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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Lord Ballyedmond Killed in Helicopter Crash

On the 13th March 2014, there was another helicopter crash.

Lord Ballyedmond, and three other passengers were killed.  It is reported, just months before, the millionaire Tory peer raised concerns about the safety of his fleet. (is this another person with justified concerns for his safety)

'Lord Ballyedmond died yards from the helipad at his country estate after his aircraft got into trouble in thick fog and hit a tree.

The Conservative Party donor is thought to have been flying with his foreman, Declan Small, and two airmen Carl Dickerson and Lee Hoyle.' There were no survivors.
Lord Ballyedmond purchased the £10.7m AW139 VIP helicopter from Augusta Westland in September 2012, however aircraft suffered a string of safety issues leading the peer to brand the aircraft 'not suitable for the purposes for which it was intended (read the full article below)

In the Daily Mail report - 'Lord Ballyedmond is photographed alongside his wife Mary outside their home in Rostrevor in Northern Ireland in 2005. It is believed he was flying home when his helicopter crashed. The only details that are provided point to some technical fault.

Augusta is a title introduced to Britain by the Hanoverans in the 18th century. The meaning is majestic, dignity or venerable, originally given to female relatives of Roman Emperors. Augusta is also a name given as a name in Royal families, which might also serve to identify status.

Augusta is identified as being named in several States including Georgia, New York and the capital city in the state of Maine.With Smyrna also being named in Georgia this is significant.

Augustawestland brings to light Yeovil in Somerset and India.

Augusta is named also in, Rosslare, Ireland -Only a few miles away is 'WellingtonBridge'  United Kingdom Ireland on Googlempas takes me to the same place......the same spot.

Rostrevor where Lord Ballyedmond lived is also named in London England and South Australia where William and Kate, on destination where they and their party have travelled to. Actually one of the destinations identified is in Wellington...Just scanning thorugh the news today,

This crash happened a few weeks ago. The information that is coming to light to show the connections is only by looking at the names, lands and seeing what connects here in UK and Ireland. 

Augusta, Southfields, Wexford, Ireland - is also named.

What also came to mind is Augusta in England - Augustus, the masculine is a title for the King of England and Emperor of Rome. The feminine is Augusta Queen of England, Empress of Rome

Augustusburg is in Germany. While Fort William is named in Scotland, around 15 miles away Fort Augustus is named too. (Note masculine). William's name was carefully chosen.

This crashed flight identifies a female Roman Emperor bloodline, connected with the land in the west. The connection with Northern Island is identified through this with the United Kingdom being identified in one spot, around where Lord Ballyedmond lived.

The United Kingdom and Ireland is also connected in some way.  United Kingdom House is Oxford Street London.  London United Kingdom is on Dover Street London - this is what the googlemaps is bringing in the search....Ireland, United Kingdom and United Kingdom Ireland.

Augusta Victoria Hospital is named in Jerusalem..  

Why did this man and three other people die? Were 'they' killed. Who is involved in black magic to cause serious injury to cause death? I have had warnings of my life being in danger already in 1990 - serious car crashes - and 'a force pushing me down the stairs' in 2013 More recently it felt like my leg hip was being broken and the back of my knees broken. has someone created an effigy?

When people die - when GOOD PEOPLE DIE, this is tragic. All it takes for evil to flourish is for good people to be silent. Was this man concerned that something might happen to him? Did this man have any reason to believe that his life was in danger by people in positions of power, on earth.

Were any of these people involved with business dealings that someone would want to harm them or have them out of the way.. Who is bold enough to ask the rigtht questions?

Through the most terrible tradegies we also can learn something from the information that might be revealing significance. Four people were killed - one day the truth will surely be told.

The Augstua of the West - Empress being destroyed/killed? With the plane crashes, train crashes, helicopter crashes ...this has brought to light something. connected with the church and crown..The Empress is an Imperial Crown. The Roman Empire, is this the Holy Roman Empire.

What is the REAL reason this happened, Nothing is an accident.

 I really do not know what else to say to be honest...

My condolences to the families of these people.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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