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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 21 March 2014

Mother and Daughter, Dreams and Insight

In looking for some Jesus dream experiences to share, I came across this lady sharing her daughter's experience. After listening to these dreams, Cat has said to listen to all the videos to learn from this lady and her spiritual journey, these are being shared too.

The mother and daughter relationship is a very special bond that when maintained, is connecting with the ancestors and can trace back to the ancient times. We carry within our being some genetic memory - Cat mentions a couple of times feeling like Mary and refers to the life of Martha. Mary Magdalene was hungry to learn to understand. Being able to take full time out for study to understand the Holy Bible is a life that few would welcome with dreams bringing guidance and clarity.

Sharing these videos because I beleive they provide an inspirational testimony to show someone who is dedicated in her heart and committed in her faith to Jesus Christ and the Father too. The quest to learn and understand more, with sincere heart is seen by example.

The Holy Scriptures bring new and renewed understanding. This lady has a beautiful heart and serving Christ in a most important way that reaches people in different ways. It takes courage to  share experience and yet it is necessary to do so if this is instructed. If any attempt is made to silence the truth, the truth gets louder and America has been born with many truth tellers.

The second video is about a dream of two moons.

Every dream has a meaning and all dream symbolism carries messages. Then there are dreams that stand out and the message is very important, sometimes prophetic, sometimes carry warnings, sometimes they can be spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically transformational.
We are living in a vast universe and a number of planets are within our solar system. The awareness of another planet came into the dream to be shown as being significant and to raise peoples awareness beyond what is happening on this earth. We are as planet eath used to the sun and moon and stars. The awakening to realise beyond this has been prepared by astronomers already.

Also I beleive the bridge is a significant part of the dream to take people from one side to another of the highway - yet the bridge goes over and above the highway - look at the word High way.  In Istanbul there is a bridge. Here connects East and West, Europe and Asia. On the Imperial Crown of Russia (motherland) there is a bridge with East and West hemispheres by a circlet. On top of this is mounted a red tourmaline and a diamond crucifix. The World must be placed under the protection and authority of Christ because otherwise, wars will be excused to continue taking place.

This is an excellent example where a child shares her dream with her mother and this being conveyed. The preparation of the feast to celebrate the Kingdom of God (2013)

In history, both the Jews and the Romans broke the Laws of God with the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. This happened at the time of the Passover, commemorating the time the Hebrew Isrealites were led out of slavery in Egypt by Moses into the Promised land to live under the authority of God. 

The Passover and Pashca/Easter are both in the same time, while distinctively separate feasts, Easter/Pashca is connected with Jesus Christ, the crucifixion - the death and Ressurrection from being dead to alive. With the living Spirit of God within Jesus Christ, the Kingdom of God came to be. It is in the finest of detail that God does not change His Truth about His Authority and Laws.

February 2013 dream given to the daughter being shared again. The lady provides insight to Jewish people anticipating the Messiah to come in the Jewish New Year - September.  The 'good apples were protected (good apples sometimes refer to people) They were not destroyed by demons.

This lady explains the daughter's experience of being taken up to heaven.  The little ones who are being chosen with their innocence to share their experience 'in truth' are serving the Lord, who are enabling people who are even non beleivers to consider the eternal Most High Authority.  

With  the timing given in this dream, just after the Jewish New Year, discovery of the gold 10 cm gold menorah medallion and Byzantine gold coins was made in Israel. This came to my attention the day after being given a vision of a hidden menorah on 10th of September. Looking on the internet to see if anything had been reported, is how I learned of the discovery reported the day before. 

In this last dream, sharing from the information given, a boy and girl have been given wings - they have not realised the role of responsibility. As Jesus Christ is sitting on a "big chair" throne of the tree on the top of the mountain - the family tree of humanity. So this is a dream that could be indicating that two people have been given a role of responsibility connected with Israel.

Two children given wings are distracted are too intersted to go swimming - Jesus is angry.  The lady recalls we must be like  children. The two children could symbolically be a man and a woman given a role of responsibility that they have neglected. The lady identifies Israel - Tree House of Israel. With Jesus Christ being a descendant of King David, He is sitting on the throne now.

There will be many reasons why God's Kingdom on earth comes to be especially if man goes against the divine plan. The child being taken up to heaven, is validating this is a dream message that has come from heaven by the child to indicate Jesus Christ is the Ruling Authority HERE NOW!

With the child witnessing the angels bow down to Jesus Christ, with the Spirit of God within his being, angels are the messengers of God and obediant to Him. Jesus Chrisrt delivers the Word of God, the Father though his mouth and so gives instruction to the angels too.

There is also a spiritual battle taking place that is unseen. There are people evoking demons to harm people and there is a role of responsibility to pray and keep people safe from harm. With warnings given not to harm the prophets and anointed ones, this justifies Christ return as King.

Everything is known about each and every one of us before we were even concieved in our mother's womb. God knows the downfall of everyone and the people who have suffered. There is a wicked people who for fun break up relationships and cause suffering. There is accountability.

To Keep or not to Keep the Sabbath - Good video. Cat is excellent in communicating the message and what is neccessary to gain understanding. She is opening up awareness to consider a greater picture and also encourages people to pray, seek with sincere heart for gain understanding.

The Sabbath was also to my understanding to ensure that at least One day was kept to be given to rest and focus on God to allow people to pray - There has been times when people have lived in the most horrendous conditions and enslaved. This is to be prevented. The power of prayer is powerful. The right to pray is given to everyone as their birthright. In Jesus Christ there are no slaves. 

Jesus Christ has revealed himself to women and he made men and women equal in their learning. It has been shown in history with Mary Magdalene that she was keen to learn and understand. Such are woman who are sincere in faith with a hunger for The Word and thirst for undersanding. If a church fails the people and especially if they are pushing God mockers as rulers over people, I am showing clearly that God is guiding His people in Truth in His Way.

With everyone being given a direct line to communicate to Jesus Christ - by now we should be living in a spiritually enlightened world where everyone is aware of his intervention. Perhaps it can be written that it is thanks to the children of this generation that people are returning to the faith in truth. In England - rejecting the truth that is written in the Holy Biible does not change the truth. 
  • Psalm 2:6-9 — David says the Messiah will reign over "the very ends of the earth" from Mount Zion in Jerusalem.
  • Psalm 22:27-31 — David again affirms that the Messiah will be given dominion over "the ends of the earth" at the time when He "rules over the nations."
  •  Zephaniah 3:14-20 — This entire book is devoted to a description of the day the Lord will return to the earth in vengeance. The prophet says that at the end of that day, when the Lord's enemies have been destroyed, the Jewish remnant will shout in triumphant joy because "the King of Israel, the Lord," will be in their midst.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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