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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 2 December 2013

Train Crash Bronx New York - "Yield Not To Evil"

Another train crash has happened....learning about this from someone - as soon as hearing it was in New York, again reminded that nothing is by accident. Learning more:

BBC News, writes 'Four people have been killed and 63 injured in a passenger train crash in the Bronx area of New York City. 

Eleven of the injured are believed to be in a critical condition in hospital.

The Metro-North train's locomotive and carriages derailed as the train went into a bend in the railway line near Spuyten Duyvil station.

At least one eyewitness said the train - the 05:54 from Poughkeepsie to Grand Central Station - was travelling much faster than normal at the time.'

A train traveling much faster in an area that trains would normally be slowed down might indicate another 'freak crash' where, this is not the first time. Did the same happen with that train crash in Spain a few weeks ago ' where a flash was seen above the train just before it derailed?

Poughkeepsie is a city in the state of New York, United States, which serves as the county seat of Dutchess County - Nickname The Queen City of the Hudson.

Dutchess - sounds like Duchess - Yes?

Queen City - Metropolitan - Mother City.

Looking at googlemaps initially I was taken directly to Metropolitan Avenue  - Mother City Avenue.  This is not where the crash happened.  

With Cambridge being a town in Washington County, New York, United States. There is Dutchess County Bar Association  connected with the Courts of Law. 

 "Spuyten Duyvil" literally means "Spouting Devil" or Spuitende Duivel in Dutch a reference to the strong and wild tidal currents found at that location. It may also be translated as "Spewing Devil" or "Spinning Devil", or more loosely as "Devil's Whirlpool" or "Devil's Spate."

These are just observations and I think to be important because I am told nothing is exactly as it seems. Least of all people who rule over lands and people by deception. 

We see from this image dozens of people in an official capacity rushing to  help the injured - a scene that has been shown in other catastrophic events. Emergency response teams.

With Dutch identified: There is concern also with remembering on Queen's Day the attack on the Dutch Royal family with a 'runaway vehicle' that killed several people and injured others too. Remembering also Prince Frisco who was buried from an Avalanche - another freak situation....

The invisible force of destruction is again at work...why?

The timing of this crash happened 5.54 - just before 5.55 (555) - preceding (666) - numbers have meaning and relevance and I am not an expert. Any information related to this is sourced by research. Numbers like this can also be pointing us to particular words in the Holy Scripture.  

No one can forget the destruction of the World Trade Centre on 9/11. Just being guided to find the following - from looking up the numbers 5:54 on the Holy Bible.

'And it happened that, when the surrounding nations heard that the altar and the sanctuary had been rebuilt as before, they were very angry.
And they intended to destroy the people of Jacob that were among them, and they began to kill some of the people, and to persecute them.
Then Judas defeated in warfare the sons of Esau in Idumea, and those who were in Akrabattene, because they besieged the Israelites, and he struck them with a great scourging.
{5:4} And he remembered the malice of the sons of Baean, who were a snare and a scandal to the people, lying in ambush for them in the way.
{5:5} And they were trapped by him in the towers, and he took up a position near them, and he anathematized them, and he burned their towers with fire, along with all who were in them.'
1 Maccabees 5:1-5 (full text posted below)

This is specific scripture that is identified by numbers that has been specifically identified by the incident.....
{5:54} And they ascended to mount Zion with joy and gladness, and they offered holocausts, because not one of them had fallen, until they had returned in peace.

Were the killing of the Jewish people in the Halocaust rituals too? 

The FDNY, the largest municipal fire department in the United States. Links are posted below of these people who do the very difficult job that often involves saving lives. 

The Number 203 - still has 2 and 3 visible.....

203 is the HTTP status code indicating non-authoritative information. 203 is an area code in Connecticut.....

Number 23 shirt has appeared several times worn by different people including David Beckham and Rihanna. The young Asian girl who lost her leg in a 'freak' crash in New York, wore 23 too Sian Green - Sian meaning Princess of Asia and being Asian, from  Britain,  (then with Miss Philippines, from Asia winning the Miss World Title - we get an idea there is far more going on)

In the link posted below The Wisdom of Kabbalah  has identified with the number 203. Man's Pride Shall Bring Him Low in context it is explained...there is more  - see link below. 

 'Suffering and lowliness go hand in hand.' If one feels no suffering, it is considered that one has no lowliness. It is precisely according to the measure of one’s pride, or that he wants to have but doesn’t. Thus, he feels lowliness. And this lowliness later becomes a vessel for pride, as it is written, “The Lord reigneth; He is clothed in pride.” If you cleave to the Creator, you have a clothing of pride, as it is written, “Pride and glory are to the Creator.” Those who cleave to the Creator have great pride. And to the extent that he feels the lowliness, and according to the measure of one’s suffering, so one is rewarded with the clothing of the Creator.'

Man has believed it is his right to rule over lands 'and people' yet people were given the commandment to be obedient to God so never to be enslaved by man as in ancient times. 

On this map we see various landmarks -  Spuyten Duyvil, Kingsbridge and Marble Hill are named. Inside the land area of Spuyten Duyvil are seen Independence Avenue and Netherland Avenue. Also St. John's Catholic Church is identified within these territories....It was St, John who delivered the messages to the 7 churches in the Holy Bible - Book of Revelation.

The New York governor has confirmed in this report four people have been killed and 63 injured after a passenger train crashed in the Bronx area on Sunday.  Listening to this man, he is a man of the people. Anyone who is in a position of responsibility high up is aware of evil happening too.

America 'the land of the free' legally remains so with The Declaration of Independence to protect the people. George Washington was divinely guided and so this is sufficient to show this document was made under the direction of God.  With man's law courts, being legally signed and today by any number of people and who can prove injustice and the violation of God's Law 'today' People have the Divine Right to be obedient and return to God's authority and so it is no accident that a rising amount of people in America are returning to study Holy Scriptures and Biblical Law.

The Americans using Royal titles trying to be recognised by the Pope etc need to rethink what they are doing - Using a US Law Court to change name by deed poll to 'Princess' was seen after the person was exposed using a fake title. There is no difference in the British royals using 'Birth Certificate' to legally document a royal status. If Legitimately (born) a Princess, this would not be necessary.

When the Archbishop of Canterbury Christened baby George as Prince legally documented as his name. former oil excutive, now Primate of the Church of England is to crown the future Queen of England -  He speaks of the 'Worldwide Church' (being the Church of England) impacting America too. 

Now with 3 generation of Kings being announced and in America Georgetown is named and Prince George County too - Prince is another name for a Monarch - Prince Regent? Do any of these people represent God Almighty.....Do they even regard His Eternal Authority?

Yet again another terrible tradegy has stolen lives yet it is bringing to light some important information for understanding. The Holy Scripture it is written a clear message in whatever context  the word has meaning 'There is nothing that is hidden that will not be revealed'

The crash in news reports say this happened in the Bronx area of New York. Motto: "Ne cede malis" - "Yield Not To Evil" (the landmark of  Spuyten Duyvil is a reminder to reject the devil)

'The Bronx is the only borough that is located primarily on the mainland (a very small portion of Manhattan, the Marble Hill neighborhood, is physically located on the mainland, because of the rerouting of the Harlem River in 1897).

 'Metro-North is a rail service that serves commuters from New York City's northern suburbs. It is not part of the New York City subway system.

Sunday's accident is the second passenger train derailment this year for the rail service.'

On 17 May, an eastbound train derailed in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and was struck by a westbound train. The crash injured 73 passengers, two engineers and a conductor. Eleven days later, a track foreman was struck and killed by a train in West Haven, Connecticut.
There is a Bridge in Istanbul. It is here that is the Gateway that East and West meet. Also in Turkey is Marmara - translates to Marble in Greek and in the sea of Marmara is the Princes Islands of Istanbul have been named.  In the name Connecticut - can also be seen as Connect-i-cut. 

Marble Hill is shown to be named in this location.

Notice with the Boston Bombing - Cambridge and Commonwealth Avenue were identified on the map. So William and Kate being given titles as Duke and Duchess of Cambridge 'their son' has already been given the name Prince of Cambridge - a title of a monarch.

8 May 2013 Charles, Prince of Wales with his wife Camilla by his side attended the State Opening of Parliament for the first time in 17 years - a move to show the Queen inviting both to take over with the role of responsibility she holds. When the Queen arrived at the christening of baby George there was no pomp and yet there was a fanfare upon the arrival of Charles and Camilla. 

On 9th May I had a dream seeing Jesus Christ inside the Patriarchate of Constantinople (in Istanbul) - then later learning on the 10th May the Turkish police confirmed and made known by the Turkish media of an assassination plot against the Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew.

Not the first time of assassination plots on people who are sincere servants of God and 'helpers of Christ'. There are Biblical Law warnings not to harm God's anointed ones....

The Crown wearer is in England...The Queen is Head of State.

The State of New York is also known as The Empire State.  In learning Wall Street was once the boundary line of 'New Netherlands' - that was, so I was told, sold to America 'for one Florin' because the Dutch could not afford to defend theirselves from attack. The Dutch did not take this land by war and conquest....The Holland America Cruise lines are showing Partner-Ships.

In a true Democracy - Power is given to the People. The British establishment were complicit to assist the Theft of the Acropolis Marbles, from Athens in Greece with sending ships. Acropolis once the Seat of God's Government in ancient times. JF Kennedy Spoke of Athenian Law!

There is spiritual wickedness in high places. Today people speculating who is the Anti-christ. The omen movie was made in  a time, perhaps to warn people this would happen. The possibility of any child created by human cloning, (implanting by IVF) is happening for decades already.

Bill Clinton was against funding cloning humans - he knew too.

It is unknown the actual cause of this crash...Crashes also happen in the finance market. In this case train carriages were removed from the line. America has seen horse and Carriage carts being overturned too. Today people motor vehicles and trains to travel across land.

This could be connected with people who are in positions of authority over this railway line and land - please keep an open mind. The crash landing identified 'the devil' .

....some time ago I came across this  image about Satan and the Duke of York - not saying this applies today but it certainly gives something for people to think about!  There are also warnings not to bow down to anyone and this is because you might be bowing down to a demon! 

With New Netherlands being renamed New history the Duke of York was connected. Also in UK the Archbishop of York crowned the Emperor of the Eastern Roman Empire in history.

Where I live, in Bolton England, a road is named Bradford Street, off this is Portugal Street. Bradford is in Yorkshire. Bradford is also re-created and named in New England in USA.

In America,  'The Town of Bolton is located in the Adirondack Mountains of Upstate New York in the Adirondack Park and is nestled between the shores of Lake George'.....Baby prince George is not named by accident. Prince Charles also chose the name Zara - meaning Princess.

Just the day before yesterday I was introduced to someone via Skype who lives in Manchester USA....
 The creation of a landmark in London, UK in relation to Manchester is connected with Duke Street (that geography degree taken by Prince William might be serving a greater purpose)  

People who rule over lands and people by deception, manipulating the law to suit their own ends 'if they are portrayed as if they are divinely appointed' they assume to have the right to, how did Charles word it now....'Take care of this world for his children and his grandchildren'

With the many fires, crashes and disasters taking place in our world. We can learn more from the location etc presented as above. Reports have spoken about this train going at fast is quite possible the invisible destructive force could have done this...sorcerers!

The Bronx is an important area that has been named in history. With 5 boroughs 1) Manhatten in New York County 2) The Bronx in Bronx County 3) Brooklyn in Kings County, 4) Queens in Queens County 5) Staten Island in Richmond County.... (Richmond is also in Surrey England, UK)

The Crash happened for a reason - the actual cause is unknown.

We know there are people involved in spell casting and this includes death magic - this came to my attention many years ago when being warned of danger. Many officials are scared to rock the boat. So they sit in silence like weak spineless wimps conforming to keep gaining payment.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the people who have lost loved ones and for a speedy recovery for the people who have been injured. The emergency response teams have shown again to be on the ball to deal with crisis and emergency. This is a time for giving credit to the heros in our world.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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