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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for justice, global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Queen Elizabet Game of Thrones Set Ireland

Queen Elizabteth II visits the Game of Thrones set and people say it is a pity she did not sit on the throne. Not watching this series it is difficult to comment about what has happened in the series.

In the Game of Thrones set there is the Iron Throne. This throne being made of weapons, so is this symbolic of a throne gained by wars and killing people. Or is this a throne that has everyone put down their weapons tto create the throne, so that people decide to live in peace? What seems evident is that people have taken oaths of allegiance and people placed as subject to King overlords..

One man claims Royal and Imperial titles with the right to rule by the sword today...It is always a concern when anyone claims to have the right to rule over people with with the sword and command armies. There exists also another more appropriate term and that is the Sword of Truth -

'And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God' Ephisians 6:17.:

The Game of Thrones set is located at Titanic Studios in Belfast. Belfast was a major shipbuilding port and where RMS Titanic and her sister ship RMS Olympic was built. The Skipper who was in charge of RMS Titanic when is sank, was also on the sister ship when it was struck on its maiden voyage.

With the unexplained fires on ships and ships being overturned - Queenships have been identified - Queen of the Seas. There are princess ships named too. then there are battle ships - destroyers are named and cargo ships too. While people live in a town - townships. With people subject to the laws, exactly what law is ruling any lands? The Holy Laws are ignored in England. Then there are Citizenships...Cities were named after Levites and so was Athena a Levite? Christ family? England denies our inheritance rights!

There is written in the Holy Bible in Ephisians 6 of spiritual wickedness in high places. By now you may have noticed the freak crashes reported and people being killed. The innocent people being killed massacres (wars) might be connected with pacts made by the devil and demonic influence.

Massacre of the innocents took place in ancient history too.

In the video the Iron Throne of swords is seen in detail. What is also significant is this being situated at the top of 7 steps. When the Queen was crowned, her throne was placed on the ffth step, making her throne the sixth step and her stting on this she was the seventh step. These details have meaning.

There is reference in the Holy Bible beating swords to ploughshares. When lands have been conquested by blood, this is not a divinely appointed monarch. There have been illegal wars based on lies these years. There are men and women with cold hearts who are criminally insane, sadistic and bloodthirsty.There is a mindset who lust for power and think nothing about who is killed. Has the Game of Thrones shown this too?

The Daily Mail published this article headline with photographs:

Is that for me? The Queen goes behind the scenes on the Game of Thrones set in Belfast (but refuses to take the Iron Throne) - not sure if this was true..

This elderly Lady walked into the staged throne room while everything is carefully planned, She will have spent time looking around with her own thought process. It is I believe, significant that the Queen would attend this stage set to remind people of what has happened. Given also that  the media are prevented to report what is going on behind palace doors, The Queen however surely knows the truth about what is happening behind palace doors today..

When a throne is built on bloodshed, the King/Queen is not going to have pure heart or pure intentions for the people. Who wants to be subject to someone like this?  The law of nature has been reacting with floods and landslides, earthquakes etc, It is possible reaction in relation to the Imperial throne.(The end times might be related to the Monarchy)

'The divine right of kings, or divine-right theory of kingship, is a politicaland religious doctrine of royal and political legitimacy. It asserts that a monarch is subject to no earthly authority, deriving the right to rule directly from the will ofGod. The king is thus not subject to the will of his people, the aristocracy, or any other estate of the realm, including (in the view of some, especially in Protestant countries) the Church. According to this doctrine, only God can judge an unjust king. The doctrine implies that any attempt to depose the king or to restrict his powers runs contrary to the will of God and may constitute a sacrilegious act. It is often expressed in the phrase "by the Grace of God", attached to the titles of a reigning monarch'

'The Mandate of Heaven is an ancient Chinese belief and philosophical ideathat heaven (天; Tian) granted emperors the right to rule based on their ability to govern well and fairly. According to this belief, heaven bestows its mandate to a just ruler, the Son of Heaven, and withdraws it from a despotic ruler, leading to the overthrow of that ruler. The Mandate of Heaven would then transfer to those who would rule best.' 

'The Mandate of Heaven does not require that a legitimate ruler be of noble birth, and dynasties were often founded by people of common birth (such as the Han dynasty and Ming dynasty). The Mandate of Heaven had no time limitations, depending instead on the just and able performance of the ruler and his heirs. Throughout the history of China, times of poverty and natural disasters were often taken as signs that heaven considered the incumbent ruler unjust and thus in need of replacement'

King David was the 8th born son and he was chosen. In maintaining the Kingdom belonging to Christ it would make sense that a chosen descendant of the House of David because this person would also be a relation of Jesus Christ and also connected with the House of Israel..In the United Kingdom of Israel, there is not a divided people. King David was made the anointed King of Israel.

Ireland has known divide between North and South. The Emerald Isle is named, not knowing if this is connected with the Emerald connected with King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. It was in watching for the first time the 2013 version of Dracula, a necklace was identified as an heirloom. With the British Crown Crest identifying a Unicorn with a gold crown around itls neck, does this relate?

King Solomon is the son of King David and Bathsheba. The connection to Ireland is shown wth the Harp of David  Solomon is also a name that is revealed with the Dutch Immegrants who went to America. Solomon Piestersen was a Dutch Lawyer who was one of the council of 13.The name Pietersen is also connected wtih Marie Madelene so there is a complicated tapestry with details unknown and yet revealed.. In some complicated  and yet simple way, people have always been shown to be overlooked from the heavens and yet not everyone has seen how God's Providence is working.. 

With Prince Charles said to be a relation of Count Vlad the Impaler, other people  are too. It is easy to switch from serving God to rejecting Him and serving the evil one. There are also people who want powers and also be in a position of power willing to do anything for this. Scary. In the twist of the stories brought to our attention, we are reminded that there is a real battle over evil and the battle starts from within our own being, for not everyone is willing to reject the demon influence.

With the power struggles in our world, wars can also bring retaliation. It is easy to pitch people against eachother and this places people with divided loyatly. Land was partitioned a long time ago and in this day, people are learning to mix with people from other lands - even love and marriage between people from other lands and tribes. This is how also the divine plan unfolds to the next chapter.

One day, people globally might lay down their swords and that will be a day when the world will begin to live in a new era that respects everyone's right to life and to live in peace.  

The article also emphasises the Queen's love of antiques and evidence is highlighted to know what is genuine and what is not.  In the British royal bloodline, effort has been made to trace the family lineage both through the maternal and paternal lines. Two important lines have been relevant to being chosen by God are connected with the Plantagenet and also Greece - Smyrna, is identified in the Holy Bible. It is unknown if the Plantagenet bloodline is connected with Marie Madeleine although 'she was chosen by Christ' to continue the church.

Evil forces in 1922 after some intervention/decison known by the British establishment, this resulted in the Greek quarter of the city of smyrna being burned to the ground. Up to 3000 years of official records may have been destroyed. In 1910 there was a fire in Rennes Town Hall where evidence of marriage and birth records may have also been destroyed. However, to fulfill the divine plan, the tax collector has recorded details of who is who and the census collector too. From this genealogy can be mapped out. Actually one of Manchester's census official used people's details to make up her family tree. She was discussing this openly.

In Spain, basque region around 40% of the people are rhesus o negative blood group. This blood type may have origins from the East when the early settlers fled Jerusalem. Royal blood is not just in people with titles. The blood that runs through our veins is our life force. If we are to have a blood transfusion, we are accepting someone elses blood. With blood testing Paternity DNA is discovered and it is the male bloodline that is shown as significant. However according to Christ, he has shown the female line being important or did people forget? 

How can people who are obliged to be obediant to God, be subject to those who are not?  How many wars have been fought now? How sincere is The Coronation Oath...People have a right to know! What we do know is that the Queen is the Head of the Commonwealth....She has her vision and yet the danger today is that all the good that has been done can easily be spoiled....This is why people continue to suffer.

The Orb held in the hand of the Queen who is wearing the Imperial Crown, represents the world. The Commonwealth of Israel is named and so this might be connected. The Sceptre holds a diamond named the Star of Africa - being connected with 'the people' in Africa is identified. The people in Africa are included in God's divine plan as are the people in India and UK, shown by Jesus traveling to these lands.

The Queen who was crowned Supreme Head of the church of England. The Archbishop of Canterbury referred to the Anglican Church as the worldwide Church. Traditionally a church has meant an assembly of people and so Elizabeth was crowned Queen of the people. 

In 2013 the Declaration of Independance of the States of America side by side with the Declaration .of Independance of Israel.were 'implanted on a microchip in a 2000 year old rock from Jerusalem' Of all the hysteria about microchips, who noticed this? 

Elizabeth means 'daughter of the oath'. and so the sacred coronation oath is emphasised because she was the person crowned to maintain 'Christianity' in these lands.

The British media recorded William Kate and Harry wizard wand waving - even waving their wands towards the heavens 'as if' God mocking and laughing. Charles made an unfortunate decision to marry Diana who was seemingly fitting to be the mother of a future monarch and yet, there is a strict criteria to meet. Being crowned by the Grace of God is at least expected to be sincere in their faith. Do the royals have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?

Media reports have indicated that Charles is intersted to know the power of prayer. He is also with his father feeling a connection with Orthodoxy....If this is with pure intentions  then Christ will already know what is written in their hearts. He knows who is sincere and who is not!

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria.  

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Glastonbury Festival 2014 - The Pyramid Stage

Glastonbury Festival is highlighted today in the Daily Mail news...

There are plenty of photographs to capture the mood.

Not your average cattle truck: Banksy's installation Silence Of The Lambs was casually carted through the farm in a kind of warm-up act

Silence of the Lambs is a titled instrallion by Banksy.

As people in England are being silenced and kept in ignorance, they really do need to be careful of being led like lambs to the slaughter and going to war for self appointed overlords. Truth is truth.

Shiver me timbers: As the sky clouds over, people flocked to a pirate ship playground in the Greenpeace field for food, drinks and child-friendly activities

'A pirate ship playground in the Greenpeace field for food, drinks and child-friendly activities'

Forecast: Despite the sunny weather this week, rain is set to swamp Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset, from this afternoon and last through Glastonbury

Pictured on Worthy Farm, in Pilton Somerset, the news forcast swampy weather that will last til the end of the festival. The people despite glorious sunshine, are not deterred, seen each year wearing their wellies. The choice of location and the turn out, shows this is a ritual attendance for many people.

Worthy Farm....intersting name to be chosen.

Decorated: They may not be 'glamping' like the lucky few who have so-called pods or yurts, but these girls have decked out their tent with flowers

The ladies wearing their floral crowns, living under the law of nature.

Ticket holders wait for months to go to Glastonbury after a mad rush for tickets - giving these girls plenty of time to co-ordinate this colourful outfit

The feathered headress is also a crown being guided by the Great Spirit. The American Indians have continued to give respect to the Law of Nature and the Great Spirit - that some men have ignored. The man who beleives he has the right to rule over the people, has ignored the Providence of God..

Sunny spells: In between the rain, the Met Office predicts the occasional hour of sun, which these revellers will doubtless lap up

Glastonbury has been named on the land in Somerset. Just noticing there is a twitter account with Glaston BURY that caught my attention with Bury in capital letters. This has significance too.

'Glastonbury /ˈɡlæstənbəri/ is a small town in Somerset, England, situated at a dry point on the low lying Somerset Levels, 23 miles (37 km) south of Bristol. The town, which is in the Mendip district, had a population of 8,932 in the 2011 census.'

In Bolton, the land where Jesus Christ has appeared to children, this is on area known as Somerton Road estate. One of the roads is named Mendip Drive. Actually all the roads in this area map out the UK.

Leading from Blenheim Road (there is a palace named Blenheim Palace) is Garstang Road, with Garstang being near Preston on the Royal Duchy of Lancaster. The Road maps are carefully planned by man. In a Bolton Suburb some people have bought a church and named it King's Church - people of sincere faith who are guided to do so for the King by Divine Right over this land is already identified.

Only a couple of years ago I learned of the legend of Jesus Christ visiting England in Somerset and so this festival has some significance with being land connected with him. Glasonbury is there the Holy Thorn Tree is situated. Many attempts tto grow these have not always been successful. Meanwhile in Bolton, in land next to Somerton Road estate the Hawthorn trees grow as nature intended. Even the tree that has been cut down has been growing strong new branches. Watching nature evolve is fascinating.

Nestling: This lot might as well get their rest in now - with a sit down in a makeshift nest - for they are looking at five days of partying and not much sleep

Here a group of friends sit together in a makeshift next. Their lives are still ahead of them and given the chance these people will fly in life. Everyne has the right to learn, grow evollve and to thrive in life. It is with experience witnessing the corruption of the system and listening to officials that people are falling and struggling in this society. One day people will be lifted up instead of regarded as commoners.
The tipi field: This year a Red Cedar Totem pole will be erected in the centre of the field, carved in the native Haida tradition of Western Canada

The article writes this year a red cedar totem pole is going to be erected in the centre of the field. This will be carved in the native Haida Tradition of Western Canada. From a distance this image gives the impression of icing decoration for a cake. Is there a celebration that is taking place beyond this?

(Thinking about the Game of Thrones with Westeros identified, also with the Queen also being Queen of Canada.) It is more significant to see the ancient traditions that show respect to this earth and to the people - the wisdom of the ancients is also being given renewed understanding in these present times.

There has been a crop circle that features an indian chief headress, the Greek key and crescent moon posted in an earlier article. The mystery of the crop circles has also had people say they are man made. Still as all work that is creative is inspired and timely, we cannot ignore that not all are made by man. There is the awareness of higher intelligences watching over us all - people are waking up to this again.

Not everyone in England is a beleiver but I cannot deny there are some non believers who are lovers or nature and care about people. Even these people are inspired. One couple gave me a series of gifts - a prayer plant, peace lily and also a buddha ornament. They knew I pray and meditate. In the ancient tradition, people were givent he understanding to evolve spiritually and take care of this world. Whether someone is just taking care of their garden and sharing smiles - their value in life is still very important.

Inbetween Bury and Bolton is the Somerton Road estate - connected with Somerset. On the Boundary in this land is a pub named The Queens - this is plural. The road closeby is Boundary Drive. (There is in our world the eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere - a bridge connects these lands). There is an expression, there are signs everywhere. What is really happening in our world?

The stage has been set - A pyramid for Glastonbury 2014.

The stage has been set - are people ready to evolve now?

A final thought to consider. People in England have been put down and regarded as commoners. People who live with royal titles do not all respect Royal Law in context. The young generation is the future of humanity. If they live to care about people and this planet, the rewards will also show.

There is a global healing need in our world...The greatest lack in this world is love. If the currency of value is to be compassion and care, how many people will strive to exchange this?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringment intended

Investigation of U.N. Oil for Food Programme

Just finding this video filmed at Capitol Hill, Dirksen Office Senate Building.

The Video was uploaded 16th July 2012.

Quote 'George Galloway V US senate, probably the most prolific clip EVER in the history of left WING politics.'

Again some revealing information comes to light and it is for the listener to take note of what is discussed even by the introduction orator. 

This investiation is regarding the corruption in the UN oil for food programme. 

This tetimony from George Galloway lasts about 45 minues.

Years ago an official from overseas said that if they did not suupport the war on terror (they did not agree with the illegal war) they would lose out from gains from contracts. The actual wording cannot be remembered and yet the war for profit became named.

Of the comments on the video is documented:

Mike Pieke wrote 1 week ago 'A company I worked for, had several directors jailed for paying bribes to Iraqi officials. They needed to do this, to get contracts to build bridges, the very bridges that had been destroyed by Coalition forces. Nobody responsible for their destruction has ever been convicted or charged, yet those helping to rebuild go to jail? Shame on you, lady justice!'

Ronald Evans 3 weeks ago ' Didn't hear anyone yelling for a war on terror when the IRA were blowing up Brits, on the contrary they were supporting the IRA. Such a perfidious people.'
  • George Galloways testimony is a sworn testimony to tell the truth - the whole truth so help him God. 

George is not someone who minces his words and is the example of someone to speak out, controt and challenge - He is also outspoken about the people and sets an example for all politicians who are supposed to be serving the people not corporations.

In this testimony to learn that George Galloway has met with Saddam Hussain. Again this is an important video to watch..

It is disturbing that in 'any court' that the truth can be twisted and perverted that is is the cause of an injustice. People have witnessed how Tony Blair who is a lawyer has blatantly lied to go to a war that has profitted an unknown amount of people. 

It does not just take courage to speak out the truth - it is actually an obligatoin to do so. As if there is a Judge on earth, if he wants to make an accurte judgtement he would be wise to listen to all the evidence and not to reject credible evidence that is vital to a bring closure to a case. England preferred to go to war than to serve justice and that just about says is it all about rulers on this land.

The people who are in politics are mixing with all sorts of people and also get to learn what is hapepning  George Galloway is very clear in his testimony and is open in his confession. There are vast crimes taking place in our world while these are being ignored and yet, one day perhaps all officials will be held to account. The public have a right to know who is ruling over laands and over them. The public (people) have the right to know the truth about agendas.

Oil for food .....

One day the heavy users of oil are going to have to look at alternative ways for for fuel than the 'black gold' wars. 

The wars have been based on lies...even I said that. What I say is just knowing people lied. There are people who know what is going on behind the scenes and it is these people who are credible people to listen to for they can offer insightful information too.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

George Galloway Discussion ISIS (Iraq & Syria)

A little more insight of what is happening politically!

Discussion also of the Billions of 'stolen dollars' in Iraq.

In a Democracy people have a right to speak their voice. It is in seeking out the people who are there and know the truth of what is really going on that I make a point of trying to listen to.

Again this is another discussion that brings to light some valuable insights that is not being potrayed in the media. In addition to this, there is a situation with past and present issues brought to the open..

What is also brought to light 'is protecting Christians in these lands' It is not commonly known but Christians, especially Orthodox Christians are exempt from going to war and taking up arms. The British monarchs changed this law and so there is conflkicting understanding and why occassionally, a Muslim will say that the Isa - Jesus they beleive in must be different from the one that sends people to war.

Another point raised at the end of the video rhat is alarming:

"Madeleine Allbright said a quarter of a million babies dead babies is a price worth paying to get rid of Saddam Hussien." - not sourcing the original dialogue to quote her words in context. My thoughts are how little regard for human life  is by some people that they could air their truth in this way.

There are people making pacts with the devil for power and so, we do not know the truth. We do not know if the 6 million murdered Jews was the same. Two points that come to mind. Firstly the anointed one would come from a Jewish background. Secondly, as there are different tribes identified in the Holy Bible, the Imam Mahdi who is rightly guided for the Muslims is revealed to be connected with Iraq.

In the Charter Patent that is signed by several witnesses and sealed with two handprints, one golden yellow, Prophet Muhammad promissed to protect the Christians and the places of worship. Reading this document and others, the detail might be indicative of instruction and obligations with my people.

ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

With the ISIS activity in the Middle East it cannot be ignored that Jesus Christ has also revealed himself in a dream being connected to Syria, family have a home there. In the dream, we were walking together and there had been much destruction to buildings. Jesus also spoke Aramaic, this is from Syria.

Not all is clear about what is really going on. The antichrist has not been revealed and for anyone to accuse someone who is in another land without knowing the truth, they/we might be wrong. When living in England listening to officials bosting of corruption etc, I am inclined to think the antichrist is in England.

Tony Blair justifying his lies that cost so many lives.

In other articles and what is being revealed through media reports, it has shown that even through negative situations, death and destruction - something else is relevant to know. Notice also the rise of freak car crashes and other people being killed, isolated reports - all these are for a reason.

We get to hear perhaps 10% of the truth through the media when it is the other 90% that provides the most important information. Is ritual sacrifice of people taking place with these wars? In ancient history people have known and it is recorded of the massacre of the innocents. In the time of Moses the wicked Pharaoh ordered the Killing of the baby boys. King Herod also ordered the killing of people. There have been attempts to kill through sorcery the people chosen by God at other times too.

Was Cleopatra murdered or did she take her own life?  For Muslims, there have been 11 Imams who have been assassinated and now the Muslims await for the 12th Imam to lead people in the right way. In a time when Ephisians 6 documents spiritual wickedness in high places, this can happen anywhere.

We are living in a corporate world with individuals lusting for power/powers. For all the money in the world, no one is going to take it with them when they die. Few people consider the reason why we are here and the soul journey. Short term gains and status does not buy a ticket to heaven.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

Evolving Situation in Iraq With The ISIS

Published on 14 Jun 2014
- Evolving situation in Iraq with the ISIS
- Risk of the Shrines of the Imams from insurgents
- Clearly stated intentions to take control of key cities and Holy Shrines
- Statement from Ayatullah Sistani expressing concerns of the Takfiri campaigns
- Call for unity within the government and for the armed forces to face the threats as necessary.......' read more on the link.

The content on the video, provides insight and important information what is happening, concerns and also the waiting of the 12th Imam. 

In listening to these videos, we get to hear the perspective of officials who are concerned, and also with gaining clarity of a bigger picture. In my understanding, all Muslims wait for the return of Jesus Christ who will lead the people with the Imam Mahdi. The banishment of evil, injustice and war has been long awaited. 

What is certain there is conflict based on history and division of lands and people. If there is to be global peace, there also must be a willingness to heal these ancient wounds and build bridges together. 

In my dream after praying to God to guide me in the right way to assist peace between Muslims and Christians, Prophet Muhammad revealed himself to me in a dream. So clear he was standing on a hilltop covered in green grass and overlooking water to another land. The water was so clear in light aquamarine with a hook shape underneath this hill. I sensed with what is written in my heart that Muslims must be very careful not to go the wrong way and also it is not known if people were told to keep their focus on him. This explains why Muslims continue today to pray in acknowledgement of Prophet Muhammad and Isa - Jesus Christ.

We live in a world there there are people hungry fro power and positions of power. This is bothersome when the people have not evolved spiritually and there are people suffering, being oppressed, injured and killed. However it is being brought to light and shown that there are people who recognise there are people who are chosen by God and a specific person who is chosen for the Muslim people is known as the Hidden Imam.

Of all names, the name ISIS has been chosen and while this is connected with lraq and Syria, ISIS is also the name of the ancient Egyptian Queen. Cleopatra, who was Greek from Macedona, it is suggested, was to be the incarnation of Isis. Isis is associated with Wisdom and yet also  with Justice too.

Please keep an open mind in all my articles. This video content was most informative that provides a rational perspective of what is going on, what is being asked and what is also expected to happen.

For beleivers everywhere, this is a testing time.

Peace, love and best wishes.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sting, The Legacy He Will Leave to Children

There is an article in the Daily Mail today about Sting with the headline:

Why my children will not be inheriting my £180million fortune: Sting wants his sons and daughters to earn their way (and says he's spending all his money anyway)

The article is well worth a read about someone in a time where the people who have become popular in the music industry have done so by playing endless gigs and gaining a fan base. The successful singer songwriters have a message to deliver that people can identify with. 

Sting person who was faced with choices and these choices shaped his destiny. Growing up knowing the workers life in the shipyard in Newcastle, and also wealth from his success in the music industry, he has never lost sight of his roots or connecting with the people. 

Much and stage plays have been ways to convey stories in history. Sting who demands a citizens life with the freedom to walk into a bar and get on with his life, The Last Ship is an album made into a musical play that shares the roots of people and a life in growing up years.  Locating a Youtube video, there are a number of songs from the play posted below.

Gordon Sumners father thought he was delusional to follow a singing career and yet, this young man looked at the choices facing him and followed his own path - his calling was to sing.

The world famous rock star is reaching an age where sharing his truth and the wisdom learned in experience is a reminder to the young ones today that everything does not come easy. Life is not about ripping people off or making a fast buck. There are consequences for this.

Sting has more than 100 people on his payroll. He shows an ethic of responsibility to maintain his commitments - an example that is inspirational to many young men and women who are starting out on their path. There are directors of companies who might be having a multimillion pound turnover, but the staff have families and are dependant on being paid. Greed creates poverty. Success, I beleive requires the ethical approach for any business to grow, enabling people to grow and feel rewarded..

The 62 year old has grown up knowing heartache, family conflict and seeing people make mistakes. He has shown that a background without wealth and status, does not mean success, respect and being in a position to influence is excluded. Today there are a mindset who are blind to those who can contribute preferring to look in adoration to celebrity, wealth and titles - even if they are given titles.

While most people have an inspirational source, the article writes that Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mum was Stings inspiration. She came to launch a ship 'The Swan Hunter'. 

‘The Queen Mum waved and looked at me, and I looked back at her and that was it,’ he says.

‘There and then I thought, I am going to be rich, famous, successful and drive a Rolls-Royce like her.’
He decided he would use his voice and guitar to get a big house in the country, great wealth and acclaim. And so it all came to pass.

Now aged 62, the rock star, eco-warrior, father of six and grandfather laughs as he tells of the inspiration for his aspiration, all courtesy of the House of Windsor.
 'Sting is not interested in party politics, but instead takes a philosophical view on events, including the war on terror.

‘It’s a very odd phrase this “war on terror”,’ he says. ‘Let’s try to understand it a bit before we declare war on it. I think most of our problems are a lack of consciousness about things, a low level of understanding of reality.

'For me, jihad is a metaphor – you are fighting your own demons in your own mind. The Promised Land is another metaphor. The Virgin Birth, Adam and Eve is a metaphor. They are beautiful metaphors but when you accept them as literally true then you are in very dangerous territory.

'This is happening in all religions. I don’t have a religion. They have a right to believe but they can’t foist that on everyone else. We are not blameless. We created Iraq, Jordan, Syria.

'We just drew arbitrary lines on a map to control resources and people, disregarding tribal affinities, and that is always going to cause problems. No belief or region has a monopoly on stupidity.’

The Last Ship musical draws upon Sting's early life growing up around the harsh shipyard docks. The people who built and still build these vast vessels - labourers and craftsmen who may have come from humble lives and even known hardship and struggles. Seeing the grand homes, these have been built by workmen too and there is not enough credit for the people who make grand ideas happen.

'In The Last Ship, a young man runs away from home, returning 15 years later to discover he had fathered a child before he left, only to abandon his home town again, on a ship after the shipyard goes bust.

The songs, he says, came in a rush of inspiration following a period of writer’s block. He knew it should be a musical, and from the off knew that one of his oldest pals from the North East, Jimmy Nail, would star in it."

In the opening line of the song The Last Ship it is written 'It is all there in the gospels, the Magdalene girl' - What is written is written, there is no point arguing about it. Something has been lost and in history there has been known pure spirituality...

It is not known if Sting made a promise 'to God' and yet there is a reason why some people become famous and others do not. Tbe article writes of his seeking happiness.

There is surely more to Sting, than any article or book can write. An intelligent aware man who has lived a full life, met his inspirational partner who is the sunshine of his life. With six children and grandchildren - through all life challenges, the stuff of life that builds character, this has revealed the person of integrity by the choices he made, staying true to his heart.

It is easy to amass friends when wealthy and famous and yet the people are the real movers and shakers of this world may not have had a charmed life. Not everyone has wealth. The lifesavers, healers and helpers are often overlooked - without builders there would be no homes or buildings.. To make big things happen sometimes people need to work together and want to build together.

Sting and his band perform songs from his album The Last Ship at The Public Theatre New York.  Video uploaded on December 28th 2013.

In this video Sting brings the reminder of once people would reach to touch the Royal robes for this has been shown to be done in ancient history with Jesus Christ, healing taking place. 

Wanting a singing career was said to be delusional and yet everyone has a voice. Everyone has a right to sing and speak their truth. A generation of people have said 'you cant do this' or 'cannot do that' to children and friends. This is a mindset that needs to be challenged or completely ignored.
Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

Russell Brand on The Illuminati

As the video recorder says, this is a poor quality video visually and yet the vocals are clear. He has gone to the lengths to get the oration subtitled. Russell is given a mind and voice,  uses it to speak his truth and also he shares some seeds of truth while appaearing to be masqued in humor. Sometimes speaking the truth brings laughter when it shoulld be waking people up to seek the truth and take control of their lives.

Recalling my father saying when a teenager that there are cartells controlling food - the rising prices might also be to do with food wastage and shortage. Today, the great scam going on is poisining our drinking water and making billions out of bottled water. So whoever is controlling the land and water 'industry' is booming in this business too. As Jesus Christ was baptised in the River Jordan, the British royal babies are also baptised in this water,perhaps to justify their positions as Royal overlords.

Who owns the cigarette brand names. Windsor Superkings, Superkings, Royals, Regal etc? - The goverment takes around a 70% cut in taxes and meanwhile turn up stress levels by increasing the cost of living.  Smoking assists early mortality so poeple die earlier than they did hundreds of years ago.

As the Queen's personal business interests and investments are kept private, it would be in the people's interest if she and her family profit from the detriment of the health and well being of people. Being Queen by the Grace of God implies that she is Queen by divine right - is she really? She might be!.

Recently I asked a man about his solar panels and he said they were installed by a company called Solar King - (Sun King). The government partnership made several calls to offer people 'free solar panels', with people paying every month (so not free at all) with the government reimbursng a cheque (20 year contract). The solar panels  are not free at all and the Sun King might be the mask of the dark lord.

When contracts are sold by coercion, misrepresentation and blatant dishonestly, it is also inclusive with deception to the people, they are voidable in an ethical law court. Unfortunately too many lawyers in England are far too focussed on profit as a priority and not so bright to seethe bigger picture. Not so bright to realise there are consequences to refusing to work for justice. This is why evil escalates.

How many millions of people have been killed just in the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Whether this be by war or by cancer, the introduction of aspartame in around 6000 consumable products is with knowing that it gave brain tumors to rats -the FDA banned this finding it to be deadly and dangerous.

Traditionally, the illuminati were people who were spiritually enlightened. The people who are spiritually enlightened are spiritually connected. As people are awakening, the dark destructive forces increase and yet ignorance has been the reason to why the people havebeen kept in darkness.,

Russell Brand is a free thought flowing individual - some of what he says might be shocking and yet, he has also been instrumental to bring the truth to people too. He states the serious with smiles, speaking out probably because he is also aware of what is happening -with people suffering in our world.

Noltice in the media photographs, how many people are holding cameras. Everywhere we go on theinternet is tracked, what wewrite. Even on our computer is cameras - windows, we can see out of these. Has it not occurred that we can be seen too. I take comfort in knowing there is a far higher authority ruling over this entire world than the few who have been decieving the masses.....God mockers.

The system is in place - how this system is used can be to the detriment of people. There are people in our world who are not meant to be conformists and are also against the military mindset.

Have no worry about speaking out. Seek the truth and do not rely on what someone else says as being facts. If they are speaking from personal experience, then the information becomes interesting. How we are going to move from  a military controlled world to people  being free involves a shift in consciousness.

Russell Brand calls  for a  Joyful Revolution.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Queen Presents Household Cavalry New Stanards

The Queen presents the Household Cavalry with new standards.

;The Queen has presented new standards to the Household Cavalry after inspecting troops – from her state limousine.' - The Telegraph reports

What Harry should have been watching: The Queen presents the Household Cavalry with new standards

A close up reveals the countries that are connected under the crowns, including Iraq. The wars based on lies were for a reason.... Imperial purple is shown here and gold crowns with ermine.

'St Edward's Crown is one of the oldest of British Crown Jewels and is considered the principal piece of the Regalia being the coronation crown traditionally used in the coronation of first English, then British, monarchs, including Queen Elizabeth II who now reigns as the monarch of 16 independent Commonwealth real'

The Queen wearing a light powder blue with a lace design. (the Royal Powder Corporation exists and so not sure if in any way connected) Light blue is also one of the colours in Wedgewood china/ Royal wedgewood fine chinaware and tableware. every little detail has a purpose As it happens Wedgewood is connected with Minerva and so there is a far bigger picture presented beyond.

To quote the article and the Queen's speech:

"The special association between the sovereign and the Household Cavalry has continued unbroken for more than 350 years.
"It therefore gives me great pleasure, in the presence of the wider regimental family and friends, to present you with new Standards.
"Since I last presented standards in 2003, the Household Cavalry Regiment, in its Armoured Reconnaissance role, has been at the very forefront of operations, and especially so in Iraq and Afghanistan.
"It has been a demanding and difficult period for all ranks, a time of sacrifice and separation.
"These burdens have fallen especially heavily upon the Household Cavalry's families, who have given so much support; on this occasion, Prince Philip and I wish to express our praise and admiration for your achievements.
"Similarly, the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment has been heavily engaged in ceremonial activity in London and Windsor.
"I have received so many complementary remarks from visiting Heads of State, who have witnessed the excellence of your turnout and horsemanship at close quarters.
"A generation of soldiers has now served within the single Regiment while successfully maintaining the traditions and separate identities of the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals.
"The values and ethos of the Household Cavalry as a whole are embedded within the fabric of these Standards which are emblazoned with the hard-won honours of the past." 

The Queen also identfied that she presented standards in her 50th Jubilee Year and this would have surely been significant, given that Jubilee Law is applicable.  

Party time: The prince then joined his grandparents and Princess Anne for a garden party at Buckingham Palace
Princess Anne, wearing Royal Navy and white, the Queen dressed in pink. Not sure who is the lady holding two 'clear' umbrellas together, with her left hand exposed. She might be left handed too. With wearing mint green and white hat - the Royal Mint comes to mind.
Prince Phillip is next to  Harry dressed formally with top hat off and tails, black umbrellas.  There are people behind Princess Anne, Phillip and Harry - yet the Lady in Mint green stands behind the Queen and behind them an open door. The ocassion is a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

In a dream a few weeks ago, this featured a letter with the Royal Crest was signed RH Elizabeth.....Not HM - Her Majesty. Royal Highness. As Queen Beatrix had stepped aside for her son, she is now HRH Princess Beatrix - so these changes that are taking place are happening for all to see.

In what we can see taking place, whether scripted or carefully planned, the detail in clothes and choices of jewellry are for a reason and occassion. The two clear umbrellas down touching the ground, could even symbolise two spiritually enlightened Queens on the ground now.

 The day before this article was published, another article wrote about the Queens baton.

'The Queen's Baton Relay has been blessed by the Bishop of St Davids as part of its fifth day touring Wales.
The Right Reverend Wyn Evans did the honours in the grounds of St Davids Cathedral before it made its way up the bell tour....' read more in the article below.

In a relay race, the baton is passed from one person to another who proceeds towards the finish line. With the finer detail identifying Saint David and Wales, this is also connected to the Holy Land and the lineage of King David cannot be ignored, for Jesus Christ is a descendant of King David.

During the 2012 London Olympics a new bell was created especially for the festival and the cauldron of light from the different nations was made up by petals of a flower that was raised up together. For all he bad and evil that has taken place, it is in the divine plan to reconcile people with God. Not every Christian knows that every Muslim loves Jesus and waits for his return. Not every Christian beleives in God and tis is because the system in place has failed the people. 

Without God people have no protection. The British royals are not superior beings or above any people  - they are people who have been born in a lineage who have influenced the laws. When the laws go against God, in some way He will bring them back so that people know He is The Authority. In the presentatation of the new standards, this identifies many nations including Africa. With the Queen holding the Star of Africa diamond in her scepter, this is also connected.

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

No Copyright infringment intended.

The Queen's New Palace Carriage Unveiled

A couple of weeks ago I discovered this labour of love - noticing that in the finest of detail, everything has a purpose and the bringing together of master craftmanship is seen here.

A new Queen's carriage has been unveiled and will be used to take the Queen to Parliament.

The entire coach is covered with heraldic emblems, crests and motifs, all of which have been approved by the College of Arms

'Crowning glory: Made from wood reclaimed from HMS Victory the reproduction crown sits atop four lions modelled on those found on the gates of Buckingham Palace'

 Labour of love: Jim Frecklington designer and builder of the new Diamond Jubilee state coach

The trust which looks after Britannia donated some teak handrails from the old Royal Yacht. They now form the armrests (flip them up and there are discreet, Bond-style controls for the heating and electric windows underneath).

He secured contributions from Windsor Castle, Balmoral and even the old Royal Box at Ascot. St Paul’s and Winchester Cathedrals presented certified pieces, as did Westminster Abbey and many stately homes.

The panelling includes yew from Glamis Castle in Scotland, where the Queen Mother grew up, ash from Blenheim Palace and oak from Althorp, ancestral home of the Spencer family. Going back somewhat further is a little bit of timber from the Bronze Age Ferriby boat found in the Humber.

A strong theme throughout is sacrifice. Hence the metalwork from a Spitfire, Hurricane and Lancaster and many of our best-known battlefields. ‘I wanted something every family in the land can relate to,’ he says.

Mr Frecklington built the coach in his workshop near Sydney, Australia using the work of the finest craftsmen and women from all over the Commonwealth

'I wanted to make something in honour of Her Majesty': Jim Frecklington, 64, designed and built the coach. The lamps, right, are glazed with lead crystal from Edinburgh'

Mr Frecklington secured contributions from Windsor Castle, Balmoral and even the old Royal Box at Ascot. St Paul's and Winchester Cathedrals presented certified pieces, as did Westminster Abbey and many stately homes. The public can go to view the new carriage at the Royal Mews from tomorrow

Crowning glory: Made from wood reclaimed from HMS Victory the reproduction crown sits atop four lions modelled on those found on the gates of Buckingham Palace
The gold crown surrounded by four crowned lions, also brings a reminder of the Jerusalem cross. The Queen of the South is identified in the Holy Bible. The Crown of all Nations belonging to Christ. In this particular carriage, with a fragment  of the stone of destiny that sits underneath the coronation throne, the persons sitting in this are shown to be meant to be sitting in this carriage. 

In another article, the Queen is referred to as HRH that evoked reactions from readers. It is most suprising that people do not understand the meaning of Sacred Majesty and this to be to serve and interpret the Holy Laws of God - which is also by witnessing in experience the lack  of regard for the Most High Authority over this world, seen in the officials in public office whoboast of a corrupt system. They might not read the Holy Bible to disregard the blantant God mocking. 

This carriage was said to be built for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. Traditionally the Jubilee relates to Biblical Laws and there is a law for returning land to whom it rightfully belongs.
The Queen has seated in her crown the Kohinoor diamond - meaning 'mountain of light'. It is written whoever possesses the diamond becomes possessor of the world. The Queen is possessor of lands if she is serving God in truth, she will be holding these lands to ensure God is Ruling over the lands and when God ruling over one land He rules over all lands. On this coach there is a golden crown - one crown that has been shown to unite four other crown lands and people together.
One of the features on the coach features a 360-degree ‘coachcam’ offering a monarch’s-eye view of the procession (the all seeing eye) as we are all under the ever watchful eye of God, especially the Queen and her family. 

With the panelling including wood from Sir Isaac Newton's apple tree - the coming together of the Da Vinci Code mystery is unfolding here in this particular carriage.In the  intricate details we are shown with the original article identiftying all the connected elements. With this carriage being used to carry the Queen to the Houses of Parliament, actually this building was created for the Royal Palace.
As we have been shown the theme of the Snow White story with a different script, the royal carriage is often associated in the story of Cinderella. Sleeping Beauty is anther story about a Princess who is woken by the Prince. People are being reminded that there is evil in our world.

A few weeks ago I had a dream seeing an official letter written from the Palace. The letter was signed RH Elizabeth (with a surname) RH meaning Royal Highness and not Her Majesty - Queen Elizabeth II. When Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands abdicated, she took the title HRH Princess Beatrix. These finer details have been taking place with attention being brought to take notice.
This Royal carriage has been built for a reason. The connection between America, New Zealand and the United Kingdom is presented in this vehicle.  The Daily Mail headline writes :'The Queen's new palace on wheels'............taking into consideration the above, the Queen has many loyal helpers and she does know what is happening behind the scenes. Only she knows if her oath was sincere - her solemn promise to God and yet, not everyone knows that God has His back up plans.
Resplendent: The entire coach is covered with heraldic emblems, crests and motifs, all of which have been approved by the College of Arms
In a previous parliamentary speech, secret courts were addressed. Even with the Queen having ensured that justice is not denied, it has been continually refused and setting up new courts to mask mistakes and crimes against humanity is not putting wrongs right. So in the finer detail of the Parliamentary speech this year, government decisions set for the Queen's approval is worth taking notice of.
In Bolton people bought an old Church and named it the Kings Church - King Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has since appeared in person to children 'wearing his crown a few times' on the Royal Duchy of Lancaster, territory the Queen collects an income from being the Duke of Lancaster. Quite a few officials have said the crown has been stolen. The Acropolis marbles were stolen!

Dry run: The carriage rolls past the Palace of Westminster in a rehearsal of the State Opening of Parliament, set to take place today
'Dry run: The carriage rolls past the Palace of Westminster in a rehearsal of the State Opening of Parliament' - Remember the death pentalty no longer exists and that is to protect the lawmakers. At some point laws will be made to ensure that the people are protected. Now they are not.

People within the British establishment mock God, who are denying people their birthright will know God's Wrath. So many wars based on lies, injustice is rife and breaking all the Holy Laws.In some way, God has shown that he will bring his truth to people. The wizard wands will be broken!

Beautiful work Jim Frecklington.
Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria  
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