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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The Nepali Crown to Find a New Home

Reuters report with the headline on March 19th 2012

With monarchy gone, Nepali crown to find new home

'Reuters - The crown worn by Nepal's kings, once considered the reincarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, will be put up for public viewing at a palace museum, an official said on Monday, nearly four years after the abolition of the 239-year-old monarchy.

A specially elected assembly dominated by the Maoist former rebels abolished the Hindu monarchy in May 2008, turning one of the world's poorest countries into a secular republic.

The pagoda-roofed pink palace in the heart of Kathmandu was made into a museum after the last monarch King Gyanendra left, handing the ruby- and diamond-studded crown to the government.

"We are keeping the crown and the ceremonial sceptre in a safe room in the palace as there are not enough security arrangements in place at the museum right now," said Lekh Bahadur Karki, chief of the Narayanhiti palace museum.

"The government has decided to display them for public viewing. We'll prepare a bullet-proof show case for the crown which will be put up at the Surkhet Baithak," Karki told Reuters, referring to the room where former kings received their foreign guests.

Nepal's leading jewelers had been unable to put a monetary value on the crown, saying only it was "priceless", Karki said.

"Its security and safety is our prime concern. Our goal is to exhibit the crown in mid-July when the current fiscal year ends," he added.

A 1939 Mercedes Benz presented by Nazi leader Adolf Hitler to King Tribhuvan, Gyanendra's grandfather, is also to be displayed at the museum.'


In addition, authorities say they plan to rebuild the house in the same royal compound where the then-Crown Prince Dipendra gunned down his popular father King Birendra and eight other royals before turning the gun to himself in 2001, according to an official investigation.

Only a six-inch brick outline remains of the building now.

Many analysts say the incident, which vaulted Gyanendra on to the throne, marked the beginning of the end of the monarchy in the devoutly religious nation of 26.6 million people.

Although many people considered the king the incarnation of Vishnu, the Hindu god of protection, Gyanendra failed to win the same respect as his slain brother Birendra.

He sacked the elected government in 2005 and took on absolute powers.

Now he lives as a commoner with his family in a private home and the former palace has become a popular tourist attraction in the temple-studded capital ringed by lush green hills.'

The Narayanhiti Palace Museum is now named finding this video by shows a connection to Canada with Nepal being revealed. Queen Elizabeth II is Queen of Canada too. The opportunity is presented here to have a look inside, even if the commentary is in a different language. Sometimes language differences are not really important for the eyes can see.

In learning more - the royal massacre, this took place June 1, 2001 (my birthday). It was also as we remember the year of the twin towers being demolished with 9/11. Destruction of the Greek Orthodox also happened - people did report seeing the devils face in the smoke, indicating that this could have been a ritual by unseen forces. Around this day 9/11 my father collasped and went to a coma never to awake again. The anniversary for his death was yesterday - 21st October.

In reading about the royal family massacre, my first thought was that the Crown Prince could have been influenced by a demonic entity to wipe out his family.

We only need to consider what happened to the Russian Imperial family. There are people who also believe they have the right to rule over lands and people, yet when these murders happen, we question how God can allow this; also cannot eliminate people wanting to rule the world.

The crown is seen with a long white feather and full white head covering. This crown is symbolic to show someone who is spiritually crowned - the feather connects with the Divine Law written from the heavens ...there is no guarantee successors of any royal family inherit the throne.

Reincarnation of like the mystery of the cycles of time. Birth and rebirth to enable the human being to evolve spiritually so we can all become pure spiritual beings. If we lose the focus of God the Almighty Creator, we will not attain this source of Truth and Divine Wisdom.

The following shows categorically how Vishnu is distinguished.

He who presents (offering) to Viṣṇu, the ancient, the creator, the recent, the self-born; he who celebrates the great birth of that mighty one; he verily possessed of abundance, attains (the station) that is to be sought (by all). (Rigveda 1:156:2) (page 98)

Notice in this picture a cord is connected from the heavens to the navel, as a mother and baby connection before birth to show a family bloodline connection. Lakshmi is shown with a halo to indicate that she is Crowned Royal spiritually enlightened for her purpose.

In this image while Vishnu is sleeping, Lakshmi is depicted in gold and when the sun is setting, her halo glows brightly. Notice her attention on Vishnu which indicates their connection; also by her halo being divinely guided from the heavens. The the feet are a map of the complete body, she is connected with and an important part of the taking care and guiding Vishnu too.

Lakshmi is worshipped as the consort of Vishnu in many temples.

It is said the Palace was painted pink for astrological reasons. It is not the first time the Pink Palace has been shown. When Pope Benedict XVI resigned he stayed at the Pink Palace before moving into his home. Pink is a feminine colour and also symbolises unconditional love.

It is interesting that on the doors are 'brown eyes' - a reminder the all seeing eye in heaven, is divinely guiding on this earth. What is happening on earth is known in the heavens. A few weeks ago a four year old child had a visitation of Jesus Christ. He had no idea who this man was and screamed. Jesus introduced himself and said he knew me. He also introduced 'Mary his wife' - the four year old said she was wearing a long pink dress and a veil - He could see 'she had brown eyes'.

There is a divine plan unfolding and what will be, will be. No one can fake their place to sit on an imperial has been shown, likely in history too, who sits on the footstool on earth will meet a criteria and the geographical location will be placed 'anywhere' He chooses.

The white feather has been seen on the Divine Crowns in Egypt. Outside Buckingham Palace is a statue atop the Victoria Memorial fountain with a gold winged messenger pointing to the heavens.

It is known in the echelons of power, not everyone is sincere in their faith. Then again, sometimes it is necessary to restore faith by showing people that our obedience to God was commanded back thousands of years ago and this authority supersedes being obedient to man.

Lumbini in Nepal is the birthplace of Buddha. The Buddha foretold the people 500 years before Christ was born that also brings the connection to Nepal and the Buddha with the Christ family. There is no exclusion from people by Christ and God is for all people, not one and not the other.

So my faithful readers, keep an open mind and keep seeking truth - not by what I am writing here. What is being revealed is by being guided and keeping a constant focus to being guided in truth. If I make a mistake - the truth is revealed. This is a learning and enlightening journey. At one time I would never discuss prayers answered, dreams and visions - I have been told repeatedly to write.

A final thought in closing this article. With 7 billion people in our world and so many lands, there is an endless amount of news that can be reported in the media. Selective stories are for a reason and sometimes looking beyond the story, we will discover what is relevant to know. However, if you do not know the truth about who is wearing the crown - do you know who is guiding you?

When a 'governing overlord' ignores people suffering - why?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright Infringement Intended.

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