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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Friday, 11 April 2014

Prince Charles Cornwall Castle For Sale

After writing an article about the Prince Curse stately home, today another grand property has come to place, comfortable manor house with a castle in Cornwall. No coincidence.

Sharing some insights, informaton and photographs. Refer to the original article to more details about the property and also its history. The link is found at the bottom of the page.

Cornwall is one of the two Royal Duchy's in England.

The manor house and ancient castle situated in the back garden is on the market for £850,000. Trematon Castle was built shortly after the Norman Conquest in the 11th century by Robert, Count of Mortain.

Lord of the Manor and Prince is connected here. 

'Trematon Castle, near Saltash in Cornwall, was built after William the Conqueror invaded in 1066'

'Robert, Count of Mortain, 2nd Earl of Cornwall (c. 1031–1090) was a Norman nobleman and the half-brother of  William I of England.'

Grand design: The Georgian house was designed by Benjamin Tucker, a naval man and surveyor general of Cornwall

Outside the manor house are standing six trees - symbolic of family trees. In my article about the Prince Curse, reference to the pillars representing people, trees are being shown here instead. As the Royals carefully plan everything, whether deliberately or not, this tree placement is for a reason.

In the Book of Revelation, there are 7 Churches of Asia - a church is traditionally meaning a people. With a person living inside the home this would reveal there is a 7th person.

Forever England: The home, which is currently leased by landscape gardeners Julian and Isabel Bannerman, is richly appointed inside as well as boasting impressive history and spectacular views

A most cosy and homely open fires in this lived in home, gives the impression that this is a comfortable home....The grand rooms in a land that is not always warm, with the hiked up cost of living, while there are people who love spaciousness...a growing number of British people are keep warm with blankets now because they cannot afford to put the heating on..

Entertaining: There would be plenty of room for guests in the huge house, which featured traditional fireplaces and extensive gardens for summer

Cornwall has a number of wind turbines to generate 'Free' electricity - are these on the Duchy of Cornwall?  An earlier article showed the tallest of turbines can also be blown down. With decisions being made about lands and people, resources too, a telephones sales campaign is happening selling free no outlay solar panels - and yet there is a cost involved. They are not free at all.

Misrepresentation for profit is actually a criminal offence. If the government have initiated this with securing people to a 20 year contract, with contracts being legally binding 'unlesss they have been made by coerison, desception and misrepresentation. Then they are voidable - By Law.

This property is for sale on a 20 year leaseshold -- according to the estate agents is worth £3 million.  A 20 year lease with a 20 year earning for profit of wind and sunlight. No coincidence.

Warlike heritage: The castle, currently owned by the Prince of Wales's estate, has outlived its defensive purpose. The rustic-looking wooden cannon which 'guard' the property were installed by the current tenants

'Warlike heritage: The castle, currently owned by the Prince of Wales's estate, has outlived its defensive purpose. The rustic-looking wooden cannon which 'guard' the property were installed by the current tenants'

In a Church the Laws are Canons. Canon laws are connected with The Church. There are people who use weapons as wars to guard property and lands - Perhaps this is just a symbol...

Prince Charles collects a handsome income from the Duchy of Cornwall as heir to the throne, with the title Duke of Cornwall. It is recorded around £18 million a year income annually.

Prince Charles also ensured the Sovereign Grant covers income and costs for the Palaces, perhaps to ensure future monarchs do not have to worry about claiming additional expense. Reports of expenses being £200 million - out of this was said to be £100 million for security annually.

Another very nice home in the most beautiful scenery and peaceful setting. Charles does not need the money, and it was thought the properties could not be sold, although I am not entirely sure about this. Two properties are the market connected with a Prince of Wales.

The tenancy is changing...This might reveal what is happening.

Imperial: The architecture of the pool reflects designs common in areas of India colonised by the British Empire

'Imperial: The architecture of the pool reflects designs common in areas of India colonised by the British Empire' -

Last year I had a dream with Prince Charles sitting at the bottom of a garden in a pond that was near empty of clear water. Along the pathways were all the belongings from inside the home waiting to be removed - including some loaves of Warburtons bread. Strange, for this originated in Bolton where I live. I did not see the house in my dream...This dream would show the manor house and castle being connected with the Prince of Wales is being vacated. 

Rooms with a view: Breathtaking vistas over the Plymouth Sound, praised by poet laureate John Betjemen, can be seen from some of the property's eight bedrooms

Of the bedrooms that are included, only one is published that appears feminine...What a beautiful view to wake up to every morning...what a beautiful home indeed. In ideal homes we all have different tastes - some people like ultra modern. This traditional style is most personally appealing.

This landmark property reveals that the Normans conquested England and yet as time moves forward in the tapestry of history, connected with today, with people in conflict living in peace, there are people who hold bitter feelings against people from other lands - even in the British Isles.

Vista: The castle can be seen, below centre, nestled in the dramatic Cornish landscape

In the Duchy of Lancaster - the French invasion today is with food, a market on Victoria Square. Also in England - The Royal Duchy of Cornwall is connecting England and France. There is also built a chanel tunnel to connect England and France - connecting lands underwater.

The Queen also holds the title Duke of Normandy.

Garden: The package, available to lease from the Duchy of Cornwall, also boasts remains of a Norman castle, seen left, and spectacular views over the Plymouth sound

With Normandy being in France, the French connection is also a popular brand name today. The French Connection is important with Mary Magdalene/Marie Madeleine being much speculated about after the Da Vinci Code. The Lady apostle who witnessed the Risen Christ lived in France.

My French Grandmother came to England and married her prince, here her only son was born. Love brought her here - not battles. She wanted to raise me in France, my parents refused. My Greek mother came to England from Athens to be a nurse and heal people - She did not come with an army.

 Inside the keep: Currently the circular walls of the open keep contain a romantic, thriving garden

This is an unusal and  yet revealing detail.  'Pillars of Rome' came to mind. The picture is as if a pillar is missing as we only see six in the picture, one of these pillars has been raised up. There is at the top of the steps a seat - a throne seat in the garden of the castle grounds.
Back in August 2012, a 7 year old went to Cornwall where she had a dream with Jesus Christ. She said Jesus has a home there. In her dream people were outside the house waiting for him. She also said they looked poor. When Jesus appeared he went to each person and healed them.

The dream was a message to me that Jesus is seeing and knowing everything that is happening with this land and that he, is the authority over this land. Not sure if officials know.  

Prince Charles has many ideas and is implementing plans.

The castle and manor house in Cornwall is, according to the estate agents worthy £3 million and yet is for sale for £850,000. (Does the new owner collect income from the Royal Duchy too?) Actually Charles has ensured the incomes from the two Duchies are as one Sovereign Grant.

How strange to live in a land that creates hardship for people, with officials speaking down on people - in the Court especially. The British Prime Minister David Camerona has stated there is no intention to return the Acropolis Marbles stolen, from the ancient seat of God's Government. When people reject God as the Authority, though Jesus Christ, this justifies man making up his own rules.

The detail has shown in this house and garden, how India Asia and the Roman Empire have been connected. Prince Phillip was given land with a building that houses the Israeli government who rent this, in Jerusalem, a claim to inheritance. So as the song goes building Jerusalem in England has been done now.  Jeruslaem town was already named in Lincolnshire.....

England has some really beautiful countryside indeed.

Is there world peace and peace in the Holy Land? Is there an end to all the injustice taking place, especially in England. Robbing the people of their inheritance. They do not even know!

People are rejecting their human rights. A system is in place with not ALL officials meeting their obligatory roles of responsibility to protect people from being violated or suffering loss and hardship by the system of any officals. Officials who sit back and do nothing are a liability to humanity. The wars were based on lies. The Queen did not even stop this! Who cares about the people?

Charles wants to take care of the world for his children and grandchildren. This is what he has said. What about the people -> taking care of the world for future generations? People in Israel are working together planting trees and cultivating lands....will this be free food for the future?

The vision of free energy is tied in with contracts and yet the structure is in place to provide free energy now. Nicola Tesla had a vision and worked to make this happen. Building the Kingdom that belongs to Jesus Christ is with many helpers. Many helping hands are welcome now.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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