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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Saturday, 3 May 2014

Raw: Massive Landslide in Afghanistan - Why?

There is reported a massive landslide in Afghanistan and the question we should all be asking now in this time of spiritual awakening, why is this happening? 

Of course the propaganda machine will blame the weather - keeping people confoming to whatever they want you to beleive. What is happening is biblical prophesy and we cannot ignore that what is happening with these floods and landslides is with what is happening on the earth. 

The landslide is identified in the area that is the corridor to China. In my previous article a little research to what is happening in Afghanistan and has been happening in the last 50 plus years has been discovered and shared. It is this particular territory that is identified too.

Wiped out: Hobo Barik, a village in Badakshan province, was hit by heavy rains, almost certainly killing 500 people

Path of destruction: The landslide, which took place yesterday morning in the Afghan village, destroyed hundreds of homes

Path of destruction: The landslide, which took place yesterday morning in the Afghan village, destroyed hundreds of homes

As devastating as it is, this very arid land has been the cause of great destruction and also loss of life. A people who are beleivers, who came from a spiritual teaching, have suffered this for a reason. We as the international community are being shown this happening and how people live.

Noticing on this land there is a green band growing...and Prophet Muhammad came to mind, with a dream the Lord gave me where he was standing on hill with the land surrounded by water.

Are there warnings of great floods to the people?  The message I was given that was written in my heart is to remind Muslims not to go the wrong way. He revealed himself to me to share this.

The connection to Prophet Muhammad has been found:

'The Shrine of the Cloak (Pashto: Kerqa Sharif) is located adjacent to the main mosque in Kandahar, Afghanistan. It contains the Kerqa, a cloak believed to have been worn by Islam's Prophet Muhammad. It is therefore widely held to be one of the holiest Islamic sites in Afghanistan, and even considered by some as the "heart of Afghanistan"

As has been shown from the Buddhas and Royal Tombs in Afghanistan, it is also shown that Prophet Muhammad had a connection to this land and people. To appear in my dream and reveal himself to me, we must share a spiritual connection - even be related in some way.

A cloak is also a mantle...a mantle is wrapped around the Torah. When a mantle is worn by someone they are cloaked in the law. It is not clear is this was the case, however, Prophet Muhammad did claim to be the messenger of God and was visited by Angel Gabriel instructing him to recite. This is why the Holy Quran exists today. The return of Jesus Christ is antiticipated by every Muslim.

The floods have happened in Northern Afghanistan. Ancient times, Kingdoms have been destroyed by floods. In the time of Noah, God gave laws for the people to live by and they were laws that if we all understood with respect for all people, we would live in a peaceful world.

Yet another tradegy, with 2000 people missing and yet, we are reminded globally that this could happen at any time and any where. This is happening in this apocalyptic time.

President Obama offers his condolences and continued support for the people. My prayers and thoughts go out to everyone who has lost loved ones in these catastrophes and wars.

Is the end of the war in sight now...I hope so. There is a spiritual battle that is taking place - eventually this is also foretold will be brought to an end.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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