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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

George Galloway Discussion ISIS (Iraq & Syria)

A little more insight of what is happening politically!

Discussion also of the Billions of 'stolen dollars' in Iraq.

In a Democracy people have a right to speak their voice. It is in seeking out the people who are there and know the truth of what is really going on that I make a point of trying to listen to.

Again this is another discussion that brings to light some valuable insights that is not being potrayed in the media. In addition to this, there is a situation with past and present issues brought to the open..

What is also brought to light 'is protecting Christians in these lands' It is not commonly known but Christians, especially Orthodox Christians are exempt from going to war and taking up arms. The British monarchs changed this law and so there is conflkicting understanding and why occassionally, a Muslim will say that the Isa - Jesus they beleive in must be different from the one that sends people to war.

Another point raised at the end of the video rhat is alarming:

"Madeleine Allbright said a quarter of a million babies dead babies is a price worth paying to get rid of Saddam Hussien." - not sourcing the original dialogue to quote her words in context. My thoughts are how little regard for human life  is by some people that they could air their truth in this way.

There are people making pacts with the devil for power and so, we do not know the truth. We do not know if the 6 million murdered Jews was the same. Two points that come to mind. Firstly the anointed one would come from a Jewish background. Secondly, as there are different tribes identified in the Holy Bible, the Imam Mahdi who is rightly guided for the Muslims is revealed to be connected with Iraq.

In the Charter Patent that is signed by several witnesses and sealed with two handprints, one golden yellow, Prophet Muhammad promissed to protect the Christians and the places of worship. Reading this document and others, the detail might be indicative of instruction and obligations with my people.

ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

With the ISIS activity in the Middle East it cannot be ignored that Jesus Christ has also revealed himself in a dream being connected to Syria, family have a home there. In the dream, we were walking together and there had been much destruction to buildings. Jesus also spoke Aramaic, this is from Syria.

Not all is clear about what is really going on. The antichrist has not been revealed and for anyone to accuse someone who is in another land without knowing the truth, they/we might be wrong. When living in England listening to officials bosting of corruption etc, I am inclined to think the antichrist is in England.

Tony Blair justifying his lies that cost so many lives.

In other articles and what is being revealed through media reports, it has shown that even through negative situations, death and destruction - something else is relevant to know. Notice also the rise of freak car crashes and other people being killed, isolated reports - all these are for a reason.

We get to hear perhaps 10% of the truth through the media when it is the other 90% that provides the most important information. Is ritual sacrifice of people taking place with these wars? In ancient history people have known and it is recorded of the massacre of the innocents. In the time of Moses the wicked Pharaoh ordered the Killing of the baby boys. King Herod also ordered the killing of people. There have been attempts to kill through sorcery the people chosen by God at other times too.

Was Cleopatra murdered or did she take her own life?  For Muslims, there have been 11 Imams who have been assassinated and now the Muslims await for the 12th Imam to lead people in the right way. In a time when Ephisians 6 documents spiritual wickedness in high places, this can happen anywhere.

We are living in a corporate world with individuals lusting for power/powers. For all the money in the world, no one is going to take it with them when they die. Few people consider the reason why we are here and the soul journey. Short term gains and status does not buy a ticket to heaven.

Peace, love and best wishes.
Pauline Maria

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