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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Sunday, 11 May 2014

YouTube: Dream Obama Mountain & Jesus Christ

In listening to this video, the dreamer also places his interpretation. I beleive this is an important message and yet he does not say what Barack Obama is saying. The dreamer says that people were hypnotised - so where they hypnotised by what they saw or what they were hearing. 
This is my reply to the video - with more commentary later.

'If your dream includes Jesus Christ sitting on the throne and the angel being seen next to  Barack Obama, then he is under the authority of Jesus Christ. Angels are under the authority of God as His Messengers. You presented the angel as a being of light visually. Back in 2012, I had a dream of the personal assistant of Obama giving his 'private number' to me and said I can speak with him any time 24/7. In another dream, Michelle Obama and I were standing on a Croydon, London road, instead of tarmac, there was dried crushed horse manure, with gas manholes in the middle. There is more to this. A few days later walking along a bridal path - new gas pipes have been laid on the path - a former railway track connected with the 'National Grid' - this could become a road later on - they planned the roads well in England, with the fines and laws for profit here being increased.  I am an Orthodox Chrristian - Jesus has appearedin visions and dreams, visiting and speaking to children locally 'wearing his crown'. Also I studied dream analysis in post graduate study. My observation in what you presented 'in the picture' is with remembering Moses standing on the Mountain where God spoke with him. Prophet Muhammad was spoken to by Angel Gabriel. Your dream image shows Barack Obama in a time of darkness searching for truth too - He is not answerable to man - Jesus Christ is the person who is 'visually shown as his overlord'. Having also had a vision of standing on a mountain with light beings, if Barak Obama has this experience, it will change him. Kanye West Yeesus tour with a mountain and light above (as was my experience). Seek the truth from the Lord God and he will reveal the truth to you. Share as you see, what you hear, who was there, what is happening, - Do not add or take away anything. There is a bigger picture in this world and Barak is not appointed for a lifetime, only a time. The British monarchs are self elected manipulating the laws that contradict the laws of God.. Read Deuteronomy 17 People have been enslaved by a system. Your dream shows you that Jesus Christ is sitting on the throne as he has revealed himself to me. God bless.'
The dreamer also presents his perspective visually as being amoung the people, looking upwards towards the top of the mountain. I beleive this is significant for understanding.
This is a time of Revelation - Apocalypse means to reveal.
This is the Mountain in the Sinai Peninsula. 
With having had personal experience dreams and visions, I have replied to the video, knowing other people can read the comments. There are a great many people now having experiences and the Holy Spirit is outpouring on this earth. The timing of this when the truth is being corrupted.  This generation are being returned to know that Jesus Christ is King and This is the Will Of God. 
The Yeesus Tour was seen published the day after I had an experience standing on the mountain of light. The light you see above was bright like this with rays coming from this.
In ancient times Moses was chosen to free the people from slavery in Egypt. He went up Mount Tur in Sinai Peninusula, South Egypt where he was given the tables with the Ten Commandments from God. When Moses came down the mountain, the Israelites were worshiping the golden calf. 
Kanye West also features an actor playing the role of Jesus to remind people that Jesus is alive. The return of Jesus Christ is anticipated around the world. He can appear at any time and any place. No one will expect his visitations. The RETURN of Jesus Christ is when people are ready.
Barak Obama has origins of African and likely of Egyptian heritage too - for Egypt is in North Africa. As an Israelite himself, he i an instrument and has been in office for a long time now. God does not choose perfect people to bring His Truth to people. History has shown this to be.   

A few years ago I had a dream walking with Jesus Christ in Jerusalem and the Holy Land - it is not known if this was being shown the past, what is happening now, or what will be. The past, present and future are rolled into one. The dream revealed only a few gathered to listen to what Jesus Christ has to say. In the ancient times, 5000 gathered to hear what HE had to say and so the gathering of people to Jesus is happening in different ways today. Masses of people are being baptised today.

Moses pointed people to God and prepared the way.

Many of us have appeared arrogant - I recall when Barack Obama first was elected in office he had a confidence seen when he was walking with a bounce as with many young men. He is growing up in his role and I do not know the truth in his heart, so neither do you. Only God knows the truth of this man. History has also shown bad boys turn good. Perfect people do not inspire the rebels.
God has a plan for humanity. It is for people to know Him.
People who have chosen to do God's Will are not quiet about it. Even if it is to cost their life,  these people are instruments to remind people THE AUTHORITY OVER ALL OF US. 
Barack Obama is a human being who may have seen God! He may have been to the top of the mountain and seen Lord Jesus Christ sitting on the throne who has the Spirit of God within him. The Holy Spirit proceeds from God the Father and Lord Jesus Christ - given to whomsover God wills.
The dreamer presented His Dream as Validation.
If Barak Obama has seen the Lord on His Throne - he is yet another person who is leading people towards having the same experience. Martin Luther King had been to the mountain top too. Prophet Muhammad had an experience of being taken up to heaven and speaking with the Lord.
The Oath of Office is taken on a Holy Bible. My suggestion is to listen again to the speech for the second term in office for this is a man who was speaking to the people of America.

Barak Obama knows in history Kings have enslaved the people of Africa, chopped their hands off, killed off millions of people. The people who came from being slaves did not even have a surname - and yet in some miraculous way God will ensure that the Meek Will Inherit the Earth. 
When a low mentality gain power, the people are oppressed. Today there is a risk when corporations conquest this world and then people are crowned as Kings of the Coporations.  

The divine plan is unfolding...with promises to people. 

The Declaration of Independance is a legally binding document for living under The Authority of God, for people to be Free - to live with responsibility and take care of the people. 
By this dream, people learn Jesus Christ is on the throne! The dream shared above also indicates that the dreamer is made aware that President Obama is under the authority of Jesus Christ. Thisis an  important message for the people in America because of decisions made in history.
In my inspired painting, Jesus is sitting on the throne. This was revealed before he started to reveal his face and physical presence in visions and dreams, before he visited the cildren.
Focus on Jesus Christ, not Barak Obama. Listen to what Barak Obama says who has taken an oath to God in County. His oath to God is not retractable. He is in his role to inspire faith and for people to look to God and seek to do right by the people. He knows the eternal birthright of people!

It is for people to remember their eternal birthright.
Jesus Christ wants everyone to know he is alive.
Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria
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