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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 7 April 2014

David Cameron Changes Royal Succession Law

Quoting this article in its entirety - it has been shown in this article the moves made, concerns raised and that the decision in relation to royal succession law.

Since there has been the introduction of gay marriage law, because evidently this plan did not work. Still there are other matters for consideration. Is the royal marriage lawful?

The Telegraph title and article I could not write on last year.

'Change Royal succession law for children of a lesbian Queen'

The laws on Royal succession should be changed to deal with the children of a lesbian Queen in a gay marriage who conceives using donor sperm, the House of Lords has heard.

5:15PM GMT 13 Mar 2013

David Cameron’s moves to legalise same-sex marriage raise “troubling” questions about the laws that determine which Royal children can succeed to the throne, a peer has said.
Parliament is debating the Succession to the Crown Bill, which is intended to update royal laws to ensure that a first-born daughter to the Duke of Cambridge becomes Queen. 
Peers have considered amendments to the law which would make clear that only Royal children born in “a marriage between a man and a woman” could be considered valid heirs to the throne. 
Under the 18th Century laws governing the succession, only an “heir to the body” can succeed. That phrase was intended to mean direct biological descendents of the monarch.
Some experts now argue that advances in artificial insemination mean that the term needs to be redefined.

Lord True, a Conservative peer, proposed changes to the Bill that would explicitly define an heir to the body as the product of a heterosexual marriage. 

His amendments would also remove from the line of succession any child that was not the offspring of “both parties to that marriage”, excluding children conceived using sperm or eggs from a donor or surrogate. 

Lord True was supported by Lord Elton, a former Conservative minister whose wife is aide to the Queen.

Lord True told the Daily Telegraph he was not opposed to gay marriage, but believes that Royal laws should be updated to take account of it.

He said: “What happens if we have a lesbian queen in a same-sex marriage who conceives using an egg implanted with donor sperm? The law should be clear, but this is a question that has not been thought through in the Bill.”

Lord Wallace of Tankerness, a Government law officer, told the Lords that after "much thought" that ministers had decided no change to the Bill is required.

Existing laws already ensure that only a Royal child born to heterosexual parents can succeed, he said.

“The laws governing the succession require that the heir must be the natural-born child of a husband and wife,” he said. “We do not believe that there is a need for this amendment.”

In response, Lord True agreed to withdraw his amendment, but said he remained “troubled” by the questions raised by same-sex marriage laws.

If same-sex marriage becomes widespread, the current common law position on the succession could well be challenged in future, he told Lord Wallace.

“My concern is that as the law arises in the future, that understanding may be challenged,” he said.
“As same sex marriage becomes part of the settled life of our kingdom, as the Prime Minister intends, the law [on successions] will inevitably evolve.”

Despite withdrawing his amendment, Lord True said the questions it raised will have to be answered one day.

“This may seem fanciful or long in the future, but I believe Parliament should reflect on it,” he said. “I believe the question will inevitably arise.”

Another video that I was guided to find a few months ago suggested there is a challengable validity of a royal marriage. In the event that a royal marriage is a business arrangement or sham marriage to decieve the people, there are surely insiders who know exactly what is happening.

The lawmakers have shown they could make laws for siblings to marry, father and son or whatever combination. Notice the preservation and changing of succession law might have also happened before. Where is the law to protect the people from the God mocking overlords?

It is written in Deuteronomy 17 any King must be chosen by God for the house of Israel and He already chose the man who was born to ensure His Law is known. The King of Israel is God.
"Whoever possesses the Kohinoor possesses the world" is written with the curse - is this justifying the wars based on lies too. The mountain of light is seen when called there.

Thinking earlier of Ellen and Portia, two people who not knowing their life have found affection and love together - a couple who are open hearted and open with being with each other. Real love is a deep emotional and spiritual connection that sometimes defies reason..

The manipulation of laws for agenda to people's detriment explains the timing of The Declaration of Independance of the United States and Isreal is placed together set in 'a microchip' in a 2000 year old rock from Jerusalem. We are commanded to worship God, not false idols.

David Cameron pushing laws for an illegitimate bloodline as the British royals are to be King of the House of Israel, with him from an illegitimate bloodline would he merit also being King?

Just a thought....What is the agenda, what is there to gain?

What is happening can be found in the Holy Scriptures.
Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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