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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Update - Mermaids New Evidence HDTV

Very recently I was guided to write about Mermaids, thinking that perhaps there is an element of truth to this. As a young girl, I had the impression this could be possible, not sure how. We did not have television in our home until the 1970's. It did not seem to be important then.

A few years ago, I met someone with webbed toes from 'Brazil'. Not knowing if other people in the family had this, however this opened my eyes and mind to realise other people have webbed fingers and toes too. This could be an indication of a genetic trait - the fish people.

The expression something 'fishy is going on' comes with realisation and awakening. Suspecting and discovering comes with willingness to explore and not to dismiss intuitive guide either.

The story of 'My Little Mermaid', is of a young mermaid girl being transformed so she could live on planet earth and marry her Prince. This explains Royal Princess and Queen of the Seas.

Yesterday I found this video...and as with everything that is truth there will be evidence. Watching the video there is evidence of mermaids, one having a skull with what appears to be a band over, much like seen in the Imperial Crown of Russia. Right at the very top people know the truth.

Also, in the video is categorical denial of mermaids - perhaps out of ignorance. Perhaps because there is a truth that people would rather stay hidden. This would explain the My Little Mermaid story being retold over and over and one of the most widely known children's stories to millions of people today. The fairytales we are told, perhaps and most likely, had some truth to them.

The fire seen in the video to burn down the evidence of the museum - unknown if this is an act of arson or people playing with elements. The fire was meant to be or it would not have happened. And the fire, captures our attention - what was in there that people were not meant to know.

In the documentary Dr. Paul Robertson states 'This is unbelievably similar to the remains that we found."

The time to show this to the world was in July 1865 "when the civil war had ended the entire country was ready to move on and P.T. Barnham was ready to move on with the grand unveiling of his real mermaid" (this was 20 years after the Fiji mermaid so in a way you could say this was the first blockbuster sequel in American history, right?) Oh absolutely!

P.T. Barnham was planing a 19th century equivilent of Woodstock. He was planning to bring back CHANG AND ENG these are the World Famous Siamese Twins, They had not been seen for over 25 years - he brought them out of retirement.'

Trying to find who is Eng (England) Now found it. (In Jewish Gematria Eng equates to Mahdi - meaning guided one) The Monarchy of Thailand is referred to as King of Thailand or historically as 'King of Siam'. Movies 'Anna and the King of Siam' also 'The King and I' - have a reason.

"This is General Tom Thumb he measured 23 inches." (There is a fable about Tom Thumb and so here in the proof. The man/men who preserved the truth want it to be known globally)

The event never got off the ground - "two days before the show was about to start on Saturday, July 15th 1865, two days before on July 13th 1965 a terrible fire broke out at the museum - burned it to the ground. It was one of the worse fires in New York history"

'A collection of Real photographs' is been brought to the global attention of Barnham's Real Mermaid - detail shown clearly on the video. To focus on the face and head is also seen here.

Dr. Paul Robertson expresses his truth "Wow, wow wow...It is The Crest." - (The bridge 'Crest' is recognised, recreated in a new Replica Great Imperial Crown of Russia)

The photograph reflection reminds people 'as above so below'.

This is a snippet of the main video 3:38 long that shows again the webbed hands. Notice also the 'writing on the wall' - it looks to be really old. It also gives a sign, with evidence that the truth about this has been known and written down since the ancient times too.

There are people who are silenced - who will not be. There are also people who want to be 100% sure and ethical experts will, whether public figures or not, known or not - keep examining the evidence and continue with fact finding....much like my own process - keeping an open mind. If I am reject the possibility of a truth, the danger, is that I might believe a lie - creating illusion.

Greenland Sea is identified on March 6th 2013.

Dr. Paul Robertson is asking on camera to keep looking at the detail, with having also done his own prior research and discovery with evidence. Detail takes finest tuned eyes and mind. Evidence speaks volumes and truth comes with the evidence that supports truth - especially in these matters.

Dr. Paul Roberson was asked if this was the same creature as found in 'South Africa' - "the body recovered was incomplete, but based on the remains that were taken from us it looks like the same species"

South Africa is where Elizabeth Port is named - With Queen Elizabeth carrying the Star of Africa diamond in her sceptre, this is certainly interesting to connect with validation. There are also Queen ships named - so this is also not by accident. Names give validation.

Dr. Torsten Schmidt was asked about what he saw "Well I looked at is and I just knew I was looking at the face of another intelligence, another species, like us."

This footage was not shown to the Icelandic authorities. A threat was given if pursuing this with legal action - evidently authorities wanted to keep this hidden and silenced too. Because Dr. Schmidt is Danish and Greenland is a part of Denmark - this was taken to the Danish authorities.

In response to this evident, the New Danish government announced a complete ban on oil drilling and exploration - perhaps to preserve the life that is evidently under the seas.

Greenland is named King Christian Land and King Frederik VIII Land. As names are passed on through the family, the internet allows also easy search for issue and who is who.

With the truth not being silenced; in some way it is getting louder. So, this time, Israel is not silencing the truth and unlikely to be silenced either. This is means to be.

In the first video, there an offer of $1 million for evidence of mermaids - that should get people talking and looking for evidence. There is also evidence shown now (although I am making no claim for the $ 1 million), My sharing this time is being guided to find this and realise there is a connection; also to promote the opening of minds of people so that they also seek the truth.

"Greenland Nature Reserve is the largest natural park in the world and also a coastal preserve is for marine mammals and I think because our footage was taken near that area, then er, was a lot of concern about the disturbances to this habitat and what that may affect animals there." Dr. Schmidt.

There is a reason for everything and nothing is by accident. As there are people working hard to bury truths and change the laws, against God's divine plan, there are people who are working deliberately and knowingly, also people who are instruments unknowingly bringing the truth to people.

There is as with the Danish Royal family the continuation of names being passed down from generation to generation. The same is happening with the British Royal family, who also have land makes named after them. Prince Phillip is Danish and so therefore his family are Danish descent too.

The Mermaid is being made known to the world now.

Minerva is connected to water and healing....

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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