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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Yeshua's Bride / Persecution of messengers

'Published on 13 Nov 2013
Received on 10/30/13

My bride will reap the fields. My bride will bring My lost sheep unto Me. She has been hand picked for a time such as this. All of her life she has trained for this time to harvest My fields. She has been tested and tried, she will work along side of Me. Many do not believe her but she is a force to be reckoned with. She is well equip for what soon lies ahead. She will know her way. Her training has prepared her and soon she'll be working in the fields. The harvest is upon you and My bride has made herself ready. She has been placed in the fire and refined like gold. I have given her My heart and I have set her on high. She is not like the others.

Please keep your brothers and sisters in your prayers!

Love you ALL!!


As the request is made please keep the messangers in your prayers because we are all being attacked. I have suffered physical injury and living in England - no surprise really.

The message above is very clearly given. The messengers who are being guided in truth by Christ are being protected too. There are warnings not to harm the anointed ones and the prophets - This time the truth cannot be silenced. Jesus Christ knows the people who belong to him.

God knows his sincere servants and who are mocking him!

Word from The Lord: Help Me REACH Them

Another video - war comes (17th March 2014)

Dream about military lockdown 

Who  is the person - the power who is giving authority to military - notice also that foreigners are used for this purpose as the  troops are sent overseas. Is there a lesson to understand fromthis? How many Christians refused to go to war and even questioned legitimacy?

Access the Ten Commandments. What does it say about killing people?

With a focus on global peace and healing, being guided to understand that it is better to remove one family from a position of power, than the whole of humanity be destroyed - it is foretold that there are people who are antichrist and those who disregard the authority of God.

In  this most important video, this is how to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The relationship is a real relationship - heart to heart, through the Holy Spirit.  

For all our sins and errors, all we have ever been through in life, God knows already. There are warnings not to cause the children to stumble - the children are adults too. As babes in Christ, not everyone was ready to recieve understanding and yet today is different, While fraught with dangers, more people are going to want to return to the truth than to endure the lie.  
Message from The Lord: Visitation from the fallen ones

If you place your life in the hands of God, He is going to ensure that the plans He has for you are going to unfold. He is the Master of our Destiny - Our life is planned before we are born. The people who suffer are instruments to teach imporant lessons to those in error. He has shown in life, death and ressurection that injustice is inexcusable. He will destroy the enemy.

Word: The Wind Blows in Change

On September 10th 2013, I was given a vision of a menorah that was hidden as discussed in other articles. After sleeping I woke and came to do a search on the internet to see what is connected if anything to discover a gold menorah medalion discovered in the 'City of David' - witht his was 36 gold coins found in a Byzantine ruin. Hearing one day not knowing the Hebrew Language Yom Kippur - the realisation of being the acceptable year of the Lord  came in this time.

To me, the understanding was given of a time when the mention of Jesus Christ being God has had people killed, because people were not ready to understand how this is possible. What with Kings and emperors who want to be God, religious extremists, also those who have forced conversations  - with translated Holy Scripture, proof is given the people who belong to Jesus Christ hear his voice very clearly and very specifically. People who are 'obedient' to the authority of God might be hated  and persecuted by those who plan to rule over humanity by deception. Nothing new.

Dream, training in our sleep and a camper??

With appreciation to Susan for shining her light and heart.

Humanity cannot progress spiritually is there is not a light focus. Since Jesus Christ was taken up to heaven, the focus is showing people where to place their focus.  The people who are guided by the Lord are the people who are enabling spiritual progress - Leading people to the Lord. This is a time when everyone is given an opportunity to learn the right way or be left behind. 

If you keep rejecting the truth, don't blame the messenger!

Peace, love and best wishes
Paulne Maria

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