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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Prince William Body Doubte/Clone Lookalikes

Do you ever get the impression that all that  you are being told and sold in the news is not entirely accurate. The staged photoshoots - Are family media taking people as fools?

Came across this video and it is certainly visually interesting. The choice use of 'clone in the title' - one would never know after all there is a eugenic mindset and human clones for decades.

My reason for sharing this is to show how a group of people who are from the Prince's regiment are together, complete with the cameraman/woman - there is no hiding what is going on. The emphasis of the blue jacket makes the focus to know who is who. However, if there is a body double or a clone, would people be able to tell who is who...Lookalikes can appear similar.. 

Unsure if this was as around the time of the floods near the castle.

With Charles choosing names....the man is clever. Reading somewhere he chose the name of Princess Anne's Daughter 'Zara', there is emphasis they would not be using royal titles.  Zara means Princess. Zara is a popular Brand name too of this Olympian mother and daughter.

With the name William - not an accident. Will - I AM.

Harry's name is not Harry - it is Henry. His mother made a point of calling William, Wills and Henry Harry, perhaps not to give power to the name. Did she even have a choice, who knows.

Henry is the name of Henry VIII and the Holy Roman Emperor.

Playing with peoples mind's is what keeps people confused.

There are people who 'state' that William is the clone of the Shroud of Turin. To be a clone would require cells being taken and a procedure involving science lab, with records. Remembering being told that the Shroud of Turin was bequeathed to the Holy See by Umberto II.

Having met and spent time with the late Peter Cushing, having never seen horror films before this and having met the gentleman, his choice to act in these roles, were likely for a reason.

It must have been around 20 years ago when being told 'You have a double' - after a lady said I had completely ignored her in Manchester. The following day, someone else said they saw me out in Bolton, when I was at home. Having also seen a photograph of a woman who looked like my double, then, I had not even considered lookalikes or people creating clones.

If there is one clone of William - there might be a few.

People are asking questions? Was this actually published?

There are also speculations with someone writing that a story has spread from hospital that Kate used a surrogate...What would be the reason? I really wish that people would bring forward the evidence and speak out instead of spreading rumors. There are people who do know the truth.

It is not usual to break client confidentiality about medical issues, however if the young lady is taking the world as fools, it is in the worlds best interest to know the truth. While the baby is being sold as gorgous George (another store promotes the name) a name that articles write Prince Charles will take when he is King...One never reallyknows the truth of what is going on. However, we can seek to know the truth, and listen to the people who know what is really going on who speak out.

People are also suggesting Kate was still pregnant here and there is suggestion she was never pregnant. My impression is she was pregnant...hence the rush of a crowning ceremony.

There is a law for a baby's birth to be registered in the Borough born....The Birth was registered at Kensington instead of Paddington. The registration of the title Princess of the United Kingdom and Prince of the United Kingdom on a legally binding document had people wondering what that is all about. It is unknown if the baby was baptised George or Prince George etc.

There are numerous people who have made videos saying William is the antichrist. Could he fit the bill with the nations giving him power...he could indeed. Would he decieve people?

Son of perdition and utter ruin - destroying the Holy Laws.

As David Cameron was pushing through the law of a lesbian Queen and baby born by a sperm donor to succeed to the throne, who was the person who instructed him with this?

The number 666 is associated with the antichrist. In Bolton stretching a few miles right into blackburn the A666 is identified. In Maryland Route 666 and Ireland R666.

The A666 is on the Royal Duchy of Lancaster - the title held by the Queen is Duke of Lancaster. The House of Lancaster is connected with France and the Plantagenets. The House of Lancaster is also connected with the Commonwealth nations...St. Mary's County is in Maryland.

The connection with Ireland and William is Colonel of the Irish Guards. The Queen is Colonel in Chief. When she dies, does William automatically take over?


'Uploaded on 20 May 2009
This is The Ist Battalian Irish Guards at Aldershot Camp leaving Church after receiving Gods blessing of safety as they set off for Iraq in 2007.....Truly Men and Women of Caurage and Conviction.....How Many have Returned to those they Love...We owe them more than we will ever know........'

Since when did God bless soldiers going to war?

It is actually forbidden for Christians/Israelites to kill anyone.
'The Irish Guards (IG), part of the Guards Divisiion is one of the Foot Guards Regiments of the British Army.

Along with The Royal Irish Regiment it is one of the two Irish regiments remaining in the British Army.The Irish Guards recruit in Northern Ireland and the Irish neighbourhoods of major British cities.Restrictions in the Republic of Ireland's Defence Act make it illegal to induce, procure or persuade enlistment of any citizen of the Republic of Ireland into the military of another state, however people from that country do enlist in the regiment. Nowadays they recruit from all around the United Kingdom and Commonwealth'

The Irish Guards have fought in every major conflict since their creation in 1900.

Here is the most important message to share by Richard Chartres

Richard Chartrees, Bishop of London states "While Iam not prepared to hear the news that all the wars in history have been religous wars, nevertheless, one has to be very clear as a relgious person, that the dangersof idolatory, the dangers of egos surreptitiously reasscending by inventing a god in their own image, this is immensely serious, and has got to be exposed seriously. 

I would say of course, as someone who tries to profess the Christian faith, that in this conext as we look at the face of our God in Jesus Christ, we see somebody who was prepared to give up his life because he loved the world so much. And this is not a very good message for the egos who want to surrepticiously reasscend. It is one of the things that convinces me about Christainity that nobody in their right minds would have invented it. "

'When someone behaves in a surreptitious way, they're being secretive. They're doing something that they don't want to be seen doing. While surreptitious means secret, it has the added sense of "sneaky" or "hidden." Of this we can take the source as being credible for speaking out.

surreptitious adjective artful, clandestine, concealed, conniving, covert, crafty, cunning, deceptive, delitescent, disguised, done by stealth, faked, fraudulently introduced, furtive, furtivus, guileful, hidden, indirect, insidious, lurking, mysterious, obreptitious, private, secret, secretive, sneaky, stealthy, subdolous, subtle, tricky, uncommunicative, undercover, underground, underhand, undisclosed, unknown, unseen, unsuspected, veiled, vulpine, wily

The man of God has spoken out and has an obligation to serve God before serving a King. God is the authority over all...The King or Queen do not rule over God Almighty.

The Law and the Holy Covenant for the people were promises made to the people. If you bow down to false idols you might be bowing down to someone possessed with a demon.

We know from biblical times that Satan offered Jesus Christ the world if he bowed down to him and Christ refused saying 'Get Behind Me Satan. There are people in our world today who worship Satan and people who would sell their soul for powers too. Their choice.

Never seeing Game of Thrones except one episode last week - I  came across this clip on youtube. In another clip the lady describes her husband as a monster. Not watching other than realisng there is alot of bloodshed - as there have been wars with much bloodshed all these years too.

People are tested....The Queen has not vacated her seat and will not, unlikely until she dies. Already Charles was crowned in a televised ceremony in 1969 and invested in powers. However, William who was given an honorary law degree, also Charles and Camilla, who have been in positons to influence laws and set agendas....If they are sincere servants of Christ -God knows.

Click to enlarge. Laws were made before the arrival of baby George also if Kate Middleton had a baby girl that baby would become Queen. In comparing photographs, the baby looks differnt from the other baby picture with George sitting on Kate's knee, who looks older.

There are two Christening gowns too - who can tell.  In noticing this detail the Daily Mail also published an article about surrogacy in India and celebrities who madethat choice. No doubt if the Queen is sincere in her faith and studies the bible, she will know of the barren women being pregnant in the ancient times as a  result of prayer. IVF is the alterantive today.

If you look closely at the background on the wall, paintings show two women next to eachother and two men with bowler hats....The scene shows a younger and older man - grandfather and grandson - is it not possible that we are looking at grandmother and a granddaughter too?

'The Most Reverend Justin Welby’s address, directed to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the godparents, said the prince should be taught that without Christ he is nothing.

In highlights of the address released by Lambeth Palace, the Archbishop was quoted as telling the Duke and Duchess they had a ‘simple task’ – to ‘make sure he knows who this Jesus is. Speak of him, read stories about him. Introduce him in prayer’.

He added: ‘Help him to grow and flourish into the person God has created and has called him to be.’

The Archbishop’s speech was a reminder that the role of the prince as a future monarch will include acting as a figurehead for Christianity with the title of Supreme Governor of the Church of England.'

If a Royal Prince needs to be taught who Jesus is, then Jesus is not communicating with the child directly. He has shown he is communicating very clearly with children today.   
Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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