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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

'India' - 'School' - 'China' - 'Manfacturing'

Waking up with the thoughts in the title...discovering the news in my previous article. A school and being educated is also discovered to relate to the commune. What else is news?

'China Shadows India's Jewellry Manufacturing through Policy Reforms' a significant headline and official decisions being made. The article can be read below.

'Pegatron expanding China capacity to manufacture iPhone 6' - 

In another article - 'Blaming China oversimplifies real sources of global counterfeit menace'

 'The spread of counterfeit products has become a global problem in recent years. The range of goods exposed to infringement is increasing, while the illicit trade itself is turning out to be a complex issue to tackle.'
Supply and demand for productivity also is with companies considering profit making too. There are a few more billionares in our world today.

There is nothing stopping anyone creating a label, having their product manufactured in India or China - and 'finishing off the product' at home, to present an exclusive brand. Marketing is what takes place. In an earlier article, the Daily Mail reported that Pippa Middleton, sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge was eager to accept handbags made by workers paid only pennies an hour.

People are buying labels beliving they have a better brand. What if the £100 trainers you wear only cost $1 to make. What if the top you wear costing £40 was made for 40 pence?

There is a growing amount of people getting into dcbt to meet their spending habits. There are also people who cannot afford to pay their bills who are in debt too. There is not the measure in place to protect the people - with a paper dropping though my door offering a loan at 40 plus % interest - asking for a guarantor too. Failing to pay up - the guarantor is responsible.

Is ignorance and blindness creating a wider poverty divide between people. There are lands where if people are earning a salary, the cost of living reflects this. A lawyer friend in India told me a couple of years ago of the average wage annually being £3000. In China the year before, a lady working in television spoke of her salary being £5000 a year. She dreamed of coming to England - not realizing the cost of living is far higher....Still there are people taking advantage of 'cheap labour'

England saw the mass redudancies taking place in the manufacturing business - not because of there being no work or demand. As long as people want or need - there will always be a demand. Instead of looking at the labels to read where everything is manufactured - people have stayed blind.

There were once over 200 mills in Bolton all thriving with manufacture. There were also the smoggy mill chimneys too. Thousands of people who were in jobs were made redundant. Some went on to other work, including selling in shops showing people the demand for goods is still high.

In England with the increase of automated tills, helps to maintain maximum profit, while all we buy and spend is logged onto a computer. There are stores requesting post code and name. 

When greed overtakes ethical business practice, with trading - we hear of fair trade, what exactly does this mean> Is the system that is creating wealth, encouraging thriving people and success, or is this the causse of the grab what you can at any price mentality, disregarding the consequences.

What about the business owners and the way they treat people? Not everyone is working in unsafe conditions and exploiting people and even young children. Sweatshops still exist today.

People working in a manufacturing plant being paid $39 a week wage, there is a mindset who would rather pay these people and provide a bed to sleep, then pay people in our own lands.

The video asks 'Will China take your job? 

Has your job been taken already?  In England the exploitation of cheaper labour overseas was recognised as happening over a decade ago.

With the Nike label identified - perhaps a label that is heavily promoted, to maximise profit and also for a reason. Why Nike - the name connected with Athena Nike?

Athena stood for empowering the people...educating people too. 

My previous article includes a video to show a community of people working together to build, construct, maintain and live...The latest leader of this has his vision...The people also hand over all the generated income with this being used to maintain the community...

Being pressed to get a job, can also present a problem when there are limited jobs available - or someone who is qualified in one area taking a job in another area to meet the demand for the deliberately hiked up cost of living with paying bills. (in UK)  

Speaking with a lady gaining her Masters degree, she worked in Mark's and Spencers on a till - however, talking to call workers in India, many have Masters degrees too. One man told me who works in a call centre, he was sharing a two bed appartment with 5 men.

Keeping people down to maximise profit is creating poverty.

There are tremdously talented people, men and women who have skills that could bring in an income. If people are not making use of their skills - they can easily become stagnant.

Conditioning people to get a job and become dependant on an external source for income - has shown not to bring security. Building businesses means growing with the company. 

There are families who have started businesses with family members working in the business. Family taking care of eachother - and yet if a family is divided this cannot be possible.

If property is needed for manufacture the cost to maintain this and pay staff requires the income by the turnover of sales to continue...If the boss wants to grow his or her comany with local labor or outsource overseas for cheap labour and maximum profit. - How many people would take the latter?

There are tax benefits by setting up companies overseas and employing people. It is unknown if there is a philanthropic vision and application to use the extra profit to benefit the people.

The billionaires are growing in our world. While there are people have taken advantage of cheap labour to maximise profit making - we do not know what their profit is used for!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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