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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Pope Francis Plea to Mafia 'Everywhere'

Not everyone has foresight to see the consequences of their words and deeds. It is too late when you look back in your life and wish you had not made the choices you made. 

The most compasionate plea from Pope Francis is warning - 'before it is too late'.  It is with deep concern that I am sharing openly. There have been landslides and floods. A few years ago I was shown a great wave could come over lands and if so it will destroy life on this earth again.

In two dreams I have seen children (1) disapear and adults (2) being raputred taken to another planet. Without being shown this, I would not have been given the understanding.

When a few people influencing the masses to their  detriment, humanity suffers because of selfishnes. With the lust for wealth and power, the world quickly fills with sin.

Two days ago a friend recorded Game of Thones. Last year I thought 'this is what is happening in our world now' just by the title;. The wars taking place are unholy indeed.

Watching a one youtube video clip, a yonng woman was asked 'did she not want to be a Queen (with being married to Prince) and she replied 'No'....and continued 'I want to be The Queen'.
The Daily Mail refer to 'The Firm' for the British royal family - The Firm being another name used for the Mafia. A Firm is also a name used for legitimate ethical corporations too.

A Daily Mail news report the other day of the Gay Mafia.

There are people in this world who lust after wealth - there is always going to be someone with more. There are people who lust after power -and manipulating powers. In England it has been shown that laws have been changed to serve the interests of the lawmakers.

The calcualted rejection of God places man under the authority of man. When people are made to take oaths of allegiance and obediance to people  who go against God, this is a concern.

In the ancient times, a lesson was given that I beleive is a very powerful message that applies today. Moses who was raised as a Prince of Eqypt in the Palace of the Pharoah, the same Pharaoh who had given the commandment to kill all the Isrelite boys at birth to the midwives.  Moses walked away from the wealth of the Palace after learning the truth - People have disregarded that the israelites were enslaved in Egypt. Moses was sent 'by God' to return and free the people.

Moses did not enter Egypt with weapons of war. He gave many chances to the Pharaoh. His serving helpers were into Sorcery. As they were not an authority over him, the Pharaoh was the Grand Master. Defiant Kings have known the plagues and the Wrath of God thoughout history.

In Bolton next to the A666, known as 'Devils Highway' is Dorset Street where last year there was an infestation of ants....I thought then of the plague warning to the ruler over this land. Off Dorset Street is Court Street joining onto Castle Street. The Court is connected with the Castle.

Being guidedc to look at the map in a specific place in Ireland - R666 is named too. Being born in Beulah Cresent, Thornton Heath a few states are identified including Maryland -,where Route 666 is named. Beulah named in Wales is also connected with the Royal Diadem. (Isaiah 62:4 NIV)

Isaiah is a name that appears with Isaiah Thomas and Isaiah Washington - after just writing my previous article both Washington and the Name Thomas are connected.

There are good people in our world and there are people who detrimentally impact the lives of people. There are people working for the light and those who serve dark forces side by side.

The antichrist is identified as the son of perdition and man of lawlessness - disregarding authority on this earth and also in heaven too. Pope Frances addresses his plea to men and women and yet he specifically identifies the people who are controlling the world and the resources.

There are Mafia families...not just one family.

We do not want yet another bloodbath...

The Game of Thrones is showing this could happen.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauling Maria

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