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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Prince of Curses - Brogyntyn Hall For Sale £5m

So much has happened this week....and happening too.

Today the Daily Mail published an article about a stately home for sale. My reason for sharing is because it has some interesting connections. The reason why the Daily Mail reported it might be because they are taking the role of real estate agents...although perhaps, because the property and people have a history that might be worth learning about.


Brogyntyn  Hall Estate in Oswestry, Shropshire is a fine elegant stately home, while in need of refurbishment it also has unique characteristics and detail that have been published.

The headline reads : Yours for £5million... if you're brave enough: Stately home of family cursed by three car crash deaths and a suicide goes up for sale

Three owners of the property have been killed by car crashes - a family cursed, can mean a family who are hated too. Curse can also mean being doomed through black magic.
In 1940 Lord Harlech married Sylvia Thomas, daughter of Hugh Lloyd Thomas. Sylvia Thomas was killed in a car crash when he was 13 years old. 
The Onassis family and Kennedy Family are people who have known sudden deaths in the family.  There are families who have had a curse put on them.....

Lord Harlech was one of the pall bearers who carried the coffin of Robert. F. Kennedy at Arlington National Cemetry in 1968 - the year before Charles was crowned Prince of Wales.

Harlech Castle is in  North Wales. No coincidence. 

There is in the grounds a secret cottage by the lake known as Swiss Cottage. It is interesting that the house is named accordingly and might be for ethis purpose. One photograph shows the inside of the cottage furnished to indicate it is being lived in. (unable to copy to this page)
 Time to relax: The interior of the Swiss Cottage living room, which is part of the stately home in Shropshireh Swit
Living in Switzerland in England is revealed here.

'The Estate comprises 234 acres including a lodge, a fine stable courtyard with a triumphal arch and a gardener's cottage' - 'The sixth Lord Harlech sold the property in 2001 and the new owners are inviting offers of more than £5million for the hall'

A Hall is also named with being the seat of the Magistrate.

On the second floor this ceiling detail is revealing an octagonal shape - sometimes seen in fountains. From the heavens flow the spiritual waters. Notice the ladder symbolism included in the design - Jacobs Ladder and Jacobs Well being where Jesus Christ spoke to the lady from Samaria.

Jacob had a dream of a stairway to heaven. This ladder has been depicted in paintings. The pillow - being a stone where Jacob laid down his head sits underneath the Coronation Throne.  

Jacob's well is where Jesus Spoke to the lady from Samaria. The land connection in the Holy Land is specifically identified here in the symoblism with Wales being connected. This has been shown to me in other ways, with being born on Beulah Crescent - Beulah  is named in Wales too.
'Brogyntyn Hall was a residence of members of the princely dynasty of the Welsh kingdom of Powys and one of the taî'r uchelwyr(houses of the gentry) in late medieval Wales. 

Mansion tax is also in the news today. It is unknown if this landed estate has passed down the generations without paying inheritance tax. Trust funds have secured investments with tax avoidance - Not sure if this is going to impact the British royals and the landed gentry.

Brogyntyn being in Wales, the connection with Wales and Switzerland is identified on this land. In Wales, recalling watching a documentary about railways and the changes taking place - there is one depot named 'Canton'. Switzerland is divided into Cantons...Nothing is coincidence.

Yesterday and the day before with receiving telephone calls from Switzerland discussion took place looking for a home. This property has been published today for a reason.

 File:Brogyntyn Hall, Oswestry.jpg

On the detail of the front of the stately home are four pillars, an the temples are connected with people . Staying with the connection of Jacob and writing Pillar Bible in Google search - this is the scripture that is relevant to give clarity and show the Truth God wants us to know is here NOW!

Early the next morning Jacob took the stone he had placed under his head and set it up as a pillar and poured oil on top of it.  He called that place Bethel, though the city used to be called Luz. Then Jacob made a vow, saying, “If God will be with me and will watch over me on this journey I am taking and will give me food to eat and clothes to wear so that I return safely to my father’s household, then the Lord will be my God and this stone that I have set up as a pillar will be God’s house, and of all that you give me I will give you a tenth.”Genesis 28:18-22

1 Kings 7:21
1 Kings 7:21
Yesterday I opened the Masters Healing Presence King James Bible guided precisely my thumb (symbolic of the head and crown) was guided to see written about the Keystone.

With the name Thomas being identified - The Lady who was killed in a car accident, Thomas is a family name by family marriage. It is through marriage that lands and people have been married.  The Gospel of Thomas the translators have written

"Jesus said, "Show me the stone that the builders rejected: that is the building stone." -

 We have seen the ladder shown that is most important in this building. If there is not a link between heaven and earth - this would also explain the Dollar with an incomplete pyramid.

A few weeks ago I had a dream: a lady standing on a ladder at the top of the stairs had put lightbulbs in the ceiling lightholder and they were turned on. I was holding the new bulbs. With Jesus Christ appearing in Bolton, Greater Manchester - He is guiding me in different ways. 

Angel Moroni appeared to Joseph Smith in Manchester USA. Notice that the truth of what is important, is also easy to understand. Jesus Christ wants people to know that He is alive and He wants people to understand that we must sort out the errors of our ways. War is not the way to peace.

 Notice one light hanging down. The intricate design of the ceiling roses shows also how people and families are connected together. There is one God for all and one source of all power. The light bearer came down to show people the light in heaven. The sun shining is reminding this.

This celing light is again in Swiss Cottage. In London Swiss Cottage is named. In Switzerland Sion is named too.. Whether Daughter of Zion or Daughter of Sion - both are the same. Holy Mount Zion in Jerusalem is connecting Israel. In America Zion National Park is named.

'The current Lord Harlech is Francis David Ormsby-Gore, 6th Baron Harlech, who has a history of drug and alcohol abuse and was sectioned in 2011'

Notice the name Gore - is a Senator in America named Al Gore? Has Al Gore been pushing the Global Warming that changed to Climate Change perhaps because of lawsuits.

British Ambassador to the US was David Ormsby-Gore. 

The Omen trilogy was a movie made that Identified the British Ambassador to the US.  They were given a baby with powers. The movie showed how easily a child can be replaced with another. With IVF being common today, there are clone humans made too.  With Bill Clinton refusing funding for human cloning, he knows about agendas too.

Some movies have elements of truth to understand.

Chatworth House also has a Swiss Cottage built and named...This being the seat of the Dukes of Devonshire - Queen Mary's Bower (private chamber) and Flora's Temple still survive. As a young girl I was asked to be 'Flora' goddess of flowers, in Orpheus in the Underworld...'Flora was married to Favonius - her companion was Hercules (also a family name)

Sir  William Cavendish was Treasurer of the Kings Chamber. It is from the Cavendish family the Kennedy's are connected in this tapestry of family connections.

These houses might show eligibility for Swiss bank accounts owning a home named. If I recall political agenda to explore Swiss bank accounts - a tax haven enjoyed by many with wealth.

Taking into consideration all the above - is Brogyntyn Hall cursed or are people who own the home victims of powerful sorcery and black magic? People being killed in car crashes - The Prince Curse. Car crashes are one way to profoundly disable someone by breaking the neck.  I felt an invisible force push me down the stairs and was injured still with pain in walking months later.

A former girlfriend of Prince Charles Kanga said she was pushed out of the window. It is so easy to silence the truth. The people who deny the truth so easily deny Jesus Christ too.

On the Dollar Bill it is written IN GOD WE TRUST

The connection to Wales in England, Swizerland is identified. The Prince of Wales is a title of the Heir to the British Throne and yet I wonder if people considered this. If Princess Diana was killed and the car crash a consquence of black magic, 'who initiated this evil'?

Being the womb to carry heirs, Kate Middleton will likely have a significant matrilineal bloodline. As a child photographed with her parents sailing with the Clintons...Is she related in the family; Quite Possibly. Does Kate Middleton want to be The Queen? Probably. She married and carried a child who will maintain a corporate empire. Time will tell 'if' she will be given whatever she wants.

We are all in some way related to each other. No news!

This Stately home is being sold for a debt?

'Brogyntyn Hall and its 1,445-acre estate, was sold by the 6th and present Baron Harlech in 2001 for less than £5m to a local developer, who divided up the estate, and investigated the potential for a retirement community development in and around the Hall. However, the Hall and 234 acres went up for sale for £5m in December 2013. '

Who is the developer? There is a developer Charles Church. Charles Church is also named in Windsor Park, where Windsor Castle is. With the 1992 Windsor Castle fire, is this connected with Prince Charles?

Flames were in the Queens private chapel in the North East Wing...In the North East of England Newcastle is named - not sure if these geographical locations are identified elsewhere..

Earlier a thought came to mind about the 6 million murdered Jewish people. This could have been a pact - ritual killing as with the wars. I hope the '5 million price' is not another pact made with innocent people being killed to keep people in power who are not appointed by God. How many people have been killed in illegal wars since 2003 based on lies so far? How many in a century?

America and Britain have a 'special relationship'. There are people living in America who are related to people in England (and elsewhere). My family live there. With a complicated tapestry with 5 branches of families, many nations are also married. There is no excuse for war.

Photographs show this would be a beautiful elegant home. £5 million is loose change to the Queen and her son. The war corporations are making a fortune. Peace does not cost a penny.
Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringement intended

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

So many assumptions and inaccuracies. Wales is not in England, it is Great Britain. Wales is a principality, governed by many laws (not all) under Westminster. Brogyntyn hall (formally Brogyntyn house, originally Porkington Hall), though originally in Wales, is in England (borders (again) moved over a century ago for political reasons). The current developer, isn't 'that local', but has a wealth of land, properties, businesses and interests in the local area. I won't put his name nor any of his businesses here.
He bought the whole estate in 2001 for less than 5 million, which comprised of over 3400 acres of land with many dwellings and farms. He broke-up the estate and sold all the properties Barr 2 or 3, for somewhere in the region of 5 million.
Causing structural damage to main hall (Brogyntyn), he listed is for sale late 2013 for offers over 5 million, knowing there wouldn't be any interest with estate now decimated, carrying little more than 230 acres in the lot. With woodlands destroyed and many historical points of interest, not to mention the tonnes of rubbish their, it's certainly not a great advert.
Part of the original estate (some 3 mile East of Oswestry), holds an historic iron age hillfort (one of the most prominent and oldest in Europe) is currently going through planning for somewhere between 600_900 houses at the foot of this historic monument, against the wishes of every single Oswestrian (local person), English heritage and many archaeological people's a cross the whole of great Britain.
That's the power this 'local' businessman has.