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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Jesus Messenger - Warning To The Briide

These video messages are published because they are given by the Holy Spirit - what Jesus is communicating to one person, he is sharing this message with all people.

This lady was told to write the messages down. She is speaking them and reaching a wider audience. Jesus Has told me a few times in 2013 'Write for me'.

When other people are sharing their experience, it is important that I am sharing their experience in truth so that people can hear and know - not my interpretation of the truth. Here you are:

In this video titled MY WILL is Forgiveness - Jesus has said "Follow me because I am The Law'.

This message applies to the lawmakers who are ignoring the Holy Law. Selfish people who go against God have also been denying the right for people to live under the Holy Laws. As with the breaking of the Holy Laws, God makes His Truth known to people. In history the Kingdom was destroyed. The Isrealites were led to new land - People were given God as their authority.

This video is titled 'I AM' - Love the sinner condemn the sin. Do not hate the sinner. Pray for the sinners. Loving correction is given to the Holy Spirit to do. Correction can be firm and yet it is always to bring people on the right path. We do not have the authority to decide The Judgement of anyone. We do not know who has sincerely repented and been forgiven 'by God'.

This video is titled 'Perfect in HIS ways' - '...Yes no matter what my children will be faced with mockers and scoffers, but my children must stand by one and another in unity and pray for those who are coming under attack. My children need to be the comfort for one another until the time I bring you home. 'You are family brothers and sisters my children and yes you may disagree and disappoint one another but I command that you love one another and stand by one another in love.'

'Do not quit seeking me out. Do not quit studying what I lay on your heart. But with everything you share be aware and careful. Some of my sheep hang on your words. I can say this for certain 'No MAN can figure out the plan of my Father. Your focus should be getting to know me and my Father. Figuring out  the specific plan of my Father will not be accomplished by any man. He WILL GIVE YOU pieces of the puzzle to HELP YOU prepare but no  man will know the date or the hour, though He expects all to know the season.'

This video  is titled 'My Messengers' - "My servants were handpicked for this time in the earth's history. They have been put exactly where they need to be and they are exactly who I want them to be at this moment in time. They will all work together as a symphony playing the most beautifully orchestrated piece of music. All of my children play a role but my messengers are ever so important.  They are like the conductor of the orchestra. I am the author of the piece that they are playing. The pieces will fit together seamlessly allowing for the lost to see that I am who I say I am. I AM WHO MY CHILDREN SAY I AM.The coming events will cause the lost to see me and they will hear the music that my stary hosts are putting out loud and clear. I wrote this sympony'.

 Just as distster strikes, miracles will mirror them. Do not be afraid, for whoever hears these messages will be kept safe. For if you have ears to hear youwill hear and no danger will cause fear to befall you. YOU WILL KNOW THAT YOU ARE UNDER MY WING. I am the I AM; author from the begining to the end. The begining of the end is unfolding soon my children. Remain in me. Reject the draw of this world. Do not let Satan pull you apart from me now'

In this final video I am sharing today titled WARNING to the BRIDE' the messenger has emhasised being obediant to His instruction. She said the Lord led her to  Revelation 22 which writes 'the Spirit and the Bride - so there is validation found in the Holy Scriptures.

The lady says 'This is one of the most important messages I think the Lord has ever shared with me.' - Catastrophic events warned ofby my many messengers are coming soon to your once great nation and world soon. Not one will be sheilded from seeing the destruction. Destruction will come from the elements fire and water primarily but you will also experience earthquakes and volcanos throughout your earth. Outer space will began colliding with your once great nation in the world like nothing you have ever witnessed in the past. Things will never go back towhat you percieved as normal. Once these things start the endof the earthas you have known it will have began. Disasters that have taken place in the past and recent past will not hold a candle to what is coming my children. You will only have your memories of what once was.

There will be three days of darkness where my bride will be transformed into her new incorruptable body. During this time she will be visible to others. But they will clearly see the changes take place in my bride. People will look on in awe as my Bride puts on the new and discards the old. She will be given a new flesh that is not flesh as you would recognise flesh. An incorruptable flesh. She will be given heightened awareness into the spiritual realm. She will be One with the entirety of my bride. They will come together to recieve their garments and their duties. There are many who are to remain on this earth who My Bride will be in charge of turning towards their creator. There will be an evil and good. There will be evil and good hearts. And the good hearts will truly know their Father and will be  able to see that My Bride is Of Me and that the others are imposters.

My bride are spirit filled beleivers that have emptied their flesh of this world and surrendered fully to me. They are the warriers for me in this time and will be waring for the hearts and minds for those who are left on this earth - to the eventually turn their heart to me or take the mark of the beast. My bride is very important and will lead many home to me. When they see the imposters, when people see the imposters THEY WILL THINK THAT THEY ARE PART OF MY BRIDE, but people with me in their hearts will quickly figure out the truth. Warn people. The people of light are truly dark and they are put on this earth to do nothing but decieve......'

There are many who beleive in me but who have become entangled in false teaching and doctrines of man. They will not want to believe that this is the end. My Bride will have to educate them. There are millions and millions of pepole who know of me, but are seeking to know me. My Bride will educate them. My Bride will introduce her Groom. The Job of the Bride will not be easy but she will be equipped with her new and glorious body filled with my supernatural light and love. 

The imposters though, children of light, will be children of darkness send to confuse and mislead humans sent with choosing Satan as their father instead of their actual father and creator. These imposters will be arriving on the scene soon. Most of the people in the world are completely unaware of what is to come and will be totally taken by surprise. Just remember my children that there is no man  good. Do not be decieved, Come to me in prayer for answers to all of your questions. The decievers will try and place and imposter in front of you that is so real, if you did not know my word  you would be fooled. But many will be fooled. This is why I must use My Bride to concince those who know of me and just do not know me or my word, not to fall for this great deception. My children I love you so, My Bride must know she will remain protected until she reveals herself in her new uncorruptable body. My bride needs to be aware of what is coming.  I have chosen some very unlikely vessels to be my bride. Do not doubt your worthiness my Bride because no one is worthy but by the blood of the lamb.  Prepare for a battle my bride.


There appears to be like a calm before the storm - but the attacks on people who are serving Jesus in truth is very real indeed and Satan will  use anyone to do this. This could be verbal attacks from family and loved ones because to get to people themost is by using those close. The deliberate sabbotage of family life is by the work of Satan knowing that if people do not communicate, the child who is gifted and chosen (since being born) will not be heard. Their voice will be sounded out.
In this time with numbersof people being  given dreams, visionsand messages - it is shown as been withmy own guidance that there is a symphony    - what is from Jesus comes together it is not in conflict and it is not contradictory to bible teaching either. One voice can be silenced and yet a hundred voices can be heard. These people are scattered around the world. 

Having had freak car crashes and the invisible force push me down the stairs, in January I was given a dream and shown that it was a figure who grabbed my arm to do this - the figure appeared to be a light gold and 'without wings'  - there are people who have made their pact with Satan for powers, incdluding to be invisible. I have also heard Jesus say 'they are plenning to kill you'

If we go back in time to what happened in history - when Jesus was crucified there was a great earthquake. The temple was destroyed in 70 AD too. What was in this time, people were to see with the ressurrection, Jesus Christ was given his uncorruptable body when he came alive. This means that he cannot be killed twice. This means that he can travel at will, appear and dissapear, reveal himself to the people who he allows to see him and remain hidden too.

I have never seen Jesus Christ appear to me in person to speak with me directly but I know someone who has and the message shewas guided to tell me, was for her healing need. Many times I have had personal messages and guidance particularly in recent years. The reason he does not appear tome is because he does not want me to be decieved by an imposter. Dreams have shown me that there is someone who looks like Jesus and yet Iam not 100% convinced it is him. The dreams that \I  know is him - he has made distinctive with the strong gold light radiating from his body.

The imposter could be 'a human clone' the possibility of this being known long ago. A muslim lady I  met in Manchester toldme 'they are planning to Kill Jesus when he returns.' She told me me Imust read the Koran and I said to her I keep praying to God and ask  Him to Guide me.  Actually I do have a copy of the English translated Koran and itis difficult to explain to people who are not ready to understand that God wants everyone to communicate with him directly. This has been shown to be possible through Jesus Christ - not to manipulate people but to bring people to God.

It has been shown with Moses, Jesus- intent by the King of the time to kill the chosen ones. A snake was sent to Kill baby Hercules. Krishna is also depicted with a snake around his neck, to show the same might have applied to him.  Cleopatra, Pharoah Queen of Egypt is said to have committed suicide and allegedly died by the poison of an asp. The Queen of Wisdom was killed.

The Three days of darkness is foretold. If in the event that 'they' whoever they are, kill anyone who is appointed by God for his people, there will surely be destruction to the Kingdom. Jesus has said that He is Protecting His Bride and that is because their Black Magic cannot pass him.

So it is important that the messengers for Christ put ontheir whole armor of God for it is written in Ephisians 6 of Spiritual wickedness taking place in the principalities. (Prince's)

It is written in Holy Scriptures in the Bookof Esther, the understanding being conveyed for the Jewish people that if anyone tries to harm/kill them they will surely come to ruin. Jesus Christ is Jewish and so theirfore his family are Jewish and are spiritually connected with him.

With Jews and Greeks being married, the truth still applies. 

People who chose Satan as their father might do so for gains and power, positions of power. It is said there are people even signing contracts for fame. They made their choice. The people who want to be in ruling positions over lands and people who serve Satan are the imposters He speaks of.

The titles people wear does not reveal who  they serve!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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