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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Biggest UK Crash - Miracle Without Death

 What was most strange about this crash were to see the cards - lots of red, white and blue cars grouped together. The scene on the bridge looks as if it is in this still - a large white truck squashing vehicles and blocking the road - preventing the reds getting past, with other white vehicles.

Above a cyan colour car is trapped - cyan, sounds like Sian.  Sian is a city in China spelled Xi'an, also a Welsh girls name. Sian is also a name of a place in Iran. Sian means "Princess of light".

This is the number 23 appearing in the marked vehicle. The other two vehicles are destroyed too, one looks as if it has been cut in half. This crash took place in England in Kent.

 'Number 23 shirt has appeared several times worn by different people including David Beckham and Rihanna. The young Asian girl who lost her leg in a 'freak' crash in New York, wore 23 too Sian Green - Sian meaning Princess of Asia and being Asian, from  Britain,  (then with Miss Philippines, from Asia winning the Miss World Title - we get an idea there is far more going on)'

In this 100 car pileup - Eight people were seriously injured, 200 walking wounded received treatment at the scene and 33 people taken to hospital.. 'Police said it was ‘truly miraculous’ that nobody died in the biggest ever accident caused by fog on British roads.

Motorists described their ‘blind terror’ in the seemingly endless succession of screeching tyres, crunching metal and smashing glass as cars, lorries and vans ploughed into each other and crumpled like concertinas.' The scene was captured by camera from several angles.

Here we see people standing on the road and at that time I thought 'this is people power' taking control of the road - I wish, because they have not woken up to the increased laws for profit that rake in many billion pounds a year at every opportunity connected with the road.

The photograph gives also the residue of fog lifting - fog blinds people so that they cannot see in front of their eyes. Often I wonder if people have been put under a spell so that they cannot see. Actually it is far worse than that people have been conditioned over time not to see and to the point there are people rush out and buy whatever is sold to them, even if bad for them.

From a different angle, what appears to be a cyan coloured car is green. Behind a learning vehicle is behind with a white vehicle to the side. In front appears to be a white vehicle again totally destroyed.

From another angle this car has been captured again and the black coloured vehicles moved out of the way...This is a time when for a while realizing the articles being published might have a deeper meaning and reports are also revealing additional information by what we see.

This is again another photograph of the scene where the bigger picture reveals the white car that has been destroyed and the officials carrying the wing....We can also see on the transport vehicle other white cars above and below. Colours have meaning and white usually relates to purity.

Days before this crash, Sian Green lost her leg in a crash in New York. On this day I had gone to Manchester 'sensing some danger' that I had taken a Holy Bible with me and on my journey asked for God to get me safely to my journey and return home. Learning of the loss of leg of the young pretty British girl, Sian Green made me feel extremely heavy hearted...

Here the recovery vehicles are seen mainly yellow and this is a colour that is often seen with children painting the sun...a colour also of radiating golden yellow light shines from the body of Jesus Christ the first time he revealed himself to me wearing His Crown and standing in an Open doorway.

Notice there are two men Pauley and Wright - with their hats off. I know a Jewish friend who always called me Pauley - sounds like Pauley RIGHT - .Now this situation is not about me) this is an example of the signs showing what is relevant to know in the time. This is one scenario out of countless more in our world that are relevant for you to know and understand.

The other day I was guided to find one line about the fog in the bible - and now cannot find it. Bear in mind this is a multiple pile up with no deaths whatsoever. This was Gods way to bring a message for understanding because he is the controller of everything 'especially the weather'.

The day before when Sian Green lost her foot, a photograph was published of David Cameron 'as if' levitating a bicycle; - the picture was not shared because of copyright. It was because of this at time I wondered if someone was being raised up... then after Sian's injury there was a report that he suffered a very bad back. Another time he was pictured on a beach with mickey mouse head on his shorts in a very unflattering picture in Cornwall.....'for a reason' He can explain himself with this.

A few weeks ago I was given a vision of a crown and then went to look for this. The crown I was being shown was the Crown of Portugal - The Imperial Crown. This is a crown that is apparently held by the House of Wettin of which is Queen Elizabeth and so therefore her Family too. Does this in any way compare in colour to the car that is crushed by the black and white truck. You decide.  

The crown was never actually worn by any Portuguese monarch.

In 1646, King John IV of Portugal consecrated the Crown of Portugal to the Virgin Mary and since no Portuguese sovereign ever wore a diadem, though it was present at the ceremony where his ascension was proclaimed. The last official use during the reign of Manuel II of Portugal for his acclamation and at the official opening of the Cortes the Portuguese parliament. The Portuguese Crown Jewels, are kept in the Ajuda National Palace in Lisbon though they are not on display to the public.

This explains why Queen Elizabeth signed the Lisbon Treaty in 2009.

The day before the above crash on the motorway there was a report about a tower in London known as the walkie talkie, a curved structure reflecting very bright light. This light and intense heat not only has been burning shop entrances - it has melted cars and cracked the pavement. I did wonder with the Shard nearby if the light reflection shines towards this to intensify the power house in UK.

As it happens the walkie talkie building is at number 20 Fenchurch - 20 is the number connected with Judgement. The fens is a land in England...Fenland is a local government district in Cambridgeshire- no surprise there, with the Duke of Cambridge named and Prince of Cambridge being named too - except people do not realise Prince also means Monarch. Ruling by deception?

Disregarding the Authority of God is what is happening and disregarding the Laws of God are by people who are God mockers - many in UK. They do so without care or conscience. 

 The day before the crash, in looking at Googlemaps to see the area where this light was shining, I came across this image and took a screen shot. It is outside a bank - the black and white van, is in a disabled parking spot. My thoughts at the time was is being like a goods vehicle or removal van and  yet the driver - is he or she disabled? The parking bay was and is clearly identified.

This is an interesting area. Eastcheap is named too - The British know all about exploiting cheap labour in the east...There is a pub named Eastcheap arms too. The grounds that the ruling elite hold in this world might be because they published a 'translated edition of the holy bible' - Did they ever bring forth the Word of God or guide people so that they know the authority of God? If so when?

It is unknown if being guided to find this image via a Daily Mail news report if this was providing an uncomfortable feeling of danger 'with disability being shown' and yet personally have to trust what is being shown by Christ, the man who was Crowned by Divine Right King of Kings.

The media are instrumental in showing what is happening today.  The internet provides a resource to access the right information and to see...googlemaps has allowed access to geographical locations that those who sit in ruling postions travel to paid for by the tax payer.

Hats are also symbolic of crowns and so here to see the Queen wearing the same colour crown as the Imperial Crown of Portugal and the car that is crushed by the black and white van, is rather creepy and yet it is what is it. The Queen was given a choice to do right by the people or her family.

God Knows and Sees All and He KNOWS all the devious plans that are taking place behind closed doors too. There are people involved in rituals and 'if' any of the British royals and their government are involved in Satanic Rituals to maintain positions of power, this is Antichrist rule. 

A family photo...might as well share this too. If the Queen has been crowned as being Queen by Right - this explains her holding the Great Star of Africa Diamond and she would be while portrayed to be in a special relationship with America, who is the authority deciding all the illegal wars?

The crash above happened in Kent. Canterbury is in Kent - the Archbishop of Canterbury crowned the Queen of England. Today former oil executive - on the payroll, has given up that job and chosen out of three to the primate an Spiritual Leader for Jesus Christ in England. It is unknown if he is divinely guided by Jesus Christ or if the State Church is to maintain a power structure - if Christ is not the Head of the Church than God is not at the head of the Church either.

 Jesus Said 'No One Comes To the Father, But Through Me' John 14:6

As long as people remain in spiritual blindness, people who are deceiving the masses can also rule and reign to the people's detriment. There are warnings not to harm God's anointed ones - The international news alerted people of assassination plots of the Ecumenical Patriarch 'connected with the Greek Orthodox Church' - Was the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexis murdered too?

We do not know by who....we know there are people who will do anything to be in positions of power and I was told there are people involved in rituals to gain and maintain positions of power.

 In this particular image we see a 'royal blue' car and what looks like an open carriage overturne
Jubilee Law is a written biblical law that relates to returning land to who it rightfully belongs also repentance to be obedient to God. There are people who believe they are God who are not. The current showing the The Bible on Television shows the Pharaoh roaring in Anger that He is God.

How on earth no one has been killed in this is astonishing. In the article a lot of focus is given to this crimson coloured vehicle and so this  has been for a reason to understand.

To learn more we see a black vehicle with 'warrior' written and it is facing the red vehicle to indicate that perhaps there is someone trying to harm the person who is the crown wearer. Black Knight comes to mind and Black Prince, Black Magic Arts - the royals know all about these!

Notice blue sign and 'white' arrow pointing straight up towards heaven.

A few weeks ago there was a gathering of all the Royal family reported in Scotland - is this where the coronation stone is held? Has there been any secret crowning ceremonies? Just thoughts...after all the castles have throne rooms and while the Queen and Charles had public coronations, Charles did not take an oath to God and he was crowned in a castle in  an ancient Kingdom.

In history the royals have killed off successors to the throne and even their own family. There have been, if I recall, 11 successors to Prophet Muhammad assassinated. Many years ago I was warned of being in danger by people involved in Satanic rituals in UK. They know who I am.

In the event that the Queen really does hear God very clearly and also being divinely guided by Christ, then she would have to be obedient to the instruction she is being given by heaven.  This means that her children and grandchildren would not automatically succeed  to the throne because God appoints his HANDMAID - this earth being the footstool of the throne that is in  heaven.

Yet another image of the same scene - out of 100 vehicles in a crash. The focus is important. With numbers I am guided to look at Holy Scripture to see what is being written

"Then he said to them all, ‘If any want to become my followers, let them deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.  For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake will save it. What does it profit them if they gain the whole world, but lose or forfeit themselves? Those who are ashamed of me and of my words, of them the Son of Man will be ashamed when he comes in his glory and the glory of the Father and of the holy angels. " Luke 9:23-26

The Salvation Army canopy is set up like a tabernacle on the road.  Has the message been  finally taken on board that the land and roads belong to Christ? Here people are resting.


Our Emergency Service Teams, where ever they are internationally provide a vital service - here are the lifesavers. Not forgetting the firefighters too. Notice the police vehicle at the back - perhaps they are now ready to investigate what is really going on and to realise, as they were told, they are servants of Jesus Christ for the people - The Police are to Protect the people.

What not everyone realises with being spied on from whatever country - there are people working in the light and those who are not. Repeatedly I have said that the Queen has not been asked to be removed from the throne - while there are several people who have declared their right to this place. None have mentioned God and none have mentioned that Christ is risen either. He is alive!

This white car is showing the number 8 - a number that relates to infinity - as above so below. Notice there is a white car above and the royal blue colour of the 'carrier' vehicle. The eyes are the windows of the soul and windows are representing eyes. There should be now people who are in positions of 'responsibility' in our world people who respect the heavenly order, not go against it. 

Was the crash a reminder from the heavenly realms of who really is in control over this world - quite possibly.  Anyone who is involved in rituals to harm anyone who belongs to God for his purpose, will surely come to ruin. And anyone trying to harm anyone who has been kept in a position by God for His Divine Plan to fulfil his purpose is going to be found out too. 

 This picture seems to be taken on the centre of the bridge - in the distance are seen two pylon towers. Also there are four pillars that are connected 'holding up the bridge'. There are four pillars connected with Jerusalem .....four people and peoples. And Christ is over all of them. 

I have no idea to what colour blue this is connected with but it looks as if it has been severed. In an earlier article I was guided to discover a picture of a woman, that had been captured outside The ROYAL Souvenir shop and the way it was set it appeared as if the woman was decapitated. This is what came to mind and this blue might even be connected with a Royal...

I have no idea if this is connected - guided to find it and remember that in 2012, the areas that houses Spencer Court appartment block building was flooded four times, (the owner of the land, builders etc might provide more interesting and relevant information)/ Eventually the land completely gave away to expose dark support pillars that looked like a hidden underground temple. 

The Temple Bar used to be am undergroun public toilet many moons ago. In the nineties however, it was converted into Manchester's smallest bar. - Bar is also a membership body that Barristers belong to....In America 'Prince William County' there is Prince William County Bar too. With William being given an honorary law degree - Did I mention ruling over lands and people by deception?

Temple Bars are springing up everywhere..This underground temple has been decided for a reason and with so many royal landmarks in this particular area, as much as it is promoted as being trendy, there are people who say it is not. It is created for a purpose here.

The Spencer family have created a temple to Diana on the family Athorp Estate. The millions of people who still grieve for Diana can go visit for a price - you get to choose morning or afternoon and being a landowner, collecting a vast income from the death of Diana includes books and charity donations too....not sure if the charity is still going. The family wanted to own Dianas image rights because t his being used would maximise profit. To access the land comes with profit.

My mothers name as Athena and she was Greek Athenian divinely guided and NEVER would any of the family STOOP TO THIS LEVEL! Being the King Head of A Church - a Temple Church?

This temple design monument as a shrine to a loved one is understandable and yet people are paying to come here to be close to Diana. It think it is quite sad really. In a time when homosexuality in the royal house was being exposed, Diana was killed. The royals silenced this using the Court. Ha Court and Royal Court - they assume to control the people, and judges take their oath to serve the royals.

More than anything I would love Diana to appear alive and bring an end to all this charade - when it is seem quite obvious the British royals have their agenda 'mapped out' long ago.

The car crash said to be 'before Diana was killed' happened in Paris France. My brother who was born the same day and year as Diana also in London, was in California and in a 'freak' crash writing off a truck. He was 'guided to go America' his daughter is often called 'Princess' by her friends. 
My sharing of this crash that happened in September is delayed and yet now is the right time...I had remembered the article and kept the screenshot of the black and white truck.I really did not want to forget about this and it is also time for people to start to look at the connections and not be blinded by people with wealth and titles...In history the crown has been bought and wars fought. 

An elected King is not the King of Kings and anyone who is declaring to be King by Right - on what grounds is this because an illegitimate bloodline is not eligible for the throne!

In Istanbul there is a bridge connecting east and west - Europe with Asia. In the heart of Jerusalem - the Holy Land is a sacred place where Jesus Christ resurrected. This happened in my Church. 

This crash happened on a bridge in Kent. In Smyrna (where the Bible identifies the Crown of Life is given - the Spiritual Crown) The travel card is known as the Kent Kard. The colonising of Smyrna is seen to have taken place for this reason by the British...Divine Right to rule they Do NOT have!

On the Imperial Crown of Russia - there is a Bridge in the design.  Russia has absolutely refused to allow Gay Marriage and probably this is connected with the Crown. The Holy Orthodox Church must remain so - The Crown is a Symbol of God's Authority over this entire earth.

Here is another scene of the car hit at the front and the Royal blue car having the top cut off...Is this a sign instead of having a head decaptiated for sorcery as would have happened years ago. The laws were changed to prevent the royals committing treason from being killed.

There is a saying red and green should never be seen except upon a is just a saying. Here we see officials at the scene of the crash wearing imperial Green and yellow. Notice the heads are officers with 'white' hats - hats also being symbolic of crowns. The devise that is on top of their head is much like the tefillin containing verses from the Torah worn by Orthodox Jews in prayer.

What about this photo...DHL is a package service and messenger delivery service. Notice what looked like a new van with Bailey - well the Old Bailey is a court on top of which is a golden Lady of Justice holding scales - if I remember. The photograph is clear to see. As if scaffolding is seen and a tilted ladder.  Jacob's Ladder is connected to the Holy Land - where he had a vision of Heaven. There is more than this because he evidently had an experience and also divinely guided too.
It is underneath the Coronation Throne that Jacobs pillow - the Stone of Destiny sits during the coronation of the Queen. It is unknown if any secret coronation ceremonies have taken place and if the stone is in Scotland, to crown someone in Scotland might be welcomed by some. If anyone is ruling over lands and people by deception it is highly offensive and God mocking!

Duncan Barrier took this photograph - the same LGV as posted above - learning goods vehicle is identified as training....The vehicle in front has the impression of being green white and red stripes, colours seen in the flag of Italy. There is actually a barrier created on the road and also in our world with very distinct differences in relation to faith where the East is Spiritual - the West Doctrine. In faith (knowing) we cannot exclude being spiritual to have a personal relationship with God.

The jungle mindset and wizard wand wavers ruling a Kings and Queens over people who are evolved beyond this low mentality explains a necessary barrier. Christ was named King of the Jews - Orthodox Jews and Orthodox Christians ARE EXEMPT from fighting in dirty Evil wars.

Yet another picture of this scene from a different angle and perspective.  We see an express truck that is with Spain, Italy and Germany side by side - there was a serious freak train crash in Spain with a flash seen just before the impact took place. Notice here on the front of the crimson coloured car is seen a six pointed star and this might have been added by a photo editing program.

This crash took place on a crossing over from one land to another - was there a planetary crossing that took place? In the heavens a Crown, Scepter, Ark are all written in the stars. 

The report shows Lambeth Bridge and Houses of Parliament 'shrouded in Mist. (Is Lambeth Bridge named in conction with the Holy Lamb of God)

Also included in the article are the four towers of the old Battersea power station - an earlier article was written about a 4G event there and I said, then with that it made me think of For God. Four pillars in London in a 'power station' when in London, the 'anointed' Queen is Crowned.

Being anointed by God is just a little different from being anointed by oil even if the oil comes from God....actually the oil is also connecting back to Athena who brought forth the Olive Tree.

There are people in our world who are sincere in their faith and only ignorance divides us all. When a system has been so corrupt, it becomes necessary for a new system to take form and if the new system is formed out of the old system, the same part of the problem will continue. In the medical profession the understanding of contamination and cross contamination is for a reason. 
If the Queen is sincere in her faith, she is also connected to me and other 'sincere servants of God' if she is held in a position of silence out of reserve, or if because Queens in history are made to keep out of politics, she can still speak out to bring an end to injustice and bring and end to war too. 

People have been predicting a huge crash. Did they see this one? 

This crash was reported on 5th September 2003.

The day before the christening of baby George, I had an experience standing in the throne room facing Jesus Christ. He wanted me to make sure that I knew Him. A prayer vision in 25th October 2012, I was seeing him returning to this earth and another vision on January 7th 2013, 'as if' he is already here. I wish for the world an end to all the corruption, wars, hate and injustice that is taking place.

My prayers are for global peace and healing. What are yours?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria 

No Copyright infringement intended

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