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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Prince Charles on the Future of Food

'The Prince of Wales told an audience of students and faculty May 4 2011 that the model of food production prevalent in the 21st century world just doesn't work.

"We will have to develop much more sustainable, or durable forms of food production because the way we have done things up to now are no longer as viable as they once appeared to be," the prince said during "The Future of Food" conference, hosted by Washington Post Live.

Prince Charles last visited Georgetown in 2005, when he attended a seminar on faith and social responsibility.'

A very interesting speech that has positive replies.

In the detail, listening early in the video, the mention of 'security' came with looking upwards to the right and left...he also mentions 'ordinary people' a few times, instead of 'all people'. The system he envisions is one that identifies lands and global population and the focus also is brought on profit making with productability.

Charles ended with "Ladies and gentlemen let me just end by reminding you of the words of one of your own founding fathers and visionaries. It was George Washington who entreated your forebears to "Raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair. The rest is in the hands of God. and indeed as so often in the past in the hands of your great country."

There are so many issues I could address that came to light from within this video....

ie Population growth, empower people, provide opportunity for every child to be educated and develop skills and further education helps to also raise self esteem, motivates people to reach higher goals and value the education process that people will appreciate this focus than baby making and waiting for someone to provide a job.

The mindset is typical of those who have ideas for systems and yet do not address the root cause of problems.

Who wrote the speech is unknown however there were statistics and percentages included and the mention of water shortage and contaminated water too.

A vast amount of profit is made on water also for contaminating with chemicals too. The people are drinking this contaminated water. The chemicals, chlorine for instance, has some effect on blood - plus fluoride contributes to brain disfunction and cancer. The research was already carried out and fluoride banned in some States for this reason.

All the symptoms people run to the doctors for prescription drugs and for illness, also not excluding depression etc. These drugs are being urinated into water and is this water being processed again? A dumbed down society is partly from this process - instead of addressing problems and empowering people, to depress them and disable them with drugs.

Charles has some ideas from his learning - what is his agenda. He speaks of his children and grandchildren asking why nothing was done. His family are not the only people in the world. What is known with the monarch they are given possession of the land.

The question is, what is this families motivation.

Someone has replied to the video and I would like to share.

Robyn Waldeck 4 months ago

Why does anyone need to pay for food Charles?? Affordable Prices? What does that even mean? If you can't pay, you can't eat? Why are the Royals looking after themselves with strictly organic farming and shoving GMO's down the throats of the people?? Agenda 21 Charles?? Food grows naturally on our planet, it never needed your help. HAARP, Geoengineering etc, were never intended to help humanity. Fact! You cannot own food or land or people Charles. This is a Planet, not a business opportunity!!!

Unfortunately, we live in a materialistic world and from what is presented in this video the cost of living is going to go up. There is no spiritual food coming from this source. Now people have a choice - to continue being disabled and blinded by this, or to realise each has their own strengths and skills to contribute some way in building our world.

George Washington was divinely guided as has been shown in an earlier article. Georgetown is named and this speech took place at Georgetown University. There are people saying when Charles is King he will take the name George - I do not know. Already said before the names of his grandson were very carefully chosen; maybe even with Charles help.

What is certain, contaminating food is not going to serve any positive purpose. Genetically modified food changes its God given structure and so what we are consuming has been altered by man and might not be healthy at all. This might be detrimental to the global population and it is not something that can be ignored or sounded out forever.

Livestock have been pumped with hormones - ie cows to produce more milk. People are consuming these hormones too. People are reportedly lactose intolerant might find that their body is reacting to the hormones/toxins being pumped in the cows.

The hormones and GM food given to chickens to fatten them up is being consumed. If you compare dress sizes with 20 years ago they have changed. This is with people being blinded by what is happening. For at least 20 years the diet industry has been heavily promoted, not for health reasons. This was seen and heavily marketed for profit.

Messing up with taking away natural sources of food and replacing with synthetic alternative, again impacts consumption and nutrient absorption. The concern about aspartame was brought out into the open a few years ago. Better to have no sugar than to consume a product that was deemed to be deadly and dangerous by the FDA - that since is said to be found in over 6000 consumable products - foods, drinks and possibly store bought candy too.

Back in my childhood, over 40 years ago I remember children being finicky with food - not wanting fruits and vegetables. Were they picking up on something that parents were blind to? Today the reason why people are addicted to sweets and food, is because it has been used as a way to numb feelings. Babies are being given chocolate or candy when they cry!

Adults, with being one myself, may have good ideas and speak with experience. Having studied extensively to understand and still today I value the resource of the internet to research and learn - meanwhile, Charles collects £18 million a year as heir to the throne and his mother £13 million a year for being the Sovereign. There has been £200 million expense claims and yet, they are unlikely to relate to people who struggle to get by.

For a number of years, I am concerned about the people who feed their families junk food that lack nutritional value. The children growing up likely will develop some sort of nutritional deficiency and already a vast amount of children and adults have brain tumors.

America has land mass that can be developed for food agriculture, however, if this is to be cultivated with toxins the land will become contaminated and more serious illness and cancer will rise. A couple of years ago I had a dream of being in a place that was so lush and the fruits were so big. One raspberry was almost the size of my clenched fist. With loving fruit and could live of this, the dream could have been telling me to eat more. However, I woke up to the diminishing quality and size of fruit being through toxins impacting growth.

There are people who want to live forever...If you read the Holy Bible, people have lived for hundreds of years. A society that has a structure that contaminates our food and water, is headed by people who know of history. Charley can look up towards the heavens when saying the word 'security' - people who lived for a long time were often evolved souls.

Understand the psychology of 'Fear of Loss'. People want what they cannot have. People panic buy if there is a fear of being without. There are people who have had big families in some cultures because people died young and the reliance on the family taking care of each other was high. Contaminating our food and water for fear of loss is irresponsible. Charles apparently is selling bottled water and huge profit is made from the bottled water industry. Hang on.....perhaps poisoning our water brings more profit there too. Does Charles really love the People?

The sheeple applause people with wealth and titles. The sheeple follow by the millions anyone who is a celebrity on Twitter and Facebook. The sheeple gush at celebrities. The sheeple are being led like lambs to the slaughter and there is nothing that can be done about it. You choose who you want as your master. I would want to know who is their master.

Someone once said to me 'Pauline Everyone has an agenda'...

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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