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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Evolving Situation in Iraq With The ISIS

Published on 14 Jun 2014
- Evolving situation in Iraq with the ISIS
- Risk of the Shrines of the Imams from insurgents
- Clearly stated intentions to take control of key cities and Holy Shrines
- Statement from Ayatullah Sistani expressing concerns of the Takfiri campaigns
- Call for unity within the government and for the armed forces to face the threats as necessary.......' read more on the link.

The content on the video, provides insight and important information what is happening, concerns and also the waiting of the 12th Imam. 

In listening to these videos, we get to hear the perspective of officials who are concerned, and also with gaining clarity of a bigger picture. In my understanding, all Muslims wait for the return of Jesus Christ who will lead the people with the Imam Mahdi. The banishment of evil, injustice and war has been long awaited. 

What is certain there is conflict based on history and division of lands and people. If there is to be global peace, there also must be a willingness to heal these ancient wounds and build bridges together. 

In my dream after praying to God to guide me in the right way to assist peace between Muslims and Christians, Prophet Muhammad revealed himself to me in a dream. So clear he was standing on a hilltop covered in green grass and overlooking water to another land. The water was so clear in light aquamarine with a hook shape underneath this hill. I sensed with what is written in my heart that Muslims must be very careful not to go the wrong way and also it is not known if people were told to keep their focus on him. This explains why Muslims continue today to pray in acknowledgement of Prophet Muhammad and Isa - Jesus Christ.

We live in a world there there are people hungry fro power and positions of power. This is bothersome when the people have not evolved spiritually and there are people suffering, being oppressed, injured and killed. However it is being brought to light and shown that there are people who recognise there are people who are chosen by God and a specific person who is chosen for the Muslim people is known as the Hidden Imam.

Of all names, the name ISIS has been chosen and while this is connected with lraq and Syria, ISIS is also the name of the ancient Egyptian Queen. Cleopatra, who was Greek from Macedona, it is suggested, was to be the incarnation of Isis. Isis is associated with Wisdom and yet also  with Justice too.

Please keep an open mind in all my articles. This video content was most informative that provides a rational perspective of what is going on, what is being asked and what is also expected to happen.

For beleivers everywhere, this is a testing time.

Peace, love and best wishes.

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