremonies in a worldwide church; illegal wars for a one world government and a family of 3 Kings promoted.

There are fundamental laws we must all live by. 'WE' have been given this earth to take care of and to take care or each other. The Prophesies foretold are both scary and hopeful. People need to start to examine their hearts and take responsibility because not even the Queen is your ticket to heaven. Neither is the Pope or anyone else on this earth. We are all here on our own merit.

There are chosen people who are pointing people to heaven.

The reminder to people that there is a far higher authority is again. In the garden of Eden the story is told about eating the forbidden fruit of knowledge. This is the knowledge of good and for evil. There are people who will do anything for power - at the least keep people down. At worse rule over people by oppression and even deception. The most diabolical is people killing for power.

People are no longer able to tell who are the evolved souls and there is a clear sign. The Eden Project has been built in England - planned and even inspired by man. However, IF God wants to, He will Place His footstool, The Throne of His Kingdom on Earth wherever he wants to. And if people read the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America - then they will understand.

The mysterious Eden pond circles happened 'there' for a reason.

With the name of the lady, Peggy Gervase whose garden this mystery appeared - Hearing 'Peggy 2' - 'Peggy 2 is our second-generation light-emitting "pegboard" display:'

With the name Gervase - the first name that comes up on google is Gevase Peterson - Peter's Son. Looking more to see why this name has been specifically chosen.

'Gervase's brother Thomas, who like himself was a monk of Christ Church, Canterbury, was Thomas of Maidstone, they came of a Kentish family. St. Thomas of Canterbury received his religious profession on February 16, 1163, and also ordained him. He was one of the monks who buried the saint after his martyrdom, December 29, 1170.'

The 'Archbishop of Canterbury' also comes to mind - Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Atkinson Crowned Queen Elizabeth II, officer to facilitate the coronation ceremony of the Queen.

In Eden, Eve was the first woman and the New Eve.

Keep an open mind. More to share and The Throne in Heaven.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

An update since writing this article posted on 27/10/2014/. Just came across this video 'Homes for Sale - 17523 Pond Circle, Eden Prairie, MN' Valley View Road.

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