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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Monday, 28 April 2014

For Every Illness There is a Cure - 2013

The video above is shared not for the exclusivity of Muslims but with appreciation that this important message is being shared with everyone. It is not for man toforgive another man for the most terrible sins but for each of us to seek forgiveness from God - Allah.
As a child being divinely guided, I was told to heal any illness we must identify the root cause. So many illnesses are pychosomatic in their origin and with ignoring the  stress and pressures in our life we place physical strain on our heart and breathing and this impacts our body. With pain and troubled thoughts we are allowing this to be the reason why we can become enduring in suffering.

In the ancient Temple church Psychotherapy was carried out by the priesthood to heal the mind, body and soul. The power of prayer was and is still recognised as being the powerful medicine with the healing power of God. Counselling was and is still carried out by people who are servants of God being divinely guided to enable people with their healing and find peace within.

We can make many mistakes in our life and yet it is with our mistakes that we are also learning valuable lessons. Some time last year sharing a number of video testimonies of people who had been visisted by Jesus is Christ, they had gone down such a destructive path in life. These people gave up the sinful way and tranformed their life, bringing their lost relationship with God to be found again. When the sinners turn their life around - they become inspirational for other people too.
God has shown people that he is working through the sinners and the people from a very humble station in life that he is touching personally to share his truth. Prophet Muhammad was an illiterate man who could not read and write - He was visited by angel Gabriel and told to recite.

Out in nature there were a great number of natural cures. Where there are stinging nettles - close by there are dock leaves. My Greek grandmother 'knew of the healing plants' In ancient times, the people relied on natural vegetation for cures of illness and so this is why it is important that the GM food grown is understood to be going against nature. Man has been defying God too much.

On a final thought, recalling a dream a few years ago there was countryside with lush green land and fruits - not knowing if such a fruit exists, like a raspberry in appearance and yet perhaps 10 times bigger than seen in the shops. We are made ill by the pollutants in the air, food we eat and in the water we are drinking...this might be affecting the growth of vegetation and food  to eat too.

As there are people who know in biblical times people lived for hundreds of years, it is also quite likely that our food and water is being contaminated deliberately too.

The stress and worry people are being put under today is with a greater number of people becoming ill and so therefore this impacts their life and health detrimentally. The governments can turn up the stress levels in people in their social experimentation programming. One day the people might live in a world where there is no contaminiation to food and water and there is respect for human life. 

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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