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~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~

~ The greatest lack in this world is compassion and care ~
♥ Campaigning for global peace, healing and taking care of the world we live in ♥

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Glastonbury Festival 2014 - The Pyramid Stage

Glastonbury Festival is highlighted today in the Daily Mail news...

There are plenty of photographs to capture the mood.

Not your average cattle truck: Banksy's installation Silence Of The Lambs was casually carted through the farm in a kind of warm-up act

Silence of the Lambs is a titled instrallion by Banksy.

As people in England are being silenced and kept in ignorance, they really do need to be careful of being led like lambs to the slaughter and going to war for self appointed overlords. Truth is truth.

Shiver me timbers: As the sky clouds over, people flocked to a pirate ship playground in the Greenpeace field for food, drinks and child-friendly activities

'A pirate ship playground in the Greenpeace field for food, drinks and child-friendly activities'

Forecast: Despite the sunny weather this week, rain is set to swamp Worthy Farm in Pilton, Somerset, from this afternoon and last through Glastonbury

Pictured on Worthy Farm, in Pilton Somerset, the news forcast swampy weather that will last til the end of the festival. The people despite glorious sunshine, are not deterred, seen each year wearing their wellies. The choice of location and the turn out, shows this is a ritual attendance for many people.

Worthy Farm....intersting name to be chosen.

Decorated: They may not be 'glamping' like the lucky few who have so-called pods or yurts, but these girls have decked out their tent with flowers

The ladies wearing their floral crowns, living under the law of nature.

Ticket holders wait for months to go to Glastonbury after a mad rush for tickets - giving these girls plenty of time to co-ordinate this colourful outfit

The feathered headress is also a crown being guided by the Great Spirit. The American Indians have continued to give respect to the Law of Nature and the Great Spirit - that some men have ignored. The man who beleives he has the right to rule over the people, has ignored the Providence of God..

Sunny spells: In between the rain, the Met Office predicts the occasional hour of sun, which these revellers will doubtless lap up

Glastonbury has been named on the land in Somerset. Just noticing there is a twitter account with Glaston BURY that caught my attention with Bury in capital letters. This has significance too.

'Glastonbury /ˈɡlæstənbəri/ is a small town in Somerset, England, situated at a dry point on the low lying Somerset Levels, 23 miles (37 km) south of Bristol. The town, which is in the Mendip district, had a population of 8,932 in the 2011 census.'

In Bolton, the land where Jesus Christ has appeared to children, this is on area known as Somerton Road estate. One of the roads is named Mendip Drive. Actually all the roads in this area map out the UK.

Leading from Blenheim Road (there is a palace named Blenheim Palace) is Garstang Road, with Garstang being near Preston on the Royal Duchy of Lancaster. The Road maps are carefully planned by man. In a Bolton Suburb some people have bought a church and named it King's Church - people of sincere faith who are guided to do so for the King by Divine Right over this land is already identified.

Only a couple of years ago I learned of the legend of Jesus Christ visiting England in Somerset and so this festival has some significance with being land connected with him. Glasonbury is there the Holy Thorn Tree is situated. Many attempts tto grow these have not always been successful. Meanwhile in Bolton, in land next to Somerton Road estate the Hawthorn trees grow as nature intended. Even the tree that has been cut down has been growing strong new branches. Watching nature evolve is fascinating.

Nestling: This lot might as well get their rest in now - with a sit down in a makeshift nest - for they are looking at five days of partying and not much sleep

Here a group of friends sit together in a makeshift next. Their lives are still ahead of them and given the chance these people will fly in life. Everyne has the right to learn, grow evollve and to thrive in life. It is with experience witnessing the corruption of the system and listening to officials that people are falling and struggling in this society. One day people will be lifted up instead of regarded as commoners.
The tipi field: This year a Red Cedar Totem pole will be erected in the centre of the field, carved in the native Haida tradition of Western Canada

The article writes this year a red cedar totem pole is going to be erected in the centre of the field. This will be carved in the native Haida Tradition of Western Canada. From a distance this image gives the impression of icing decoration for a cake. Is there a celebration that is taking place beyond this?

(Thinking about the Game of Thrones with Westeros identified, also with the Queen also being Queen of Canada.) It is more significant to see the ancient traditions that show respect to this earth and to the people - the wisdom of the ancients is also being given renewed understanding in these present times.

There has been a crop circle that features an indian chief headress, the Greek key and crescent moon posted in an earlier article. The mystery of the crop circles has also had people say they are man made. Still as all work that is creative is inspired and timely, we cannot ignore that not all are made by man. There is the awareness of higher intelligences watching over us all - people are waking up to this again.

Not everyone in England is a beleiver but I cannot deny there are some non believers who are lovers or nature and care about people. Even these people are inspired. One couple gave me a series of gifts - a prayer plant, peace lily and also a buddha ornament. They knew I pray and meditate. In the ancient tradition, people were givent he understanding to evolve spiritually and take care of this world. Whether someone is just taking care of their garden and sharing smiles - their value in life is still very important.

Inbetween Bury and Bolton is the Somerton Road estate - connected with Somerset. On the Boundary in this land is a pub named The Queens - this is plural. The road closeby is Boundary Drive. (There is in our world the eastern hemisphere and western hemisphere - a bridge connects these lands). There is an expression, there are signs everywhere. What is really happening in our world?

The stage has been set - A pyramid for Glastonbury 2014.

The stage has been set - are people ready to evolve now?

A final thought to consider. People in England have been put down and regarded as commoners. People who live with royal titles do not all respect Royal Law in context. The young generation is the future of humanity. If they live to care about people and this planet, the rewards will also show.

There is a global healing need in our world...The greatest lack in this world is love. If the currency of value is to be compassion and care, how many people will strive to exchange this?

Peace, love and best wishes
Pauline Maria

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