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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 13 April 2014

Quebec PM Pauline Mariois - Religious Diversity

Love them or hate them....there are elected Prime Ministers - These people have a role of responsibility and duty to the people. If the role is not being carried out and people do not know what the role is involving - it can be rather confusing. 

Reading detrimental comments about the Quebec Prime Minister Pauline Mariois, is the reason I wanted listen to what this lady has to say. In one video she is giving a speach in English, and a few times using French words and to me that is OK> if anything the reminder that we do speak different languages and there are always translators that can enable undertanding.

If the lady is going to deliver her truth, she is speaking from from her heart and mind.  The lady is not reading from a script. If someone is reading a script by a script-writer they might be reading someone elses truth or words that might not be sincere. Sincerity speaks volumes.

'Published on 16 Mar 2014
Quebec Premier Pauline Marois anwers questions from the Gazette's Christopher Curtis about a poll on Quebecers' views on Islam and Hasidic Judaism and addresses the 'spectre' of partition raised by another journalist at a press conference held at Montreal city hall Sunday, March 16, 2014. (John Kenney / THE GAZETTE)'

Not everyone likes her - my question is do these people really know her? If we want to learn someone's truth we must be prepared to seek out to hear their truth, not someone else's interpretation. How many times have people been turned against people by an  influence in history? How many times have people been led to wars that could be prevented?

We are living in a world with a humanity that are people who have decended from the ancient times. Going back in ancient times, are people who have been given experiences of faith and the reminder that there is a far higher authority ruling over this world. At different times this truth has been given to people and it is certainly not to turn people against eachother.

One debate that prevails in different parts of our world relates to Muslim women being covered up and also the freedom for people to continue in their own practice of religion. A new religion cannot be formed that will forcefully convert the multitudes of people.  Anyone who is trying to enforce this with a convert or die policy is not working in the light or in truth.

There is conflict within groups of people from different religions. It becomes necesary to identify the conflict and heal the root address and correct any errors. Not everyone has the authority to do this...not everyone is open to listen to the truth 'or a woman'.

There are people who are anti Jewish...and yet Jesus Christ is Jewish. He was born from the womb of a Hebrew mother. The Spiritual Way was taught by Jesus himself. His name might be different by different people -He introduces himself to children as Jesus.

Just to learn a little about anything we can do a search.

'Hasidic Judaism from the Hewbew: חסידות‎ ( Sephardic pronunciation: IPA: [ħasiˈdut]; Ashkenazic pronunciation: IPA: [χaˈsidus]), meaning "piety" (or " loving-kindness"), is a branch of Orthodox Judaism that promotes spirituality through the popularization and internalization of Jewish mystism as the fundamental aspect of the faith.' Wikipedia.

Of  the views of one who answered about the burqa "There are 5 "pillars" of Islam--which means there are 5 main things that Muslims HAVE to do in life--and women covering their hair is not one of them. Even the Quran says "The Best clothing, is that of Righteousness".
Anyone who rejects other peoples right to pray and worship God are people who might not pray or even beleive in God. The people who beleive and are practicing Orthodox Spirituality also have mystical experiences that reflect their spiritual development.

We are here for such a short time, to learn our lessons, grow and evolve spiritually. The voices who have not realised there is a far higher authority are not reliable teachers in our world.

There are women who dress modestly covering up their legs and breast, so not to attract the lustful eye of man and temptation. Interpretation of modesty is different in different societies. A muslim lady told me she wears her hijab with pride because the mother of|Jesus wore this.

Covering the eyes can be to protect the soul. Covering the hair protects the person aswell because the hair carries DNA and energy....Long hair can attract attention from men too. Long hair is a head covering in itself - Covering the hair also protects the crown chakra.

If we are not willing to learn about other people's truth we can easily remain in ignorance. A society structure in place that promotes gay marriage - to allow a gay monarch and secure inheritance of wealth is likely the reason this law was pushed through. It is for people to understand the reasons. When men are against marriage and yet want casual relations - society has become flawed. 

 It is preferable to live in a society that respects relgious diversity - the teaching that does not in any way promote harm, injury, suffering or death to anyone) than one that does not.

Prophet Muhammad is recorded to have had an experience going to heaven and meeting the Lord. He was instructed to tell people to pray 100 times a day. In this experience he met Moses who lived around 2000 years before. Prophet Muhammad thought praying 100 times a day is too much and so he went back and asked for this to be reduced. This is why Muslims pray 5 times a day.

Orthodox Christisans are told to pray unceasingly. It is only recent years that I am being given more understanding and realise perhaps Prophet Muhammad was instructed to tell people to keep their focus on the Lord.  We can pray short prayers for example by saying 'God, Please forgive me'.

The points raised in the video above about dress are reasonable and acceptable. If we are interested enough to find out why people dress covered up - we can learn. Seek from a crediblesource of whom I am not. What I do know, in some cultures people wear black for mourning.

We are billions of people around our world who want to live in a peaceful world, without war, without hate, withut oppression, without injustice...The most important clothes instructed to Muslims to wear are the clothes of righteousness. Doing right by everyone is not easy ...

How many politicians and representatives of the people are sincere beleivers. Are the people who are serving and acting on behalf of the people sincere? These are important considerations.

If a Prime Minister shows preference to one people and not another, how can they serve all the people?  Man has divided territory and turned people against each other. This must stop.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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