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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 3 April 2014

Dream Baby Prince George - Spalding Crown

In a dream I was shown the faces of Prince William and Kate Middleton with a big smile and baby George. Then I heard 'Spalding Crown'. A crown being given to baby George.

Upon waking, the dream did not mean anything....also bear in mind I do not know if this baby has been pronounced King, privately or this might be declared. The message was given.

Prince George and the Spalding Crown is a mystery and yet, I am sharing openly. No point keeping quiet when under spiritual attack and being injured physically. The reason this was given might be revealing other information - information that is relevant to know and share.

Waking up after the dream repeating out loud 'Spalding Crown' so I do not forget,  a thought came to mind. Ten nations giving power to a king. Then another thought came - ten nations involved in the search for the missing Malyasian flight MH370.  Not even sure if this is connected.

William Kate and baby George are preparing for a much publicised trip to Australia. This being much publicised for months, indicates this trip is significant. Everything is prepared in advance. The people have been heavily sold future monarchs and being prepared to cheer their arrival.

This is the real meaning of Monarch Programming.

Regarding ten nations - this scripture is found with ten kngs.

'And the ten horns which thou sawest are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.' Revelation 17:12

With Queen Elizabeth being Queen of Australia - William has been delcared a future King and Kate as Queen. For a future monarch of a British royal family, their very private small baptism service seemed to lack other royals in attendance even in family. Uncle Gary, Kates uncle who was reportedly so very excited at the baby arriving - chose to take a bus trip around London instead.
Looking to see what might be relevant to the dream message.

Kate's smile was of a woman confident in her position now. With being involved in the life of William for several years before, she was evidently known about and had a good idea of 'the firm' - the firm also beng a name used for the Mafia. A firm is also reference to  a corporation. 

Spalding is in Lincolnshire -This discovery will be important.

Queen Elizabeth was crowned in 1953 in the year of a great flood. Spalding is considered high risk area that some insurance companies will not cover after 1947 and 1953 floods. People say the floods will not happen again. What if the floods are to wash the royals ruling away?

Spalding - 'The settlement's name is derived from an Anglian tribe, the Spaldingas who settled in the area during the 6th century, and may have retained their administrative independence within the Kingdom of Mercia into the late 9th century, when Stamford became one of the Five Boroughs of the East Midlands under Danish control.

We learn that this is 'independant administation control within the Kingdom of Mercia. There is a crown conection with Kingdoms. Prince Philip is Danish.

Looking to see what is news today...The Spalding Guardian reports 'Vulnerable people across south Lincolnshire are being warned to stay indoors as air pollution levels rise. The area, including South Holland....; With Holland being in the Netherlands - the Netherlands are Lowlands.

Residue is visible on cars. The mention of toxins in the air - Chemical weapons cannot be ignored.
The article presents air polution with warnings to stay inside suggests 'possible danger' between the lines. This could be from pollution - there might be other 'unseen dangers' around too.

Lincolnshire is home to Lincolnshire Cathedral, one of the locations where the filming of the Da Vinci Code took place. Also in Lincolnshire 'Jerusalem is a town that has been named' .

There are Prince Crowns and Prince is a title of a Monarch. Until a child is of age, someone else might rule in their place - a Prince Regent. While Jerusalem and the Holy land are far apart, Jerusalem is named in England and the connection with the Holy Land cannot be ignored.

In Spalding there are references to the Crown, with England is home to the Crown wearer, the Queen of the England in the United Kingdom. The 2012 Olympics was showing a United World Kingdom.

Crown Commercials Ltd is an approved MOT test centre. People chooing names for their businesses might be with being inspired to and yet can still bring more information to light.  The reminder is given that crown wearers are tested too. There is nothing hidden...

There is the Rose and Crown pub - a popular name and Crown Drive. Crown Affair Hair and Beauty made the news with hairdressers 'gaining national recognition'. What is also revealed from this is the address being on Hall Drive. Hall is traditionally the seat of the Magistrate.

In Spalding, South Holland Centre is identified.

With the Hague in Holland, home to the Peace Palace and the International Court of Justice, it has been said that eventually the legal system that has thrived with corrupton has to fall, to make way for ethical judiciary. If the crown wearer is ethical - The court will be required to be the same.

An enlightening image is chosen for the International Court of Justice.

In 2012, I read an article of Prince Phillip being given a building rented to the Israli goverment. Prince Charles was after this building for a nunber of years. It is written Phillip is the closest living relative of Grand Duke Sergei Alexandrovich (there might be many others). 

  'This building and land will become the inheritance of the family - in a part of Jerusalem that has been controlled by the Romans, the Ottomans and the Assyrians during its turbulent history'
In early 2013, another article wrote of Prince William to take over as President of Lands in trust from his grandfather Prince Phillip Duke of Edinburgh. In Lincolnshire 'Trustthorpe' named. Already William is given a title that is of an ancient ruler of provincial Scotland.

England Ireland Scotland and Wales make up the United Kingdom. With a Prince title being a monarch - and with also William being given an honoary law degree, he has also been given the freedom to make up his own rules and even has in so much as delcared this to be so.

With the King of Spain also holding the title King of Jerusalem - Juan Carlos has had an affection for William that has shown when he was a child. He could be a father figure. Diana was also charmed by this man. Queen Sophia has maintained her dignity - even with 'speculations' of affairs.

The connection with Jerusalem and Lincolnshire is made. Close relationships have been made and identified and so with Kingdoms being connected with crowns, it is not unusual.

A King of Jerusalem would be a successor to King David, King Solomon and Nathan the Prophet - the lineage of the Virgin Mary, the fruit of her womb being Jesus Christ.

When William and Kate had some sort of crowning ceremony in the Solomon Islands - the connection with the name Solomon is what caught my attention. The photographs revealed one of the Archbishops not wearing his mitre and so it is unknown if He was presiding over any crowning ceremony. High Church officials will understand why I am making reference to this in particular now.

The Jerusalem Cross has four yellow crosses and one big yellow cross. One golden cross holding  together the whole of Jerualem - the people in our world. There four quarters in Jerusalem - Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Armenian. All can claim their connection to King David.

Remembering a cruise ship being overturned 'Costa Concordia' - If I recall this had the Jerusalem cross on the deck. The ship was also being raised up even though damaged.Strange

. The Bible has a lot to say about Jerusalem...

'To wit, Jerusalem, and the cities of Judah, and the kings thereof, and the princes thereof, to make them a desolation, an astonishment, an hissing, and a curse; as it is this day' Jermiah 25:18

And the scribes which came down from Jerusalem said, He hath Beelzebub, and by the prince of the devils casteth he out devils. Mark 3:22

In the sixth and seventh book of Moses there is reference to the Princess of devils and black magic, the demons names that are being evoked too. Once one starts to evoke demons and get invovled with the dark magic, this can be used to anyones detriment. 

Lord Krishna was under attack even as a baby from his uncle the King who was evoking demons to kill him but the child survived because he was divinely protected.  Hercules as a baby is pictured strangling a snake sent to kill him. Cleopatra was said to have committed suicide but she may have been killed by the asp from black magic. There is a lot silenced about this Wisdom Queen.

To continue about what is written in the Holy Bible about Jerusalem. "'In his place there will arise a despicable person, upon whom no royal authority has been conferred, but he'll invade in a time of tranquility, taking over the kingdom through deception.' Daniel 11:21

'But Jesus turning unto them said, Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves, and for your children. Luke 23:28

There were over 1000 innocents killed in Syria, the media reported was by Chemical Weapons. One image showed women praying with candles and holding up an image....Notice the baby's the other picture. The other photograph shows a baby is being raised up in a photograph and a face with a gas mask. People are are gaining power by killing innocent people.

The children have been chosen messenges that Jesus Christ is alive - visiting the little ones. This has been silenced. As long as people are kept in the dark - they will never know the truth. The massacre of the innocents took place in history - this time the potograph suggests this time is being done to raise up a baby. Giving power to a baby, at the expense of so many other precious babies lives.

In 2013 being given a series of vision of crowns. There was one that is a heavy gold King Crown with a big red stone and the design included the tablets with the ten commandments written. The physical crown is belong to the The King 'hearing' was being given to me to look after.

These visions were also given for a reason. While there are people around our world waiting for Jesus Christ to return...not everyone is. Perhaps the British royal family forgot about him.

Babys have been crowned in history. It is possible again. What is apparent, the crown in my dream is showing to be connected with Jerusalem.  Strange that I would have this dream...

There has been tremendous emphasis of baby George being a Royal baby in the media...when somene or something is being oversold - something is not right. Did the Dutch Royal family oversell their children. Have other royal families? What does being Royal mean these days?

There is a throne in the Tower of London connected with Israel. Queen Elizabeth II 'it seems', was crowned Queen of the House of Isreal...The Commonwealth of Israel. My understanding is, as above in heaven, so below on earth - With the Throne in Heaven, there is also a Throne on Earth.

The United Kingdom of Israel was named with King David.

Building Jerusalem in England's green and pleasant land is a hymn I first heard after my mother became paralysed from the neck downwards in 1972 thinking - Jerusalem is in the Holy Land.

In closing, I just found this by typing Spalding Jerusalem.

'The Greater New Jerusalem Baptist Church Of Spalding County Inc'  Georgia. The church is a privately held company in Griffin Georgia.

There is also Spalding in Jerusalem Virginia.

When God brings His truth, it is for a reason. His Truth is very precise - 'Spalding Crown' and Jerusalem are shown as being connected.  Greater New Jerusalem Church is named too - Perhaps I am just meant to show how God knows everything that is happening on earth and all the plans of man...He reveals his truth to understand. His divine plan is unfolding.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria,_Lincolnshire

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