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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

The Route Masters Running London's Roads

Just came across this video to share....

In Manchester, I notice the First buses are a different colour shades of lilac, pink and white. In seeing these red buses in London they remind me of the post boxes....

This excellent insightful BBC documentary opens with bus number 23. As the driver is setting up the destination route for his passengers, first we see Notting Hill and then St. Paul's.....

In London is St. Paul's Cathedral. Saint Paul is associated with 'Pauline Christianity'. 'The Pauline epistles, Epistles of Paul are the thirteen New Testament books which have the name Paul (Παῦλος) as the first word, hence claiming authorship by Paul the Apostle.

The road map has been created and while once countryside, London and other parts of this country is built up. There are over 8,000 buses that will take their routes in London.

In London (and elsewhere) every road is monitored and every bus driver told what to so. Listening to the documentary we hear a man telling people to be nice to each other. A lady who loves her job but it was not quite as she hoped and we see people rushing...This is city life. Rush rush rush.

The people who are monitoring the routes they come across as very gentle natured - people's people. The Bus service is a people's service and while it is not free, in a world where people travel to get to work or even to their daily activities, visiting friends and family, transport enables this.

All buses are fitted with GPS tracking so they know precisely their locations and if they are on time.  In many ways the Big Brother set up can be ethically run as a higher efficient machine in all aspects of public service. This would require a higher standard from employees towards users of this service. When met by any official wit h kindness, respect and being treated as a human being people respond accordingly....and sometimes, people need reminding that we are all human.

"We have our mapping system and there are cameras absolutely everywhere. There are not too many places that, not only a bus, an individual can hide, within London that we can no longer see" Michael Josephs.

'Alex is an old hand who has seen this new system come in'

"If I had been able to see these buses and what we are driving and the job we do now, if I had been able to see that 22 years ago, I'd have thought, whats this - space 2001 innit. It's nothing like it used to be. Everything is automated. You got people in the control room watching your every move. They could tell what road you are on, what time you should be there, how early you are running. They can tell everything. What speed you are doing - how you are braking - you are watched over like a (babe?)"

"The new system makes bus drivers one of the most monitored workers in the country.   As well as being observed by the central control room, each bus driver is tracked and controlled by separate smaller control rooms known as (ibus - eye bus) based in depots across the city. "

Someone points to the camera above as seen and says "thats centrecomm  up there - they are watching us."

Before Christmas I told a traffic warden to take the afternoon off and go and grab a coffee - he looked really scared and said "I cannot there are cameras everywhere". In Manchester, chatting to a traffic warden within a few minutes the police arrived to the scene watching from a few feet away - the man got nervous, but he did advise someone where to park for Free YAY!

While people are being watched, by layers of supervisors, managers, executives - the overlords, even right at the very top with controlling everything happening in this world, you can be sure especially those who control the world are being closely watched too. See my previous article.

There is a lot more - listening to the people, the drivers and operatives.

With the right people working 'on the buses' this service has a  responsibility to provide a friendy and safe service for its passengers. There have been in history abusive bus drivers and to transform society this requires officials being respectful to people who will respond to sincere service. 

It is unknown how many incidents happen in London that require the attention of emergency services. A network has been shown to be in operations now 'with new vehicles' .....

Looking up the meaning of London ages ago some explanation was given. So significant was this that I forgot....Then the other day I discovered LON is an abbreviation of League of Nations.

Don is an honorific title given to a man of noble birth.

The people of London are called Londoner's - sounds like Londona - Donna is the feminine of Don. Londona is the name of London in Latvian.
Peace love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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