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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Why Did Malaysian Flight MH370 Disappear?

There could be any number of reasons why a flight disappears. What came to mind is the mass media reporting on this particular flight and yet it is not an isolated incident.

Every so often a child will be reported missing - there are around a million children or more that go missing every year. How many airplanes go missing? Finding one report of 12 missing flights - how do we not know that many more go missing. This is all said for a reason...guided to.

As we are not there and do not know the background information, we rely on what the media reports to bring to our attention what is happening. How do we know this incident is gaining international information just because the flight has disappeared. Is somethng else being exposed that the people are meant to know about. A vast search is invovled over 40 vessels...

Has the plane been hijacked or diverted for a reason that could be to do with what is happening in our world. With wars and rumors of wars - there are people preparing for battle too.

There are people of faith in Malaysia as around the world. People who pray and meditate - people who are asking for MH370 to return home safe. There has been an expansive search that has identified debris in the ocean....and there as been an anouncment of people being killed.

People in Malysia are demanding answers and the truth. People want the evidence. People are fed up of being lied to. It will of course be devastating of discovering that family and loved ones are dead with discovery of evidence. There is NO PROOF that people have died.

In a true Democracy people hold the power and the people have a right to ask questions and demand the truth. The people can demand higher standards and ethical officials. The people can steer officials  direction to serve ethically from the very top of a structure to the helpers on all  levels.

It is so easy to slack - and for officials to think they have no hope of finding bodies to declare people dead (this is just one possible scenario, this shows disregard for the people on board and also the people who are waiting anxiously - not knowing the truth and not getting closure.

In the days of this plane disappearance I had watched a film named Chariot. This movie showed how information can be easily presented to people on board a aiplane different from a reality on earth, The story is being shared because the airplane 'disappeared' some years ago.

We do not know if this plane has been taken by military for a reason, or by hijackers, or that it had reached some problem and had been diverted to another landing point.

We do not know if this plain had had been struck and brought down somewhere, or destroyed with no survivors. We do not actually know anything at all other than what we are told

Reporters are asking questions - they want answers. Based on answers they can write accordingly to bring to the people's awareness what is relevant to know. There are reports that are created from other peoples writing - could be as the expression of Chinese whispers - that can change as the story goes down the line. To get the to the truth of any situation we need to ascertain the facts.

Diverted MH370 path never used by pilots before 

With the flight path being one that is not used by commercial airlines - this flight was either diverted by instruction - internal or external. The diversion could have been made for some technical difficulty and it has been known for emergency landings to take place.

The flight, as far as officials know was already programmed to fly to Beijing. Another point comes with 'hacking' computers, we cannot ignore the posibility of onboard comptuers being hacked and scrambled. If this had happened, the reliance on miliary assistance could happen as a backup....These are just thoughts and using a little common sense to address a solution to a problem.

And if this is the case where on board computer programming had failed, examining to discover the reason why this failed would be a point that would bring more information to light.

'Published on 17 Mar 2014
Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim says the inability of the Royal Malaysian Air Force to detect a stray Boeing 777 flying across peninsula Malaysia exposes a great security hole.'

So through this incident, the public are to learn of a security hole in the airspace. (other than UFOs from outer space) on this earth, every sailing and flight vehicle is identified by a name and number. Air traffic control is monitored to enable safe passage of air vehicles. In airports, there are queues and slots for flights to arrive and land, also when flights are leaving - safe to take off. 

History has known enemy planes and in the air military jets are being used and drones too - according to reports. Just because this is being shown in another land, this does not eliminate the threat of a controlled power being used to cause destruction and devastation anywhere.

We are living in a world where people do not want war - but some people do. The people who do are easily serving a dark and destructive force. Even if wars are in some way justified.

We seen from this example how a vast number of shps and planes have been taken to a part of the world searching for evidence of a flight and also people....The people on board are doing their job and yet we do not know if there is any alternative agenda. This situation has been providing lessons for people to learn. This situation is a reminder that human life is precious. 

Published on 12 Mar 2014
Sky's David Bowden speaks to a former pilot who says there is a scenario that could explain how the Malaysia Airlines flight disappeared.

Another possibility is shown in a flight simulator to show what might happen in the event that the plane had run into trouble and has to return back. Because there is NO EVIDENCE, no one can say conclusively that something happened or what had taken place.

An earlier article has shown the involvement in the examination of evidence following a plane crash  - looking for reasons and the detail shown is just a snippet of what might be taking place int he design and building of an aircraft. Technological expertise is greatly underestimated. However in the event of a flaw in the structure, as shown even a hairline crack, over time can be devastating.

Published 17th March 2014 the reporter states "The Indian island of Diego Garcia is home to a US airbase that launched the most powerful bombers, the key to winning the war in Iraq. But it was also home to one an indiginous population, who were samarily uprooted and shifted against their will to another island 1200 miles away...."

With only military workers and people they import allow onto Diego Garcia - this a top secret location with preserved security is for any number of reasons. 

With Diego Garcia chosen as a miltiary air base for strategic missions, the island had been taken over completely. People who were residents and born on their homeland were moved. In history population exchanges and relocation of the masses in the event of war. Many of us are living far from our homelands of orgin because out ancestors have moved...or been moved.

With the UK and USA in partnership - With wars based on lies - how many times before? Who is the decider of people to suffer, made destritute homeless and be killed? Who is the power and manipulator to influence masses of people to the detriment of mankind? The Global war on terrorism was with an agenda planned ahead - one that has people complying to military takeover and rule.

In the case of America and Diego Garcia, the report does not say that they killed people to take over the land. This is important. The primitive mindset to kill people who are unarmed 'on orders', shows a very dark and evil force at work. Who is the puppet master and decision makers to take over land

In the movie Chariot - a group of people wake up on board of a government evacuation programe that goes horribly wrong...The outcome is not known. On a mobile phone a scenario was presented of the States in America being destroyed...The people on board were given visual evidence that ths had happened. In real life news reports do not always show the truth or report facts. 

Quoting from Charitot "In 2003 an American airline 727 was stolen from an airport in Angola" - "Vanished off the face of the earth. No one ever found it. FBI and CIA searched for over a year".

What also comes to light that the flight was being taken to DC airpace 'as an unknown aircraft' - if this has happened is unknown. Could such a scenario happen in the future, is so what would happen? Would the plane be shot down? This is said especially after 9/11 killing of over 3000 innocent people. The image showed the devils face in the smoke of the twin towers. The devils work is destructive.

The film industry is also a creative industry - a vehicle that is being used to open people's minds and awareness. There are movies of vampires. How many people are invovled in blood sacrifice rituals - drinking blood in real life? In different ways truth can be brought ot people. Princess Diana campained about landmines in Angola - The 2003 flight disapeared from Angola in Chariot too.

There are an unknown amount of landmines. How many troops returning form war alive are without limbs. Diana was described as a loose cannon by the British government because she knew of agendas and political plans - Diana would have also known of the planned wars. Does Harry?

People are asking if flight MH370 was shot down to the military - for what purpose would this serve? It is important not to assume or accuse (I speak of wizard wand wavers with evidence of three British royals waving wands - knowing there are people who would think nothing of chopping the heads of 'anyone' involved in witchraft) Halo Trust is written on the front. Whose Halo?
The flight radar on this video is revealing disappearing flights.

Notice the use of 'New Word Order in the title. While this man is pointing out detail of the recording, he is waking people up to notice the detail. This is a video provides 'visual evidence' - Keep to the visual and related dialogue - what is not relevant dismiss because assumption is not fact.
Will this Being 777 appear again with all its passengers safe. We do not know. The illusionists in our world have shown that all is not quite as it seems - watching David Copperfied who I was given the opportunity to watch two shows live on two separate days. Life is an illusion.

The media is able to manipulate any agenda and influence the masses. There is no law to prevent the media from lying. There are government blackouts to prevent the truth being told - some areas including Satanic Rituals so that people are not aware of the dangers or to protect their children

Right at the very begining, the video provides the inforamtion that is most valuable. Was the plane taken to or landed at a military airbase. If this was the case and Iam not saying so, however I am not ignoring the possibility there would be a reason why too.

We do not know what has happened or will happen in relation to this flight. We are shown again a number of countries are involved in this search in the Indian Ocean.

The Australia PM has stated that the search will go on with justified reasons why. The cost involved could  be many billions of pounds. As seen with any military intervention cost does not ever cut back. All these poeple involved are on a payroll whether in war or search and rescue missions.

With Queen Elizabeth being Queen of Australia, The Kohinoor diamond is from India in Asia worn in the Crown of the Queen of England. This spoil of war (says it all really) is known as a cursed diamond - written in ancient script, the possessor of the Kohinoor is the possessor of the world. 

Published on 25 Mar 2014
The australian navy ship checking for the debris in South of perth ( 2500km away from mainland) Perth is in western Australia (looking on the map, thanks to Google.)

HOW DANGEROUS IS THE INDIAN OCEAN the video title asks. The vast expanse of water moves and flows with energy - with the reminder in this time of Noah (with a film release too) God flooded the earth and made everything new. Seeing the vast expanse of waters gives an idea that the power of the ocean waves. Looking at Googlemaps, our world has vast water area.

'Some went down to the sea in ships, doing business on the great waters; they saw the deeds of the Lord, his wondrous works in the deep. For he commanded and raised the stormy wind, which lifted up the waves of the sea.' Psalm 107:23
More than 20 aircraft and 40 ships from at least 10 countries are involved in this search...'Hijacking and bombing is not being ruled out' - With the satellites and technology so advanced, how advanced would be revealing. The search has been said will endure until the plane is found. Meantime the ships have made headway and shown to be meant to be in this terroritory.

We cannot say for sure what happened to MH370 or the people onboard who have vanished. We do not know if they will return...There are people praying for the safe return of M370. We do not know if there is a political agenda involved and planned! The people are not always told the truth.

How many people have vanished and airplanes so far? Is there a chance that these people are alive? I wish so. There is a reason for everything and we do not hold  all the answers. Time is going to reveal all. Praying that there will not be another world war - this predicted war must be averted.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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